What are We Waiting For?

Comment from Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton

Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton

more information has been made available @ Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman on Facebook. I have worked to increase communication with our residents and our neighborhood associations with posting updates in regard to emergency shelters, flood damaged goods removal, assistance and other resources. I have asked the flood claim be posted via the city’s web site and for a town hall meeting. I have long advocated to use of social media, Nixle, e-letter and other communication sources for our city. Times of crisis bring out the best in many people. Neighbors working together to help one another. Firefighters, police, American Red Cross and other community volunteers working together to assist those in need during the floods. However, one thing became more clear, the necessity for embracing and the utilization of communication tools including Nixle, e-letter, and use of social media. These vehicles of communication could have proved to be of great value to many. What are we waiting for?

Yes Mr. Mayor and remaining Council members what are you waiting for. People needed to hear from you on Monday during the Flood. People needed to know that there was a place set up for them at Richard Young Center. How would they unless you would send out a message just imagine if you would have had Nixle for instance like other City’s do the amount of information I received from Redford, Dearborn, and other city’s that I signed up for through Nixle was amazing. Dearborn Heights did for its residents.


The did Zero to try and get out information to the residents because they don’t believe in getting the information out. The majority on City Council and the administration believe that they communicate enough with us even during this emergency we get Nadda!!!!


3 thoughts on “What are We Waiting For?”

  1. abc

    That’s the problem most of the residents that are registered to vote don’t so those that do AV (absentee voters) are still what get you elected in the city of #dearbornheights. Until a larger percentage of none AV come out and vote this is what we are going to get. Having said that just because the largest voting block is AV the council does have a responsibility to all of it’s residents. This notion that only 10 people would use social media or an E-Newsletter is insulting. Frankly speaking, I don’t care if it’s 2 people those two people are being denied what is considered basic communication in this day and age. It’s common practice for municipalities to have every avenue to communicate with residents. Oh I forgot the “C word” a swear word for the council and the Mayor.
    During the flood the reverse 911 system that the City does have couldn’t be used because it’s not set up. Why isn’t it set up. The very least the city could have done use this system to give a call to every resident in the city with a phone. Not even that for heavens sake we don’t live in some little town of only 500 people here come on.


  2. The world live in the Social Media Age, but in DH we choice representatives who like to be historic and live in different communication age. we get what we voted for.

    Why not the communication/emergency management director sent massive text messages to residents informing them about possible flood, and areas to avoid, and streets to not drive on, and best practices dealing with it? what communications he is directing or not directing? who is his boss?


  3. Spot on!

    The mayor is too busy being a politician to actually do anything helpful. His performance during the clerk issue was enough to make me upchuck.

    Nothing will get done in this city regarding transparency and better communication until we get a whole new administration.


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