Mayor Paletko Doesn’t Want Electon Handled by The Clerk’s Office…

In a phone interview with The Arab American News, Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko distanced himself from Prusiewicz, calling for the secretary of state or the Wayne County clerk to oversee the elections in the city. He also confirmed that some ballots were denied.

“The city clerk is elected separately,” Paletko said. “I had a chat with him. I do not fully understand why the absentee ballots were denied. The reasons he provided were more technical than practical.”

The mayor said he takes the allegations seriously. He added that challenging absentee ballot requests is concerning because it runs the risk of denying citizens’ right to vote.

“Voting is the primary right established in a democracy. There is a significant reasonable doubt being placed over the vote,” he said. “To assist the process, we have to remove that doubt by having a new party run the elections.”

He added that he fears the story will bring negative national attention to the area, which is already struggling with image and looking like a “third world country” because of the Detroit water crisis. Hence, he said, he wants the election to not be handled by the clerk’s office.  Read the Rest Here


4 thoughts on “Mayor Paletko Doesn’t Want Electon Handled by The Clerk’s Office…”

  1. In the AMN the mayor talked about a 3rd. party to run the election, who is the 3rd party will be? How about hiring the resigned clerk as a 3rd party acting as an independent election contractor? That will save the city the cost of fringe benefits similar to other departments directors? Again why Ms. Horvath stated the city is broken? And why none of the other officials commented on her statement? Specially when she challenged all of them as lairs if disagree with her?


  2. I understand there are two separate things going on here there are the applications for absentee ballots that are either dropped off at the clerks office or mailed in. A registered voter does have the right to go to the clerks office fill out the absentee application submit the application and receive the absentee ballot right there at the clerks office and vote.
    Applications dropped off at the clerks office had some issues according to the Clerk and he called the state and got instructions on what to do with them. The bigger issue is those Arab Americans who went to the counter one in particular who was told 3 times after they stated they wanted to vote right at the clerks office that the ballot would be mailed out to them… In short the clerk wasn’t allowing them to vote right there. Compile this with several hundered or so I’m told people not getting their ballot after sending in the application.
    After being confronted by a voter trying to vote the Clerk quits and now is trying to come back and he can’t. I find it very funny that the Mayor in an Arab newspaper goes at the clerk in that paper, but spends most of the day on 7-24-2014 meeting in his office with the clerk and a council member. Later that same day Press and Guide writes he’s rescinded his resignation all I see here is the Mayor saying one thing to the Arab Americans to look good in front of them, and doing something else to make sure the clerk stays. Council is meeting on Tuesday to discuss all of this. For what reason I don’t know, but they are and I guess we will all have to wait and see what is going to come of it. Is the council and the Mayor going to turn their backs on the residents again? Are they going to violate the charter again? We’ll see. The charter states that any elected official who resigns have to submit in writing to the clerk who then submit it to the city council who then act on it. The city council voted to receive and file. The attorney for the city stated that this is a death sentence he can not rescind it can not take it back it’s done. Several council members stated the same thing at that meeting on Tuesday.


  3. How the absentees ballet voting process work? And what is the role of the municipal clerks in that process? Is the clerks required by law to verify documentations?


  4. Wow, Dan. Negative NATIONAL attention? What about the negative LOCAL attention? How about during the last election when people were driven to the polls? Who did that? I think more than just the Clerk’s office needs to be investigated, Dan!


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