Dearborn Heights City Council How Much Do They Know About What They Are Spending Our Money On.


I dont knowAt the September 9 2014 CCM the meeting started at 8:10 I looked at the clock in the chambers by 8:20 the meeting was over. The Council handled claims 1-31 as one vote opened it up for discussing seeing none, all in favor “I” that was it over a million dollars spent not so much as a word. During the public section of the meeting Susan Todd of Dearborn Heights had a lot to say about what they spent her money on. Below is what she’s put up in the comment section of the blog.

This council is so arrogant they feel they can do anything they want. Last night they also approved without so much of a blink to take over 1.6 million dollars from the slush (oops, my bad) the water fund. When I questioned what the line items were for that accounted for the 1.6 million + dollars I was told by Baron that “they can’t be responsible for remembering all that”. They wanted me to address my question to the DPW director, and got really upset when I said that since they voted for all this money I wanted to hear it from their mouths as I am sure Mr. Zimmer who had requested the money knew what he was asking for. Berry was waving the 15 second warning sign so I could not ask anymore questions.

However, as arrogant their reply was we now have video evidence that they don’t know what they are voting for, don’t feel they have to answer legitimate questions regarding how money is spent in the city, and violated my rights to freedom of speech; especially as they were legitimate questions regarding how they handle city money..

When Council Chair asked

Do you expect us to know what every one of these is for?

I was left with my mouth hanging open. Of course we do why they hell do you think you’re sitting in those chairs.

I expect that when you get your agenda packet that you go through it page by page and investigate make calls ask questions

At the very least know what that money was spent on. If it’s a study a study to study what. If it’s a road project what road where why. If you are going to roll every one of those expenses into one vote darn tooting I expect you to know what each one of those was for. If you didn’t know why are you rolling them into one vote instead of taking them one at a time. You council chair when you opened it up for discussion didn’t ask what they were for. Why? You clearly along with some others on the council didn’t know what you were spending taxpayers money on. As Susan Todd went through the list there were many that the Council Chair did answer for what each one of the expenses was. Unfortunately the highest amount he didn’t know neither did others at the table.

At least he didn’t look at the Mayors assistant for an answer like (if I only had a brain) does we can be thankful for that.. No folks I think it’s time that we start asking some more of these questions yep just what is that 90k going to? Oh you spent 5,000.00 on number      what was that for? Just think how many years this has been going on meeting after meeting of approved spending and not taking the time to know for what reason that money is being spent. Gone folks are the days when there was a council that was looking out for us. No they are too busy fighting us.

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  1. anxious , September 29, 2014 at 3:47 pm, Do you have a problem with the councilwomen doing her job? She is advocating for the social media by ways of informative and education process, She walk her talk, She use social media in her communication with DH residents and she believe the city government should use social media to better communicate.

    You don’t have to use social media to communicate but you should be happy to have access to and see others posting on Facebook pages,

    You are on social media without even admitting by blogging your comments. The social media become part of our daily lives but the city of DH are in the debating stage to wither Social media is OK to use!

    This issue should never been an issue at all, the social media should’ve been in place long long time ago, and now some residents are so, sooooooooooooooooooo happy that the council allowed a study meeting about it after 130 resident petitioned the council and councilwomen LHC had to sponsor a resolution to have that study, I thing those 130 residents may have a party to celebrate this great accomplishment if the council approve a resolution to have a Facebook page for a city with 56000 resident and a 40 millions General Fund budget and guess what? we are in 2014! and the social media been out there since the sixties, please click and review the following site and celebrate the progress of DH social media.

    Congratulation for starting the dialog about the social media that elementary school students now days mostly using to communicate with their parents whom they are DH residents but they can’t get DH city information from their Facebook page or read a tweet from city official.

    Acknowledging the social media potential benefits for city communication is better then saying we don’t need those TEKKYYYYYY gadgets, So congratulation for DH government for the effort to study this social media and asking all those important questions about something so popular that kids figured out its benefits long time ago.

    Thank you councilwomen LHC for been a social media user and advocate for better communication. The kids may be finally will be able to locate DH Facebook.


  2. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton , September 30, 2014 at 8:25 am, Clad to know that you have a strong and inner believe in helping others for the common human good deed. I’m glad we have a person of your characters on city council. The city is blessed by your commitment to serve on the council.


  3. drheights48127 , September 30, 2014 at 9:30 am,

    Don’t be confused, she is doing great job, but very basic question she forget to ask the mayor publicly” why Mr. Mayor the city don’t have Facebook page” And listen to his answer and go from their? I’m glad we have at least a council member willing to advocate for social media publicly, but must follow the process to get some result. May be she will be able to convince the administrators the 3 of them if possible to have a Facebook if she asked them directly during council meeting?


  4. To all, The legislators, in DH they are called “council members” put in place an ordinance to make it mandatory for the administrators to do an administrative function. And if they fail to do they can be charged with a misdemeanor according to the charter.

    The council members can’t give direct orders to city employees but they can facilitate informative events and invites professionals to convince their peers and fellow elected administrators to consider their advise and implement their recommendations.

    If councilwomen LHC fail to do that then the “social media” issue will not advance. She can keep advocating the issue until the administrators adopt the social media and if not until the council support that and intact first a resolution asking the administrator to put social media in action and is that don’t work then put an ordinance in place and make it mandatory to have social media for the city.

    Council women LHC is doing a great job and showing a great leadership in that matter. She is not acting as an administrator at all, simply because she can’t.

    Up to this day I din’t heard that the mayor don’t want “social media”? All the fuss was about some council members made some comments about the issue.

    My advise to council women LHC is to ask the mayor publicly why the city don’t have Face book or tweeter? Its a straightforward, clear and direct question. That way the issue will have a starting point and she will have a clear vision about her next move to make social media happened.

    I hope the mayor will end this drama and implement “social media” starting with city Facebook page and council meetings streamlined.


