Resignations and the Handling of Them as Our Charter States…


Here’s what the charter says about Resignations and the handling of them…

Section 4.7. Resignations.


Resignation of elective officers shall be made in writing, filed with the Clerk and shall be acted upon by the Council at its next regular meeting, following receipt thereof by the Clerk. Resignations of appointive department heads, Boards and Commissions shall be made in writing to the appointing officer and shall be acted upon immediately.

The Council acted upon the Clerks resignation clear enough the motioned and voted RECEIVE NOTE AND FILE. Any questions? sure shouldn’t  it’s clear as day, but this is Dearborn Heights the city that never ever follows the charter. Dearborn Heights the City that bends and breaks its own rules when it suites them.. Tonight let the back walking begin. This whole council is out-of-order for even having a study session about this matter. He submitted his resignation the council accepted it done. It’s says nothing of rescinding your resignation; it says nothing of study sessions. So just what is the Council up to?



2 thoughts on “Resignations and the Handling of Them as Our Charter States…”

  1. The clerk run and win the election with more vote then the mayor and every council who run during the election, he resigned effective later day and rescinded his resignation before that effective day. The charter provision don’t address the current situation, the council acted and received note and file, the council should act again regarding the new letter and receive note and file. What is the big deal with this issue? The city government should focus on looking in to ADC allegations and finding the facts, and also following up on what is “broken” in the city according to councilwomen Horvath.


  2. I’ve also read the Charter but it doesn’t say anything about rescinding the resignation. It seems to me that unless it says SPECIFICALLY that a resignation cannot be rescinded, it seems they can and did allow him to rescind it. Let’s see what happens after tonight’s Study Session. For those of you who are interested in attending, the council will be at the Justice Center tonight at 7:00 p.m. to look over the armored vehicle and Johnson Control information and then on to City Hall for the balance of the meeting at about 7:40 to talk about the Clerk’s resignation.


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