Gimme. Gimme…Gimme…

From comentor Bitsy08 the email conversation with councilwoman Horvath and councilman Joe Kosinski.

I’ve been busy today. I’ve been sending the council a copy of Dearborn’s E-Newsletter for about 5 months now and even though Lisa H-C says she’s working on it, still nothing seems to be any closer. They talk about it after the study session but never on the record. I forwarded Dearborn’s latest E-News and told them I knew there were a couple of council people who were against it. I received a reply from Marge Horvath this time telling me NO ONE on the council was against it and to check my source. She said stay tuned. It may take awhile but it will get there. But the best part is the e-mail Joe Kosinski sent to Marge and copied me. Here it is verbatim:

Dear Council woman Horvath;

Relax and don’t let the small and insignificant issues trouble you. You and I and the other Council members have a pretty good insight on what to be concerned about. Some in our ENVIRONMENT DON’T HAVE A CLEAR VIEW OF WHAT IS CRITICAL AND IMPORTANT! We’ve been there before and will see and hear it again……The I WANT I WANT I WANT and no regard for The How Much? and Who is going to do what is demanded? …. without the consideration of, is it really necessary, always comes from the GIMME. GIMME…. GIMME….sector of the uninformed.

Can you believe that? Here’s proof in writing that he doesn’t want it when he says – “is it really necessary”? When Janet proposed this he said – and I quote – “Isn’t that just for techies”? And aren’t you all glad that the person who works for you says that you’re small and insignificant and that you’re part of the I WANT, I WANT group and GIMMIE, GIMMIE? And then he goes on to say that – “some (whoever could he be talking about) in our environment don’t have a clear view of what is critical and important.” Huh. This from a man who took up practically one whole council meeting talking about invoices and asking who was checking them. Then he goes on to say that from his years of experience, blah, blah, blah. It was pretty clear to most of us who were listening that he didn’t have a “clear view” even with his vast years of experience of what the heck he was talking about.

Wow. I just wonder if this technical marvel we have in Joe really meant for me to get a copy of this e-mail. Ya think? if this doesn’t convince you that we need new council members, nothing will. Just another argument for not paying our council more money.

We are all just a bunch of Gimme, and Want group of people who… how did he put it “don’t have a clear view of what is critical and important.”

If he (JOE) had any idea of what the “Gimme Want group” are asking for he would understand that Facebook, and Twitter are free. He would understand that putting together an E-Newletter is little more than copy and paste text that is sent to the person putting the E-Newsletter together. That text is sent via E-mail making the whole process wait for it …(paperless.) That same person would then hit the Send button on the screen to those in the City that left their Email address. There is no cost for printing or mailing it out. Those who sign up would not be getting it sent to them in the mail. Just maybe there might be a GRANT to offset any minimal cost associated with this. A grant for a Green Initiative green because no paper is used. Just in case you didn’t know it JOE CDBG, and TIFFA do put money to send out the Newsletter twice a year to every house in the City.

Nixle another program that the City should be using to communicate with it’s residents, but has refused to offer to us. Nixle might have a small yearly cost associated with it that the City would have to pay so the residents could get Alerted to any potential problems. Like a missing child, missing elderly, road closures, and much more. I’ll leave it to you to look at it. If you know how to do that. I know you’re not that “techie” just go to the Dearborn, Garden City, or most City’s surrounding the city of Dearborn Heights go to any of their websites they have a button to click on it. You can try typing it in Google (thats a place on the internet you can search for things.)

“Relax and don’t let the small and insignificant things bother you.” Yeah great advice that’s just what council should be doing relaxing and not being bothered with small and insignificant people out here that would actually like to see something good happen in our city. God forbid that you would want to change one thing in this city for the better, God forbid that you would want the residence to have anything that might benefit the younger residents. Bitsy I would appreciate it very much if you would send this to the news media with an explanation as to what we the residents are asking for. All of what we are asking for. With examples of what other city’s give their residents and a copy of the reply from our great councilman.