  5. I agree never fails anytime someone open his or her mouth up about anything we get beat down. I just don’t know what happened to the council they didn’t use to be this way. There was a time not so long ago when they took the Mayor to task for not doing certain things. They stood up to him as best they could and that was just a couple of years ago. What changed? Now its as if the Mayor and Council are all against the residents. I just don’t get it. Over the years I’ve taken so much heat on this blog for trying to bring things to light letting the residents know what is going on in the City they live and pay taxes in. As if I’m doing something wrong I’ve been called every name in the book. This blog has been criticized and the people that come here are name called and it’s said that only negative things are posted here. Does anyone think for one minute that I enjoy writing only the bad? NO. I would love to write about all the great things that are happening in the City. Just let me know what they are.

    Come on people just two meetings ago you had a council taking a vote on something that they already voted on by email. That wasn’t told to the public we have no access to the email vote taken. That happened not because of anything the council did. That happened because the Mayor for what ever reason couldn’t or wouldn’t bring the spending of your tax dollars to the council in a timely manner. He knew about the subject I’m referring to back in July. I’m not going to go into it again I wrote a post about it already. My point is these things happen, but when ever this blog or the people on here say anything we are called names for doing so. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and you most certainly don’t have to agree with what I write here.In order to have a debate or discussion of any issue there should be another side. I would and have asked if you don’t believe what I’m writing to do your own investigation and come here with facts. It doesn’t do anyone any good to just insult and name call what does work at least with me is when you point out to me I’m wrong with facts showing that I’m wrong and why.

    Next month will be 5 years this blog has been up and running they haven’t stopped me yet.


  6. To all of you who deem it necessary to slam those of us who are active in the city and are not happy with the status-quo and are vocal about it; shame on you for your actions and your words. Do you think we like slamming the council? Do you think we wouldn’t prefer to have a council that listens to those very people that got them elected? Do you think we enjoy learning of council members naming us at study sessions in an effort to abuse us and disqualify our requests? You are so wrong. And to denigrate Lisa Hicks-Clayton for the work she does? You should be doubly ashamed. I won’t feed your anger and mention any council names but suffice it to say that – in my opinion – every single one of them, except for LHC, should not run again. Most of them are too old and too tired. One has been known to sleep at the council meetings and when I made a request at one meeting, he had to be awakened to act on my request. Another didn’t even know we had a flood. As far as I can see, most of them don’t even know Roberts Rules of Order. Perhaps 2? Maybe 3? And when I say “too old” I’m not speaking about age. We need young blood on this council and we also need residents who do their homework about the actions of each council member BEFORE they vote and not vote name recognition. I’m for term limits and God only knows we need it for this council AND THIS MAYOR. I’m tired of a city that seems to look worse and worse on a daily basis. All we get are excuses and never any answers to our questions. And – believe me – if I could, I’d put my house up for sale and move to a city that cares and LISTENS TO ITS RESIDENTS. As for those of you who feel it necessary to criticize us for your actions and our words, why don’t you run for council? You’d fit right in.


  7. I’m frankly a little confused by some coming here on the blog. One person keeps asking the question as to why councilwoman Hicks-Clayton is doing the job of the administration? When the question should be “why isn’t the Mayor doing his job?” I don’t see what part of what the councilwoman is doing is not her job. When council or council members try to get things done in this City the Mayor or his mouth pieces jump up and down on their heads and say that they are interfering in administrative issues. I’ve heard the Mayor say on more than one occasion telling the council you are “micro managing.” Some of you might remember the battle between the Council and the Mayor when they took away the cars from Department heads and the assistant to the Mayor. That took a year and the Mayor fought them every step of the way telling them they didn’t have the right and so on. In the end they did have the right and the cars got taken away.
    We can’t have it both ways guys either you want them to work for you or you want them to be “yes” men and women for the Mayor. Which way do you want it?


  8. To answer the question in regard to a “body”, City Council members are elected independently of one another. The point of a governing, legislative body, is to have, in the City of Dearborn Heights case, 7 individual persons, which are the check and balance branch. The Dearborn Heights Council is the legislative and policy-making body for the City government. It sets policies, approves budgets, determines tax rates and adopts ordinances and resolutions to govern the City. The City Council also confirms citizen volunteers to a number of boards and advisory posts. Council members are independent of each other. We are sworn by the same oath of office, with the same responsibilities, as per City Charter, to make decisions in the best interest of the city and our residents. As a Council member, I have chose the methods I feel enable me to complete this charge, to the best of my ability. Limelight? No. Service? Yes. I serve our community and do not ask for the lime light or attention. That is not why I chose to run for office, or other areas in which I serve. There are over 50 verses found in the bible including – As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: 1 Peter 4:10. I am not trying to get “religious” on you. However, it appears there is an inquiry into what motivates me, inspires me, or my ulterior motives? Let it be defined by character and grace. I work for our residents and our community. I have chosen to apply myself 100%. I cannot not, and will not, speak for others. Yes, I average 35-45 hours each week. However, that is my choice. Do I expect others to do the same? No. Shame, I am under attack for the time, work, commitment and dedication I have chosen to lay down.


  9. Wow. Seems to me, Sparrow, you were eggin’ for a fight. Suzanne told you the truth about how a lot of us feel. If you don’t feel that way, more power to ya!


  10. It is not about the first. It is about reviewing history and preceding in the present to a future. Problem solving, listening to our residents’ concerns and working together. We must continue to pursue this endeavor. It is truly in the best interest of our residents and our city. Again, I never claimed to be the first, or the only. I am fulfilling my commitment to our city and our residents. I have been a public servant over 26 years. You are correct. Not all 26 years in Dearborn Heights, as we are an active duty military family. I have had an unique opportunity to serve in many communities and work side by side with a variety of talented and amazing community leaders. This perspective brings creative thinking and problem solving forward. Service above self and the 7 Core Values serve in my life and my commitment to our community.


  11. so do other council members and they do it in different ways . The council is a body and I may be wrong you are not in that body you have to always be in the lime light but that’s ok everyone has their own ways of dealing with their positions you have yours.


