Are You a Flood Victim in Dearborn Heights? You Need To Know…

That you have 45 days from the date of the loss to file a claim with the City of Dearborn Heights. The form isn’t online to print you have to call the DPW department at 313-791-6000 and give your name and address for them to mail out a form to you… If they do not answer call the Mayors office and make sure you give them the information. There isn’t any reason in this day and age why this would not be up on the city website or why they aren’t using every mean possible to let the residents know how to file a claim with the city. We are in the year 2014 people every City around us used every social media outlet available to them to notify the residents of those city’s not Dearborn Heights keep them in the dark that’s what they like to do. Former Councilwoman Janet Badalow has posted several tips on her Facebook Page for flood victims of Dearborn Heights.

 flood Dearborn heights 2014
Helpful hints for documentation and filing of flood claims:
1. Take pictures of everything (damaged items, floors, walls, etc.) More is better.
2. Keep track of your time spent on clean up and what you used to do the cleanup. If you are not doing the cleanup yourself, get multiple quotes. There are several companies in our area.
3. Create an itemized list of damaged items.
4. Your claim must be filed within 45 days of the date of loss (i.e. Aug . 11th) according to Michigan law.
Come to the meeting next week for additional information.

Please make sure you do this before you start to throw stuff out take pictures of everything.


17 thoughts on “Are You a Flood Victim in Dearborn Heights? You Need To Know…”

  1. What-is-going on with the Ecorse Greek? Is this Greek turning to be the Mississippi of Dearborn Heights? Flood after flood without solutions! I’m glade we have a Greek not a real river!


  2. Sorry, Mike, but it has nothing to do with one party or the other. The people in DH don’t do their due diligence, are not paying attention, or just don’t vote period. The same ineffective council and administration gets elected over and over. We have 3 new people running for office this time. Let’s just hope people are paying attention and all 3 are elected. THEN we might see some action – instead of inaction.


  3. I lived 2 1/2 blocks from POLK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from 1975 until 1999, and we had flooding every year at the corner of POLK ST AND HANOVER ST.The city still hasn’t fixed the flooding problem in that city? Don’t u people think it’s time to clean house in that entire government and start over or is it run by DEMOCRATS and they r doing to DEARBORN HGHTS LIKE THEY DID DETROIT



    Here is what (the flood insurance website) says is covered in basements.

    If you have backup insurance, your insurance company may have similar restrictions:

    What is covered in my basement?
    Flood insurance covers your home’s foundation elements and equipment that’s necessary to support the structure (for example: furnace, water heaters, circuit breakers, etc.).

    It’s important to note that some items in your basement are covered under building coverage (like a furnace, hot water heater and circuit breaker) and others are covered under contents coverage that must be purchased in addition to building coverage (for example, your washer and dryer, or your freezer and the food in it).

    The NFIP encourages people to purchase both building and contents coverage. Flood insurance does not cover basement improvements, such as finished walls, floors, ceilings or personal belongings that may be kept in a basement. For a complete list of what’s covered, view the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) Forms.


  5. I have worked to bring the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Team and over 100 volunteers to assist our residents. Please call me at 313.633.1845 if you need assistance. (Doris, Barbara and others).


  6. Over the next three days, Wayne County, in partnership with the State of Michigan and local support agencies, will be opening Multi-Agency Resource Centers (MARCs) .

    The purpose of a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) is to provide a “one stop shop” for citizens to ask questions, gather information and find help that will assist in moving forward in their recovery efforts.

    Assistance will be available from on the following days and locations

    Tuesday, August 19,
    11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Wayne County Health Dept.
    33030 Van Born Road
    Wayne, MI 48184

    Wednesday, August 20
    11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Dearborn. Performing Arts Center
    15801 Michigan Avenue. Dearborn, MI 48126

    Thursday, August 21
    11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Brainard Senior Center
    14700 Reaume Parkway
    Southgate, MI 48195


  7. Doris Mayes, 22 inches of water will destroy almost every thing you have in basement, Take photos for what you lost, print them out and index them with model #, make and price, then organize them in a folder with date and time of the loss.

    Check with the salvation army or other community services agencies for additional help. You can try to see if the city have any arrangements for seniors assistance. God be with you.


  8. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton

    Can you please give this poor lady some direction as to where she should start…
    I can tell you Doris to come to the meeting on Thursday night that the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood association is holding
    Former Councilwoman of Dearborn Heights Janet Badalow will be having a mini seminar at the South West Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association meeting on Thursday, August 21 at Donovan VFW Hall at 7:00pm about filing flood claims what you need to know, and do.


  9. I was flooded in my basement up to 22 inches, I have a brand new refrigerator “only 2 weeks old” won’t work, just bought a new washing machine just acouple of months ago,will fill up with wather but wont work past that, just bought a new clothes dryers that I just bought last summer it won’t heat up to dry anything, my furnace is not working, this is not counting anything and everything that I had to throw out for the trash…I had lost so much and I am a senior citizen with a very low fixed income, I can’t afford to replace any of these items…What am I so suppose to do now..????? This is the 3rd time that my basement has flooded out in the last 15 yrs. I want so bad to get out of this area….Please can anyone help me with any of my problems?


  10. I am fortunate enough not to have any damage, but did have street flooding for several days. I did call the Mayor’s office and was given the information at hand. U was amazed there was nothing on the web site for several days. I mean really, what better simpler and inexpensive way to get information out there than their own web page. I understand that not all questions will be answered in a situation like this but even this winter with the snow removal the city failed miserably keeping the streets clean. I live several blocks from Dearborn and as soon as I crossed that line the streets were in much better shape, both cleaner and not as much salt. What is the answer here folks. I have just moved back to Dearborn Heights and have never seen the city run so poorly. Is it the current administration? Please help me understand.


  11. I’m sorry Barb I wish the city would use all the means it has to communicate with the residents, but the City council and the Mayor just will not. I’ve been asking for years and they haven’t change a thing. I do know that they will be picking up garbage tomorrow I don’t know of anything else that they are doing everything that I’ve put up on this blog or by Facebook Page has come from former councilwoman Janet Badalow, councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Claytons Facebook Page. Emails from the SWDHNA from department heads asking them to spread the word about what they are trying to do. It’s so sad that after over a year they still did not get Vector Control officers for the Rat problem I’m not surprised,but they spend all kinds of money to do a study for the Old Orchard Pond located on private property. Things have got to change in this city it’s time that all of us demand what we are entailed to. Yes as a Taxpayer we darn well are entitled to have what every other city has.


  12. I live on Jackson street and im not sure what the city is going to do for us. They have done nothing this far nor did they do anything when the rat infestation happened.


  13. Dear Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, You call for town hall meeting yourself, you don’t need other officials to hold your hands. You are capable and very respectable and understand the situation surrounding this issue. Take the lead as an elected official and show the others how effective you are as public officials that cares about the city residents.

    Hope to see you soon in that town hall meeting. You can coordinate with other DH civic organization.


  14. more information has been made available @ Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman on Facebook. I have worked to increase communication with our residents and our neighborhood associations with posting updates in regard to emergency shelters, flood damaged goods removal, assistance and other resources. I have asked the flood claim be posted via the city’s web site and for a town hall meeting. I have long advocated to use of social media, Nixle, e-letter and other communication sources for our city. Times of crisis bring out the best in many people. Neighbors working together to help one another. Firefighters, police, American Red Cross and other community volunteers working together to assist those in need during the floods. However, one thing became more clear, the necessity for embracing and the utilization of communication tools including Nixle, e-letter, and use of social media. These vehicles of communication could have proved to be of great value to many. What are we waiting for?


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