Things that other taxpayers in other city’ s take for granted we get insulted for just asking for. I don’t know of one resident in any of the surrounding city’ s that have these things even having to ask it was just done. This ladies and gentleman is disgusting they say one person can make a change. I use to believe that. Not any more not in this city not with these people with this kind of mind set. I don’t think a 100 people could change things.


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  1. good blog, covering lot of information, but I should start attending the meetings to get blessed with the city council information, no media technology available, I can’t watch the meetings live on my smart phone, not even on my commuter, not even on city website, not on you tube, or face book and still using TAPE to record them and the quality of pic and sound are terrible anyway, are the recording digitized? I checked with a friend from dearborn he informed me the cable companies pays a lot of money to the city to have adequate government cable services, is dearborn heights receive those funds? and if yes what they use them for? My gosh is this city living the mid eighties or what?


  2. I’ve looked at the budget I can’t find anything earmarked for E-Newsletter streaming video or any if it. Maybe Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton can tell us how much what department and what line item please and thank you. Sorry to say unless I see it don’t believe it to many times talk us cheap from the Mayor


  3. You must be new, Jody, since we’ve complained about this ad nauseum. We’re now trying to get them to approve an e-newsletter and the mayor put the money in the budget for it but TOM BERRY wants another study session on it. Why, I don’t know. TOM BERRY’s getting to be a real cog in the workings of the city council. Course, there are a few others, too. TOM BERRY tried to muzzle a citizen at the 13th meeting but she stood up to him and then at the last meeting I read a paragraph from The First Amendment Center that states: “Many situations arise in which citizens are silenced because of the content of their speech or because they have disagreed previously with a government official. This raises the specter of censorship. Government officials may not silence speech because it criticizes them. They may not open a “public comment” period up to other topics and then carefully pick and choose which topics they want to hear. They may not even silence someone because they consider him a gadfly or a troublemaker.” BERRY wouldn’t even look at me. It’s getting so I’m there for every Study Session and City Council meeting. I plan on continuing to ask them about the e-newsletter until we get it. KOSINSKI is another one who doesn’t want it. We need more citizens at these meetings to tell the council what WE want. They continually need to be reminded that THEY WORK FOR US.


  4. Turned to Dearborn Height government channel at 9:00 pm and the council meeting from May 13 2014 still showing? What happen to the meeting on may 27 2014? No meeting because of memorial day? Or there is technical difficulties? Or the tape ‘Yes they still using tape” was damaged due to manufacturing? In this age and IT time you can record the entire netting on a smart phone and broadcast the event live. what is the problem with this city government not able to even show their council meeting on time? All what they need is 3 cameras and transmitter and broadcast live, less then $1000.00 dollars. Its illegal any way to modify the contents so why not broadcast them live similar to other city and stop having to worry about the Tape “yes the tape” normal individuals these days are live monitoring their cars, their homes, their kids, their business, from their cell phones, and our city still using TAPE To record and inform those individuals about their city business!!!!!!!

    WOOOOOO, WAAAAAAAA, WEEEEEEE. So in dearborn height if you can’t physically attend the meetings you may not know about city matters since the odds are the TAPE may used to tape on by mistake, or Damaged, or the camera malfunctioned, or the operator did not press the R button, or whatever. You can’t get the benefits and the knowledge from those meetings because you are working 2 shifts or have to care for your older father, or have to be in a funeral, or meeting at next door neighbor birthday party. These day you get blessed by pastors without attending the physical mass in the church!!!!!

    Usually politicians are eager to brag about what they doing in any way possible and do anything possible to show their faces and talk on media channels, So dearborn heights politicians should try anything possible to make sure their own public meetings are broadcast on time with perfect pictures not the opposite!

    Any body know why the meeting for May 27 2014 not showing?

    And for councilwomen LHC, don’t you like your supporters to see you on time on city channel addressing important city issues?


  5. Please feel free to copy and publish the budgetary informational process blog as you wish if you believe its helpful and in line with your public policy vision.


  6. As reported on the internet:

    “A key measure of a city’s fiscal health is the size of the fund balance relative to the total annual budget. Fund balance is needed for cushion against unexpected revenue downturns or emergencies. Also, a healthy fund balance is needed so that it is not necessary to borrow for day-to-day cash needs.

