Does Anyone Have Supermans Number?


A question that a man asked at last nights council meeting when he took his turn at the microphone. He told a story of calling the police department for help to get evacuated out of his home during the flood. Him, his wife (whose 6 months pregnant) and their toddler. Water was coming into the house fast and they had no way out. When they called the police the dispatcher told him to,

“Call Superman. “

That’s why he was asking if anyone on the council, the chief of the police, department heads anyone if they knew Superman’s number. What a horrible way to be treated while watching water rushing into your home.

Just a tiny suggestion, do a little more hearing have just a little heart and feel just a bit when someone like this man is telling his story. A certain someone was in the back asking the chief of police,

“didn’t you lose two cars?”

His reply,

“no we lost 3 the fire department lost 2.”  

The chair had to say something to shut them up, but for the love of god couldn’t you just sit in silence. Couldn’t you just say I’m so sorry to hear that. Can anyone in this city ever just take responsibility for something as wrong as that? Wouldn’t it have been better for someone in this City to say, Sir we are sorry that happened to you. We will look into it pull the tape and if there was wrong doing we will make sure that there is a punishment for it. We will contact you and let you know what we’ve done. Was the earth going to stop rotating if a kind gesture was made? It’s down right sad to be honest there are no words for such heartlessness.  Well let’s all call 

Superman (313) 791-3490 ask for Superman aka the Mayor . 

I’m kidding, but if there is a number for this man to call it would be that number the City doesn’t have a Superman we have elected officials that are supposed to look out for the City and the residents that live in it. I don’t expect them to be Superman and woman.

I do expect them to have some decency, some just a tiny little bit of respect. Oh sorry I didn’t mean to use a bad word as I know the word respect is a very bad word to use in this City especially if you are expecting any. 


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21 thoughts on “Does Anyone Have Supermans Number?”

  1. Another meeting in 2010????? What happen since then? Only Romulus is before DH, what will happen if we control DH portion of the creek to relieve DH property owners? I guess the flooding comes to DH from all the city on the north fork, DH is the lowest point, Poor DH we are the most effected flooding victim on that creek. That is why we need action from our officials.


  2. Back in 2010 in this blog, No new news, no solution, just talk and more talk and hide from residents, no town hall meetings, No answers…….
    Taxpayers saved some money…
    NOVEMBER 11, 2010 DRHEIGHTS48127
    The mayor at the November 9 2010 made the announcement that he had finished up talks with the county about an outstanding bill with them. As some of you might know we pay the county for the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) of the city. The bill was at $900,000.00 the mayor brought it down to a little over $700,000.00 .This is the bill we get from the county for using the sewer. We will be handling our CSO in the near future this the mayor says will greatly reduce home owners bills. I do not have any information why the bill was not paid for the past 2 years.

    I am sure there is a good reason for this. It is no secret that there has been problems with the county and city for years. Some of us find it a little suspicious that the last time we had a flooding event in the city. Many people reported the water just started to drain so fast like someone pushed a button or pulled a leaver. Just like removing the plug from your bath tub. This is how many who had standing water in their basements describe what they saw as the water started to drain.

    If bring the operation for CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) will help with the flooding in the city I am all for it. If the mayor can find a company to do this for us at a cheaper rate again all for it. Will be very interesting to see who we get.


  3. Just few month ago in January, that was the snow melting fault, I’m guessing what will be next and who the DH officials will be blaming?
    Click and remember that the flood in DH is a way of life and need to be resolved and have an action plan ready to implement. DH needs a professional, committed and experienced officials in public elected seats or appointees to serve and deliver 21 century level of serves.


  4. Time after time the city failed to respond to the flood, its time to sub out the water and sanitary services to a private contractor that we hold accountable.

    Those service are our daily livelihood and can’t depend on politicians we liked and elected but never managed a project or supervised others or may appoint politically unqualified public servants as “yes sir yes mom” and run city business down the drain.

    The failure to have a plan to respond pushed one 911 operator to the limit that lead to implicate “SUPERMAN” in the rescue effort? Is superman a part of the DH emergency plan? according to:


    Act 390 of 1976

    AN ACT to provide for planning, mitigation, response, and recovery from natural and human-made disaster within and outside this state; to create the Michigan emergency management advisory council and prescribe its powers and duties; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local agencies and officials; to prescribe immunities and liabilities; to provide for the acceptance of gifts; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.”

