Dearborn Heights A City With a Future… Back To The Future is More Like It..

“City With a Future.” The motto for the City of Dearborn Heights. What future? Those words would say to anyone even thinking about moving here that the administration and the city council have an “Eye to the future.”

Ya the “City with a Future” with an administration and council that want to take us “Back to the Future.” The city government is anything, but looking to the future as this past flood showed us all. It’s so painful to see other city’s around Dearborn Heights utilized the technology of the future. While our city who has the future in its motto is sitting back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The city of Dearborn in just day’s has that city’s flood claim form up on their website for residents to download and mail in. What’s Dearborn Heights offering its residents. Well you can call the Mayors office and put your name along with your address on a list and they will mail you out a form. Way to use technology what in the world can they be thinking mail them out. For those that don’t have a computer okay, but the rest of us that can use and have a computer can down load it ourselves and mail it back in. Saving time and money and saving the Mayors office and DPW from getting hundreds of calls.

According to the City’s Website the message from the Mayor that I’ve been looking at for 5 years the Mayor states this,

Dearborn Heights is a progressive City committed to enhancing the lives of all who live and work here. Source: City of Dearborn Heights website

The definition of the word ‘progressive’ favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

Hello Mr. Mayor  your own words posted as a welcome message on Dearborn Heights website is a lie… Mr. Mayor you and the majority of the Council have shown by your lack of advancing this city to the 21st century that you don’t believe in the city’s motto. Further, more the word progressive has absolutely no place what-so-ever on the city’s website. Let alone using that word in a welcome message on the front page of the City’s website.

“A City that’s committed to enhancing the lives of all who live and work here.”

Oh yah that’s why you’ve made sure we have Nixle, Facebook Page, Twitter, and E-Newsletter. Yep you and the council are so ‘committed’ to enhancing my life thanks for that.

The new motto for the city should be

“A City In The Past and Staying There.”

The welcome message should state,

Welcome to the City of Dearborn Heights where we believe that we are just fine, we don’t think we have to advance our city. Here in Dearborn Heights the Administration and Council don’t like technology and we don’t understand it. Dearborn Heights just doesn’t care what the taxpayers want. Dearborn Heights a City that doesn’t have a Facebook Page that we could have used to communicate with the residents during the worse flooding in the history of Michigan. Dearborn Heights a City that welcomes your tax dollar, but doesn’t think we should spend any of that tax money on getting Nexile another avenue that we as a City could communicate with Residents during the flood of 2014, but we don’t like technology. Dearborn Heights is a City that you can’t watch the council meetings online, because we don’t have a Youtube channel or anything else that could be used to do that. That’s technology and we stress very hard not to use that. After all we are a city that want’s to live up to our motto “A City In The Past and Staying There.

Dearborn Heights is a City where we like to call residents who asked for an E-Newsletter or call for the use of social media ‘whiners’. In Dearborn Heights you will have your trash picked up, your streets plowed, a great response time by the police and the fire department. You should know that the City is only open 4 days a week. Yes you are welcome here in Dearborn Heights as long as we don’t hear from you. Keep your property clean pay your taxes and leave the administration and the council alone.  If you want to live in the past than Dearborn Heights is the City for you and your family.

Every resident that lives in this city should be outraged by the lack of communication during the flood event and after. There’s no excuse none its time council and Mayor that you live up to the City motto. It’s time Mr. Mayor that you stand behind your statement you post to our city’s website. In short elected officials it’s time to move our city to the “Future.”


4 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights A City With a Future… Back To The Future is More Like It..”

  1. On the Dearborn Heights main page you find something called flood information you can find everything there, but the claim form to fill out. I went to Dearborns website you can’t miss where you have to click for flood information. If you click on other city websites many of them look as bad as ours some worse, but none of them has the Mayor photo on them as big as our Mayor. Garden City has a pic of the Mayor at bottom of main page and a small one. Not one website has a letter that is ancient from the Mayor. I did notice that none of them have a form to fill out or a link to flood information I might have missed it. I’m looking at Garden City, Redford, and Inkster. Garden City offers Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Redford offers a Facebook Page. Inkster I saw nothing.


  2. Just went on Dearborn’s website and this is what I found: As soon as you click on the City of Dearborn link, at the very top of the page in a red bar are the words – Information on flooding and sewer backups. You click on that and it takes you to the next page where it describes in more detail what you can do, should do, and the ACTUAL CLAIM FORM which can be filled out on-line and then downloaded – finished – to be printed off. All in all, there are 14 pages of information and the form for their residents. You go to the DH website and there you have THE SAME OLD LETTER that Paletko wrote how many years ago and has NEVER CHANGED and then you have to scour that page to find anything related to the flood. It’s there, but you have to look for it. Yep, Danny boy, that’s progress!


  3. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. IF you want your city to pay attention to what you want, you all need to show up at the council meetings and voice your opinions. And Kathy, I agree with you 100% – but then you knew that. When we asked for an e-newsletter, they turned us down – didn’t you Mr. Kosinski, Mr. Apigian, and Mr. Berry. They said they had to “study” the situation. If history repeats itself, they’ll pay for a study and after that, NOTHING WILL GET DONE.


  4. Kathy, you should be happy about the “Historic practices preservation” that our city officials are practicing, Delivering council agenda secured by public safety officers, no live broadcasting for city council meetings, sending traditional city printed news to homes and business without been posted on city website, safeguarding the city from the danger of social media exposure and constant up-dates, posting the city budget documents with hand writing on final public release, and but not last asking to spread the news by word of mouth about no cars on the streets for trash pick-up. Its nice to feel that you are in a small quite village away from modern life and the noisy “ICE CREAM TRUCKS” that we banned them from using the electrical horns, and made national news when we mandates the use of historic manual horns>>>>> Its a continuation of the historical preservation of municipal practices, The majority of voters who voted seems to like this practices of living in the past.
    BTW, I don’t have to worry about the noisy ICE CREAM TRUCKS and the kids calling for dollars to buy, they don’t hear them if they are in the house, and sadly they stopped coming and wasting fuel circling the neighborhood for few sales. Your kids sure not want to drive your 1958 Chevy but you do, and sure you drive them crazy when you watching the wild west and Glenn Eastwood asking “Go ahead make My Day”.

    At the end of the day we all have I Phones and enjoy tweeting and sharing things on social media, it become our way of life and we all buy new teckkkkky cars with historical looks.

    DH needs to live in the present as other surrounding municipalities do. remembering the ice cream deal turned me philosophical and comical.


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