    Experts recommend a general fund fund balance of at least 10% of the city’s total general fund revenues. The State of Michigan Department of Treasury recommends a higher fund balance level: 13%.”

    General Fund revenue should be solid revenues, based on assessed property taxes and other documented and expected revenue using validated historical data, speculative revenues are considerate an icing on the cake if materialized and will enhance the Fund Balance or used for specific purpose according to were they are generated from. Such as traffic fines for traffic education as the aim of the public safety policy is to reduce violations and enhance public safety not relying on those fines as revenues to operate the city, since the best public safety status for any city will be very very few violations! trying to balance between the needs of the fines as a stream of revenues and the needs to educate and inform the public to reduce the violations will result in reducing those necessary revenues to balance the budget. Public Safety department should have control of those extra fund in their budget and used them as they see fit for the department purpose not as revenues to the city. The cost of public safety should be budgeted without regards to the amount of fines. The hours needed to maintain roads safety should not be tied to the amount of fines, it should budgeted as part of the needs for those hours, Public safety officers are needed regardless of the numbers of violations, less violations means better safety and more desirable living environment translated to higher properties value producing more tax revenues with less mills. Reporting violations is mandatory but enacting effective violation reduction policy is a city leadership decision.

    That also apply to ordinance violations revenues, same concept.

    In both cases violators should fined with zero tolerance, the aim is to maintain “public safety” and part of that process is to reduce violations during the process of enforcing the law. The goal is not to generate revenues.

    Revenue from permits, grants and chaired funding should be treated for what they are intended for.

    Council members as legislative body should look at the cash-flow of their city and be alerted when the administration start borrowing from other city funds to make payroll or paying bills, a healthy city should have and maintain adequate fund balance for that purpose.

    Transparency in public financing is the best policy, one of the best practices is simplification so a 3rd grade education can understand what the budgetary numbers means. Dissemination of budgetary data is also a required practice as a public hearing but going beyond that is another good municipal practice by engaging the voters during the budgetary process in a form of questionnaires of multiple hearings in different locations.

    Any city can produce fantasy balanced budget, but soon the state will catch -up with those fantasized budgets and demands accountability.

    In all & all, we have to remember that all municipalities are Incorporated as municipal corporations under states laws and states treasuries are responsible to monitor their financial activities.


  7. I was reading this blog and wondering what happen to councilwomen Horvath? Memory is a brain software program! humans use to remember events so they can act accordingly. She is very talented public servant know here for long long time, worked on late mayor Van Houten campaigns and helped defeated his recall witch the current mayor was part. She resigned one time her post and appointed by mayor Canfield as her assistant, she did a damn good job using her experience and talented public services ability, but that short lived, The current mayor fired her and replaced her by his current assistant. She was very upset ( no comment), she ran again and was elected since then. She become very critical of the current administration about numinous public issues and exposed them publicly during council meetings.

    I hope she will tel us one day what changed her courage to just tell the facts as they are or allow others to practice their civic duties. The current administration failed to balance the general fund that caused over $5 millions deficit plus another 5 millions of fund balance, that required about 3 mill property tax increase on the residents of Dearborn Heights. It would’ve been avoided if the necessary cut was implemented early and weathering out the financial difficulties by using the fund balance as the buffer.

    She may feel guilty or embarrassed about the tax increase since all that happened under her watch. But she can present a resolution to the voter to repeal the 3 mill now after the current mayor stated that the deficit is almost eliminated. She will do a big favor to the seniors who are on fix income and struggling to choose between paying for healthy food or medications, or selling their homes and move to a less expensive places. some time politicians forget that most people out their have no city pensions plus their social security and every dollar count in their daily life in their few years left for them.

    Don’t know what really happened that the city ended up in this deficit when the current mayor kept saying to the last minute that the city is in good financial shape and other mayors asking him what he is doing to copy him and avoiding the painful cuts they are making in their cities including laying off public servants. I guess the city government failed to understand that borrowing from other city funds to cover general fund expenditures must be paid back according to certain state timing guidelines.

    As they say its water under the bridge but history never go away.