    Act 390 of 1976

    30.412 Disaster or emergency occurring in county or municipality; procedure; ordinances or rules.
    Sec. 12.

    (1) If a disaster or an emergency occurs in a county or municipality and is beyond the control of local public or private agencies, the chief executive official of the county or municipality may request the governor to declare that a state of disaster or state of emergency exists in the county or municipality, utilizing the procedure set forth in section 14. The director may order the disaster relief forces of a county or municipality to aid the community. The chief executive official of the municipality or the governing body of the county shall comply with the order of the director and cooperate with the director in matters of emergency management.

    (2) A county, municipality, or other agency designated or appointed by the governor may make, amend, and rescind ordinances or rules necessary for emergency management purposes and supplementary to a rule, order, or directive issued by the governor or a state agency exercising a power delegated to it by the governor. The ordinance or rule shall be temporary and, upon the governor’s declaration that a state of disaster or state of emergency is terminated, shall no longer be in effect.

    History: 1976, Act 390, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 1976 ;– Am. 1990, Act 50, Imd. Eff. Apr. 6, 1990

    © 2009 Legislative Council, State of Michigan”

    I’m asking the city official to read, learn, commit and act.


  5. Does anyone know where our mayors assistant was during the horrible time after all everyone knows she runs the city. Just questioning


  6. The mayor of Ferguson said on TV he was not worry about the 200 millions lawsuit because his city don’t have any military grade equipment to use.

    In DH our biggest public threat is flooding and the losses may amounts to millions and if the city municipal insurance keep paying, they may increase their premium and the taxpayers cost to insure the city will skyrocket.

    Reducing the exposure to flooding should be the most important task for city elected officials after what we faced in the last few weeks.

    Its OK for DH to have “war zone equipment” to save guard us when needed but its equally important to have flood zone rescue equipment to rescue flood strapped victims such as the father who showed up during city council meeting on 8/26/2014 and was aired on city channel on 8/27/2014 and asked for the “SUPERMAN” phone in case he need to call next time to rescue his family.

    DH need municipal leadership vision, and should create a “Flood Department Services” to deal with on going bases year around with the huge number of city flood victims.

    Sorry for the residents who crying for better services from the officials who been elected by them just last years. Democratic choices comes with double edges, You shouldn’t complain to whom you elect you should demand. You complain about the ones you din’t vote for to expose them and justify why you didn’t vote for them.


  7. We just had to have that swat vehicle just like every other city that can file one page and use ‘forfeiture money’ to get one. Couldn’t we have used that forfeiture money to buy something else? I hope that thing stays parked right where it is and the police don’t use any situation to take that think out to justify buying it in the first place.

    While the 1033 program’s intent may have been to equip specialized units for extreme, dangerous situations, fighting al-Qaeda sleeper cells, or powerful drug cartels, the effect has been to incorporate SWAT-style raids into ordinary police operations. That includes, but is certainly not limited to, the serving of search warrants. This may partly be because the program requires that all equipment issued through the 1033 program be used within one year of the date it is granted. That means that if police departments want to keep their new gear, they can’t wait for a rare emergency like an active shooter or hostage situation in order to use it.



  8. We have a superman according to a public servant, I feel sorry for that servant to not have the number to contact the alleged “SUPERMAN”. Do we have a” wonder-women”? how about angels on white horses that we can call for help if another heavy storm happened few days later?

    Lets pray for mercy from nature, Please nature have mercy on DH, please change your natural course of actions and save guard DH from heavy rain, DH will clean and brush the streets at least ones a week so we don’t need rain to do that. Please help our city administrators to relax and spar them from making difficult choices about an emergency plan that include repetitive flooding so they can focus on studying a lap top utilization or spend hard earned taxpayers money on drafting a policy to regulate social media usage by city officials during council meetings.

    The flood issue in DH is a big deal but no corrective actions will work, So the administration deal with it as it happen, and what add to the misery of this situation is the council inability to have answers!

    Its a fact that rescue flood boats and other special flood vehicles needed to be included in the emergency plan that we don’t see posted. The flood is the most emergency situations that DH is facing, do we have any study session on the type and cost of the equipment needed for evacuation of that family who been told to call “SUPERMAN” with a boat?

    Police and fire lost cars in last flood, so a lot of people did, How the public safety officers will be able to rescue disabled, confused, pregnant woman,young kids, seniors and others without special equipment ?

    Flood is a big threat to DH residents as big as crime or fire, and needs to be treated by our officials accordingly,

    Do our officials read for once FEMA manuals about natural disasters?

    Leadership, Leadership and once more DH needs leadership.

    Congratulation to DH voters for their choices to vote for those who been seen acting on TV during council meetings, Democracy is a great practice and make you live with the results of your choices or act for change them democratically..

    We are part of nature and we must live with it harmonically. .