  12. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton,

    I am so sorry you were dragged into this because of me.

    Those of us who know you are very grateful and appreciative of all the help you have given us. You don’t just say something and expect us to believe you; you give us information so we can learn the facts ourselves and make our own decisions on matters.

    I am going to refrain from asking any more questions or making statements at the council meetings because people who don’t know all you have done for this city, think you are part of the council I talk against.

    Thanks again for all the information and help you have supplied.


  13. Anxious, no you do not have to account to me. However, do you realize that you are using bullying tactics that you are so appalled about being used toward the council, against me. At least I stand up in public and say what I mean instead of hiding behind a moniker on a blog to bully and malign someone. When the council is asked a question they play the old stonewall game just as you did. No doubt you are probably related to a council member or one Palteko’s minions either by family, friends with one, or you might even be one. I admire Marge Horvath for her integrity and courage to identify herself when she has posted here and not be a wolf in sheep’s clothing when she has something to say and doesn’t care whether people like it or not.

    I too know many, many people who agree with my view and don’t just sit and watch council meetings for entertainment. These people don’t come to the meetings either because they have grown weary of fighting the shenanigans of our council and mayor. However, they have sure given me a lot of direction to finding out the facts that will lead to answers. You see, I seek answers and don’t just vomit out the regurgitation of the politicians in our city.

    Sorry you think I am bragging on myself because of what I post as having done. That is not my intent. However, if I am going to stand up in public and say something I am going to make sure to the best of my ability that my facts are straight; that way when I am asked questions I have factual answers. I let people see and know who I am, I am not a cowardly sniper hiding and concealing who I am, taking pot shots at people who have the guts to identify themselves no matter the consequences. I seek answers and don’t just vomit out the regurgitation of the politicians in our city.

    Just one more thing. You mentioned two families moving off your street because of the schools. I have never blamed the council for that mess. Unfortunately, I have found out that these are two separate groups. Since there are four school districts in Dearborn Heights and you don’t want to answer any questions it sounds like you just want to crab instead of helping to change this sad trend. I am sure there are plenty of people out there on this blog that are in the same school district as you that would be interested in knowing WHY those two families left because of the schools – do it for their sake and pretend you didn’t hear it from me..


  14. I would like to address some of the comments made via this blog. First, I have never indicated interest in running for Mayor. Second, I have never self-promoted or look for credit for any involvement or actions. I never have, never will ask to be recognized. Those residents who are familiar with my level of commitment can attest to this and fully understand. Yes, I work for all residents and serve on several committees and task forces which not only bring resources but enable me to be an effective local government leader. I believe in serving our residents and our community. No more rumors or assumptions. Go directly to the source if you wish to know.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


  15. Why don’t you contact our past Mayor Ruth Canfield and then you will find out how long ago we have tried to solve this problem and Council Lady Marge Horvath with other past council members and Lisa Hicks was not around then or involved in any of this. You are not the first (sorry) Maybe you should check the shopping centers and see where all their water drains into.


  16. I do not have to account to you about anything I do or not or have done you are nothing to me just a person that likes to bully I will not give you anything more for you to go on about go and pick at someone else that says things you don’t like. and believe me there is quite a few people that are entertained by your actions.


  17. Anxious,

    I quote you “Everything you put in this blog most of us a aware of this we have lived here for many yrs”. Tell us besides getting entertained what have you done to make things better in this city?. Now is not the time for humbleness.


  18. To Anxious,

    We have never been secretive about our TER group; in fact, the more people that know about us the better. We are NOT motivated by hate or anger, we ARE motivated to stop this horrendous, repeated flooding of the Ecorse River that has put people living along and near this stream (which is the whole south end of Dearborn Heights) not only in financial jeopardy but is a major health threat. This is especially important since we learned of the sewage dump on August 11th.

    Something else that bothers me and several other residents is the lack of transparency and accountability in our city government. The water fund is a bone of contention for many people in this city too. I know I and others have made no secret of these issues and will stand up in public and state what we feel. If the council and mayor were as “secretive” as you claim us to be, I would have no reason to be writing on this blog.

    As far as my running for a council seat. No way. Two reasons. We need young blood on that council, we already have enough seniors. Secondly, as long as Mayor Paletko remains the mayor of Dearborn Heights and knowing the control over that board he has, there is no way I would sit on it even if I did want to be a councilperson.

    If Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton wants to be mayor that is her decision to make. You seem to scorn this. There is a difference between a politician and statesperson. The politician talks the talk. The statesperson actually walks the talk. Which would you rather have leading your city, someone who promises to solve problems and does nothing or someone who is actually working to solve the problems?

    From what I have heard, Councilwoman Marge Horvath was a warrior for the people. However, it is time for her to hand her shield and sword to another younger person who can start where she left off. I do think it important for Councilwoman Horvath to disclose what she has learned and done regarding the Ecorse flooding as this is not the time to be shy about this subject.


  19. Why don’t you go to Wade and Trim with your group and question them ? They have the maps and maybe than can answer all your questions we pay them big money for what they do I just spoke with them a few weeks ago. The creek getting cleaned by helpers has been going on for a long time but they do not do what wayne county is trained to do and go the full length and are not expected to we are thankfull for what they do . Everything you put in this blog most of us a aware of this we have lived here for many yrs., You and Miss L Hicks are not the only ones that get involved in this city we just don’t brag about it Is the city of Dearborn hts., fault that other cities flooded and the floods inCanada? The problem is all the cities built so much and not equipped for all this drainage There are a lot of fixes but we will have to pay for it in our taxes and are we ready for that ? I resent the remarks about the councils fault that we have blight in our city.NO you are wrong —————when people lost their jobs and their homes blame the companies that own the homes for not taking care of the properties people moving into those homes and not been informed of our ordinances by the ones who rent to them out. Now 2 families have move out here on our block before school started to another city not because of the city but because of the school system—————-is that the councils fault or the mayor*s fault come on get real. My husband and I have decided not to come to council meeting anymore we can watch on t.v and see how misinformed you are all and then we can make all the comments and still be involved with our city, We gt the popcorn out and put I feet up. We go to city hall and we can get all the info we need from all the department heads that has never been a problem it is all how one approaches things. Now go and now you can bash me as much as you like on this blog and go to meetings and yell at the council we all see you and hear you believe me.