  8. bitsy08,

    You are correct 100%, the problem is “Dearborn heights” is unique and needs special breeds of politicians and lot of unique political training and most resident are not in that network, unfortunately I’m one of them.

    If you are the best soccer player on earth and happened to be on football turf, you will not be able to play using your legs, you need to handle the ball by your hands and able to tackle heavy and big guys! and if you play you will get hurt. I will find a turf to play soccer since I don’t know how to play DH politics. I hope you know and sure I will vote for you as I voted for councilwomen LCH.

    Better of for that soccer player to find a soccer turf to pay on.

    Lot of DH residents are renters and don’t care to vote, the other majority of voters enjoy playing soccer and about 20% play football and care to vote.

    Those 20% use to be 40% the number went down in the last 5 years and will continue. The demographic is changing in DH and may bring some changes with it. The mayor can’t even make 5000 votes? Councilman Kosinski bested him by few hundred voted? That is DH like it or not few residents decides the politics of the city.

    By that time the current DH administration will be long gone along with the historic council members. New blood and new faces will emerge. I will enjoy that time if still DH resident.

    If you choose to make changes now, go ahead and try and God be with you, You may generate lot of support at this time if you play DH politics, a unique political networking! If you win and want to stay happy in your seat. Than you must master political colors changing! and you must make friends of your political adversaries! And best of all political trades will be for you to maintain the status GO and avoid controversial public issues at any cost unless you are aiming at another politician you don’t like. Or you can keep your promises and become a change agent.

    I will be one of many many many voters to support you hopping you don’t learn DH political trademark and joint the rest of the crowd like others before you.


  9. Transparent says: “I have no time for city council meetings or serving as an elected official. I will sell and leave this city to a better municipality at the right time and I know that will not make any difference whatsoever.” Barack Obama said: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Instead of pleading for others to do your job, how about trying to do it yourself? You don’t need to run for office. You just need to show up at the city council meetings and let them know you’re paying attention. You also need to vote. Did you at least do that or were you one of the 83% in this city that didn’t vote? If you don’t want at least show up, then you have no one to blame but yourself and people like you for the way things are. “Don’t make excuses and Don’t talk about it. Do it.” Melvyn Douglas


  10. bitsy08,
    I din’t gave-up yet on DH, I’m stating the facts. Are you motivated to run for office? Please run if you have time. And the efforts at council meetings changeling the status GO. Next time entourage the chair to control the meeting and teach the pro-tempt the “Robert Rules”. Please make a copy of the rules and gave it to the council

    Good luck to you, Sorry I have no time for city council meetings or serving as an elected official, I will sell and leave this city to better municipality at the right time and I know that will not make any difference what so ever. I hope when I sell, the new owner will be motivated to engage in local politics and run for office.


  11. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,
    I wish the mayor present his accomplishments similar to what you did! I guess the residents are correct about you winning the mayor seat if you ran! So why you din’t run? and why you are running for State Rep?

    Just imagine how effective you would’ve been as a mayor! You would’ve manged this city as a champ at least 8 hours per day 5 days a week and made yourself available to the residents with open doors policy face to face as you do during your office hours.

    Do you know if the mayor have specific open weekly hours with the residents similar to you? and at what location? Other neighboring mayors have some thing like that “Coffee with residents”

    You are fantastic for just taking the time to compile the list, I guess DH have public servants talents! We like to others come out and compile accomplishments lists and show their talents!


  12. Since being elected and taking office in January, 2012 the following have been brought to fruition in the City as a result as initiatives , programs and or campaigns brought forth by myself as a Council-member representing the interest of our residents:

    (partial listing):

