He Tried To Flip It, but The Flip Became a Flop.

Well they tried,  but the judge said no. They tried to flip it on the voter, but the flip became a flop and,

“There is absolutely no evidence in this case that there has been one fraudulent ballot submitted by absentee ballot,” Colombo said.

From The Detroit News: 

What’s that are my eyes deceiving me “absolutely no evidence.” Thank you so very much now what? Is this a case of a clerk just doing his job? Maybe the Clerk could have taken a different path. Like’ I don’t know pick up a phone and call the Knezek campaign. Talk to him tell him hey I got a bunch of these ballot’s that came in I think there might be a problem here for this and this reason… No this way was so much better.

Abdrabboh said voter fraud has been historically used as an accusation when voter suppression can’t be defended. She said Prusiewicz covered his misconduct with his claim by “turning the ammunition against the victims themselves.” Press and Guide


37 thoughts on “He Tried To Flip It, but The Flip Became a Flop.”

  1. bitsy08, So you don’t know why and for what reason the city employees are paid for 4 hours they don’t have to work. Do you agree on spending taxpayers money on paying that mush money for employees not have to work but get paid? Do you thing going after a hard working clerk and calling him names and trying to force him to leave office is more important then trying to find out if the taxpayers money are spent correctly on non working hours? Do you get it? May you are one of the city employees and you are trying to shut any discussion about this issue fearing that further investigation may be dangerous and may discover further issues. May be you don’t want to go back to working 5 days and 40 hours a week, its better for you this way, Fridays off, getting paid 36 hours per week and working another job on Fridays. City services on Fridays is not your business, and may you don’t live in DH.

    The clerk was censured by the council for allegations, that are not known to the public, Why? Now few council members and other officials want him out, Why?

    My advise to all who want the clerk out is to recall him, the result may will be a big surprise? I guess they know they will fail to recall him therefore they trying other avenues.

    Just remember, the clerk was # 2 in last election, over 6000 residents cast their confidante and trust for him. more than all other elected officials exp. the treasurer.

    I wish the clerk fast recovery and I hope he will return to his duties soon. I hope my house will sell and move out.

    I don’t care for an answer, I care about your understanding because you are an activist and you can make a difference.


  2. abc: With all DUE respect, I’m done trying to explain this. You just don’t seem to get it. I’m not the one who’s confused. I will not be answering you again. Move on!


  3. Dear bitsy08, Thank you for your self confidence about your superiority of knowledge, Thanks to the lord for enlightening you to help us understand what we talking about and sure to save you from the lake of knowledge that we don’t have but you do. Your superior and underrepresented knowledge are very impressing and evident. But let me further add to your superior and massive knowledge bank the following without insulting your ability to affirm my capacity:

    1-there are 2 types of elected public offices:

    A) Full time working a scheduled municipal service hours. (Start time – End time).They call them “Municipal Administrators” (Mayor , Treasure, and Clerk), and they are paid similar to every other full time city employees unless the council pass a resolution defining their hours and pay rates. the city salaried employees are hired based on early salaries and paid every 2 weeks based on 80 working hourly rate, or since 2011 and according to council resolution to extend the union contract to them will be 32 working hours and pay for 36 total hours, there was no explanation for the pay of the 4 hours, the council resolution dos not exclude any full time city salaried employee at all, therefore the full time working elected officials should included. You ask the council to support your vision and superior understanding and pass a resolution to exclude those 3 elected full time working officials. Those 3 official municipal duties are mostly done during the municipal working hours, and if they choose to attend community or political events for personal or political benefits outside the normal municipal working hours it should be their own business and cost to attend including transportation should not paid by taxpayers. They should be compensated by time of or pay for working outside their municipal scheduled service hours.

    B) Part time elected officials working certain public events with scheduled starting time and until the public event is done. They call them “Municipal legislators” (Council members). They get paid by the event attended based on approved yearly salaries divided by the number of scheduled events per year. Those officials are paid if they are scheduled to attend municipal related events. They can spend as many hours they feel necessary to research and analyse the registrations issue without getting paid, that is how their duties are formulated. They can change that by resolution and without the mayor veto. Otherwise they need 5 of 7 votes for overriding .

    Hoping the above 101 municipal course added some knowledge to your superb understanding of municipal functions and duties. i hope the lord answered you call to be saved.

    Please don’t insult others to make yourself better. From reading your posts I find you to be very very knowledgeable and committed public activist, no need to put don or question the abilities or capabilities of others, just be cool and positively cast your opinion.

