“A Pig I’am”.

“A pig I’am” is at it again talking trash about  Dearborn  Heights Residents of Arab decent.  

“A Pig I’am” was just at a Mosque less than a week ago allegedly begging for campaign    money  from those very same residents of Arab decent, running around telling everyone that would listen  “give me some of that Arab money.”  Remember what you are saying about those same Arab Americans behind their backs next time you go asking for their  money.

To the residents of  Dearborn  Heights,  a question for you to answer is what in the world were you thinking of when you elected  this person to the City Council? This is the same man who told me while I was standing and working at a polling location  how stupid I was for doing so… that it was a waste of time to pass out literature to people !”  He went on to say he would never waste his time doing passing out literature. “A Pig I’am still can’t follow the agenda, still interrupts people while they are talking with-out being recognized by the council chair. Yes this is what the people wanted to sit at the council table. 


7 thoughts on ““A Pig I’am”.”

  1. All what you have to do in DH to be elected to local seat is to have a good name for the absentees voters, or familiar name that voters can remember. The population is changing and soon the names of the candidates will reflects that changes. Dearborn is a good example. Voters usually cast their votes to candidates with similar names and heritage. I expect that DH will have new faces in local seats after next election.


  2. You know, anxious, I wasn’t going to answer you because I felt like I already had, but I’ve changed my mind. You are right about one thing. I AM angry and so are a lot of others. We’re angry that this mayor and this council has done nothing to move this city forward. We wanted to have an e-newsletter. Mr. Kosinski and Mr. Apigian are so far behind the times that they don’t see the need. I look at Dearborn and get their e-newsletter delivered to me and see all the things Dearborn offers its residents. What does DH offer? Not much of anything. We have cars in the city that the employees use and WE, as residents, pay for the gas in those cars. Do we know where they’re going with the cars? No. Why not? Because the mayor won’t make them accountable. I know because I’ve been asking for accountability for 8 months now. He ignores my requests just like he ignores so much of what the residents ask for. Residents are being verbally attacked outside the council chamber after standing up and naming names during the council meeting. Was anything done to the two city employees who attacked them – were any sanctions made against them – was anything put in their personnel jackets? No. Why not? Because one of them is protected by the mayor no matter what she does and the other was “talked to.” We can’t afford an e-newsletter even though a lot of that would be free to the city but we can spend money on a(nother) study that has to do with a pond that we don’t even own. We have a City Clerk who was sanctioned for his treatment of his female employees while someone else in the administration skates for a similar infraction. This same City Clerk turned people away when they asked for an absentee ballot application. This same City Clerk when asked if he was the “new clerk” said no to the resident. When asked again, he admitted to the resident that he “shouldn’t have said that.” Ya think? We have council people who don’t know the basic rules of Roberts Rules of Order so therefore don’t know how a council meeting should be run – what is acceptable and what is not to speak of or about. We have another councilman who tells us how busy he is in his personal life so therefore doesn’t have time to read and study the agenda. This is a job he ASKED for. And as for your suggestion of running for council, I am not interested. But you don’t have to be on the council to get something done. But it does help if a council is responsive to its residents. And while some of you want to “talk” about doing something, some of us are actually doing it. I may not know you but you don’t know me either.


  3. You don’t know me ————Who I vote for and when I attend council meetings It is not any of your business but maybe you should run for council seeing that you have so much knowledge of everything in this city .Lets get together and do positive things to bring city to what it used to be a wonderful place and great city.Lets go forward together.There are a few that agree with me and this is what we are going to do.You want to have anger inside of you that’s fine. Again run for council you may be able to make a difference that’s why we have a council that we have they thought they could make a difference but cant please everyone.


  4. OK, Anxious. I won’t judge you – don’t presume to judge me. I call it like it is. If that offends you so be it. As for insulting them, you haven’t heard the half of it.


  5. bitsy how do you know what I do??????????????? My husband and I have sat right by you but we are so sorry we do work some crazy hours and we choose to work to pay our bills.So my husband comes home and turns it on tv. Why are you attacking me?????????????? How do you anything about me. now you are insulting me I am an intelligent person I have been involved in politics for 48 years just don’t choose to accuse anyone or insult any one I have my way you have yours.Just remember what you put out in life comes back to you.You don’t know who I vote for .


  6. Bitsy08

    I’ve been asking myself for so long why did the residents vote for him? I just don’t understand it. What in the world do they see there? When I heard the dismissive answer he gave a resident before the last study session I was enraged. He didn’t give one person standing there 5 seconds of his time. You’re an elected official who represents all residents of Dearborn Heights his behavior is disgusting to say the least, but they keep electing him.
    Sorry Anxious I can’t guarantee that I won’t name call, but I will try hard not to, but some names just fit. When he ran against me for City Council he called me much worse.


  7. Geez, Kathy. I thought you said no name calling. I know. Just couldn’t help yourself, huh? And Anxious, if you came to the meetings you might have the same opinion. Everything I say here is the truth. If I find out that what I said wasn’t the truth or ALL of the truth, I correct myself. I stand by my statements about Walt – name calling and all. And as for Apigian – well, if anyone can read the above and not come to the same conclusion I have of this person, then you’re livin’ in la la land.


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