    1) tethering ban
    2) revisions to vicious dog ordinance, public safety
    3) hydraulic fracturing resolution
    4) senior alliance programs and services (serve on the Commission for Aging and the Disability Commission)
    5) Senior Care and Teen Action Council services and programs
    6) Communication Initiative (pending, but moving forward and is being piece mealed into budget FY 14/15)
    7) Emergency Pet Contingency Plan (in progress and development with local agencies)
    8) Animal Control Program- yes, advocated over 18 months, now realized via Ordinance, as ALL Ordinance Officers are being trained as Stated Certified ACOs.
    9) Municipal Civil Infraction code- worked with the late Dave Novak on this piece, which was passed in 2012.
    10) working with residents on a continual basis resolving issues such as ordinance violations, etc.
    11) worked with the Crestwood School District and Golfview Manor Civic Association to resolve a 6 year plus issue of flooded Field of Dreams issue.
    12) Will be proposing a program to address the stray cat issue in our City through grant opportunities.
    13) Continue to bring resources to our City,as well as surrounding communities, in regard to placemaking for economic recovery, rehab, revitalization, redevelopment and rebirth of our region through addressing education, transportation, economic redevelopment and housing needs.
    14) In June , 2014 the Berwyn ADA Bathroom Compliance bid will come before the City Council. I worked to bring this issue forward with CEDD Ron Amen and the residents who called me out of concern.

    In addition, In offer coffee hours/ office hours, as well as have a Facebook page for our residents to assess information, share their comments and bring their concerns. I may be contacted at 313.633.1845. You may leave a message. I return all calls within 24 hours or less.

    We call ourselves public servants but I’ll tell you this: we as public servants must set an example for the rest of the nation. It is hypocritical for the public official to admonish and exhort the people to uphold the common good.
    -Barbara Jordan


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


  13. It’s pretty “transparent” to me that you’ve given up. Martin Luther King said: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Henry Ford said: “Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Margaret Thatcher said: To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects. And lastly, the Dalai Lama said: It is our collective and individual responsibility…to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live. Lisa Hicks-Clayton is the ONLY council member who TRIES for new ideas. We wouldn’t be as far along with the e-newsletter if it wasn’t for her. Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. Victor Kiam


  14. Ms. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,

    You’ve been submitting proposals since your first day on the council, how many of your “proposals” got approved or even voted on or better yet adopted by the mayor and his administration. Please get serious and admit that you failed to implement any changes that you promised the residents you will do, no fault of your own but you had a lot of faith in your ability to recruit other council members and city administrators to work with you and see what see and believe in your public policies vision.

    You probably annoying other council members with never-end out the box proposals. Just leave them alone and relax my friend, just go with flow, less then 20% of DH eligible voters cares to vote. This city can’t even motivate residents to run for offices to have a primary. 1 candidate for both treasurer and clerk, 2 for mayor, 5 for 4 council seats. I’m not discounting your ability or courage, simply stating the facts and hoping for miracles.

    The late great civil activist Ms. Rosa Park sparked the historical changes to American history. On a small scale may be you will succeed in changing the status-go of DH.

    I heard lot of residents saying: “You will be a good mayor and you should’ve run in last election, most of them believe that you would’ve win easily the mayor seat. I wonder why you didn’t run and listen to your supporters? you only needed less the 5000 votes out of over 30000 eligible voters!


  15. Let’s not relax so much that you forget the actual rules.. Mr. Berry has the right to speak but he DOES NOT have the right to muzzle a citizen. Nowhere in RR of Order does it say he does. God forbid he should become Chair. He doesn’t (along with quite a few of the other council members) know what the rules are and how to properly use them. He also doesn’t come prepared for the council meetings, stating publicly that he didn’t have time to study the agenda and the items on it “because he was too busy.” And as to the current Chair calling order to the meetings, he very plainly didn’t do that the other night when Jerry Nosal and Chief Gavin had a shouting match. One other thing. When Ken Baron called for the citizens to come up and speak, he told us that each of us would have 3 minutes to speak and when we had 15 seconds left, Tom Berry would hold up the 15 second sign and then the Stop sign when that was done. The first time they wanted to hold up the sign, they had to look for them on the floor. Tom Berry wasn’t prepared to even hold up the sign let along be prepared for voting on the agenda items. And then he did a real half-A – – – – job of it; flashing the sign instead of holding it up so the resident could see it. Even after he flashed the 15 second sign at the first guy to get up and talk, that resident was allowed to keep talking well passed the 3 minute limit. Between Berry and Baron, it was like watching the Laurel and Hardy show; just not funny.


