Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting.


Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association 8-21-2014 Meeting Janet Badalow gave out some very valuable information for filing a claim with the City, FEMA or your homeowners insurance there was over 200 in attendance.  Many with pen and paper taking notes writing down numbers and listening to every word. Yes hungry for information because there has been such a lack of it coming from the City.  More than one person talked about that. The Mayor was in attendance and no the City never gave the association the Claim forms for people to fill out… I tried my best to tone him out as he spewed his nonsense about the lawyers had to put it together… If our lawyers haven’t put a claim form together in 10 days they need to be fired. Dearborn had a claim for on their website up the next day. Dearborn has all ordnance officers working going door to door , the police are going door to door in dearborn asking if people flooded and taking photos of the damage. Yep just like our City  (NOT) Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton was there the only council member in attendance… I did hear that councilman Berry lost his home due to the flood I’m very sorry to hear that.









A place that the Mayor and the Council could have taken the opportunity  to show the Residents of this City they give a Damn and they didn’t. Not one person that I was watching while the Mayor was explaining why they didn’t put the claim form online was buying what he said… If he had any feelings for the people in that room he would have at least brought it with him. He didn’t. At least this time he showed up without his armed police officers so thanks for that.  The talk in the room was the lack of social media, lack of communication with the residents, lack of information. Another words the Lack of having a City in the 21st century. Maybe if Council members would have bothered to be at the meeting they could have heard first hand people saying why can’t we go to the city website and print up the form and mail it in ourselves. Why doesn’t the city have any way to communicate with us. Several people were talking about Nixle and why doesn’t the City offer that. Why not in our City? Was the main question asked and talked about by many in attendance. Of course, there was the question of when will the City once and for all take care of this problem. One man standing up with photos dating back over 10 years of flood damage to his home. It was a wonderful meeting. If you haven’t called to get your flood claim form please call the Mayors office on Monday.  (313) 791-3490 you can find the SWDHNA on Facebook #flood2014drbnhgts IMG_1116.JPG


11 thoughts on “Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting.”

  1. Sorry for councilman Berry house, is the house totally damaged? how about his neighbors? what happen? is he near the Ecorce River North branch?

    Are more houses totally damaged? what was the cause? I hope that won’t be the new trend of total damage after every heavy storm.


  2. mavornin, what indicators did you notice that make you think the council cares about the few that are not happy with them? some of them didn’t even have yard signs during the election. its the words of mouth advertising that secured their seats and its the words of mouth that been used to communicate city business,


  3. Grandma Suzanne, with the historical information you provided, I’m wondering how houses was allowed to be build in swamp? I guess nature is taking over again and that area will become swamp soon and all structures become obsolete and the city will lose the tax base. I hope the flood issues will be resolved soon, its very scary if the flood starts happening every time we have a heavy storm. Lot of owners may start selling their homes and lot of renters will leave or will be bargaining for sheep rents.


  4. First I want to thank Carole Stuart, Janet Badelow, Harry Sawicki, Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton and the board of the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association for gathering the information and forms in one spot, giving advice on how to fill the forms out, sharing hints about how to get through the government red tape and for putting on this informational meeting. Thanks also goes out to Emergency Manager Bob Ankrapp (being the emergency manager is just one of three hats he wears), and for all the hard work he and CERT did. Also I want to thank all the hard workers behind the scenes who names I do not know, especially the man who patrolled neighborhoods to keep human vultures from sifting through personal belongings at the curb and also to the two men who saved a child from drowning in a flooded street.

    This is a meeting that the city administration and council should have put on but were afraid to because they know they have been incompetent in this event in comparison with other cities and were too cowardly to face the people. Funny how when Mayor Dan wanted the Headlee Override he was able to put on two town hall meetings yet could not hold one meeting to give out much needed information for this devastating event. Notice how after he had his say he left the building? Didn’t have the kahunas to stand and face his residents. What a sorry excuse for a leader. I also heard that Councilman Berry’s house was destroyed by the flood and that is why he was unable to attend the meeting. My empathy goes out to Councilman Berry and others who sustained damage.

