Is It Just Plain Old Stubbornness Standing in The Way of Progress?

From Councilwoman Horvath,


The City had 35 trucks out through Saturday. They don’t work on Sunday so I am told. They will be back out tomorrow and until everything is cleaned up. It may take a while but it will get done. I was down at the South- end today. The devastation is unbelievable. It is truly heart breaking. I saw the Red Cross working with some of the home owners. It is important that the people down there contact DPW as I told many of them. As for Social Media. Here is what I discovered. 5 out of the 7 people that I actually spoke with lost their computers in the flood simply because they had their equipment in their basement. Any Senior or disabled person who needs helps call the City and give someone your name, address, phone number. Eventually someone will get back with you to see if your situation can be at least looked at . And I say eventually because we have so many who need help it will take time to get to everyone They Mayor has also instructed the PD to patrol the area because pickers are going through trash bags and some of those bags contain personal info of the homeowner. Much work is being done behind the scenes concerning this devastation. It’s a big job and I know this isn’t what we all want to hear but we have to be patient.

Breath just breath

that’s what I say to myself as I sit down to write a response to Councilwoman Horvath. I would like to point out to the councilwoman if you didn’t see the post here it is.

Hey Mr. Mayor and City Council Think there isn’t a need for social media. Let me give you a few numbers from this blog just today…

From 12:00am until right now 8:21pm today this blog has had 3,049 views out of that number 2,286 views are for the blog post,(Are You a Flood Victim in Dearborn Heights? You Need to Know.)

Keep on saying the City doesn’t need any other way to communicate with the residents.

Those numbers are right here and if you need to see them stop by my home or business and I will pull them up for you. 2,286 views on one blog post about what you need to know if you are a flood victim. Those numbers closed out even higher than that by 12 midnight of the day I wrote that post. You talked to 7 people and 5 of them just happen to have their computers in the basement on a desk I presume. If the water was that high what are you and the rest of this city gong to do about it once and for all? Next what about cell phones if the city offered Nixle like many other city’s through-out the United States do. Your residents could sign up for text message alerts. Oh what about the reverse 911 system that is here in the City, but has never been set up. Just think, a recorded message to the residents on how to file whom to call and so on. Is there no end to the lengths that elected officials in this city will go to not to bring us to the 21st century and utilize all means available to them to communicate to the residents.

Even with this right in their faces at least one sitting on the council still can’t bring herself to say “Hey you know what? We should have a Facebook page, we should have Nixle, we should use everything we can to get information to the people whom you said are devastated.” We as City should do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible. We should not make them run around wondering where to go whom to call. No we need to change. Instead, I hear about 5 out of 7 with their computers in their basement. I wonder Councilwoman Horvath, are you willing to fight on behalf of every resident in this city to fix this flooding problem. Fight with the same energy you’ve shown these past several weeks to keep the City Clerk? The same Clerk you censured not so long ago.. Why is this such a problem for you guys on the council? Other city’s just do this no one has to ask they don’t fight the residents. This isn’t about whose going to win this just looks like it’s turning into a “battle of wills” here and that should never be the case when you are an elected official. As an elected office do you have the right to stand in the face of progress for our city?

Does the city have dedicated lines and people to answer those phone lines?  Do you have a command center set up on each end of town at the rec centers for people to go to? They could pick up cleaning packets, file their flood claim work with someone. Do you have volunteers? Have you asked city-wide for volunteers to help those disabled and seniors that need help?  The Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association has a number to call if you need help that the same number can be called if you want to volunteer.  They wait for it, posted that on you guessed it their Facebook Page.  No reverse 911 to call people and tell them about keeping cars off the road for the special Saturday trash pickup. Why don’t we just use carrier pigeons to drop off leaflets. Yes we all have to work together to get the word out we need to use any way we can it’s so important. Doesn’t the city have to do its part too? After 40 years of this the City should have a plan in place that is activated each time a flood happens. Who does what who goes where and so on. For that matter every city should have one.

Years ago the Army Core of Engineers did a study they told you what it would take to fix this problem and how much it would cost. When is this city going to act on that? Yes I know the price tag is a very big one, Yes I know not ever part of Dearborn Heights gets flooded, but every 3 years or so half if not more of the residents who live in this City  basements are under water. When is it going to get more expensive to pay out with each flood then to solve the problem? How many times do people have to lose their belongings before enough is enough.

Heres what gramasuzanne610 had to say on the blog,

For over 45 years I have seen the flooding in Dearborn Heights from the 1960’s to the present. I have attended meetings after meetings regarding the flooding from when I was a teenager and accompanied my dad to present day.

You see, after a bad flooding in our city everyone is up in arms and we are promised all sorts of aid. Yada Yada. However, after the final basement or house is cleaned up, the issue begins to fade in our collective memories only to be awakened with another flood and then fading again. It is this cycle that the city leaders count on and the reason they are not as hot about this issue as they should be.

The other night I sat down and wrote an article from all the information I have received in the past 40 years regarding the history and causes of flooding in Dearborn Heights. It was a cathartic for me but also very sad.

We could stop the flooding if everyone knew how we got to where we are today and in addition if all of us got together and demanded a stop to it. We could stop it but we won’t because soon the basements full of sewage and the loss of our possessions will be forgotten. This is why our city leaders don’t care because in the end we don’t care enough to keep the subject alive.

Residents of Dearborn Heights have you had enough yet? Do you care enough to keep this subject alive? Are we just going to just let it go away again with out a solution to the problem like every other time? Do we want to give our City leaders what they are counting on? Will we let if fade from our collective memories? Questions that will be answered in the weeks and months to come and in 40 years if nothing has changed I just don’t see it starting now. Maybe I’m wrong I hope I’am. #flood2014drbnhgts.

Attachment A
Ecorse Creek, Wayne County, Michigan
General Reevaluation Report
Detroit District
August 2009


5 thoughts on “Is It Just Plain Old Stubbornness Standing in The Way of Progress?”

  1. Oh yes the mayor has the answer to this ———————-Tear so many rows of houses down along the creek. Then make a side walk for people to ride their bikes along the side of the water. How wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! To hell with us who own these houses. How much longer do we have to put up with this man ??????????????


  2. You’d better print this off and HAND it to the council, Kathy, because sure as shootin’ they won’t PULL IT UP ON THEIR COMPUTERS, if they even have one. Marge will and Lisa certainly will – but the rest – don’t have a clue!


  3. Dear councilwomen Horvath,

    I give the credit you deserve for your courage to come and blog with us. Continue your effort to communicate the best you can even if its not at the level that many residents asking for. Its the intent that count. Your effort to protect the city is will observed and respected. Just snoop out of the box without jumping from the window, may be you like what you see looking at the social media wonders?


  4. Just click and listen,

    “Published on Aug 15, 2014
    “We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don’t,” says slam poet and teacher Clint Smith. A short, powerful piece from the heart, about finding the courage to speak up against ignorance and injustice.”


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