Election Monitor For Dearborn Heights…

Dearborn Heights will have a state elections monitor for next month’s election after claims of voter suppression and discrimination against Arab-Americans who requested absentee ballots, while the city clerk is alerting authorities to possible voter fraud involving the absentee ballots.

Dearborn Heights Mayor Daniel Paletko said Wednesday he requested that the secretary of state monitor Tuesday’s election.

“It should give comfort to the voters that we have some independent review,” he said.

A state staffer is expected in Dearborn Heights “to assist the City Clerk’s Office in case any questions or issues arise to ensure an orderly election,” spokesman Fred Woodhams said. “The staff person also may travel to other area communities if they are needed there.”

Meanwhile, City Clerk Walter Prusiewicz, who has faced accusations of preventing Arab-American voters from submitting absentee ballots, reported to the state attorney general and the Wayne County prosecutor this week what he described as “a potential case of voter fraud and campaign irregularities.”

From The Detroit News:


23 thoughts on “Election Monitor For Dearborn Heights…”

  1. I was talking about the comments that have been made about Walt being an A Hole and everything that is being said about him . If people don’t like him ok but lets not get so rude and nasty about a person lets put our energy into something positive.


  2. I was told by four council members after that Tuesday council session that Walt was asked by the American-Arab individual “Are you the “new” clerk”? To which Walt replied “no”. These council members feel the word “new” puts a different spin on the question, others I have told this to say it doesn’t make a difference and Walt was still out of order. Personally, if Walt was asked if he were the new clerk, the appropriate reply would be to say something like “Well, I am the clerk but don’t know how new I am as I have held this position for a couple of years now”. Just replying “no” to either way the question was asked was not appropriate.

    I completely agree that we need to let Walt’s resignation stand and start a new page with a new clerk. I only wish that some elected and appointed workers in this city could be put under the same microscope Walt was so the process of cleaning out city hall could start. My mom, a farm girl used to say “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.


  3. Horrible thing to say about someone we should be kind to people and treat them as we would want to be treated. So now he is going to harassed ,bullied and spoken down and his life will be miserable by people who think like all of you do.How sad.We are not going to like everyone that is elected but acting in this way towards then is shamefull.


  4. You are correct about working more hrs., but I do not listen to anything anybody talking about what a certain person said and did that is hear say and can be very damaging to some ones reputation. I don’t believe anything I hear and don’t judge anyone. That goes for all I have heard about a bunch of people who are involved with the city .People can be so hurtful and one day it will bite them. Sooner or later the truth will come out but not by gossip. That is cruel.People have comited suicide because of gossip.Now all this is over lets go forward and work together without he did she did .


  5. I just got an e-mail from Marge Horvath and she corrected what I’d written. She told me this is what she was told actually happened when Walt was asked if he was the City Clerk: “The guy asked if Walt was the new Clerk. Tongue in cheek Walt said “no”. But he never clarified the question. When the guy came back and asked Walt about it Walt said “well you asked me if I was the New Clerk and I am not.” Probably not a good thing to do but he wasn’t trying to deceive anyone.” This from Marge. And as I said to her – Ya think it wasn’t a good thing for him to say? My mind is flummoxed over Walt’s behavior. I also said to her – an A–hole is an A–hole! And I reiterate – HE NEEDS TO GO. So people – the ONLY way we’ll get rid of him now is through the next election. The council has done all they could. Now it’s up to us.


  6. Wow, abc, you seem to be a little unaware of what it takes for a Manager or any head of a department to do their job and make sure the jobs of others are done. It’s not uncommon for anyone holding an administrative position to put in more than 40 hours – or in this case 32 and not be paid for that overtime. Usually, administrative positions are never paid for overtime since their initial salary should take that into account. One of the things Walt did (and I have this on the word of a lawyer who was actually there) was when an Arab American approached the City Clerk’s office, he asked Walt – are you the City Clerk – and Walt replied NO. As this person was leaving the city offices, he ran into this same lawyer – and told him what had happened. They went back inside and the lawyer asked Walt – did you say that to this person – and Walt replied that he had but he shouldn’t have. Did I make that clear? Walt told someone he wasn’t the City Clerk. Why on God’s good earth would he do that? This is just SOME of the behavior that’s come out of the Clerk’s office. I also found out what Walt did to get sanctioned. His behavior was SO DISGUSTING that he should have been removed but the council couldn’t remove him because he’s an ELECTED official. Only the Governor can remove him. Of course, his behavior was no less disgusting than our esteemed mayor’s but he’s another elected official. And our mayor wasn’t even sanctioned – but I digress. In my estimation, there are WAY TOO MANY questionable things happening in this city and this department to be overlooked. It’s time for ALL OF THEM to go, but let’s start with Walt. The mayor would have you think that it’s because of this that he wants Walt gone but we who pay attention to the goings on of this city know he’s never liked Walt and would use any excuse to see him gone. I bet ole Danny boy is steaming right now because the council voted to keep Walt. Let’s just hope these investigations end up with the removal of both Danny boy and Walt.