  20. anxious

    It’s not “hate and anger” its pure frustration. It’s residents who are finally waking up after being asleep for a long winter and wondering what is going on. Its residents who are unwilling to except the lies that fly out of the mouths of this administration. Its residents saying we’ve had enough already.


  21. That is why I say YOU run for council and Lisa for mayor seeing that you 2 are the only ones that know anything. your little group are not too secretive we have heard about all this a while ago. ITS NO SECRET THAT LISA WANTS TO BECOME MAYOR. she is doing a good job of promoting herself but I hope she knows that if one day she does something that you and your group does not like the way you treat the council you will do to her. That is why I don’t belong to any of these groups. Too much anger and hate . I feel that what you put out in this world comes back to you.


  22. In regard to the ECORSE CREEK, the county’s goal is to prevent and remove BLOCKAGES, (not just miscellaneous trees, here and there, because the natural obstacles help to control the flow, and even clean the water). but obstacles that get to thick and create true blockages that could dam the creek and cause a flood, without a 100 year storm, rather, in just a normal rain event. Please call Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb’s office at 313-224-0930 to report blockages. (posted August 25, 2014/ FB/ Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton)


  23. To Anxious and Mercy,

    Our group (I will call them “The Ecorse Riparians or TER for short) have already been doing some of those things you suggest. Our first target was the airport, as I and many others, have believed that METRO was a part of the trouble if not the major cause.

    We had a meeting with their engineers, CEO and scientists operating the storm water discharge at Metro. We went on a tour of their storm water system and I will say emphatically that I wish Metro WAS dumping water into our creek because we would not have the problems we have now. It would take too long here to explain why; however, they (WCAA) are more than willing to meet with other groups and actually show them what they do with their storm water. If you don’t believe us, get a group of about six together and contact Mr. Wagoner at the WCAA.

    TER attended a board meeting regarding Wayne County’s operation of the detention basin on Pelham in Taylor. I don’t think they were too happy seeing us there because we learned some information that they really don’t want the public to know but because it was an open meeting they could not chase us out (except when it came to legal matters). Here is what we learned.

    The detention basin on Pelham Rd suffered a catastrophic event several months ago when the roof of the basin fell in. As a result the basin was only functioning at half capacity on August 11th, when thousands of gallons of raw sewage was dumped into the creek. No one downstream of the dump site was notified and what was thought to be just storm water flowing into their streets and houses was in-fact rain and raw sewage. We tried to find out exactly where this discharge took place in the creek (we believe it to be near the Jackson Street pumping station on Hanover) but one member was hung up on when they called back to one of the Wayne County board members to get clarification.

    We learned that the City of Dearborn Heights uses 68% of this basin’s capacity, so that means we pay 68% of its maintenance. You would think that we would have a representative on this board, as we noticed from their minutes that no one from Dearborn Heights has attended this board since the first of this year. We” abused” the mayor by asking him why a representative of Dearborn Heights did not sit on this board and the answer he gave was “it was against the drain code”. However, we were informed afterwards that the mayor or someone from Wade and Trim
    should be attending these meetings but as we saw with our own eyes, the only people attending from Dearborn Heights were members of TER.

    We have uncovered a lot of other things but because we want to triple check and vet these sources and resources to make sure all our “I’s” are dotted and our “T’s” are crossed, we can’t reveal them right now. I will tell you that if you believe “we are on the cusp” (as the mayor said at the last council meeting) of getting the creek flooding fixed, you are in for a really big reality check. If any member of the council wants to say what they know about the flooding issue and tells us what they have done as an individual or as a member of the council to address it, it would be to their best interest to come forward now because the s–t is going to hit the people who are “ruining – my bad-running “our city just as hard as it hit those people who lived near the creek on August 11, 2014.

    Just one other note about the physical cleaning of the creek. That is done by residents once a year. They clean debris from the creek to try and get it flowing, which is a part of the creek flooding. However to those good Samaritans who come out for this, please demand from Wayne County that they provide HAZ-MAT suits and not your own clothes because if not washed properly these germs from the creek can be transmitted to other members of your family via your washing machine. That creek is full of bad things that can really make you sick. If the dumping of sewage into our creek on August 11th wasn’t enough for you, Google- Ecorse Creek Contamination.

    We just don’t attend council meetings so we can “abuse” the mayor and council, we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes as well and it makes us mad as h-l when we are constantly being stonewalled by the very people that should be working with us to get these problems solved instead of being afraid to do so. Yes, ” I am afraid to” was the answer one councilperson said quietly when a resident was asking why they would not answer him regarding a question he was asking.

    If we could get the council working with us a major segue to solving this city’s problems would be made. The residents that care are working together, even if it means taking heat from other residents that have no idea what is going on in our city and continue to defend the council and mayor.


  24. The council and the mayor has contacted wayne county and nothing is being done.This has been an ongoing thing for yrs., Janet has been aware of this also and she had no luck either. So if more residents would get involved and call them it may help. Why not ? People get together to attack the council so why not Wayne County ?????


  25. this a reply to mercy If Lisa Hicks is so capable of running this city she can go for it and the Mayor needs to quit and the


  26. Just want to point out that not every question that a council member might have is asked on camera for the public to see. Many times they do call department heads and ask them questions before the meeting.


  27. anxious , September 27, 2014 at 1:47 pm,

    The job of going after Wayne County is the responsibilities of the mayor as a full time strong mayor, and can seek help from the council by resolutions or enforce the contract with the county by legal actions. At the same time, the council can stop the payments if the mayor put on the agenda and ask him to consult with the county about completing the clean-up as you said.

