Meeting Agenda and Packet

Please tell me if this works for everyone.

This is a link to the agenda for Council Meeting for Tuesday August 26, 2014 Click Here

Click Here for the Agenda Packet (Back ups)



6 thoughts on “Meeting Agenda and Packet”

  1. Well, it seems that when you offend half your staff, it’s no wonder you’re short-handed. But I’ll bet he’ll be coming to the council crying again.


  2. Grandma Suzanne, Go to DH webpage, to your left clic on: on line documents, then clic again on recently downloaded box, you will see up to July 2014 only. I guess the clerk will put August 2014 later this month. at least the clerk is doing good job keeping up his part of the city webpage.


  3. I’ve made it public now try and see please if it will let you get it.. I’m new to google drive so if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong please let me know.. A council person was kind enough to send the packet and agenda to me because the Clerk isn’t putting it up on the website any more. I guess he’s short handed at the moment.


  4. Hi Kathy,

    I don’t have a Google email or account so I could not get in without a password.

    I tried going to the Dearborn Heights website but could only pull up an agenda for the meeting in June; same with the claims and back ups. I guess the clerk’s office has stopped posting agendas, claims and back ups for upcoming meetings.

    Will there be a study session Tuesday before the regular council meeting and if so what is being studied and will it be open to the ZP’s.?


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