Old Orchard Pond What Should The City Do?

Streambank Stabilization

Project: River Oaks (Old Orchard) Storm Water Detention Basin Retrofit/Restoration (SN2-08)
Project #: SN2-08
Lead Agency: City of Dearborn Heights
Status: Active
Project Description:The Old Orchard Pond was restored to create a wetland natural habitat and improve water quality along the Rouge River. Sediment that has filled the pond was tested and removed, the outlet structure was reconstructed to the original design, and the pond banks were stabilized. This is a collaborative effort between local residents, the City of Dearborn Heights and Wayne County. This project is part of a bigger project that will include a new wetland that will receive the discharge from the Old Orchard Pond.
Project/Report Summary :Through the collaborative effort of the City of Dearborn Heights, Wayne County and the River Oaks Neighborhood Association, the project demonstrates the possibility of retrofitting existing detention ponds and basins for detention, creation of natural wetland areas, and treatment of storm water runoff.

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The Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project is funded, in part, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Grants #XP995743-01, -02, -03, -04, -05, -06, -07 and C-264000-01.

source: Watreshed Restoration Project 

Heres the proposal from Wade Trim copy and pasted from the internet. First thing to take note of is the Mayor requested Wade Trim do this so the City is already spending money on this just to have this report made up. The above information say’s that this was already done and if I’m reading the SN2-08 correct the project was done in 2002 with the City, residents, and Wayne county. How much did it cost the City? If not done in 2002 when was it done? It’s not working so why spend more money on it?

Page 1
June 13,2014 A,” 224 L?
City of Dearborn Heights
6045 Fenton Avenue
Dearborn Heights, Mi 48127
Attention: Honorable Daniel S. Patetko, Mayor
Re: City of Dearborn Heights
Oid Orchard Pond Restoration
Design Engineering Proposal
Dear Mayor:
At your request, we have prepared this proposal to assist your City in the restoration of the
Old Orchard Pond located in the River Oaks Subdivision. The Old Orchard Pond, originally
established in the 1930’s, has become stagnant, developing mosquitoes and causing bank
erosion of adjacent areas, due to the lack of a functioning storm water system. The pond is
presently degraded, with severe accumulation of sediment, causing taiiure of the pond
drainage system. The natural spring feeding the pond has also been biocked, causing
stagnation of flow, mosquito infestation, and shoreline erosion. Due to these conditions,
proper storm water detention and moderation of storm water levels within the pond also
cannot occur.
The goats of the proposed Project are the foilowing1
a Reverse ongoing degradation (sediment and debris accumulation, stagnant water,
mosquito infestation) within the Old Orchard Pond to control stormwater runoff and
improve water quality Witnin the Pond.
8 Create a Forebay area in the Pond to enhance future treatment for sediment
e Rehabiiitate the Pond outiet structure to estabiisb proper detention of storm water
@ Remove dead and fallen trees and stabilize the banks with vegetation in these
affected areas.
To accomplish the above obiectives, it is proposed to hydraulicaily dredge the pond to
remove accumutated sediments and the pond spillway structure wiil be reconfigured to
Wade trim Associates, Inc. 734.947.9700
25251 Nortniine Road 8004822864
RD. Box 20 734.947.9726 fax é4§
Taytor. M? 48180 wwwwadetrimcom \m’»)

Page 2
City of Dearborn Heights
June 13,2014
Page 2
regulate storm water outflow from the pond. Our office will prepare pians and specifications
and assist the City in obtaining the necessary permits from MDEQ and Wayne County to
meet the goats of this project. .
To proceed with the Project, we hereby request authorization from the City to prepare
design plans and specifications, acquire the necessary permits for construction, and
advertise for bids in the amount not to exceed $40,000. After bids are received, a
recommendation for award will be submitted to the City for your consideration. Upon
authorization to proceed, we can begin work immediately. If you have any questions
regarding this proposal, feel free to contact our office.
Very truiy yours,
We Trim Associates, inc.
Daniel R. Brooks, PE
Oid Orchard Pond Prop’osaidoo
cc: Mr. William Zimmer, Public Service Administrator
Source: Google Maps
 Marge Horvath, who stated that the pond is privately owned by the neighborhood association in River Oaks, not by the city.
Source: Down River Sunday Times
Pribak also recommended the removal of dead and fallen trees and stabilizing the banks with vegetation, rehabilitating the pond outlet structure to establish proper detention of storm water run-off, creating a forebay area in the pond to enhance future treatment for sediment removal and to reverse the ongoing degradation within the pond to control stormwater and improve water quality in the pond. Source: Down River Sunday Times.
SN2-08 did just that… According to what they posted read above why if it didn’t work would the City do that again? This is estimated to cost 250,000.00 that amount isn’t finial not until they can get the area professionally inspected.
If you want to read the article in the Down River Sunday Times click here. It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen in the months to follow I hope a solution is found for those who live in that area.

11 thoughts on “Old Orchard Pond What Should The City Do?”

  1. My one question is this: Even if the pond was foreclosed, SOMEONE still has to pay taxes. Who is paying the taxes? There’s your owner.


  2. I don’t believe the City pays for a proposal. The Council, as I heard it, approved the proposal upon the determination of Their Corporation Council as to who owns the pond. It has since been determined that the pond is owned by THE ASSOCIATION. More to come!


