From Wanting His Head on a Platter To Begging Him To Stay.

So how does this work? On November 26 2013 Council Censured the Clerk for inappropriate behavior in his office. Fast forward to August of 2014 and Several on the Council are praising the clerk and insisting that he stay even after he resigned and they (Received, Noted, and Filed that resignation.) Councilwoman Horvath who seconded the motion to censure the clerk has now spoken with reporters about his integrity.‘Wow’ integrity councilwoman Horvath. Just how did certain members on the council come to the conclusion that he is so great in just 9 months?

Council chair said at the end of July study session that the council could not remove him from office. That all they could do was censure him. Indicating that they wanted to remove him from office. Council looked into it and got opinions from more than one attorney (council chair words) and they could not. Again I ask you… How does the council justify going from wanting to remove him from office to steadfastly supporting him and doing every thing in your power to have him stay. Who’s behind the Clerk changing his mind? Well that would be Councilwoman Horvath from what I’m hearing. Councilwoman Horvath who met with the Clerk and the Mayor the day after the Clerk submitted his resignation to the council. Just like that he rescinds his resignation and Councilwoman Horvath is fighting for the Clerk with residents at the July Study Session. I hope someone on the Council could explain this to us.


2 thoughts on “From Wanting His Head on a Platter To Begging Him To Stay.”

  1. The history of flip-flop speak clear and loud. Please watch what she said back then and how she changed her position later. Why and what changed?


  2. From what I’ve been able to glean from reading the Charter, Walt was able to rescind his resignation because there’s nothing in the Charter that says he can’t. Now, my question is the same as yours, Kathy. Why would they WANT him as their Clerk? Walt is an elected official so the only way he can be removed is by the Governor but why would one say Walt has integrity? Course, as far as I’m concerned, there are a few people in this city who lack integrity and there is someone else in this administration who pulled a “Walt” and never even got sanctioned. Walt lacks professionalism in his dealings with his employees, other city employees and administrators, and the residents. There is also someone else in the administration who lacks professionalism in her dealing with the residents. Perhaps when all this flood mess is done and residents are once again not dealing with this catastrophe, our PAC, and perhaps Lisa Hicks-Clayton can hold a Town Hall Meeting and discuss these issues and perhaps make up a petition to remove Walt. If we get enough signatures, once again – perhaps the Governor will pay attention.


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