    The main problem is that the powers that be keep reacting to this flooding of 50 years but not one ounce of energy is spent on being proactive. I have seen meetings like these over the past 50 years and nothing and I repeat nothing is done to alleviate WHY this keeps happening. The politicians don’t have the guts to be proactive and stop this flooding because it would mean stepping on some very powerful toes that could send their political aspirations plummeting. They love being reactive as it puts their sorry faces out there as being hero’s as they proclaim what they have done and what they will do in their efforts to “help” people. If they truly wanted to “help” they would man-up/woman-up and do the right thing, which in south Dearborn Heights is to fight Wayne County and the Metro Airport Authority. Showing up after the fact and giving platitudes doesn’t help, it only enrages people like myself that have been through this time and time again.

    Unfortunately, I cannot speak to the north end of our city as that is on a completely different system but I can empathize with your pain and frustration. My advice to all our north end neighbors is to research and investigate and don’t let anyone stand in your way as you get closer to the reason you are flooding, especially with all the expensive anti-flooding measures that were constructed to take care of this problem. And this 350 year rain crap is just that, crap. Back in 1966 they started with a 25 year rain to describe why we flooded and now 50 years later it is a 350 year rain. As our flooding problems increase so does their insane numbering of “rain years” just so they will not be held accountable.

    The solution is not to charge each home in south Dearborn Heights an extra $500.00 each year for the next 30 years to improve the Ecorse Creek or tear down all the houses to make a green-way for a walking/biking path.

    Here are suggestions on what needs to be done from the 50 years this old coot has been attending “flood” meetings.

    Number One: Have the creek restored to its original description as a river. In 1861 (that’s right 1861) the county made it into a drain at the bequest of the farmers in Taylor who wanted a way to drain off excess water from their crops. At the time, south Dearborn Heights was mostly swamp and woods so turning it into a flood plain didn’t harm anyone’s property.

    Unfortunately, since south Dearborn Heights was made into a flood plain in the 1861 change it was legal for anyone now to tap into the Ecorse “drain” (or creek, as we call it) as a means of discharging their storm water. It is illegal for one municipality to dump its storm water on another municipality; however, legally we are not part of a municipality but a flood plain. That is why cities to our west, like Romulus can tap into the Ecorse Creek even though it will flood us out. The headwaters of the North Branch of the Ecorse Creek (that’s us) has its beginnings in western Romulus through feeder “drains” named the Trouton, Freeman and Black Creek.

    Things were okay until the airport started expanding in 1966. As fields were turned to concrete runways, large hangers and terminals, the water could no longer drain through the ground. That water runoff had to go somewhere and it did, right in our basements and houses. Yeah, the airport claims to have four retention basins that hold water but when those basins our filled, guess where it is pumped to? You can go to the airport site itself and click on it’s history, as the airport increased in size so did our flooding.

    Several years ago (there have been so many flood events this old geezerette can no longer keep track of the years they occurred in) we had one of those heavy and long duration “blah. blah year rains”. I knew it was time to start securing the basement and put the cars up on high ground as I and many others had been through this drill so many times before. However, not a drop of water came in the streets or basements. I soon found out why that night during the local news. The airport had lost power and its pumps did not work. The lower levels of the airport were flooded as were the runways. Where were the retention basins? – probably full to the brim and were now adding to the flooding of the airport. The airport had to shut down. It proved to me that the airport finally choked on the water they had been pumping to us via the Ecorse Creek all these years.

    Number Two:The other problem is the gate or valve located in the vicinity of the Southfield Freeway and Outer Drive. In the flood of 2004 (I remember that one because ducks were swimming down flooded streets with their babies because the water lay in the streets for days), several witnesses said they saw workmen fiddling with something at the location above and as soon as they left, the water in south Dearborn Heights drained within an hour with a whoosh.

    Folks we need to stand for our rights, or soon the south end of this city will have no property value at all and young families that will grow this city will leave or not move here at all. I sat next to a young mom who was six months pregnant, has a four year old and a husband with cancer. They bought a tri-level bordering the creek. This young mom said the water came at her house with such force and intensity (she described it as a tsunami) it literally broke down the door and flooded the lower level completely and starting gushing black and smelly water out the heat vents to the second level in a matter of seconds. She and her family had to take refuge in their third level and needed to be rescued by boat because their home on the outside was surrounded with water. The worst part is now every time it rains her 4 year old becomes very frightened and thinks the water will come after them again. If nothing is done to prevent this, the little guy’s fears will come to fruition again and again.



