What In The World is Going On?

Dearborn Heights City Clerk Walter J. Prusiewicz resigned suddenly from his position just before a council meeting July 22 but has since decided to rescind his resignation and fulfill his term. Full Article Here

84kb cropped versionWhat the Hell happened to the Charter and everyone at the Council table that night saying it’s done it’s over… What happened to the Mayor saying it’s done? What about this Mr. Mayor,

What the Hell happened to the Charter and everyone at the Council table that night saying it’s done it’s over… What happened to the Mayor saying it’s done? What about this Mr. Mayor,

Paletko said his call for an independent party to take over the elections in Dearborn Heights is an attempt to keep Prusiewicz away from the process until his resignation is effective.

To my understanding the Attorney for the City looked into this and said it’s done. Didn’t Miotke compare resigning to death. You can’t go back!  When a resident asked what does the charter call for? He was told that he submitted his resignation with a date and it’s done he’s gone. Something like that anyway got said at the council meeting… Now we are just going to ignore the charter again and oh hum sorry guys my bad I want to stay. I’m sorry, but what in the Hell is going on in this City? You can’t just resign and say all of what you’ve said write all of what you wrote tell the residents I’ve had enough. Then decide that well that didn’t work out the way I thought it would. Meet all day with the Mayor and one Council member and take it all back. No hell with that.

We have a Mayor that has clearly stated that the Charter for once I thought anyway was going to be followed only to find out not so fast we’ve not followed it before and nobody said anything let’s do it again. The Mayor in no uncertain terms stated he doesn’t want this man to run the election there can’t be a bigger indictment then that. How you going to walk all of this back now Mr. Mayor? How about you Council members?  I know how about we do this,


They sure as hell aren’t doing anyone any good I’ve never seen such a Mickey Mouse operation. Every one of you on the Council and you Mr. Mayor should be ashamed of yourselves.  You, you Mr. (former) Clerk how dare you treat the residents, the Charter, this City and the position that so many in-trusted to you so callously? Maybe you’ve taken a page from the Council and Mayors playbook; you know the one how to keep showing the residents how irrelevant they are.

Just like that folks he rescinds his resignation and he’s back as the City Clerk. He who just said 48 hours ago said he didn’t want the job. I guess the rules only apply to those of us paying the bills in this City. The rest those elected and those that have a chair at the Mayors round table don’t have to follow any laws/rules.

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5 thoughts on “What In The World is Going On?”

  1. If that is true, why X person will not be allowed to vote according to the state regulations? What is the full story about this issue? City officials are in place to serve the public and facilitate municipal services. May be x person did not provide the required documentations? May be the officials did not clearly explain all the requirements? What is the full story?


  2. You are correct Walt did what he needed to do.So now he is condemned for it and if he had not done the proper thing he would be in trouble too.We are very strict in our country how voting is done and Walt made sure it is done the proper way. By the way we are all Americans no mater where we came from(country) and we all have to follow the laws.I came here in 1960 from another country and noy once did I feel discriminated against.


  3. The attorney for the City looked at the charter and very clearly stated this is done nothing can be done about it. The council acted voted received note and file. Furthermore, if you think anyone wants to come in the middle of an election cycle and it’s going to be so easy I think you are mistaken. There are those who will put in for the job, but it’s not going to be a cakewalk to say the least. No one in the City knew what the clerk was going to up and leave. There isn’t someone sitting on the council “hungry” and rubbing their hands together trying to find a way to get rid of him. I don’t think so. You would have to plan on having him resign and that isn’t how this happened no one on the council told him resign no one on the council has said one word to him about anything. They just approved putting the deputy clerk back in his budget.
    The bigger concern here is will the Council and the Mayor follow the Charter of this City?
    As far as the City being broken well it’s about time that someone on this council says something. Your damn right the city is broken and has been for a long time. What is the Council going to do about it. Things have been happening for years and nothings been done people have tried and nothing. If you see there is something wrong well maybe it’s time to start fixing it.


  4. dhdoctor, What was going on way before Mr. “Walt” the Honorable city clerk got elected? The clerk office was doing a good job and there was no public controversies about that office that was aired publicly so the public including me will know about. He aired his dissatisfaction publicly during one of council meetings with the city administration performance. Then later he was censured by the city council.
    And suddenly on July 22, 2014 he submitted his resignation publicly to city council without explanation? And suddenly and publicly Councilwoman Honorable Marge Horvath claiming something is “broken” and voted no on the resolution to “receive note and file” the clerk letter of resignation. Note: the council can accept or not accept, table or file, reject or refuse the clerk letter of resignation but that will not change the fact the clerk is an elected official and needs no permission or approval from no-body. His resignation is not effective as he stated until later date? So he may be able to submit another letter reversing his decision prior to the effective date? or if that not allowed by the charter, can be re-pointed by the council. And who is responsible for enforcing the city charter if indeed he can’t reverse his decision prior to the effective date? Who is hungry for that post? And want the resignation to be done deal?
    The real question is to Ms. Horvath, What is broken in the city? Not only the clerk office as you stated during the council meeting on July 22, 2014?


  5. WTF was THAT about, REALLY? The Arab rep said it was Walt’s minions, not Walt, who didn’t accept the information, and then Walt called the “higher power”, just as he should have. So, WTF, REALLY??? Broken? Way before Walt signed on!


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