    God bless all public officials and activists.


  4. Dear bitsy08, when an employee hired to work and get paid salary, the salary is based on the days, hours of work and fringe benefits. the pay is not based on the amount of work or the quality of work. If you don’t perform according to your job description and tasks assigned to that job description than you will be asked to leave of asked why you can’t finish your tasks?. Most employees pay stops are based on hours worked and rate per hour. Don’t know for sure how city employees are paid, FOIA the clerk payroll and see for yourself. There labor laws in this country, and when the clerk run for seat he expected to work according to city rules and regulation and the country labor laws. Please check your information about the working only 20 hours and getting paid an yearly salary based on 40 hours per week? May be you confused between contraction a handyman to cut your grass and trim your bushes for a set price regardless of the hours worked and without a certain scheduled. and paying that contractor a lump sump price when the work done, or hiring an employees to do the same job but paying him/her per hour helping you finishing the job.

    If what you saying is correct, then all city salaried employees as you said should finish their jobs without regards to hours worked or when they are worked, They must be paid as independent contractors and issued 1099 at end of year and pay their own payroll taxes.

    My friend, take a deep breath and use common practices, there is tasks the clerk office must perform and to do that the department must be staffed according to those tasks based on 8 hours per day per employee, if you need 5 employees to do those tasks on regular basis and you hired only 3, than the tasks of the other 2 must be done by the 3 or left without been done. you can plan the clerk failure by not staffing his office with adequate needed competent employees, and say he was hired to do the job and forget the shortage of staff. They say “the problem is in the details”. I suspect that he tried to compensate the staff shortage by working “ZAMBY” hours and that effected him and stressed him, its non human to work 70 hours a week. and if you have to do so for short time you should be compensated for your time.

    Human resources management is a field of study that professionals go to college and get training to understand the process. Those days of working long hours without pay are gone, kudos and salute to the union members who struggles for years to bring equal and fair pay to this country. Kudos for them for establishing the “middle class” and continue to struggle to safe guard fair and equal pay for American.

    The clerk was elected with “land slide” and opposition, he get the second highest votes in last election second to the city treasurer, he was elected to do the clerk job, not the clerk missing staff. He suppose to do the clerk tasks under the charter. His tasks must be within the service hours of his office including the election hours and should either get paid of take time off for the extra hours he works outside his office scheduled service hours.

    The clerk deserve to be compensated for his long and hard working hours to provide the public services his office is required to deliver, and his office should be staffed as needed to serve the public according to city charter and state/ federal mandates. KUDOS to this clerk for stepping up to the plate and uphold his public oath to serve. KUDOS for him for working those “ZAMBY” hours and not asking for pay. “But he should be paid or take time off equal or even 11/2 the number of hours worked outside the normal city hall working hours”

    Dear bitsy08, May be you should visit the city human resource department and talk to them about this issue and report back on this block. Learning is an honor. Please be cool and seek the facts form were the facts are “City Human Resources Office”

    Dear bitsy08, seek the truth.

    Good bless all truth seekers.


  5. abc

    I understand your concerns with city officials if only a very few by that I mean up to six people are showing up to these meetings. The council and the administration can get away with treating its residents like this. If 30 or 40 people are in attendance then they would think twice about acting like that. Fresh faces are needed at the council meetings the more people who attend read the agenda packet before the meeting understand what the council is voting on. Call or Email council members letting them know how they feel about what they are spending money on the better. I agree it’s intimidating a shame to have to use that word hand in hand with a council meeting, but it is to go there. It’s even more so if you want to call out anyone in this administration for not doing their job. Heaven Help anyone who want’s to call out the council when that’s done they just sit there and look at you like you’ve grown a second head. The council and the administration for years have been operating this city without having to answer to anyone.
    This isn’t just on them it’s on all of us who for years have given them the green light by our silence to do what ever they want. For years I’ve heard from council members saying no one shows up to the council meetings no one watches them on TV. When they do show up if they are not sitting there in silence then they are insulted yelled at and so forth. When these things have happened to residents what’s done about it? Nothing. So abc I get it. The more people that read this blog get read the agenda packets and email, call, or show up to a council meeting the better. I hope things will change, but just don’t see how they ever will until the residents take back their city.. The only way that can happen is by voting. I’m not holding my breath.