  5. Same O, same O, failure after failure, Failure to balance the budget from 2008 -2011, resulted in 3 millions of additional taxes! Failure to cut spending resulted in depleting 5 millions of surplus and borrowing another 5 millions! Failure to put the city in the 21 century social media loop that kids in 5 grades are using to communicate! failure to respond adequately to an emergency flooding disaster without blaming this and that! Closing Fridays and paying employees 4 hours for no work when the city facing this disaster? Hello, the city should have at least 2 emergency centers open 24 hours for assistance from day one, and city officials should’ve been non stop visiting homes and talking to the residents on the ground, those residents voted to bail this administration and council from bankruptcy and voted for the mayor and council after their failure to manage the city financials. I guess you get what you voted for!

    The voters rejected Ms Badalow bid to be the mayor, and she was on the front line to serve them anyway after who they elected was waiting for the lawyers? He din’t needs the lawyers to hold his hands to have a town hall meeting about the flood disaster, all what needed is get together with the voters who supported him and trusted him over Ms. Badalow to be their mayor. Just show up and talk without any promises or actions, just listen to what your voters wana say and share with you as a mayor. Mr. mayor you should’ve acted the first day, not waited for Ms. Badalow to call for town hall meeting to participate!

    Kudos to her leadership and commitment to serve the 2500 voters who trusted her, Hopping you do the same fort the 4600 voters who trusted you. In any way serving those voters will includes all the ones who choice not to vote for what ever reasons.


  6. Geez, Mavornin. I wanted to give you a star but you’re all full up. Good comment. One more from me – doesn’t it seem that the mayor should be calling for all hands on deck UNTIL the claim forms are all mailed out? I don’t care, Danny, about your maps and all the other stuff. Why are you allowing ANYONE to take Friday off when we still don’t have the forms? This isn’t JUSTIFIABLE overtime? STEP UP TO THE PLATE!


  7. I listened to the mayor last night and was astounded that he was spouting the lawyers this, the lawyers that, pinpoints on maps of where the flooding was, blah, blah. In the meantime, several of us have gone to Dearborn’s website and downloaded their form. I did it to compare it to our form – the form we STILL don’t have after 11 days and if what the mayor says is true, the form that will go out either Monday or Tuesday of next week which will then make day 14 and 15 and then another day for the mail to do their job which makes – if we’re lucky – day 16. I was told last night that the forms MUST be in by September 25th which DOES figure to 45 days. That gives us 29 days to fill out the form and if necessary, attach any pictures, invoices, etc. and send back in. Way to go DH; right on top of everything again. And you are right, Kathy. The ONLY person from the council that was there last night was Lisa Hicks-Clayton. NOT ONE OTHER COUNCIL MEMBER SHOWED UP. One man actually walked out saying – I got to shake the hand of the mayor. I said – and you think that’s a good thing? He said – it’s not his fault. It’s FEMA’s. You’re right. The rain was an act of God. The flood – not certain who’s fault that is but it’s about time we get some answers. The lack of communication and help from the city – VERY MUCH the mayor’s fault. And let me reiterate again – we had one councilman who actually DIDN’T KNOW WE HAD A FLOOD. And if what we hear about Councilman Berry’s home is true, totally acceptable that he didn’t attend last night and I’m sorry for his loss. But for the rest of them, NOT ACCEPTABLE. Course, what could “Clueless” have to say that anyone would want to hear?


  8. Administration, you can’t imagine how unhappy your citizens are, and you are responsible. We feel you put us on the back burner, and we don’t see anything changing. You were supported by a past and a present council member, as well as Homeland Security, Wayne County Commissioner, and B. Ankrapp who carries one heck of a load, and more. The support was there, but you still didn’t see fit to do what was necessary for your citizens. You may wonder why we look to this blog. You do not provide the necessary information, any important communications. You are too late, too slow to act for us. This blog also gives us an opportunity to speak up about the state of affairs, since you are not interested. There are groups of people gathering together, like the SDHNAM, DHU Political Action Committee, etc. These groups of people are doing your job. It is unfair that you collect a paycheck when these other people are working hard to fulfill your obligations. The flooding is only one issue. The citizens love our city and want more, not anything outragious, we want you to do your job and in a timely manner, without all the drama, without people in the administration verbally attacking us for just asking for what we are paying our tax dollars for. City Council, be aware that the citizens are unhappy with you, too. The people needed you in so many ways. The needed forms, the information, the changes that must come. “Accountability, transparency, and integrity.” We deserve that, and more.


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