Petition for Social Media and Electronic Communications for Dearborn Heights…

The citizen petition for social media and electronic communication was sent to the Dearborn Heights City Clerk’s office Today before noon. It should be on the September 9th agenda. All in favor of better communication with residents (especially in emergencies) should attend. Please share this with all Dearborn Heights Residents. Source: Janet Badalow Face book page. #dearbornheights #wedemandmore #flood2014drbnghts


Let’s pack the room guys and bring the young people on board with this we need all we can get it’s time…


7 thoughts on “Petition for Social Media and Electronic Communications for Dearborn Heights…”

  1. The council chairman must approve all agenda items, all city elected officials can publicly discuss their matters from their council post without prior approval of the chairman without voting. The item can be added to the agenda by a resolution with the majority vote. The matter can be discussed by the residents during public comments. The clerk or the councilwoman can introduce the social media by drafting a resolution submitted by them to the chairman as an agenda item. If the matter is not on the agenda then the council will not vote on it.

    The clerk may read the petition as a request from the residents to address the council.


  2. The petition was handed in on time to Walt P, our City Clerk, but yet it’s not on the agenda for the 9/9 City Council Meeting. Why, Walt? There is absolutely NO REASON this can’t be added. Lisa H-C is going to see to it that it is added. We need to address this with the council. It’s time to remind them again that THEY WORK FOR US. It’s time they started listening to us.


  3. Any discussion of social media should be done on air. NO MEETINGS with the mayor or anyone else from the city should be done off camera. We want their comments ON RECORD!


  4. I hope the clerk will read the petition, then I pray the chair will allow discussion on the social media. Most likely the mayor will ask the crowd to meet with him after the meeting may be with the chair and open new excuse account at DH excuses bank.

    I wish we have supermans phone number to call him to attend and help put some communication tools in action. I think DH officials will listen to superman and respect what he has to say and respond to his recommendations.

    We need superman at the meeting. I hope Fox news and Bill O’Reilly’s will spin SUPERMAN story to help ending the flood misery.


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