I Wish Every Council Meeting Looked Like The Study Session Looked…

For years I’ve asked people to come to council meetings and study session for Dearborn Heights. Well tonight 7-29-2014 my wish came true. The council chamber was packed with residents of Dearborn Heights demanding that the Council to accept the Clerks resignation. The council is poised to decide to accept instead the Clerks rescind of that resignation. Yes that’s right folks the council all, but said after getting an opinion from the attorney for the City they will keep him. Sorry to say, but all the legal opinions in the world even if they’re from the Supreme Court of the United States aren’t going to do a bit of good.



To all you good folks in the council chamber on 7-29-2014 this is Dearborn Heights and what you don’t understand about Dearborn Heights is they, they being the administration and the council do as they like. Resignation is like death you can’t come back from it’ oh wait a minute you can like Lazarus. No Mr. Miotke  it’s not like death not when you are in Dearborn Heights.

my is my voice

According to the State an elected official can rescind their resignation as long as it’s done before the date stated in their resignation. In this case that date is 8-28-2014. No he’s not leaving and yes the council is going to get their way or should I say certain members of the council. Be sure that nothing is ever going to change in this City not when you have Councilwoman Horvath who took a lot of heat at the 7-29-2014 study session most of all for being in the clerk’s office. She was right back there today. Yep not one word of what the residents of Dearborn Heights had to say last at the study session about her being in that office had one ounce of effect on her.

Paletko says that hundreds of applications were held even though only a few of them appeared to be improperly filled out.


Folks if any of you had been going to the council meetings over these  many years would have known what was up.. Unfortunately, very few are ever there. A handful of people who go to council meetings the same people maybe 5 or 6 I know because I use to be one of them. Even fewer go to study sessions I know because sometimes I was the only one there. While what was being discussed at the 7-29-2014 study session was and is of the utmost importance so is every other council meeting and study session in this City. Do you have any idea how many millions of dollars of your tax money is spent and on what? Do you know how much this Mayor and some on the council have gotten away with?  When councilwoman Horvath stated “the city is broken” that is was an understatement.  The city is a cesspool and the council for years has stood by and watched it get worse and worse doing nothing to clean it up.

A woman standing outside before the meeting started  shouted what do we want? “We want a new council, a new Mayor, and a new Clerk.” Now only a few people glanced in our direction, but she is on the right track and that is the truth. She knows who she is because she comes here to the blog. She said those things because she knows this is so much bigger than just the clerk and this issue.   She knows because she’s one of the 5 or 6 that go to the council meetings, but no one is paying attention.

I say this to you’ prove everyone on that council wrong the first thing you can do is GET UP, GET OUT, AND VOTE. Get every member of your family to the damn poll on August 5 2014 get your neighbors, your aunts, uncles, friends and vote. This is the only way that they are going to take your serious numbers don’t lie and if you want them to see that you indeed are worried about your right to vote. Then you better sure the hell exercise that right at the polls come election day. The Clerk isn’t leaving he is going to be in the Clerks office election day that doesn’t say he has to be there without oversight. If you want call the secretary of state and voice your concern let them know you want a third-party at the Clerks office on election day to oversee the election.

Below is a copy of the list of reasons the Clerk gave for resigning.




IMG_20140730_0001 (2)




2 thoughts on “I Wish Every Council Meeting Looked Like The Study Session Looked…”

  1. Kathy is right. It seems the ONLY time people show up at a council meeting is when they have a problem and IT AFFECTS THEM. And Anxious? Since most residents don’t attend the council meetings or the study sessions, THEY HAVE NO IDEA what is going on in this city; hence, we’ll get the same know nothing, do nothing council. And the same can be said for those who attended the study session. You think we’ll see any of them in the council meetings after this? NOT A CHANCE. As to the last study session, I got up and walked out. As far as I’m concerned, they were out of control. A woman in the back row kept standing up and yelling. Of course Mr. Baron didn’t tell them about the rules governing a study session. And as for Marge Horvath, I would BET that she and Lisa Hicks-Clayton were the ONLY TWO council members who had even bothered to research the subject of absentee ballots. Of COURSE we need ot make sure that everyone’s rights are protected. But we also need to make sure our laws are followed, too. As to the absentee ballots, it seems there was fault to be blamed on both sides. But EVERYONE in the Clerk’s office should know the laws so if there are any problems with ballots those problems are addressed before that person leaves the office. Now I was told that when Walt got back to the office, he saw the problems with the ballots and called the State of Michigan (I think that’s who he called). They in turn told him to hold those ballots until they called Walt back. When they called Walt back, he was told to put those ballots through; they had accepted them with no signature, therefore they needed to put them through. This whole thing is one MAJOR screw-up. And as to the mayor and his “little” speech, he’d do anything to get rid of Walt. And just to be clear, I’m not siding with the mayor but I DO believe that in order to rid this office and this city of any sense of impropriety, they need to get rid of everyone in that office. And see, Anxious – this just goes to prove my point. If the residents of this city had voted for Janet when she ran for City Clerk, YOU CAN BET none of this would have happened.

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  2. We did vote for this council so what is the problem ????? We will have another election and then we vote again for whom we chose.


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