It’s In The Budget… Find It If You Can

The Grand poobah has told the Council of Braniacs that he’s put money in his budget for the basic things that all City’s have these days. All City’s expect our City [stuck in the 80’s] what are those things?  Council meetings posted to the City’s website, Facebook, Nixle E-Newsletter, Twitter [maybe] and just for the fun of it maybe we could get Crime Mapping Everyone needs to take a look at this one it’s great..

Well I would like to know what department the money was put in, and what line or program it’s under?


13 thoughts on “It’s In The Budget… Find It If You Can”

  1. Anonymous, I respect your opinion and what you do to better this city may be making a huge positive impact. and I’m shearing my opinion with others who may care on this blog.


  2. Just because I don’t want to run for office doesn’t make me a follower nor does it make me not invested in this city and what is going on. You haven’t got the slightest idea what I do to better this city or what I’m doing behind the scenes. At least I go to the council meetings and get up and speak my piece. What do you do, Truth, except come on here and voice your opinions, opinions which you are not willing to stand up for. As far as I’m concerned, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but if you’re not willing to stand up for what you believe, then share those opinions with someone who cares.


  3. I’m one of the majority who decided not to be leaders, but followers, I want to be a passenger on the bus not the driver of the bus. In DH we have 10 buses (Elected Seats) and only 11 drivers applied, the mandatory appointments for the positions are based on the highest scoring regardless of the score, (in some countries, the elected official must score certain % to be seated), we have to ride those buses because we live in their services area, and we pay taxes to operate them. The majority of us don’t give a dam about who drive the bus as long as they are running and don’t sting, and most of us will move out if we get disgusted unless other drivers starts making noise and promise to offer better busing services if we put them in the driver seats. If you are ready to be a driver then go ahead and declare your candidacy and start gathering support from the “the voters with empty words” so you can become one of the drivers.

    You can’t accuse others not been leaders and not standing up in arms when you are doing the same thing and only have empty words on this blog ” I don’t agree with you about that, this blog started and continues to facilitate public debates and provide information about our local government operations). This blog is open for both leaders and followers. If you are looking for a leaders to follow, welcome to the club and joint me to find them.

    I supported few drivers based on their public opinion on this blog.

    I don’t want to be a bus driver, I want to be a passenger in a clean bus driven safely and peacefully without fear and intimidation.

    Are you interested becoming a “DRIVER” ?


  4. I have no idea what you’re talking about, Truth. Of course they were elected to do a job. How else do you think they got a position on the council? You also give these council members too much credit. Kosinski and Horvath hardly put out ANY signs when they last ran. They certainly didn’t appear at any venues to answer questions. What we have in DH are people who don’t vote thereby giving the few who do the say so. I would also venture to guess that most of those who do vote are NOT educated voters in that they are voting name recognition rather than the council person’s record. If the majority of residents in DH actually watched or came to the meetings, they MIGHT be as scared as I am with this DO NOTHING council and mayor. Then they might actually get out and vote intelligently. Instead of making excuses for them, Truth, hold them accountable. Oh, that’s right. You want to move and you don’t go to the meetings but you’re an authority. Doesn’t compute. Until you start standing up and DEMANDING they do their jobs, your opinions are just empty words.


  5. Anonymous,

    Who said they been elected to do a job? you should ask the ones who elected them! It locks they are happy with them, and they will elect them over and over again, Career politicians master the art of politicking after few terms and become very effective in winning against all odds! Some of them been in offices more than the Queen of England! So why you blame them if they start thinking and acting as if they really are???????????

    Any body know what is the job description of a King or Queen?


  6. Term limits on the ballot, DH voters most likely will approve that, 2 years 2 terms and retro-effect, so all the seated ones will be terminated. Petition can be done at any time.

    With that in place, new political bloods will flow continually full of political energy and very few dollars to spend on campaigning!!!!!!

    May includes dividing the city to 7 districts for 7 councils, so the south end will get mandatory representations. District residency must be required. NOTE: the only city elected official live south of cherry-Hill is Bob Constant. Any body with logical explanation? May be councilwomen Horvath will have a shot at an answer?


  7. Kathy: Perhaps you missed what I wrote. I was told his kids are grown and his parents are dead. I’m going to hold the line and say that if he’s that busy, he needs to resign. We can’t have people on the council who are “too busy” to do their job. There’s enough of those already. We need people who look towards the future and do the job they were elected to do.