  9. While I applaud your “idea” of holdingthem accountable, there are 2 in this city who have treated citizens rudely and they were not held accountable. One is KNOWN for repeated rude behavior to the residents and has NEVER been held accountable and I’ll bet nothing was put in the HR folder either. I would be surprised if anything was done to this 911 Operator because her boss is guilty of the same thing. Another way to find out who it was if the resident didn’t have the information would be to listen to the tapes. Lord, I hate being so jaded but this city brings out the worst in us.


  10. When a resident contacts me with a complaint in regard to how they were treated by a dispatcher, or any city employee, I ask for the following details:

    name( ask for the person/ officer’s name)
    badge number (if applicable)
    date and time of call or incident
    and general details

    This information allows for follow up. I have had residents provide details, as listed, and we have been able to administer corrective actions.

    This type of behavior, cannot be condoned. The best way to address it, is with information and feedback . I do believe we have some great officers. I am excited to see and welcome our new officers. However, any who clearly do not uphold local ordinances, or state laws, or treat citizens unfairly (rude,etc.) must be held accountable and disciplined accordingly. Follow up and communication is vital to resolution and making improvements in our city.


  11. The problem is this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS MAN CONTROLS THE CITY.The people that are hired here has to go through that man. This has been going on for years . Everything goes through him and don’t let anyone tell you differently . He is mean and cruel and the people have seen his ways SNEAKY.


  12. Respect. When Ray Muscat got up the other night – for the second time – to voice his opinion about something at the council meeting – Ken Baron said – you’re not showing us any respect. Huh. This from a council chair and council who never act on what we request of them nor do they EVER give us any answers to questions we ask. Respect is a two-way street, Mr. Baron. So now we have someone in the mayor’s office who verbally attacked a citizen after the council meeting; then we have a public official who verbally attacked a senior citizen after a council meeting, and now we have a 911 Operator who thinks it’s funny to respond as she did to a resident in dire circumstances. And I’ll bet that this is the SAME 911 Operator that a friend of mine had a problem with. AND THE LIST GOES ON. Does anyone see a pattern here? Does anyone want change from the mayor on down? We have an election coming up in November of 2015. Up for election is Ken Baron, Tom Berry, and Ned Apigian. I’m not sure about Marge. There are rumors that Mr. Baron is quitting. Tom Berry – while I’m sorry for the loss he experienced with the flood, that doesn’t negate the fact that Tom is NEVER prepared. If you ask him for help, he tells you how busy he is in his personal life – and while I’m sorry for that too – he RAN for this position and to give us any less than what is required is not acceptable. And lastly we have Ned. If you know Ned, there’s nothing I need to say. A man who makes a political statement from the council table, a man who says – let’s take this to a study session because there are things I can say there that I can’t say here – and a man who didn’t even know the city had a flood. A man who continually mumbles during the council meetings and speaks out of turn while the other council members are always trying to quiet him. He doesn’t have a clue what Roberts Rules of Order say. If that’s not enough to make you vote for someone else, I don’t know what is.


  13. Maybe it’s time that the residents who have been treated badly by an officer report that officer or dispatcher generating a file of misconduct that can be used. That’s been a problem for years in the City supervisors, department heads and the Mayor never putting anything in any ones file so they get away with things for years and the person doing a poor job just keeps on doing it. Letting someone go in this City isn’t just a simple ‘you’re fired per union agreements many things have to be in place before you can fire a union employee.


  14. Something has to be done with the Police dept. they have no consideration or respect for any one in this City and I’m sorry that kind of attitude starts at the top.. They try to push off their job to the Ordinance dept. I called the police to get a car out to stop scavengers from picking peoples personal property and was told they sent a car out an hour ago, I will not send another car out there. They did after I called the Mayor on his cell phone.
    Even the State police have called this Police dept ROUGE and they spend there on duty time in Taylor, I personally see them there all the time. there is one female dispatcher who thinks she is God and has no respect for anyone and I can personally testify to that.
    Mayor you had better get your Police dept in hand perhaps you should remind them that the citizens pay taxes in this city. The citizens pay their wages and they should have some respect for their bosses.


  15. OMG how awful for this man to be treated in this way. Years ago I had an emergency and the mayor never would return my call and finally got a hold of him and did he ever yell at me because he was in church and I disturbed him.We can call him and call him he wont ever return the calls but go to the meetings and say something about a problem then he tells that person to see him after the meeting Why ?? somehow he still gets voted in as mayor I don’t understand this.I hope everyone remembers this about this man.This is why we are leaving this city.Too many bad experiences.


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