  3. That was a good idea during the time when properties owners used to care about the neighborhood and forming associations and partners to operate a recreation center with swimming pool and barn. This days you will have your own pool and you care about your fenced property and rely on the city to take care about the surroundings, I don’t know if the new owners read or know about the existence of the association and its rules?
    Owners this days are about property value and selling and moving to bigger homes and better neighborhood and schools. The pond is part of the entire center over there and was foreclosed on in 2011, My question is why the association not formed as “NON PROFIT” and exempt from paying property taxes? 400 homes x 100 association fee =$40,000.00 dollars, more than enough to maintain that center for the members, the members can limits the access to the facility and charge a fee for others to use, the city dos not have a public pool or recreation center in that area. The association can if they get it back, contract a private company to develop and run a recreation center over there for profit, that will increase there homes values and become very very desirable neighborhood. Leadership and future thinking to develop the city is needed to deal with this issue and any value enhancement to that are means additional revenues to the city general fund. That recreation center over there can be used for private parties and gathering, plus other daily families recreational services during the summer. Neighborhood association can be a great solution for a lot of neighborhood issues, the associations can speak collectively and comprehensively deal with them such as public health and safety, city services, blighted homes EXT. The best solution is to revive the association over there and help its leadership to take the lead to resolve the pond issue.


  4. This can’t be filled in its a natural spring looking at the photo that looks anything but natural yuck. There was a pool there at one time city filled it. The barn is still there all if this was suppose to be taken care of by the association. People stopped paying their 100 bucks a year and over time there wasn’t enough money to clean up anything. If indeed this us deeded to the residents of that area around 400 homes maybe it’s time for the association to hire a lawyer and collect the association dues. I talked with someone who was over there last year and said in some areas they walked in the Mosquitos swarmed they said it was awful


  5. Finally got a chance to take an actual look at the pond from a sidewalk on Riverside Drive (I think that was the name of the street we were on) from behind a cyclone fence and through a lot of overgrowth. The mosquitos were horrible and we had to flee for our car within a few minutes and the sun was still out; can’t imagine what dusk brings.

    There are maybe 20 houses that actually ring the pond and the only way to get to it is to either climb an 8 foot high cyclone fence and then bushwhack your way about 25 feet to the edge of the pond or go through someone’s backyard that rings the pond. Not a user friendly pond by any means. The only people that could enjoy it are those whose backyard’s actually ring it. I can see why the rest of the people living in the subdivision would bulk at paying to restore or maintain it. Even more of a reason for the rest of Dearborn Heights to not want to pay for something they cannot use or even look at.

    Someone mentioned before about filling it in but that might not be a good idea either. Not sure the DNR would approve it. When my brother was building his retirement home (a one bedroom house with a loft) up north, the DNR gave him all kinds of grief and when they were finished he could build on 10 ft. x 10 ft. piece of his property. It took time and lots of money to finally be able to build his house. This pond is going to be labeled as a wetland by the DNR; so it will probably take time and money just to get permission to fill it in and then the expense of filling it will come into play.

    The other problem is that this pond is probably fed by some underground spring (lots of land in Dearborn, Dearborn and SW Detroit were dotted with these springs, so much so that in the 1800’s this land was called Springwells Township). It was great for farming but if you cover it up there might be basement flooding in River Oaks because that water is going to have to go somewhere especially if there is a heavy rain. So in addition to going through the DNR, paying to have the pond filled, it might also need cement culverts placed in the pond to direct water flow to the outlet that goes to the Rouge River.

    As far as River Oaks labeling it as drainage problem, we in the south end have had a drainage problem with the Ecorse Creek going on over 50 years. I personally know of some people who have had their whole basements fill up with sewage, I mean right up to the ceiling of the basement because of flooding. What they had to schlep out of their basements was just disgusting. Or the poor souls that don’t have basements and water comes in through their front doors and only gets worse when some nutter comes boring down the street and creates a wake that causes the water to come in through their front picture windows. Every year there is day set aside where residents take it upon themselves and clean all sorts of garbage out of the creek so it will drain better. The city sends some of its heavy equipment to help with loading the heavy stuff, like car motors, fallen trees etc.

    I really don’t think River Oaks is going to get through the pond problem without having to put some of their own money or elbow grease to fix it, whatever the solution. However, it is definitely a health risk (as I am still scratching at a mosquito bite from my trip there). As I said before, because of the health issue, there is going to have to be some “give” from the residents of River Oaks to fix the pond problem.


  6. Thank you for the info, so why there was a confusion about the ownership? In any way the pond is a very good natural place for the association members, they can vote among themselves to collect additional taxes as assessment on the association property and create a special fund for the pond, that will resolve the issue for ever. The association members may need help or advise regarding their options, the city officials can provide some leadership for them.


  7. A-Z all of the information was given to the Council at a Study Session before the regular Council Meeting. There were many residents from the location in attendance and they heard the same information as the Council.


  8. Wow! During the last council meeting non of the above information was made available to the public? Why not? From what I’m reading this matter is well known to the city officials and WadeTrim worked on it before. Why WT did not talk about what they did in past during the council meeting? When the matter discussed during the council meeting, the officials did not share any of the above information, May be they don’t know except for few of them .

    The next issue will be the rats infestation in some neighborhoods? How and who pay for the solutions?
    And in some neighborhoods the public parks are not equipped with play grounds facilities, Is spending scarce taxes on private property more important then up-dating public parks?

    No matter what, public health is very serious matter and must be dealt with wither its the pond or the rats, the city officials must have a comprehensive and cooperative short and long term plans to resolve them.

    The majority of city officials been in office of long time and are familiar with those public issues, they need to become active in discussion to resolve them. This new age of IT is helping residents to know more about their communities and start demanding solutions.


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