Is This Really What The Council Want’s to Spend Time On…

marge horvath

If you want to police the Council Members councilwoman Horvath may I suggest you start with yourself. Please refrain from passing notes to the clerk and leaning over and chatting with the Clerk or Councilman Joesph Kosinski. More importantly before the use of a cell phone at the table can you please police the biggest distraction the distraction that has been a distraction for 2 years. Mumbles aka councilman Apigian that man doesn’t follow the agenda he talks while other council members are talking. He interrupts and throws out comments before he is recognized by the council chair. No someone using their smart phone under the table is nothing compared to the other chaos that takes place at council meetings. I’d hate to see what would happen if some day the council meetings were live tweeted out of city hall. Further. smart phones can have information downloaded to them that might be of use for the meeting. For that matter the whole agenda can be loaded to a smart phone and they could look at the agenda on their phones. They could be adding a date to their calendars on the phone. The internet is on a smart phone there could be many things they are doing with the phone at the meeting that have to do with the meeting. It’s yes the (T) word I know you don’t want to hear it or use it, but others do its 2014.  Council members don’t let her take away your right of progress like she’s taken every resident right her and others on the Council. Last time I looked you’re not children.

I would all so like to say that 3 days after the worst flooding event in the history of this area in the history of this city you’re drafting this to put on the agenda. Could you be any less sensitive? Please pull this off the agenda councilwoman Horvath if there is a problem that needs to be addressed do it amongst yourselves ask those that are using their phones why they are using them.

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9 thoughts on “Is This Really What The Council Want’s to Spend Time On…”

  1. May be there are reasons for officials not to pay attentions. may be they are board or the subjects are complicated. they know the vote is YES. So why bother with the details.


  2. I agree with Anonymous but I agree with Kathy, too, in that – they shouldn’t have to be told. But then, a lot of you are all guilty of the same. I don’t have a fancy phone. I only have one for emergencies and because I’m not spending that much money for a phone I don’t want to use. I don’t need to talk to people while I’m driving, in the grocery store, in a restaurant, etc. What is the almighty need to be speaking with someone all the time? I’d like to see them outlawed in restaurants, too. How many times have I gone out for dinner and some bozo thinks we all want to hear how important he is or how funny and popular she is? NOT! The young girl across the street was chastised by her mother because her mother was upstairs and her daughter called her on the phone rather than just go upstairs. My God! This is TOTALLY out of hand. If you need it for work, that’s one thing. But when you sit down with your family, friends, etc. to have a meal, put the D A M N thing away. Treat people with the respect they deserve and carry on a conversation. USE YOUR WORDS. And Marge – how about the Chair doing his job for once and stating at the beginning of a meeting – all council members, please turn off your phones until the conclusion of the meeting. Save some money that we keep getting told we don’t have. You don’t need a lawyer to write something. Just tell the Chair to do his job!


  3. I didn’t say it did I said that we will be next. You’re right, they are adults and I don’t feel this is something that needs a policy and spending money to have a lawyer write it. The adults can discuss it amongst themselves we shouldn’t even have to know about this.


  4. I think everyone should read the request from Council Member Horvath closer. She is only asking for a policy that restricts how the council TABLE uses media during meetings. It is a shame that grown adults have to be told what is appropriate and not. However, she is asking for policy to force their attention to matters at hand, instead of texting during meeting. The request does not limit social media or communications for anyone other than council table. I support her request.


  5. Karma: You’d need more than one hour to teach a couple of the men on the council. One would probably be thrilled to get something free and the other probably wouldn’t want to be bothered. As for giving them anything, don’t count me in. I don’t think getting a new phone would convince them to go with social media for our city. Course, for one we could text him that we had a flood.


  6. Any attendee can publish live the city council meeting using the camera of a smart phone and go viral on you tube. if you are that concern about having the meeting published then by pass them and do it on your phone. To me the meetings are just publicly-rubber stamping the agenda items.


  7. She doesn’t understand the good feeling and the attachment to those social media gadgets, I thing she will be hooked up to them after she learn how use them and may be will support a resolution to have them city wide. The smart phone and social media is the best toy and favorite gifts now days. How about forming a social media DH club and present those official with smart phones gifts and one hour of training how to use the SM?


  8. bitsy08

    What’s next they will tell us we can’t text or live Tweet or Face book the meeting because that’s what’s going to happen next if this go’s the way she wants it to. That’s what she is really looking for to suppress us from texting, Tweeting, and Face booking during council meetings. Much Larger picture Here
    #dearbornheights #socialmedia #yes
    As to Mr. Amen all department heads are required to be at the meetings.


  9. I have to disagree, Kathy. While there are more pressing and urgent matters right now than cell phone usage, I’d like this policy to include ALL city employees who attend either a Study Session or a council meeting as well as anyone on the council. I’ve seen Mr. Amen sitting in the audience tweeting and texting instead of paying attention. Why he’s even there if he’s not going to pay attention is beyond me. But kudos, Kathy, for bring up Ned Apigian. Someone at the table is ALWAYS trying to shut him up. Ken Baron needs to take the reins in hand as the Council Chair and DO HIS JOB. He lets too many people get away with too many things. He seems more interested in shutting up the residents. But you know what? We’re talkin’ to the wall, here.


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