How Many of You are on Social Media Sites?

How many of you coming here use Social Media? I’m asking you to please leave a comment letting us all know if you use social media what do you use.

Twitter, Face book, Instagram, or any others.

You can find the Truth Page on Facebook you can join in on the conversation that takes place there.

I’m on twitter @heights48127

This is one of my tweets from today on twitter.

talks about letting the residents know what’s the problem why our city . He would have to communicate the “C” word



7 thoughts on “How Many of You are on Social Media Sites?”

  1. Eva1972, Do you really know how hard will be to swim in very shallow water if you don’t know how to swim? Probably you never heard of the person who drowned in the bath top trying to learn how to swim!

    Fear is scary thought.


  2. Kathy, I am on Facebook, but I say like you do, why don’t they do it all? I have never heard of Nixle until I read your post and I think that sounds like a great idea.
    I just do not get how hard this is, it should have been done years ago. I have made 5 Facebook pages for different groups and have done a shutterfly website, it really is not that hard!


  3. Go with it all I say this way the City can have every way to communicate with the public… Face book, Nixle, New website, and E-Newsletter. Live streaming council meetings and Archived council meetings.


  4. Yes, my cellphone can receive text messages so having Nixle would be a good thing to learn of alerts and emergency situations. Okay, this grumpy old dinosaur says go with Nixle, especially since it is free.


  5. Grandma Suzanne

    You don’t need a smart phone to use Nixle. All you need is a phone that gets text messages a City that would sign up for Nixle and you sign up as a resident to receive an email, text message or both when the City puts up an alert to Nixle. This service would allow the City to wait for it communicate with residents. Like being able to send a mass message during the flood letting them know that the Richard Young Center was used for shelter. I was at the meeting the SWDHNA had people in the room were shocked when they learned that this was the case. They had no idea they could go there.
    Yes a new website for the City is a must and this time they have to put together a team of people and residents must have input as to what they want and how they want it to look.
    I still think its time to have a committee, or board of knowledgeable people to handle this issue working with our IT people from the City of Dearborn.
    I like my smart phone, my laptop, and my iPad, but nothing is better than a desktop. A smartphone is a desktop in your hand with a lot of extras that make them oh so yummy. Having said that number one rule at my house NO CELL PHONES at the dinner table or when we are out put them away put them on silent and no looking at them. I think it is so rude. It’s gotten so bad at my store with people walking into the store having a conversation that I’ve had to work with people showing them gold and diamonds while they are talking. All the while they point at what they want to look at and make hand signs to ask how much. Shake their heads yes or no if they want it or not. If a yes I write it up and they pay. The whole sale done while they are talking on their phone. So yes they aren’t always a good thing. In the end it’s all in the person who’s using the phone.


  6. I know I am way behind the times but I don’t have a smartphone and really don’t want one. I am so tired of people having the dang things attached to their ears or are busy texting while trying to do something else. I will have to be dragged screaming and fighting into buying a smartphone when plain old cell phones are no longer available.

    What I would like is a webpage I could put in my “favorites bar” and click on from my pc when I have the time to get information regarding the city.

    I hate being out with people and their smartphones beeping, barking, buzzing, singing, talking, burping, farting. chirping, mooing, bleating or making some other annoying sound every few seconds. I couldn’t believe it when my grandsons didn’t even know what a pay phone was as my daughter spotted one and had to take a picture of it with what else, her smart phone, to show her sons.

    In answer to Kathy’s question, reluctantly I would vote for Facebook.



  7. The “C” word is gold and gold is very expensive. Keeping your gold saved is wise even in politics. ” its called keep your mouth shut and only say what you have to say to cease the moment or the event”

    Communication expose the facts and spell out the guts of the situation. DH screaming for leadership at all levels.


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