Can You Spell DRAMA?

Some have noticed a pattern when it come’s to Dearborn Heights Clerk… Since being elected it’s been one fight over at City Hall after another.. To my understanding from anonymous sources and many of them. Things started two weeks into his new job fighting with personal over in the Mayor’s office. In December of that same year just a month after taking office.. Walter had a melt down when the recreation department whom every year sets up the cookies and hot chocolate at the clerks counter. In years past I mean years of it being done this way. The rec department came in and set up. They unlocked the door set everything up. As I’ve heard it Walter went crazy started yelling at them and told them they can never use it again. The next day he had the locks changed on the door and that was that.. The former assessor allegedly was called out and shouted at in front of all of her co-workers at City Hall. According to anonymous sources Department after department have had some kind of run in with Walter.

When that wasn’t enough Walter went before the Council.  What he did at that meeting wasn’t all bad he took the Mayor to the wood shed and let the public know that the administration ‘isn’t a good steward of our tax dollars.’ Unfortunately, he then went after individual department heads.  After that, council meeting things only got worse for the Clerk. Losing two employees at once and having to pay for one of those employees in another department out of his budget. The reason for those two employees leaving has everything to do with the (Clerks Censure) 13-342

screen shot for walter motion











The latest uproar with the clerk isn’t anything new DRAMA spelled (Walter) is the way it’s been since he’s taken office. Now that he’s got his deputy back a new council secretary is in his office will he get the agendas back on the city website. He did put them up as he promised he would,but there hasn’t been anything up there since June. Will the election results be posted on the city website now that the judge has ruled? (As of today they still aren’t)

The clerk has rescinded his resignation will we have a new and improved clerk now that he’s decided to stay?  If what happened and the things that were shouted at city hall  the week of election is any indication I don’t think so. It’s going to be more of the same. In the end I think the decision the clerk made to leave for health and other reasons was the right one to make. If not for a certain council member pushing the issue for him to stay I think he would have left.


2 thoughts on “Can You Spell DRAMA?”

  1. Agree they certainly don’t care about all the residents clear with the statements they’ve made. The city is made up of more than just seniors not that they would be affected by what we are asking for any way they would still have everything they have now…


  2. As far as I’m concerned, this whole administration and council needs to go. It’s one ridiculous thing after another. The behavior of ALL OF THEM is unprofessional to say the least. Now that our PAC is up, let’s start looking for viable candidates to replace ALL OF THEM.


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