  16. First of all Councilman Tom Berry has the right to express his opinion after he ask the chair for permission to talk, but because the chair is not exercising his duty and control the council meetings everybody jump in and out during the discussions and “Robert Rules” become jungle rules.

    This chairman must lead this council and stop all this miss, he must be respected and must be asked by the other officials for permission to talk, the disrespect for him is a disrespect for all Dearborn Heights residents.

    When a person take the podium to talk, that person is directing the speech to the chair only and only the chair can respond to that person unless the chair give permission to whoever want to respond.

    Mr. councilman Berry, just relax, don’t get exited more than you suppose to, let the resident talk and express their views, their is no privacy for public officials when related to their public duties, if you have any public related duties you consider private you should quit your public life and go as private citizen and sue for defamation or false light or private matters disclosure.

    Somebody said ” If you blurry the truth deep down, it will grow with deep roots and burst out strong” So let the democratic process work and follow “Robert rules”

    Time will come someday and you fulfill your dream and become the chair and bang the gobble as you wish. But for now you should size-up to your place as the pro-tempt and respect the chairperson post.


  17. The proposal I submitted included the suggestion of an intern from one of the local colleges or universities.


  18. When you have both Henry Ford Community College and U of M, there should be no shortage of people willing to use their education in this field to do the job for the city. As I wanted to point out to Mr. Kosinski and the others, if they had been tracking the mileage and the gas usage on the city-owned vehicles, there is no doubt in my mind they could have saved some money. Then to have the mayor say that they’ve contacted “a company” to look into this because “they have the expertise in this field,” – my question is – why do you need a company to do this? Why spend the money? All you need to do is a sheet of paper typed up by ANY person working for the city that asks for and contains the needed information. Each person wanting to use a city-owned vehicle could ask for and obtain permission from their respective Supervisors. Done! Why do you have to spend money for a company to “look into it?” Are they using the car for needed business? If so, they can have the car. If not, no. Done. See how much money I saved?


  19. Additional comments made in regard to the communication and IT study session from the May 13, 2014 addressed the concern for cost, as the comparison to Deaborn is irrelevant due to size and requirement, as the City of Dearborn has a Communication Department which manages multiple components of communication for the city and requires additional staffing. Many municipalities, similar to the size of Dearborn Heights complete the task of the e-letter, streaming the City Council meetings, management of social media including Facebook, and Twittter, are completed by part-time staff. I had submitted this proposal a few months back, meet with the Mayor and followed up last night, as well.


  20. Went to the Study Session and then the council meeting. Suzanne Todd got up to speak about the e-mail Joe Kosinski mistakenly copied me on and Berry tried to call a point of order to shut her up. He said – you’re criticizing him – and she said something like – that’s my right. She stood up to him and told him to let her speak. Apigian tried to give his spiel about Obamacare and Marge called a point of order and said he was making a political statement and that wasn’t what “they” were about. She got him to shut up. When Dearborn IT was addressing the subject of DH IT, the guy said Dearborn employed 2 full time and 2 part time to work on the e-newsletter and then Joe said – where will we get the money?

    When I got up to speak, I thanked Marge for calling a point of order on Apigian. I also said that the gentleman that was allowed to speak about Obamacare at the last council meeting was making a political statement and should never have been allowed to make it. I got up to address Joe’s question of where will we get the money and brought up the fact that in December 2013 I had asked them to track the usage of the city-owned cars. Paletko said they had someone working on it but I know “you and some others don’t think we are.” I told him that he used to work for Ford Motor and he should know from them that anyone wanting to use one of their cars had to tell them where they’re going, whom they’re seeing, when they’re leaving and when they’re returning. I looked Paletko straight in the eye and said it’s been 5 months since I asked for some kind of accounting and you’ve been asked for this many more times. In the meantime, you come to me for more money for taxes and I’m paying the bill. I want it taken care of. It shouldn’t have taken this long. My point being that if they tracked the car usage, I’m sure they’d be able to find some trips that aren’t necessary, thereby saving money. I closed with – Henry Ford said: If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you can’t. Let’s make this a city that Can!

    So, there you have it folks. Berry trying to shut people up because he doesn’t like what they say. We can’t criticize our council? Not according to Berry.


