13 Days Later and Most The Flood Claim Form Has Arrived.

At last nights CCM a man got up and said many things, but one thing that he kept asking was for an explanation as to why it took 13 days to get a flood claim form from the City? If you haven’t called the Mayors office and given your name and address to get a flood claim form you need to do that in order to file a claim with the City. After asking the council chair who had no explanation as to the why the assistant to the Mayor said from the back of the council chambers. We added a paragraph on the last page and the lawyers needed to look at it (something like that.) At that point not being able to stop myself I shouted out “it took them 13 days?” Not having seen a flood claim form from past flooding events I have no idea where they added the wordage to the form someone who has seen past forms said the form is the same that’s been used for the past 6 flood events. I tend to believe them. If lawyers working for this city took 10,7, even 5 days to look at a few lines added to a form they shouldn’t have a job with the City. It’s a pathetic attempt to dodge the real reason the reason we as residents will never know why it took so long. The administration not the council delayed the flood claim forms. The administration made the decision not to put those claim forms online for anyone with a computer to be able to print off a copy.   Insulting to every resident that’s been affected by the flood August 11, 2014. The gentleman asking all these question said “I’m not going away take your two weeks have your meetings behind closed doors look back at this tape and get me some answers to my questions.”

The question was posed to the council what if any is our plan for a flooding event? No answer from the council and the Mayor wasn’t at the meeting nor was Bob Ankrap who heads up CERT in the City. They were at a meeting with FEMA.  What are we as residents going to do about it? Will we just clean up and forget as has happened in the past? Are more people going to come to council meetings? Are more residents going to call out the Mayor for his lack of leadership? Are more of us taxpayers going to keep holding the councils feet to the fire and get the many things we’ve been asking for? Time will tell.

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22 thoughts on “13 Days Later and Most The Flood Claim Form Has Arrived.”

  1. Council tabled and moved the ban on cell phone use to a study session, not social media. That was not the item on agenda. Please refer to item 9-A. Use of social media has never made it to a City Council agenda. It was included in the Communication Proposal package I submitted. This package included use of Nixle, streaming Council meetings, e-letter and social media sources. This proposal made it to a study session. In study session, it was killed.


  2. Amen, GS. The PAC meeting will be held at the IHOP on Ford Road near Telegraph at 7:00 p.m. It’s all well and good for people to come to this blog and voice their opinion but until you go to a council meeting and stand up and tell them face to face, there will be no changes made. And until you start making INFORMED decisions on who you want in office, whether it be the council or the mayor’s office, there WILL BE NO CHANGES MADE. And we’re here to tell you that EVERY ONE of them on the council except Lisa Hicks-Clayton needs to go and it’s a given that this mayor needs to go – and his staff. What a difference it would have made for Janet Badelow to be elected as our mayor. She would have been so much better prepared for these occurrences than this administration. The whole city would be in much better shape. We would have had social media, our website would have been updated – and you would have been able to download the claim form from that site without waiting for 15 days before we got it in the mail. Jobs would be posted and applicants tested and “friends” of the mayor wouldn’t get those jobs without following proper procedure. There is so much wrong with this administration that it boggles the mind. I was also told that the “local” newspaper was given some information from a citizen and called someone at city hall and was told by that person not to run it. Freedom of the Press – novel concept, huh?


  3. My son watched just the public session of the council meeting and was appalled by the lack of knowledge from the council. The lack of answers to residents asking questions. At one point he said do they know anything about anything people are asking? When the Clerk walked out of the meeting when his father mentioned the date of the motion that censured him (the clerk.) My son asked can they just do that don’t they have rules they have to follow? Don’t they have a code of ethics? He was shocked and said these people need to go how are they getting re-elected in this City? You see my son votes and doesn’t understand that more than half the City doesn’t. His suggestion is collect enough money get some good candidates to run and do a kick-ass campaign and get rid of some of these people. This coming from him just watching the public section of the meeting wonder what would happen if he watched the whole thing?


  4. XXX,

    Leaving is not the answer. The cities that are run well didn’t just happen. These cities were no different than ours. I have been around long enough to know the history of other cities. What we lack that they have is that their residents stopped complaining and moaning about their problems and collectively got off their bums and by their numbers told their elected and paid workers enough is enough-we want you to do the job you were elected or paid to do. That is what makes the other cities you mention “run better”.

