It’s Not Over-Time It’s Triple Time For DPW Wokers In Dearborn Heights…

On The 4th of July the City of Dearborn Heights Paid triple time to its DPW workers… A resident snapped some pictures of a Dearborn Heights DPW truck delivery sod someplace on Norborn street.  Work conducted on any holiday is paid as (triple time) the 4th of July is a holiday. When asked over the past two years by residents and council members the Mayor has said absolutely NO OVER-TIME. Over the years many residents have said they’ve seen DPW working on Fridays the day the City is closed.  This when residents of Dearborn Heights passed the Headlee Override giving the Mayor an extra 3 million dollars a year to work with… Council you must act.

I’ve posted this on Facebook and councilwoman Hicks-Clayton responded with this.

Lisa Hicks-ClaytonI am pursuing this and have requested information such as the work order for the water main break, etc. I have been in touch with all parties (residents and DPW)

Water main break, when? Putting down the grass couldn’t wait until Monday? Come on council you’re going to settle for a work order? So what if there was a work order? I’ve seen the grass torn up for months after a water main is fixed. There has even been residents at council meetings that have complained about how long it takes to put the sod down and clean up the area after a water main break.

No council…It’s time an investigation was done of the DPW department. Council get the time sheets for every employee in this department. Don’t make a “call” and ask them if they are working over-time. Enough is enough our City is still closed one day a week, and residents approved the Headlee Override giving the City 3 million a year extra to work with…Is this how the administration is spending that money? Is this how you are going to watch out for my tax dollar council? Thanks so much…

This is just one truck on that day how many other DPW workers worked on the 4th of July? Without question there is no way that this employee went to the DPW yard and picked up a truck on a holiday if that yard wasn’t open and the director of this department wasn’t working. Council as a taxpayer of Dearborn Heights I demand that each and every one of you investigate this and answer to us the people who are flipping the bill for all this abuse of spending… It’s your JOB!!!

We asked for Nixle, City can’t pay for it. We beg for an E-Newsletter, City can’t pay for it. Facebook page (free) can’t have it. Twitter (free) nope…This the City can afford to pay for. What about it Jo? You think this is a good way to spend the taxpayers money? Councilwoman Horvath you asked several times about the over-time for DPW workers. Mayor looked you right in the eye and said there wasn’t any over-time. What are you going to do about it? If it’s like any of the other things that have happened over the past 5 years nothing will get done. The administration will slither right out of it… They always do.

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24 thoughts on “It’s Not Over-Time It’s Triple Time For DPW Wokers In Dearborn Heights…”

  1. Voter on the Know,

    Thanks for the correction. For some reason I keep forgetting that our city of less than 12 square miles is split into more than one district. Anyways, I hope the Dearborn Heights residents that do live in Lisa Hicks-Clayton’s district vote her in.

    Also have been trying to figure out the Business Property Tax proposal. Would someone be so kind to explain this further or in more blunt words dumb the language on this proposal down a little for this old lady? Thanks.


  2. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, are you drafting a council resolution to ban triple overtime for non-emergency work? Do you think its possible for next council meeting? Let see who will support the resolution? Let see who is caring for DH taxpayer dollars?


  3. you may call me anytime at 313.633.1845. In addition, I will have office hours at the Berwyn Senior Center on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. and the Eton Senior Center at 11:30 a.m. I am happy to discuss concerns. In addition, I will have signs available. Thank you!

    I have submitted a request for a copy of the original work order for July 4, 2014, to verify the emergency nature of the work performed. As an elected official, when our residents contact me with concerns, it is imperative to follow up and research all positions and documentation. It is our responsibility to our constituents.


  4. I was sure there would be a justification (also known as a spin) by the administration for non-emergency work being done on Fridays, by DPW workers.

    Why didn’t the council ask the DPW director about the overtime when the question was asked by the citizen at the council meeting? Then his response could have been on record. Maybe that’s the reason! This is the same director who drives a city vehicle with no city insignia! Employees cannot work overtime without approval from supervision/management. Surely the director would have known if he had approved overtime for July 4th. This question was posed on July 8th!

    At this point all we have is Lisa Hicks-Clayton’s response citing a response from “someone”.

    While residents would agree restoration work is a priority, I don’t believe any resident would classify it as an “emergency”! Patching holes in the streets is not an emergency, but I would put it above laying sod.

    Many residents have seen a tax increase on their summer bill due to an increase in home value, the passage of the library mileage and the mileage increase voted for by the council for Act 345 (police and fire pension). We do expect the administration and the council to be careful in how this money is spent. I tried to find out when the council approved the millage increase. However, there are no minutes posted on the city website from January 2014 through June 10th. The last city council agenda is from June 24th. Still no agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting. Wonder why this information is no longer available on-line?