  6. Lord – please save us from people who really don’t know what they’re talking about. ONE MORE TIME. The clerk is a SALARIED employee and as such GETS PAID A CERTAIN AMOUNT WHETHER HE WORKS 20 HOURS, 40 HOURS, OR 80 HOURS. The same holds true for ALL THE SALARIED EMPLOYEES OF THE CITY. And as to you not attending the meetings, the more people who attend the council meetings will make a DEFINITE, POSITIVE IMPACT on the council and the administration. When a group shows up (as with the pond and the absentee ballot fiasco) they PAY ATTENTION. When just the 5 of us show up, they tend to think of us as just a pain in the neck. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE but it means you (and everyone) has to step outside your comfort level. It’s all well and good for you to come on this blog and voice your opinion but IT DOESN’T AFFECT ANY CHANGE. Only by SHOWING UP AND SHOWING THEM you mean business and that you’re paying attention will things change.


  7. Dear drheights48127, You keep asking me and others to attend council meetings and voice our concerns with city officials, A senior was attacked by city official, a respected residents was trashed by another, a political dignitary was threaten to be sued and banned from attending council meetings, and others who asked to shut -up, and others who been called names when asked questions. Some of us can’t take that and prefer to voice their concerns on social media venues. Thank you for facilitating this blog, its really nice of you and kudos to your efforts to better DH.

    I’m very grateful for the brave residents who are willing and encouraged to attend those meetings and endure the negative environment, God bless them and all the hope that their voices will help to encourage DH public officials to pay attention to residents concerns.

    I’m not holding you responsible for the contract, I was wondering about the clerk working long hours without pay. I found the contract on city website and read it (No comments). The council extended the terms to all non union employees that should include the clerk. He suppose to work 32 hours and get paid 36 hours, you can review the terms and report back here, this overworked clerk should get paid for the actual hours he put over 36 hours according to the contract and city council resolution extending the terms to all non unions employees.

    I hope the clerk will submit a request for payment to council approval for all his extra working hours. I hope somebody some day can clarify this subject and spell out who get paid what and worked how many hours.

    Again, this blog is a good media avenue to inform and engage DH residents in public matters issues.


  8. Dear Incognito, The contract said: work 32 hours and paid 36 hours, Don’t know why and how and why the council din’t ask about the 4 hours before approving this contract and obligating taxpayers. Few council members are in business and should know basic business 101, the contract dos not say what the 4 hours for!

    Is there any resolution about Fridays pay? And who should work or not? Who should set home and get paid? Who should work and get paid overtime?

    If the contract was extended to all non unions employees, Why there are not following the language of the contract?


  9. One more time……. union employees are paid for 32 hours a week and have Friday’s off. Non-union employees, such as elected officials, department heads and deputies get paid a salary. They took a 10% paycut along with the union employees. The only non-union people that work on Friday’s in city hall are, Human Resource director, Comptroller, Deputy Comptroller, Treasurer and the Deputy Treasurer. The mayor, clerk and all other department heads DO NOT work on Friday’s. It’s still unclear if they’re supposed to. But, some do. The AFSCME letter of understanding was extended to non-union as well. The people that do work on Friday’s do not get paid for those hours. I hope that clears it up.


  10. I think the general consensus is, ABC, that we are done trying to explain it to you. Do as Kathy says and call the city. Find out the facts for yourself.


  11. Hey if you got an issue with the way the city negotiated the contracts and who’s getting what take it up with the person who did the negotiating in the first place. Go to the meetings then you can listen to what they do with your tax dollar I’m not spending it I never said it was a good practice, I’ve been writing for four years in what this city is doing go to the older post and read. You need any more information call the mayors office and ask for Krissy she negotiated these contracts or call council members. See if you can get a straight answer from any of them. Thank you for coming.

    Sorry for the spelling I posted from my phone in a hurry..


  12. Dear drheights48127, So if what you are saying is true, there are city municipal employees paid for non working hours, the union employees are paid 1 non working hours for what? And the others who not working Fridays are paid wile working another job or setting home by taxpayers, Why? is that OK with you. Please name me another city in the entire US doing that????

    Fridays are closed for services, everybody go home and not paid. If work is not done and become emergency call the employee and paid for the hours worked. “COMMON HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICE”

    Just get real and tell the facts as they are. Paying for non worked hours by tax money is not a sound practice.

    Please understand that municipal employees are under paid and deserve every dollar the make working on the job, not paid for non working hours by taxpayers. The union should aggressively bargain in good faith for higher rate of pay as much as possible and they deserve living wages and good earning.