  8. If and when the Mayor retires whom ever wants to run for the office would be looking for an endorsement from him. I’m sure there would be accommodations made for certain people in his office to have them stay on with the City. The E-Newsletter I’m sure is a dead issue and was from the get go. There isn’t going to be anything ever in this City until the Council and Mayor decide that the rest of us are worth it. The one thing that they forget while the block of voters that vote in the City yes are seniors. The rest of us who vote or don’t for that matter still pay taxes here.
    As far as Councilman Berry is concerned… having taken care of someone who was not well I did this with my sister in-law for 2 1/2 years many things got put on the side to make room for what need to be done for the person who is ill. I admire anyone who is doing this sort of thing it takes it’s toll on a person so if he doesn’t have the time to answer your email or to study the agenda lets stand with him just a bit and pray for him and his wife. I feel for him and his family. I would ask all of you who come here to send to well wishes and prays to him. There are many on the council who don’t even bother to open an email let alone respond to one from a taxpayer.
    Nothing and I’ve said it before and will say it again nothing will change until more people show up to vote!!!


  9. Mr. Kosinski (Mr. Techie) asked of the other council members; Have any residents approached you about an e-newsletter? The rest responded – No. From that big investigation, the e-newsletter was killed. Tom Berry approached me after the last council meeting and said – someone had approached him and asked – why do you have a problem with bitsy08? Tom said – I don’t. He said – I’ve never heard from her. I said oh, come on Tom. I send out e-mails to the council all the time.. He said – I don’t have time to read e-mails. “I’m too busy.” Then he said his wife is sick, he takes care of his kids, and he cares for his parents. I was told his kids are grown and his parents are dead. Perhaps he meant his in-laws? My response is this: If you’re too busy to answer citizens, then resign your post. We then spoke about the mayor swearing at 2 citizens, someone in the mayor’s office verbally attacking and swearing at a citizen after he spoke against her at a council meeting, and the chief verbally attacking a citizen in the lobby of City Hall. Tom said that there’s a problem with the administration. I know he told me all this because he wants to run for Mayor. This from a council person who doesn’t have time to study the agenda nor answer citizens. But yet he votes on those items he hasn’t studied. And he wants to be mayor. Lord save us all. We’d go from the frying pan into the fire. The one good thing about that would be they’d clean out the office of the mayor. That means – EVERYONE would go. Can’t happen too soon as far as I’m concerned.


  10. Councilwomen Horvath, No need from you to answer, just act.

    Who cares how you pay for gas in the car tank? Its necessity. You totally missed the point about the E-NEWS,
    You and the others council members approved paying city employees during the GF deficit 4 hours per week that they don’t have to work, if you can found about $350,000.00 per years to pay for no work!!! will be very very very hard to believe you and other members can’t locate few K’s for the E-NEWS during a 3 millions surplus GF budget.

    Just get real! and stop dancing around this issue. Just say we don’t need E-NEWS and end the debate. You have the public office power, lot of power to empower DH residents.


  11. This information is not meant to start a dialog regarding the e-letter discussion. I am making a statement but will not respond. If you have a question I am sure all know how to get in touch with me. At our last study session where the e-letter was discussed someone from the audience said that there was a possibility that CDBG could help finance the e-letter. Here are the facts as I know them. The Dearborn Heights Today information, that is sent to all homeowners twice a year, started out as a block grant project through CDBG. At some point a political statement was printed on the front page of the newsletter and HUD was made aware of it. CDBG was notified that block grant money can not be used ICW anything political. CDBG can only spend about $1500 $2000 on information that only pertains to block grant information pertaining to home rehabs, etc. Thus, the e-letter is in the same category as Dearborn Heights Today and funds can not be used for either.


  12. Kathy, who put the E news on council agenda? and who made the motion? It was dead without a second! usually an agenda item get discussed between less than 4 members, or between the mayor and also then 4 members prior to introduction and at least seconded on the table? Unless the maker want to make statement against the rest of the members and force an UP-DOWN vote for the record? And finally they responded to this blog and broadcast May 27 2014 meeting, finally we get the cable networking (CN) blessing, It was an embarrassing situation for DH not to able to carry out such minor service. Somebody in DH government with some influence made that happen! Wondering who that person was? But that is a good news and at least a light still on! Not total darkness!


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