  21. The city council chamber is a public place, similar to the sidewalks. You may be correct, but where you find the provision that prohibit carrying a sign i the council chamber?


  22. The council member who copied you on his email seem to be a real “techie”! If it was a phone call or written letter, we may not find out about him and his public views. That is why he don’t want to expand the “techies services” he most likely hit the send bottom without realizing that he is in ‘Reply to all” Emailing Zone.
    Do you plan on going viral with this email? So the “techies” who are eligible to vote in DH can pay attention to local politics and elect “techies” who can communicate with them the “techieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” way.
    May be you should consider having a sign made stating ” We want “Techie Council” and stand in front of the city hall on Tuesday then attend the council meeting with the sign! That depend on your level of commitment to the “Tech-Age” and your ability to convince others to stand with you,
    That action may generate some TV-media attention and attract Mr. Ludoff to pay you a visit.


  23. Dear Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,

    Thank you for responding and clarifying your position regarding the city E communication subject. Are you stating publicly that all other city public officials given you “the lip service” and not acting on your recommendations? is that one of the reasons you are running for the State Rep Seat? Are you fed up with the city business and perhaps having more hopes “if you wen” to be able to serve DH better at the state level? This is not a comparison or evaluation of city officials performance, this is only about your E standing VS the P status. I hope you utilize the E communication to the fullest possible to win the state seat.

    Good luck, at least if you lose you can keep your council seat! You are not going away either-way.


  24. In regard to the multiple communication opportunities including:streaming City Council meetings via the City’s web page, the electronic (e-mail) newsletter), Twitter, Facebook, continued use of the mailing of the Dearborn Heights Today and Cpl. Mark Parrinello’s e-mailed crime alerts, I have made on more than one occasion communication proposals, have meet and discussed with our Mayor and have discussed with our City Council members.Included, was the projected cost of an intern , which could run the communication updates once the serve list is established. I had been informed it would be discussed and taken into consideration during our budget hearings. I welcome your phone calls and / or e-mails to or 313.633.1845. Lastly, I encourage civic engagement via communication opportunities as proposed, as well as continued office hours. Great civic engagement leads to great leadership in government.


  25. My advise to the blogger: That is great you are very passionate about this issue, and that is good news for DH when a voter like you carry that mush of civic concern about city government practices.

    1- Go to next council meeting and expose this matter, ask why the city don’t have an E news? The E news promote transparency and can be shred and become part of the web, the information can be challenged and the administration must pay great attention to the dissemination of information. the information will be public electronic record and will be easy to retrieve from multiple devises any were, even during council meetings. The E news is a scary tools that should avoided by any public body if they are not ready to engage with the new generations of social media. If the public body disseminate some controversial news or made mistakes here and there, very often that goes viral and cause some trouble to them, and accountability become very critical. The E news reach out to very wide audience of voters that don’t read paper news anymore and rely on E news for almost everything. those voters are not engaged at this time with the city government activities, no council meetings streamlined to be watched on social media devises, I wonder why? it may generate some actions, at least it make others joke about the IT- E news level of this city.

    2- Start an E campaign using the “social media” to recall them, show them the power of E communication. The social media become the tools for “CHANGE”. If you want to change the way DH government conduct public business than use social media to engage the E users. The majority of paper “P” users are happy and keep re-electing the same faces over and over. E vs P. Badalow and Farrens lost and P pushers wins. Both used social media but I guess it din’t activate enough the E voter base. (In DH council agendas are delivered by public safety officers to council members homes). Talk to them and learn from their E experience.

    3- Run against them and drive the change as a public official. Use the E social media to run your campaign, take advantage of their E deficiency.

    4- Immediately start an E campaign yourself and go viral on city issues that concern you, engage the E generation and activate their E power to support your E-vision.

    5- do -not-give-up, one person can change history without knowing that during the process. it can be a local city history.

    6- don’t rely on others to do what you thing they should do, they may support but have other priorities, ask for support not leadership, you should be the leader driving your E priority.

    7- See you at next DH council meeting and to watch your E news strong message.

    8- God be with you.


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