    This may be blunt but you and others like you are part of the problem as to why this city is in the state it is in. Instead of standing up and fighting, you tuck your tail between your legs and run. Your attitude will not help the cities you are running to; in fact, I doubt that if they had the chance would want you and others with your attitude to live there as they have worked long and hard to make their cities what they are today.

    Dearborn Heights is still a good city to live in despite its problems and well worth the fight to make it even better than it is. The Dearborn Heights United Political Action Committee is where you can stand with other residents, so if you want to run why not try running to their meeting on Monday, September 8th. Be a part of the change you would like to see.


  5. One more thing – AND THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE. The council tabled the discussion of the city getting social media to the next study session. I encourage ALL OF YOU TO ATTEND. We have a voice. It’s time this city heard what we want and acted positively towards our demands. We need to DEMAND they give us social media.


  6. I don’t have an old form as I stated before someone told me that it was the same form used for past flood events. I never saw it that would be something for the council to look into not up to me. Anyone with common senses would say to themselves why would it take 10 days for a lawyer to okay a few lines in a claim form???


  7. As I stated at the City Council meeting, times of crisis bring out the best in many people. Neighbors helping neighbors, working together and helping one another. As I walked our flood afflicted neighborhoods, I saw this spirit of cooperation. A spirit of community. I believe Dearborn Heights is a great place to live with many amazing residents. I agree, as I stated, we must join the word issue and the word opportunity together. As elected officials, we can cease this moment, the issues, and create an opportunity (ies) to improve the emergency response, services and communication for our community and our residents. We must listen to our residents. Indeed, the City Flood Forms should be available sooner, on-line, available to our residents. I do not have all the answers, or solutions. However, I will work to seek solutions. The flooding has been an ongoing issue for many years for our city. We must ask questions and seek solutions. I want to be a part of the solution, which is why I chose to walk and talk to our residents, get involved, and bring resources to our community. Our work is not finished. Do not settle. We cannot be finished until a resolution is achieved. ( or at least begun). Our residents should hold us accountable.


  8. To XXX, We, the citizens of DH, don’t want to move, nor to any other city. What we want is the proper attention concerning how the city is run and planning, especially plans made in case of emergency. The people we voted for (or not…let’s just say the ones who have been voted in by majority) we want them to pay attention. We don’t expect miracles but we do expect our administration (including our council and anyone else working in the city capacity) to do the job we hired/elected them for. The people do not deserve to have the hired/elected treat them with disrespect. If necessary, there are classes to take to educate those who don’t know how to handle irate or upset people. Why do these things have to be pointed out? You have no idea the challenges that the citizen has had to deal with when they came to you. Isn’t it an unwritten part of the job description? Those of us who have been put in a situation, emergency or otherwise, attempt to alert and change the powers-that-be. In our city, those powers are refusing to change nor to accept the challenges that they have been given. The people are tired of accepting less than what we are paying for. The people are angry and have every right to be.


  9. Open invitation to all bloggers and city officials to click and read. Then evaluate and compare city IT with current social mobile media.

    13 days to disseminate a form? I though the city have an emergency plan ready to execute in emergency situation? I though the plan is mandatory by FEMA? is the city in violation of FEMA mandate?

    For the city emergency manager, were is the plan? don’t you think It should be on city website? I guess a call to FEMA Michigan office will clarify this matter.