    The fact is: the mayor put the $ 900’sh thousands county sewage and water payments on the agenda, the council approve to pay without asking the mayor any question about its relation with the flood, and when a resident asked what the payment for and how it relate to the flood, none of the council member was able to respond, and the mayor kept silent.

    I’m with you 100% about working together to minimize the flood damages, but how you will start a cooperative working relationship when the officials are on deference mode every time a question asked by a resident?

    The only official who showing a leadership during the flood disaster is councilwoman Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Kudos to her for stepping up to the plate and showing a promising candidate for future mayor post. Leadership is about seizing the moment and acting during difficult time and facing the situation with clear vision and transparency.


  28. Why .don’t you and your friends go after Wayne county to force them to clean up the creek and what I mean is drag the trees in there and all the junk that people throw in there.Then inform all who cut their lawns and leaves in the streets so all that leaves twigs and grass can go down the drains and eventually ends in the drains and the creek and blocking the drains. These lawn services are just as bad if not worse . The county when they cut the grass along the roads do that too. The county gets money to do these things but refuse to do so .We need more ordinance offices so that they can that see all theses ordinances being broken.Put everybody back to work on Fridays. I could have a long list of all that has gone wrong in this city by people who live here who are not informed about all our ordinances . Cant open our windows in the spring and fall and enjoy the FRESH air because there is not fresh air just nasty smell of smoke and the EPA has been made aware of it but its up to us to stop it. Quit concentrating on the anger you have towards the council and maybe we could all work together. By the way go to Disaster declaration issued after floods the information has been on every news channels now everyone can go forward with what they can do.


  29. To: Anonymous who posted on September 25, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Do you have any idea of how many people come to this site and sign in as Anonymous? Can you please be a little more original and at least put a number after “Anonymous”. Don’t be so thin skinned either, since there are so many people that come here signing in as Anonymous, how do you know that whatever treatment you got on this site was meant for you?

    So to whoever you are I don’t think you would be so blasé about the flooding if you were affected as badly as those poor people living near the creek were. I thought putting up with a flooded basement was bad until I saw actual videos of the wave of sewage water crashing through their doors and windows and actually hear its roar as it came pouring into not only their basements but upper levels too. It was like watching a version of the tsunami footage only in a smaller area. The sewage water came in so fast people could not leave their homes and the only refuge they had was to climb to higher ground to keep from drowning

    I too had relatives who lived here when it was a township and you should know that the flooding of basements did not start until 1966 and got worse as time went on. The creek itself flooded for hundreds of years. I used to fish in that creek as a child during the summer and ice skated on it when it was frozen in some of its more shallow areas.

    I am abusing council by telling them they are not doing their jobs and taking them to task because they (excluding Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton) could not tell me what they had just voted to spend $990,000.00 on, because it is a “hip” thing to do. Look, I am way past being hip or trying to be hip and furthermore I don’t give a bat’s bum if people think I am hip or not. I say what needs to be said because I see this city that I have lived in for over 50 years now turning into another blighted city because of what the mayor and most of the council are NOT doing and that bothers me a lot.

    Where you there at the two town hall meetings where many seniors got up and “abused” the council and mayor because they thought they were going to lose a senior center. Oh, I guess this was alright because it was about the senior centers (the highest priority for some of those in my age group). But those of us who “abuse” the council because we are concerned about how are money is spent, shouldn’t be so mean to these hard working public servants.!!!!!!

    You and your buddies can rest easy as I am not going to “abuse” council anymore with my questions as it only makes my blood pressure rise. Most of them have proved to me that they don’t know what they are voting for and so why waste my breath. That doesn’t mean I have quit trying to better my city, it just means that I realize most of the council and mayor are dead ends when it comes to helping this city.


  30. Sparrow, Its not ” the hip thing I suppose” Its the frustration by the residents who can’t get a clear answers from the administrators, so they turned to the city legislators for answers. The legislators can choose to ask the residents questions and help them get some answers and save time and public drama.


  31. The mayor, the clerk and the treasurer manage the city business not the council members. questions about how the city managed should go to those 3 elected officials according to their duties under the city charter. Stop asking the council members to do administrative duties. ask them to hold the administrators responsible and demand from them to take actions against those administrators if they not doing their jobs.


  32. You are not talking to the council chair you are speaking to a resident of Dearborn hts just like you and further I am not in a court of law being questioned . We have lived here for 49yrs and it has always flooded and sure you know that . Our council and mayor have had the knowledge of this all these yrs, As a mater of fact Mayor Canfield was planning on having pipes installed and covering the creek but it was stopped by the environment organization . I have always gone to council meetings as I have told you before and was very active till I had personal things in my life that needed my full attention.Before that my extended family lived here when it was a township and heard all about the floods and how they would goe on their rowboats and visit the neighbours. I have been involved with all the past mayors over this. There is lot more I could tell you but the way are with me every time I am on the blog its not worth my time.The council has known about the floods here so why would Mrs Horvath not know and yes she has been involved with this problems and yes she did go to the airport and checked it all out and the map of those rivers is there for the public to see.


  33. Anxious, we have given the council a lot more respect than they ever gave to us, so don’t feel so sorry for them. When I started attending city council meetings I had only respect for the council and mayor. I respected the mayor and council so much that I walked up down streets in my neighborhood passing out a personal letter imploring people to over-ride the Headlee Amendment. I got publicly booed at a town hall meeting because I got up and supported the mayor and council regarding the Headlee Amendment.

    However, after attending more meetings I got tired of the bull the mayor and council were shoveling out and that is when, as you describe it, I became “disrespectful”. I am not sure how long you have been attending council meetings but I question why you don’t see the council’s or the city’s administration bad behavior to us. I almost tossed my cookies at the last council meeting when Baron said that he wanted speakers from the audience to be as respectful to the council as they are to us!!!! Really!!! We would be shot by Sheriff Gavin is we treated them like they treat us. Please…………

    As far as part-time employees? At least they get paid for doing next to nothing. There is a group of us that work just as hard as they do to for the betterment of this city, the only difference is we don’t get paid.