  5. Just want to clarify that I am not questioning Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton posting of what she was told. My questioning goes to the person she got the explanation from. This person needs to come on this blog, identify himself and answer the questions. Neither Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton or Councilwoman Horvath are afraid to sign their names after a posting. The rest of the city administration needs to follow these two ladies and stop hiding behind women’s skirts.

    I too wish you well, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. Just for the record, you have my vote as your honesty, hard work and integrity have shown us that you are a true stateswoman and not just another politician. I would be proud to have your sign on my lawn. Please tell us where we may get a sign.


  6. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, You are a good and honest politician. At least you are taking the time and responding with what you been told. Your are not the mayor and you are not responsible for the city administrative duties. My advise to you at this time is to concentrate on winning the primary for the state representative seat, and if possible to put on the council agenda a resolution restricting all city employees triple time non emergency works. Emergency triple time work must be approved by the mayor and reported to council during the council meeting for that period for “note and file”. You are a very valid future mayor candidate for this city, you are very details oriented and you pay attention to what the voters say. Thanks for serving DH and wish you good luck.


  7. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton,

    Please give us the source of the comments that were made on your entry to this blog on 7-15 at 12:43PM.
    Since we have been lied to before or just downright ignored when we ask for accountability, would the person commenting to Lisa on the above entry please answer the following questions on this blog.

    (1) How many people were actually working on July 4th and getting triple-time?

    (2) What is the location of the sewer call that came in on the early morning of July 4th and what was done to solve the problem?

    (3) What are the locations of the flooded parking lots and what was done to solve the problem?

    (4) What is the location of the water main break and what was done to solve the problem?

    (5) Finally, why was sod scheduled to be delivered before a three-day holiday week-end when no one was supposed to be working? Having the sod delivered at this time, knowing it is a perishable product causes me to think that this sod delivery was scheduled so there would be over-time on the 4th.

    I am not complaining about property restoration. However, paying triple-time to have sod laid when it could have been done before or after the holiday week-end makes one question the “explanation”.


  8. When ordering the sod the supervisor didn’t take into account that it was the 4th of July weekend? Lisa in the end they are going to get away with it and they will continue to work on Fridays for over-time and it just goes on and on… When the man at the Top isn’t doing anything about it and just wants to keep blowing smoke then nothing will change… As long as residents want to stay at home on election day and don’t pay attention to what is happening in the City this will go on just as it always has…
    If everyone in the City want’s to work on a holiday for triple time hey so be it. If they want to spend, spend, spend and council wants to let them have at it… Nothing new here and when I put it up here I didn’t think anything would come of it except for a hundred ways to justify them working on a holiday…


  9. No not half cocked got the information from a person who has the documentation because this was looked into years back. I’m not one for going off half cocked I do get the information before I write. If things have changed and that pond was giving to the city or the city bought it then I would ask when I don’t remember that being the case over the past 5 years. If you want your tax dollar spent on privet property good for you then we all can look forward to the same thing done for us if needed.
    I’m sure the city will find a way to pay for it. Just like they’ve found a way to justify working for triple time hey who’s asking who’s watching and who gives a dam, spend it all no problem.


  10. When the problems involving the pond were brought up at the council meeting, no one, including the council, the mayor or the residents knew who was the owner of the pond. It was supposed to be investigated. See – that’s what happens, Truth, when you don’t go to the council meetings or watch them on TV. You go off half-cocked because you’re not aware of everything that was discussed.


  11. further clarification in regard to the July 4, 2014 DPW worker and sod delivery per e-mail correspondence

    To reiterate my previous statement to you last Tuesday evening, there was not a main break, but a sewer call that came in early Friday morning of the 4th. Because all call-ins are given an automatic 4 hours, my supervisor kept them working on other jobs including sod, which would not have survived the weekend sitting on the truck. There were a few other issues that my supervisor checked out that day, including flooded parking lots and a main break, and had to determine whether or not to fix them on the 4th for premium time or wait to fix it at a later date. Sending the crew home with the possibility of calling them back would have caused more overtime, therefore, the crew was kept on until all issues were assessed.

    On another note, there are between 300 and 350 properties that had main breaks or service repairs on them due to this past historic winter. These require clean up, concrete and/or sod repair. In addition to repairing these main breaks and services, we continue to fix breaks as they come in, fix sewers as they come in, locate for all MISSDIG tickets, and other general duties. The homeowners of properties requiring restoration work, would disagree with any comments from the public that it is not a priority. While premium time was not and will not be used for the sole purpose of repairs, it would be impossible to not involve any overtime on these properties.