    Can you please find out from the contract you said you read, what the 1 hour is paid for? You said it was paid so they can agree for the 10%? What is that mean?


  13. There was a letter of understanding negotiated by opening up the contract to get the union to agree to close on Fridays they were given an hour to do this that is now part of their contract. The contract between the union and the city is now closed and will stay that way until 2016 the union doesn’t have to open the contract before that if they do not want to…


  14. abc

    Department heads and elected officials are at will employees they are not paid by the hour they are not union employees. They do not have a 9 to 5 job they can work 24 7 and not get paid for it… Perfect example of this is the former assessor she was an at will employee head of that department. She’s hired by the Mayor with approval from the council. She took the 10% pay cut like everyone else had one full time employee in that department and was working outrageous hours. I mean Fridays, and Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays she asked for her 10% back because of all the hours she was putting in. She was told no so she found a new job… They are paid a bass salary with benefits and no overtime if they want to work 80 hour work weeks that’s up to them they will not get paid one dime extra for doing that… The Mayor, Clerk and Treasure are not union employees they are elected. At will employees or non union are department heads the Mayors assistant, deputy department heads and some others. When the city was closed for Fridays, the Mayor said that all department heads were suppose to come into work on Fridays because they aren’t paid by the hour. The treasure comes in on Fridays and so does the Clerk I’ve not heard one Friday of the Mayor being at City Hall nor his assistant.


  15. Dear bitsy08, this discussion started in respond to the clerk statement working almost 70 hours per week and not getting paid, when others are paid overtime for working on Fridays.
    Are you saying the city employees getting paid 8 hours for not working on Fridays? That for sure making the clerk made when he suppose to be off like others and getting paid wile sitting home or working another job or working overtime. He putting 70 hours and paid for 40 wile others working 32 hours and getting paid for 40. Is that fair for him in your opinion? Is that fair for taxpayers paying 8 hours for closed city services on Fridays?
    WOW! That for sure will attract few thousand applicants for any job opening in this city specially if FOX news advertise the opining on the JOB SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if what you say is true about working 32 hours and paid for 40 hours!


  16. Yeah, ABC. Present the results to the council. And what happens then? It goes into the black void and nothing will get done. Now let me try to explain the working/salary situation to you. Everyone in the city no longer works on Friday. Because of that, they all took a 10% reduction in pay. SALARIED employees also took a 10% reduction. Salaried employees are paid a certain amount when they’re hired. They are paid a salary and usually that doesn’t include overtime. They can work 50 hours and still get the same salary that they’re paid for 40. An ADDITIONAL savings was supposed to be that because the city is closed on Friday for all NON-EMERGENCY personnel, there was the thought that because the building(s) would be closed, no electric, heating, A/C, etc. would be used bringing about the ADDITIONAL savings. That was supposed to be for the Justice Center, too. Now, with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department leasing space in the Justice Center, they are working on Friday which negates any savings in buildings costs for the Justice Center. I tend to think there are people working in City Hall, too, on Friday but that’s just my guess. If that is so, then that negates any building savings for City Hall. I would really like to know how much is ACTUALLY being saved by “closing” the city on Fridays. The “No Work on Friday” policy and the 10% cuts I believe last until the union contract opens again in 2016. So I THINK we’re stuck with how it is until that time. Perhaps Kathy knows for sure and will weigh in.


  17. Dear bitsy08, According to your PAC mission statement, you can work with other community organizations and conduct town hall meetings about city services on Fridays and present the results to the council.


  18. Dear drheights48127, I’m talking about the working hours and the pay, what contract you are talking about? The city closed on Fridays and employees shouldn’t be working unless its emergency. No work no pay. If 4 days and 32 working hours are insufficient to do the job, then open 5 days and 40 paid hours. Do you know if employees are paid 32 hours per week for 4 days work?


  19. Perhaps our PAC can set up some Town Hall Meetings? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? We set them up and run them and the city “deigns” to attend.


  20. Dear bitsy08, the city non emergencies services closed on Fridays since September 2011, that will be about 150 days of 8 non working hours = approx 1200 hours per non emergency employee (NEE), multiply that by the number of NEE you should have a huge savings of taxes. May be in the millions? The city council prohibited working on Fridays unless for emergencies with the mayor approval. I don’t know if the city conducted any saving evaluation for closing on Fridays? Closing on Fridays should amount to minimum 20% payroll saving across the board (without counting the fringe benefits, they must be paid). Very very very easy mathematical calculation: 8 hours/40 hours= .20 = 20% savings. The saving should be huge, in the millions and the city government should be proud of that huge saving. The saving report should be released and will make the taxpayers very happy. That what the city council promised the voters to do when they asked for the HO in 2011.