    Keep watching the meetings Anxious, because we are going to prove via explicit documentation just exactly what the mayor and his gang and our council (with the exception of Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton) have not done for this city. I am sure if you knew half the information we know, you wouldn’t speak so respectfully to them either.


  34. As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, … Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. -John F. Kennedy

    Appreciation to all, including our Council Members, who serve our community , in years past, currently and in the future.


  35. council lady Marge Horvath does a lot more than she is credited for ——— she does not brag about it and she does not feel that it needs to be announced all over . She does what she does because she loves this job although it is part time pay she has put her life into this city for years . FULL TIME !!!!!! All the information about the creek and airport and how the water travels into different places she did that study years ago . I think it is great others have done this also but did the council lady get up and say “hey I did that and the city knew abut it ” No because she is not out there to any applause from everyone she does it because that is what she promised to do when she became a council person. Quite few of us in this city would be at the council meeting every 2 weeks thanking her and we would be there a long time but she does not want that. Advertising all of that she does not want. Hearing all the time what a person on the council has done becomes too much because that is what they got elected to do. Thank you for allowing me to say what I have wanted to do for a long time


  36. I find it exceedingly funny, Sparrow, that you would mention the word “information” and Ned Apigian in the same sentence. His response to your question would be – “we have target practice?” As far as I’m concerned, Lisa Hicks-Clayton is the ONLY council member who even tries to do something for us and is informed about the subjects discussed. I will say that Marge seems to be also. When Janet was on the council along with Lisa H-C, the TWO of them were not successful in overruling the other votes. As to getting an answer from any of them, they have NEVER answered us immediately. One gentleman even said (to paraphrase) – “I’m asking these questions now and I would like your answers at the next council meeting. I’m not going away so I expect answers.” I wonder if he ever got them. You seem to be informed about how things work but have you been paying attention to the actual meetings, the questions asked by the residents, and the reactions by council members? Here goes: when I asked for social media, the remark was made at a Study Session – why do we have to make her happy – which is astounding to me because it’s been my experience that if ONE person is asking for something – you can bet others want the same thing. One council member said he didn’t have time to study the agenda items so he asked Council Chair to explain it to him and then he voted! Then this same council member tried to shut up a resident and (thank God) Council Chair told him he had to let him speak. At another meeting, someone got up and spoke about the Affordable Care Act and was ALLOWED to speak about it even though it was a political statement. Then at the next meeting, Mr. Apigian proceeded to make his own political statement. Once again (thank God) Mrs.. Horvath interrupted him and told him he couldn’t say that. He said (I’m paraphrasing again) “the last guy was allowed to.” Lord spare us from council who don’t even know Roberts Rules of Order. I could go on and on, Sparrow, but I’ll stop here. You criticize us for criticizing them but we’ve been dealing with this for quite some time and we’re WAY PASSED reaching our limit. While I applaud those who want to serve, when you’re not informed about the votes you make and the position you hold or even Roberts Rules of Order, you need to STEP DOWN. And my last question is this: if you don’t want to do the job properly, why did you even run?


  37. Sparrow I have to agree with your comments. When I need to know something in the city I go to the head if department with my question and have never had a problem in getting the answers. You can go to the city and get an account of every penny that has been spent and where. Never had a problem. Shouting at the council and being rude is not the way to go. Like we know they are part time workers and believe me some of them work full time for us . I just wish they were respected and spoken to in a different manner.


  38. drheights48127, The treasurer can use a Facebook or tweet info about various city treasurer department functions, don’t forget he is the revenue collector of the city so don’t you think he can use the social media to help the tax payers paying their taxes or the fees? and why he has to wait for the mayor to put a city Facebook page? He can do that himself and show his leadership similar to what been asked from the mayor and the clerk. His role is as important as the roles of the mayor and the clerk. every elected official must be responsible for own duties and tasks and not relying on the others to establish a Face book page.

    Facebook page can be done by the treasurer, he can benchmark based on council woman LHC Face book page. And the other two administrator can do the same and I believe the council woman will help them to establish a Face book pages


  39. Dear councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,

    Are you claiming that the city elected administrators failed to implement the social media communication venues and because of that you acted by council resolution to force them to do that, but the council din’t support you? And you are hopping the 130 citizens petition may help you pushing the resolution to be approved by the council and force the administrators to put social media in place?

    Good luck and I pray for your to seceded. Another council member tried for years and failed to convince the administrators to include social media in the city communication process.


  40. I understand the communication initiative should fall in line with the Administration’s responsibility of application. I had submitted a proposal to the Mayor and our Council members. I believe it comes before Council as a cost incurred. However, my hope is by bringing in Robin Pierman, a communication/ municipal engagement specialist, we can dispel some of the objections. I feel communication is vital to over-all good government practices. I have discussed the subject of utilizing social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Nixle or Ping4Alert and streaming Council meetings with the Administration. I believe the hurdle is the cost of administrating. By networking and researching other municipalities, I understand the costs to be minimal. With the Citizens Petitions, including over 130 signatures, I hope we can move this forward. We must embrace various avenues of communication- social media, local media print, traditional print, local media channels, etc. to be effective communicators and engage those we wish to represent. As an elected officials, I am representing and, as charge in our City Charter, doing what is best in the interest of our City and our residents.


  41. Mercy
    Who does the communication director work for? He’s not an elected official if he doesn’t have permission or get direction from his boss (the Mayor) then he can do nothing on his own. She’s not doing the administrators duties she’s doing what the public is asking for trying to fill a void in the city’s communication. City’S Clerk when he was running for office did say he was going to make a Facebook Page for that office. It never happened I wonder if he wasn’t told by the Mayor and some on council not to. I can’t imagine what the treasurer would need a Facebook Page for if the City had one that he post information on if needed. Let’s see if the administration and the council are going to listen to the 130 that signed a petition asking from more communication in the city. The study session will be on September 30, 2014.


