Voting a Right How Many Exercised that Right

Voting a right in the United States so how many people exercised that right during the August 5, 2014 primary?

Fewer than 18 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the primary, according to unofficial numbers from the state. Source: Mlive

Here in Dearborn Heights over the past two weeks there’s been a lot of talk and controversy surrounding this right, but how many came out to the poll to exercise that right? 35,000 registered voters where were all of you?


2 thoughts on “Voting a Right How Many Exercised that Right”

  1. One would have thought that with all the controversy that the election results for DH would have been posted to the city website. BUT THEY WEREN’T. If I had been Walt and made as many mistakes as he’s made lately – and quite serious ones at that – I would have made sure they were posted for all to see. But then – that’s me. That certainly wasn’t Walt. And why didn’t our city administration make sure they were posted on the city website? Because that’s our city. Ineffective to say the least.


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