    Mr. Ankrapp, If you have a plan, go ahead and published! Its a fair challenge




  11. I also attended the CCM last night and had a hard time hearing those at the council table. When I got up to speak, I told them that we couldn’t hear them and asked that they pull their microphones closer. I specifically mentioned Mr. Kosinski and how he speaks so softly. When I asked them to pull their microphones closer, he seemed “in another world.” Mr. Berry had to nudge him and tell him to pull it closer. Was he even listening to us? Do they ever? Someone else mentioned about a 911 Operator who was very rude to one of the residents when he called in for help – and I mean this guy needed help BIG TIME. I won’t say what he specifically said or the rude comment made by the Operator so Kathy, if you heard it all, please tell us. I don’t want to misquote. Someone in the audience said – that person should be fired. Huh. If that’s the outcome of this rudeness – that the Operator is fired – then they need to start first in the mayor’s office. Comments have been made FOR YEARS about this person’s rudeness and when called on it, stands before the microphone and in essence says – who, me???? It seems to me that another member of the SWDHNA also had a run-in with this 911 Operator and if that’s the case and it’s the same one, she, indeed, needs to be fired. I was also told that one of the 911 Operator’s in Dearborn quit because she was tired of being treated like a second-class citizen by the police department and the mayor’s office. I want to take this opportunity to commend those operators who do a great job for us and who are pleasant to talk to under the stressful situations in which they find themselves. I also – AGAIN – reminded the council that they are on the council BECAUSE OF US and reminded them – AGAIN – that they WORK FOR US. It’s time we got some answers from them instead of excuses. They seem to take Paletko’s stance on everything – which is obfuscate, obfuscate, obfuscate. Or as in the words of Apigian – “let’s take this to a Study Session because there might be things I can say there that I can’t say here.” Doesn’t he know that we can attend the study session, too? Once again – Clueless Ned. In the words of Ben Franklin: He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. Amen!


  12. Hello,

    Attending FEMA meeting at 8:00 PM, it will be good to know were that public meeting took place and with whom? And also a copy of the minutes of that meeting, FEMA meetings are documented. In any way the meeting minutes can be FOIA ed. A phone call to FEMA Michigan office may be helpful.

    Kathy, please post or link the old flood form and the revised version that the mayor assistant claimed that the lawyers took 13 days to review. and lets watch the lawyers charges for the review in the coming agenda claim.

    I hope councilwomen LHC or MH will read this post and post a response


  13. The city administration and most council members have the residents of Dearborn Heights right where they want them – beaten up and beaten down. The attendance last night at the CCM by flood victims was the worst I have seen in 50 years. People who have flooded are not only tired of the crap that filled their homes and basements but tired of the crap that is being fed them by their city administration and some council members. There is just so much crap that people can take.

    I wanted to vomit when Missy Chrissy said they were waiting for the legal view of the flood forms before sending them out. Despite the politicians cry of “this was such an unprecedented rainfall”; this city has been flooding like this for 50 years and in that 50 years they don’t have a “legal” flood form down pat?! More crap.

    The mayor knows cameras are rolling so he is making a big deal of being out there with FEMA and just in case someone doesn’t knows this the council chair read his “press release” for the audience.

    Another question is why did it take FEMA two weeks to get here. Did they think people were going to let their houses and basements filled with sewage just sit there until FEMA decided to get off their asses and come look at the damage?

    Thank goodness for cell phones and their ability to take and store pictures. Back “in the day”, the 1970’s when my parent’s basement flooded during one of those “unprecedented rainfalls” we took pictures with cameras that would develop the pictures in hard copy, there were no ways of making copies. Somehow the city “lost” those pictures when my parents went to appeal to the property tax board regarding their basement flooding.

    I highly suggest that everyone who suffered a flooded basement meet with the Dearborn Heights United Political Action Committee on September 8th and become a member. This will be their first public meeting. I ask all of you who feel beaten up and beaten down to pick yourself up just one more time and come join them. One drop of water is nothing, many drops of water joined together can make a tidal wave of change. I would also suggest that if you are going to attend to let them know just so they have idea of how many to expect.

    Regarding our city emergency manager. I saw Bob Ankrapp setting up the camera and instructing the new person just before the study session at 7 pm. He was on the way out to continue with the flood damage assessment, which has been ongoing by him and his CERT since this crisis started. I have known Bob Ankrapp for years and worked with him on many CERT projects. He is one tireless city worker and is really committed to the good of this city. He wears three hats for the city but gets paid one salary.

    I may be speaking out of turn but Bob has been dealing with a very ill spouse for many years who was just placed in hospice care when the flood broke out. Bob is not limited by his capabilities or his expertise but by what he is allowed to do by his boss, the mayor. Sorry Bob, I know you are a private person but as many know this old lady can’t keep her mouth shut when it comes to things like this. I also know he would be embarrassed to have been mentioned in the mayor’s press release.

    One other thing. I am sure everyone noticed that Marge Horvath was not at the CCM last night. Marge just had knee surgery and was unable to attend.


  14. After reading all of these comments on this blog maybe we all need to move out of this city. Nobody is happy living here and I hear from certain people involved in this city about how other cities are run so much better than here I for one is looking to leave and I understand others are also. Thanks to this blog it has made me see reality. To get out of here


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