  42. Thank you for your reply but when water comes in your house and sounds like a water fall you don’t think of calling these people. I am aware of all of these organizations and have been aware of all these organizations for many years. I have lived here 49yrs and never have heard of you till Janet mentioned that you were a person that she knew that would run for council seat. I am very aware of city dealings and schools. I don’t mean to insult anyone but I do feel we need all new faces in this city and have a fresh start.Thats why I am telling all that comments on this blog to run for council and see if they could do better. I do agree with sparrow about the councils treatment by a lot of people.


  43. Dear councilwomen Lisa Hicks-Clayton,
    Why you are doing the administrators duties? Why you pushing the social media yourself? You are a city legislator not administrator? Why not asking the 3 elected administrators, ” Mayor, clerk, and treasurer” to respond to why not they don’t have a “Facebook” or whatever other social media avenues?

    Thank you anyway for trying to assist but you are elected to be a part time council member not a full time administrator. You are showing a great future promise and commitment to be an elected administrator.

    Please ask officially in writing the 3 administrators and request there responses in writing “Email is a social media venue” lets use that platform to facilitate official communication.

    If possible to share the results with the voters by way of your social media various platforms that you have in place.

    Can you clear that issue so we know why the city have no “Facebook” yet? And no streamlined council meetings? Were the responsibility of having the “social media” should fall?

    The city have a communication director on staff full time and he have multiple functions, and since he is responsible for the communication tasks don’t you think he should be asked why not communicating city information using the social media venues that you as a council member using successfully to conduct your duties as an elected officials?

    What is that stopping this city from having those basic communication tools?


  44. Dear Anxious,

    I am very sorry for yours, and everyone’s, experience and challenges during the August 11-12, 2014 flooding. As your Council Member, I did walk, as much as I could physically. More importantly, I worked to bring in additional, much needed, resources to our community. These resources included disaster relief teams and food, clothing assistance. My information was made available via this blog and other media sources. I continue to work for our residents. Currently, I am developing an emergency resource guide for our residents. As a member of our Disability Commission, the Commission on Aging, the Wayne County Veterans Community Action Team, Salvation Army Advisory Board, Kiwanis, and, Michigan Municipal League, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments task forces, other organizations, I continuously work to bring forward valuable services and resources to our community. I am available to discuss your concerns. Please call me at 313.633.1845 or stop by my office hours at the Berwyn Senior Center, Eton Eton Senior Center or Caroline Kennedy Library.

    I would like to encourage all voters to get acquainted with your elected officials. Not just at election time, but throughout their tenure. Be aware of the work they are doing. Their voting, their positions. Not just what you hear or read, but what you see. I have been community advocate for over 26 years. My interest in not my own, but to serve. As stated in our City Charter- to do what is the best interest of our City and our residents.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


  45. Please all of you who have so much to say about the councils problems get yourselves together and run for council seats. Lets get rid of all of them and I mean all of them. When the flooding was going on not one person came to us although some claim they went around but not here I was by myself when the water pushed through my door . My son walked through water up over his knees to get to me to help. people were stranded from the airport and where was the police ???? he helped them. So this is why I feel the way I do if you all think You could do better and with what I read on this blog your comments you all make , it is telling me you all feel you could do much better so go for it .I don’t want anyone that was a council person to run for council or clerk or mayor get rid of. them all and bring in new !!!!!!!!!


  46. Mercy, I quote from your comment “the council members are part time employees and their responsibilities are legislative and rely on the administrative team to verify and investigate all claims before submitted to them for approval”. You are either part of this crowd or you just don’t get it. If what you say is the case then I say, what the heck are we paying these part-time people for if its just to rely on what the mayor tells them to do or to approve. We can buy a bunch of rubber stamps with “Aye” and each council members name. Have the council’s secretary simply stamp each claim with the rubber stamp that has their name on it. It would save us a lot of money and we would get the same results.

    Mercy, we have a council to be a check and balance for the Mayor, not approve everything that comes down the pike just because the mayor approves it. As far as asking questions, what a load of manure. I have been told at previous meetings before I began to attend, one council person stated he didn’t have the time to look at his material and another admitted to just reading their mail from her city in-box minutes before the council meeting started. I was at a council meeting when one council member even fell asleep as a speaker was talking. Oh right, they are so in tune as to what is going on, they couldn’t even answer me what $990,000.00 was being taken out of the water budget for. Yes, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton emailed me the information after the meeting and I truly appreciate that. From now on I will seek my information from Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton because the rest of the council doesn’t know the distal end of their Gastro-Intestinal system from a hole in the ground.

    By the way there is a group of us that is going to investigate why South Dearborn Heights keeps getting flooded. I am the one who organized the group going to Metro airport and meeting with the officials of the Wayne County Airport Authority. Other members of this group are looking into other avenues to get answers because our do-nothing part-time council members (except for Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton) don’t give a darn water about the residents of South Dearborn Heights and that goes for Mayor Danny Boy. All they care about is their own political aspirations or some narcissistic opinion of themselves that this city will die without them. The truth is the city is going to die-because of them.


  47. All invoices and claims are submitted to the council for approval by the city administration. Its the responsibility of the mayor to approve those claim to be placed on the agenda. DH mayor is a full time and fully responsible to manage the city business. The council members are part time employees and their responsibilities are legislative and rely on the administrative team to verify and investigate all claims before submitted to them for approval. They usually ask and verify any issue with the administrators before the meeting and answer the public questions or direct the questions to the full time experts who are paid by the taxpayers to manage city affairs.

    The flood issue is very complicated and regional in nature involving multiple municipalities, the county and various public entities, therefore it needs combined efforts and clear answers to the situation so the residents understand their options and alternatives.

    If their is no solutions to heavy rain and the flood depend on nature, then residents will know they are under the mercy of nature.