    Were is the SAVING REPORT FOR CLOSING FRIDAYS? how many hours we saved? How many overtime hours we paid? What is the effect on the level of city services? What is the public opinion say about the closing? What is the effect on the moral and work load of city employees? Any town hall meetings to discuss Fridays closing? So far none, why not? Don’t you thing its a good idea to have at least 4 town hall meetings (southwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast)?
    How about a blind survey to city employees to evaluate the Fridays closing?
    Why not reopen on Fridays after 3 years of closing since the general fund is 3 millions in the black?


  21. robert, Name calling will not unseat elected officials, it aggravate some of them, elected officials are subject to public scrutiny and they should respond and clarify the public concerns. The ballots issue was cleared by the court, how about the ADC claim? Is there any investigation going to clarify that?


  22. Dear Voter in the know, thank you for your information, but let be clear about the situation without been mad. No body trying to play dump, the fact is the city non emergency services are closed on Fridays. Are you saying salaried city employees have Fridays off but paid for? That is 8 hours pays without having to work? That is = 20% (8 hours out of 40 hours per week), Are you saying they get paid for 40 hours per week regardless of wither working or not on Fridays ? Just for the record, municipal employees are not teachers, their salaries are based on 5 days per week and 40 working hours per week, teachers contracts are based on different formulas and calculations.
    Sorry for the misspelling, this days we rely on automatic spelling corrections. Happy for your ability to understand and trying to clarify this issue to the best of your knowledge.
    10% salaries cut is totally different form the number of working hours, the cut is a % of the pay rate regardless of wither they get paid every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, per month, per quarter, every 6 month or yearly. Just wondering why the clerk and may be other employees have to work 7 days but the city open only 4 days?


  23. Yeah, except “Voter in the Know,” the offices may be closed (Justice Center) to us the residents but there are people working on Fridays and perhaps on Saturdays, too. The Justice Center rents space out to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Dept. so they are there with the lights on, the AC working, etc. even though DH is not. There’s a savings? Boy, I’d sure like to know what it is. My question is this: quite a few of the city employees have complained that with the 4 day work week they are having to work extra just to keep up. I would presume they are going to the office and working. IF THEY ARE – where’s the savings there? Does anyone know if the city employees are working on Friday even though the city is closed to the residents? I would be the mayor’s office is closed.


  24. abc – I don’t know if you are playing dumb or trying to disguise yourself. Your grammar and spelling are awful. Do you know what a salaried employee is? Take a teacher for instance. They get paid year round if they choose. Yet they don’t work throughout the summer. The City salaried workers get a set amount of pay and that is what their pay check shows every two weeks. All City employees took a 10% pay cut including the salaried employees. The savings is in the 10% cut, offices closed on Fridays and a limited amount of overtime as I am told.


  25. Dear Voter in the know, are you saying all city salaried employees get paid for Fridays wither they worked or not, and if that is the case why the city closed on Fridays, daaaa? were is the savings?


  26. When people don’t follow the rules they want them changed for their benefit. Throw in race and religion as an attention grabber. Well what happened with the votes?…..All properly filed AV’s were counted….the questionable ones were processed by the current system in place. Nobody jumped on camera and said ‘i didnt get my ballot’….Failed attempt at improperly changing the system…

    The process worked in spite of the smoke created ‘aggrieved’ party.

    Oh…..there is a system to get rid of public officials other than name calling…. Democratic systems work…use them……


  27. abc – daaaa the clerk is a salaried employee. No matter how many hours he works he gets the same pay. That means he does not get paid overtime.


  28. Any information about how many hours per week the clerk get paid? The city closed on Fridays to save taxpayers money and reduce the deficit? And employees suppose to work 32 hours to achieve the savings?


  29. So what the clerk did? Any investigation what so ever? Typical DH political drama drumming without actions by elected officials. It WAS UNUSUAL FOR DH VOTERS TO GET INVOLVED! I hope this drama encourage more involvements and generate more candidates to run for local seats!


  30. I am very anxious to get DH results. Although I was disappointed because we did get results Tues night, democracy is worth waiting for. There are probably an equal number of AV ballots to people who went to the polls. It will be interesting to see what the final count is.


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