  12. who own the “Old Orchard Pond”, the city should follow the code of ordinance and if the owner is in violation a ticket should be issued and follow up until the owner correct the violations or send the city contractors to correct the violations and ask the owner to pay. Why it’s that big of deal? Other property owners were charged $$$$$$ for grass cutting and cleaning.


  13. If possible that the blog master post a copy of AFSME agreement with the city showing the number of hours the employees have to work per week and number of hours that the city must pay!


  14. The fact that a city worker openly delivered sod on a Friday which was also a holiday only reflects the over-all attitude of disdain, disrespect and arrogance that the mayor and council show for our residents.

    I was at the council meeting when this incident was brought up, not one council member made a remark; they just sat there with a blank expression on their faces. Unlike their passionate replies when the lack of parking was questioned by concerned residents regarding the Rusty Rooster, a whiskey distillery and tasting business set to open in Dearborn Heights.

    I hope those residents that showed up at the council meeting complaining about the Old Orchard Pond’s mosquitos will get some relief; however, like everything else of importance that goes before this council this will most likely get put in the “let’s have a study session on the matter” and then gets ignored as this same problem has been complained about for at least 12 years with no resolution. This is not only a nuisance matter but a health concern that needs to be addressed and fixed immediately. The health of the people living near this virus breeding ground is at sake here.

    I heard at the council meeting that $300,000 had been put into the budget to address this matter. I also overheard councilman Berry telling another resident that he wanted to use that money to address this matter but was shot down by the other council members. As many of you know, I do not see eye to eye with councilman Berry on many things but on this matter he is spot-on. I guess that $300,000 is going to pay to have city workers get overtime on the residents dime. So what if some residents get West Nile virus or some other disease carried by mosquitos, more important to pad the pockets of workers who keep the mayor in office.


  15. Just asking: Give the woman a chance, please. She just found out about it last Tuesday evening. Believe me. The person who brought this to the attention of the council and the mayor won’t let it go. We WILL get an answer. Transparency: The mayor has made so many promises to us and NEVER followed through. I’ve been trying to get an answer as to when the city will start checking mileage and trips the city employees make during working hours using city-owned cars and FUELED BY OUR TAX DOLLARS. I started asking in December 2013 and here it is 7 months later and has it been done? No. Why? Because the mayor – in all his wisdom – doesn’t believe his employees are taking advantage. But does he know for sure? No. Why? Because it’s never been investigated. He came to us for more money and we said yes and we came to him and asked him to track mileage and he said no. Typical. They told us the library would go under if we didn’t vote for more money for them. Then they turn around and BORROW MONEY FROM THE LIBRARY FUND to put in the general fund. How come all of a sudden the library has so much money? Open note to the mayor: Don’t EVER ask me for more money in taxes because my vote is NO. By the way everyone; the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press have endorsed Ned Apigian for State Rep. What a joke. I would be concerned about him falling asleep behind the wheel on his way to Lansing. If he got the job, it would be one way to really P – – – him off since I’ve been told he doesn’t really want it anyway. And if he does get it, it will be a good way to get rid of some dead weight.


  16. Dear blog master,
    For better understanding how the city pay non public safety employees, you have to read the (2011) last extension of AFSME contract with city and the council resolution to extend the contract terms to all city non union employees. You can review that on city website under (Council Agenda). The extension was approved just after the passage of the HO for about $3 millions of additional property taxes. One of the key element to the HO was the 10% cut in city employees salaries and the fact that the administration and council did everything they can to curb spending but come up short of revenue due to severe decline in properties values.
    It was one of 3 choices: HO, severe cut of public safety and city services, or a financial manager! The city officials promised to continue curbing the spending even with HO. Check 2012/13-2013/14-2014/15 budget to verify the promised curbing of spending. Also check if you find any council resolution for the 10% salaries cuts?


  17. It begins with asking questions and seeking the information, which I am doing. I am seeking the information and finding the answers to we may proceed with the appropriate actions. I responded immediately upon being brought to my attention by a resident. I am investigating and will proceed accordingly.


  18. Any body who want to understand how the city employees get paid must read the city labor contract with the last AFSME union that was extended to all non union city employee.

    May be the blog master can post a copy of the contract its on city website under council agenda.


  19. And Councilwoman Clayton just what do you think you are going to do about this? Take away the money? Give them an unpaid day off. Make them answer to you as to why they worked on the 4th? If the question has been asked in the past and they keep doing it what is your answer?


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