    This natural disaster needs full public transparency


  48. Dear Dearborn Heights Truth Page Followers,

    For the record, as an elected official of the City of Dearborn Heights, I did respond and answer all questions regarding the current claims from the City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. I am aware and informed in regard to the bills our City Council is approving. When in doubt, I call and make an inquiry. In regard to the dynamics, workings and relationships between the City and Wayne County (sewage, water, rates), I have continued to pursue this topic, so I may be informed when making decisions which impact our community. On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, a group of Dearborn Heights residents, along with myself, meet with the Wayne County Airport Authority (a separate entity from Wayne County, established in 2002). The result of this meeting was the clear understanding of the “urban legend” of the airport open gates and flooding in Dearborn Heights. As a result, reviewing the data, records and such, the 4 retention ponds do not impact our community, When the gates are open, which was the day after the August 12th flooding, the water flows into the Frank & Poet, which ends near Gilbraltor,, and the Sexton-Kilfoil, which ends in Lincoln Park, both discharging excess into the Detroit River. I will continue to work with local government officials (all levels) and our residents to address these issues. No excuses. In closing, I believe I have responded to concerns brought to my attention. I have and will continue to make myself available via office hours, e-mail, in-person appointments (meetings), and posting informational updates via social media and other sources. If anyone is interested in discussing our cost per square cubic feet, please call me.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


  49. The city pay Wayne County for sewage services of various kind, how many millions per year DH pay for those services? how much per gallon or cubic feet or what ever the unit is? every house in DH pay sewage fee according to how many units of water consumed. The frustration is building up because the flood keep accruing and no clear answer from the city government. Its very important for those officials to start asking for more details about the relation between the county sewage services and the flood and what can be done to control and contain the flood damages.

    The tax payers don’t expect them to know every details about every penny they approved but the flood was a big issue and approving over a million dollars payment should alerted them to educate and inform themselves about that anticipating tough questions.

    Please click and read.


  50. Sparrow,
    After years and I mean years of not getting answers you bet I got mad and I will not apologize because I did. Tell me, where you there when Chief Gavin let go on an elderly resident? Where you there when a city employee called another resident a “piece of sh*t” in the hallway after the meeting? Where you there when Berry told a resident he didn’t want to see that resident in a council meeting again simply because the resident questioned the council as to why they never investigated the mayor’s alleged bad behavior? I could go on and on.

    However, if the council wants to be respected they need to show respect for the residents who care enough to show up time and time again for council meetings not because we are paid to but truly care about what goes on in our city.

    If you think its alright for the mayor to ride in another city’s parade when he should have been in his city organizing clean-up after a major storm took down power lines and trees or that it was okay to pay overtime to crews that were laying sod instead of cleaning up after the storm stated above; than you deserve the city we have and what this city is turning into because of the mayor and most members of the council.

    Yes, I do expect the council who can vote no or yes on something as important at 1.6 million dollar + to be able to answer my questions. I was a head nurse and I had to know 10 times the information on 35 patients under my care every day than the council has to every two weeks.

    Sparrow you are entitled to your opinion but I fear your knowledge of the subject as to why we are so angry is limited. Either that or you are part of the council that is afraid to use your real name.

    In light of this, I want to thank Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton for contacting me regarding answering my questions. I will be contacting her shortly.


  51. As an elected official, we are accountable for approving the expenditures and payment authorizations of the claims. The water budget claims, which were mentioned on Tuesday,September 9, 2014 were for sewer line cleaning/ maintenance and the principal and interest payments for the Rouge CSO Basin. If I am unfamiliar with a payment request, service or vendor, I ALWAYS contact and follow up with questions required to fully understand the service rendered and comprehend the payment request. Lastly, I sent a follow-up e-mail to the resident with the questions, informing her, and any resident, you may contact me with questions in regard to claims or any agenda item. I am aware of my responsibilities and , I am always available to our residents. Offering office hours, e-mail, phone, social media(Facebook and LinkedIn), as well as appointments by request.


  52. She asked the question of the council chair first because according to the rules you are only supposed to direct your questions to him. Second she was making sure that him and the rest know what they are saying yes to all that money for. Are we never to question them on anything they do? I don’t understand what the problem is with asking them if they knew what they spent all that money on was for. Maybe I’m a little dense here, but that doesn’t make sense to me to just never say a word to them. Never ask for anything, never question what they are doing. They are not kings, and queens. This isn’t an empire last time I looked come on. You want to tell me that nothing that’s been done in the last 8 years hasn’t up set you. Even council members some still sitting there have questioned the Mayor and what he’s done, have questioned his honesty, have questioned many things this administration is doing. Are we the people not allowed to do the same?


  53. If I ask a question, I am seeking the most informed answer. I am not looking for a general ballpark response. I would like to know the answer from the person most qualified to give me one. I am not going to ask Ned Apigian how many rounds were used in May for target practice when the ammunition invoice comes up. I would not ask Marge Horvath how many pounds of salt were used in January. That is why we have experts and specialists. Not everyone always has the facts on hand at all times.


  54. I expect a general understanding to what they paid out 1 million dollars for. Yes, Maybe not in detail, but not to know what the highest amount out of all of them. Not to know what that amount was for no that’s not right. Just a general understanding enough to answer the persons question yes. She wasn’t asking for every detail did you watch she just asked what it was for. Council receives the agenda packets days in advance of the council meeting more than enough time to get familiar with what they are voting on. As I said council chair did know the majority of what was spent and what it was for. Very simple answer to a very simple question. Not to forget here this was over a million dollars in 2 minutes they approved to spend. That was your tax money to if you live here in the City that is.

    Thank you sparrow for giving me another way to look at this subject.


  55. I feel an unfair standard is being set here. If you expect council to know every brick, pipe and piece of lumber being laid out on every bill, then you don’t want a city council, you want a corps of engineers, or some sort of supercomputer.

    Their job is to give you an answer, not the exact second you demand it, but when they can. Screaming diatribes because they do not have instant recall of every detail of every bill is an excuse to vent and nothing more. We do not pay our council to be omniscient. If you could call what they get per year pay…

    Just another excuse to abuse council, cause that’s the hip thing I suppose.


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