Dearborn Heights United Political Action Committee.

A group of concerned citizens have come together to try to make the necessary changes for a more viable community for businesses and citizens alike.  We are unhappy with the Mayor and the City Council.  The Mayor has bypassed the City Charter on numerous occasions over the years and the Council has never held him accountable.  We have been lied to about the budget and the state of the city by the Mayor and again, the Council has never held him accountable.  They continue to approve budgets they know are not viable.  We see other cities in the surrounding areas that are utilizing the latest technologies and we wonder why our city is so behind the times.


The name of our group is Dearborn Heights United Political Action Committee.  Our purpose is to:


  • promote and inform the electorate through non-partisan political education;
  • increase the cause of good government through political participation;
  • promote transparency, integrity and accountability in city government; and
  • work for the election of qualified non-partisan city candidates to elected offices.


Some of the items we will be taking on are:


  • new candidates for City Council;
  • the deficit;
  • city services; and
  • ballot proposals.


Our goal is to better educate the voters of this city and encourage more people and our younger people to vote and to get involved.  With our involvement, we also want to encourage HONEST transparency from this administration.


If you would like to learn more about us and our goals, please plan on attending our next meeting which will be held on  Sept 8 at the IHOP at Ford Road and Telegraph.  The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.


In the meantime, our dues are $10 a year.  They can be mailed to:



P. O. Box 715

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127-0715


Donations to the PAC are always welcome.


Won’t you join us?  We look forward to seeing all of you there.







Board of Directors




5 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights United Political Action Committee.”

  1. I was the Interim Secretary for this group. Because I wasn’t happy with the lack of movement and some of the decisions made by a “select” number of people, I sent out a resignation letter in which I “dared” to criticize its Interim President. For that, my access was taken away from the Facebook page. When I complained to the site administrator (who is also the Interim President for the PAC) I was told that access would be returned when he “stopped being annoyed with me.” So far it would seem he’s still annoyed. This group was started to try to counteract the bad decisions made by the DH mayor and its council. It was also started to try to move the city forward contrary to the decisions made by its council. It would seem by the actions taken against me that “some” of the members (or at least one) has learned too well at the feet of the mayor. I’m of the opinion that this Facebook site was set up at the request of the members of the PAC and it should be open to all residents of DH and anyone else who desires to view or join. Unless this is your PERSONAL Facebook page, an Administrator doesn’t have the right to block anyone. I took a two week vacation just after this happened and was hoping that he would see the light by the time I returned and return my access. He did not and at that time I instructed the Interim Treasurer to tear up my membership check. If “some” are going to treat people the same as the city and its employees treat the residents, it’s not a group to which I want to belong.


  2. The Board Members are “Interim” board members for now. Once we get enough people, other names can be submitted and voted in by the majority.


  3. I believe the purpose and intent of this Political Action Committee is clearly stated in the announcement post. In the organization phase for 4 months, a committed group has organized and funded the PACs creation.
    The Director and by-laws were created and voted on by the organizing members. A facebook page exists. By-laws are provided to all members. Directors: President : John Davidson Vice-President: Ray Muscat, Secretary: Mary Saputo, Treasurer : Lisa Farrens. This PAC is not organized for any specific party or candidate, rather we hope that an organized voice will bring support for agreed upon issues and candidates. Please join us at our next meeting to learn more.


  4. Who are the directors? Self appointed residents or what? What is their background and other information. How were the selected and who is the brain child of this group and what is your immediate and long term goals


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