  7. Dear anxious, you are saying the clerk work over 60 hours per week? According to the council resolution in 2011 that extended the union contract terms to all non union employees, the clerk office should be working 4 days per week 8 hours per day, 8 am to 5 pm with 1 unpaid lunch hour. Therefore the clerk and others who work those long hours are only paid for 32 hours per week or only 64 hours per 2 weeks pay period? May be you know and able to explain the working hours and the by-weekly payments according to council resolutions.
    This clerk should be a hero if he only get paid for 32 hours per week or 64 hours per 2 week pay period! given that he is putting in over 120 hours every 2 weeks!
    Its about time to know what is broken according to councilwoman Horvath!


  8. answer to abc———No he does not get payed over time and he is not the only one that puts over 100% into their job without getting over time pay.That is the only way the job can be done properly as 4 days is not enough time and if it is not done then there will be a lot more to say about certain ones.Of cource I am sure that there is someone out there that will go to find out .4 days is not enough to do the job they are expected to do. I applaud each one for doing this. I was told also that there is 2 sides of a story which I am very aware of this but I cant wait to here the 2nd side of this story. I doe agree with most of your comments


  9. Its hard to believe that the clerk will deny a voter the right to vote absentee at the clerk office based on been American-Arab or without a technical reason such as missing documentation or other regulation issues. To how many the clerk deny the vote? given that one incident is “too-many”, did the mayor and council order internal investigation before taking a public position? why the clerk working that many hours? He suppose to work 4 days, 8 hours a day and taking 1 hour lunch? is he getting paid overtime?


  10. Persecuted is not what is happening here and there are two sides to every story an investigation is now on the way into this issue. I would like everyone to understand this isn’t just about the applications for absentee voting there is still the issue of voters being denied the right to vote at the clerks office.. The Law clearly states that you can vote on the spot absentee if you fill out the application give it to them they assign you a ballot and your vote right there. Turn it in and done.. The clerk told one gentleman he would send him the ballot after the gentleman told him I want to vote here right now. Three times he was told it will be sent to you.. This is a clear violation of election laws…
    Making sure the law is followed I don’t think that’s persecution this is looking into it by the right people that should be looking into it.. For the record the Clerk submitted his resignation mainly because of what is happening on a daily bases in City Hall for the way people are treating him and so on.. Let’s not forget the one of the other reasons for his resignation was the FBI showing up to his house asking him questions about things happening in the City Government… Has everyone forgot about that what things are going on that the FBI feels it has to question the Clerk? Who on the council has had FBI at their homes?


  11. Everyone needs to read the Detroit free press and our local paper press an guide and then all this will be seen in a different way———- that the clerk was doing his job. Voting is a very important time in this country and we do things in a proper way and according to the law. I feel the clerk should not be persecuted for doing his job and I am not the only one that feels this way in this city.


  12. abc………..The best way to answer the question “what is broken in our city” is to attend the regular council meetings and study sessions and be sure to stick around for the public comment after all the council business is done. You will be amazed at what the citizens who have attended these council meetings for years have to say. The comments and questions after regular council business is only the tip of the iceberg. Whether due to confidentiality or plan old secrecy the council knows much more and for Tom Berry to say what he did at the last council study session was just plain ludicrous. However, he as other politicians of his ilk, say things they think people want to hear instead of what people NEED to hear.


  13. After this huge drama, the city clerk is staying in office. What is next? What was the issue? Ms. Horvath may have an answer to what is broken!


  14. Grandma Suzanne, I could not agree more with your post. I understand fighting for the right to vote and IF the clerk did deny ballots based on the race of some people then that is wrong and needs to be looked into. However what I saw at the meeting seemed like nothing more than a shouting match. The actions of some people there was disgusting. Just because someone is talking that you do not agree with you do not shout them down, I have zero respect for people like that. I have a feeling this investigation may reveal a lot more than some people want it to.


  15. Glad to hear that an independent monitor will be watching our elections. Every citizen has the right to vote and have their vote counted. I was appalled to hear that in this day and age something like this could be happening in my city.

    This matter is now in the hands of Wayne County Prosecutor, Kim Worthy, the state of Michigan and the Department of Justice. We can be assured that this will be looked into very deeply, as it should be.

    However, there is another right that we Americans have and that is the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. You can’t embrace one right and throw the rights you don’t like out the window as some seemed to embrace at last Tuesday’s meeting.

    Regarding Councilwoman Marge Horvath. As everyone who comes to this blog knows, Marge and I have crossed swords many times and seldom see eye to eye. However, Marge Horvath has devoted her life to this city for decades and continues to do so. You always know where Marge stands (whether you agree with her or not). She and Lisa-Hicks Clayton are the only council members who take the time to contact me personally to answer my many questions and concerns that I have voiced to all council members.

    Marge did not deserve the oral whipping she was given last Tuesday. Its fine to disagree and state your disagreement; however, blatant disrespect as exhibited by some at that meeting was most inappropriate.


  16. Ms.M.Horvath is one of the most honest person I know. For many years I have known her,she has put her life into this city I feel she needs more respect from this city as a matter of fact I know she does.She has more knowledge than any other council person exept for Jo and I feel there is a few council persons that do not give her the respect as a lady and a council person. That is what I see when I see the meetings.We have a council person that becomes rude when certain people on the council speak and that council person knows who they are. Just remember Ms.Horvath cares about our city !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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