Embrace Your Techie Council and Mr. Mayor.

I thought I could leave it alone I told myself no one is listening it’s not going to make a difference. I tried.  I did and I’ve even taken a very big step back. There is one thing I just can’t sit back and shut-up about. Maybe I won’t make a difference maybe nothing will change, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit silent and let them get away with it.

As a taxpaying resident of Dearborn Heights I feel my rights are being violated by the City Council and the current administration. I shouldn’t have to ask for years to get some basic things that almost every other city surrounding us has and are using to communicate with their residents. I don’t care if you on the council feel that you are doing enough to get the information out to the public. I’m here to tell you you’re not even close.  How many of you have taken the time to find out just what is going on outside of your little bubble?

Want to see what’s going on outside the Dearborn Heights bubble? Here we go.

Dearborn now has sign up for Crimemapping.com here’s what it looks like

crime map dearborn



What else do the City’s surrounding us have? Well how about this from Redford using Nixle

Agency Logo
Wednesday October 24, 2012, 6:24 PM

Redford Township Police

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Advisory: The main phone line for non-emergency calls is back working. 911 also is working.Hi kathy,

The main phone line for non-emergency calls is back working.
911 also is working.For full details, view this message on the web.

Sent by Redford Township Police
Elsinore St, Redford, MI 48239

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This here is Westland Using Nixle


Agency Logo
Wednesday April 9, 2014, 11:21 AM

City of Westland

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Advisory: Advisory: Westland and other area departments will be testing emergency notification sirens (tornado sirens) at 1 PM today, April 9,2014.Hi kathy,

Advisory: Westland and other area communities will be testing emergency notification sirens (tornado sirens) at 1 PM today, April 9, 2014For full details, view this message on the web.

Sent by City of Westland
36601 Ford Rd, Westland, MI 48185

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Garden City, Dearborn, and many other city’s use this service to alert residents that live in those city’s. Not Dearborn Heights.

Want to know who has a Facebook page Just click on the links please look at them and see how they like to let the residents know about what is happening in their city.

Garden City Facebook

Redford Police Department

City of Dearborn

That’s just a few do your own search on Google and see just how many city’s are using Facebook.


18 thoughts on “Embrace Your Techie Council and Mr. Mayor.”

  1. Candidates who are hungry to win a seat will do good job in educating and exposing the incumbents and why he/she should replace them. You can educate and re-educate but without candidates you end up with the same ones.


  2. I think I’d be pretty safe in saying that one of the major reasons Constan was elected was because people recognized his name. I bet I’d also be pretty safe in saying it wasn’t because we have informed voters. Same thing with Berry. It certainly wasn’t because of his voting record. Until we EDUCATE the voters of this city and encourage them to get out and vote, we’ll be stuck with the same – OLD (thinking) – council.


  3. Councilman Bob Constant got the most votes even more then the mayor, I guess the south portion of city voters voted only for him since he is the only city elected official lives south of Cherry Hill.

    The city needs more candidates, needs additional motivational tools to attracts them to run, Higher compensation may be the answer! The city must pay for qualified professionals with institutional municipal knowledge! The economy start piking up and qualified professionals are drifting south to warmer weather after the “withe tax day” and the brutal vortex winter.

    Any downward shifting in the demand for housing and retail frontage in DH toward another destination will impact negatively future properties value and tax revenues.

    wishing DH good luck!


  4. I’ve been busy today. I’ve been sending the council a copy of Dearborn’s E-Newsletter for about 5 months now and even though Lisa H-C says she’s working on it, still nothing seems to be any closer. They talk about it after the study session but never on the record. I forwarded Dearborn’s latest E-News and told them I knew there were a couple of council people who were against it. I received a reply from Marge Horvath this time telling me NO ONE on the council was against it and to check my source. She said stay tuned. It may take awhile but it will get there. But the best part is the e-mail Joe Kosinski sent to Marge and copied me. Here it is verbatim:

    Dear Council woman Horvath;

    Relax and don’t let the small and insignificant issues trouble you. You and I and the other Council members have a pretty good insight on what to be concerned about. Some in our ENVIRONMENT DON’T HAVE A CLEAR VIEW OF WHAT IS CRITICAL AND IMPORTANT! We’ve been there before and will see and hear it again……The I WANT I WANT I WANT and no regard for The How Much? and Who is going to do what is demanded? …. without the consideration of, is it really necessary, always comes from the GIMME. GIMME…. GIMME….sector of the uninformed.

    Can you believe that? Here’s proof in writing that he doesn’t want it when he says – “is it really necessary”? When Janet proposed this he said – and I quote – “Isn’t that just for techies”? And aren’t you all glad that the person who works for you says that you’re small and insignificant and that you’re part of the I WANT, I WANT group and GIMMIE, GIMMIE? And then he goes on to say that – “some (whoever could he be talking about) in our environment don’t have a clear view of what is critical and important.” Huh. This from a man who took up practically one whole council meeting talking about invoices and asking who was checking them. Then he goes on to say that from his years of experience, blah, blah, blah. It was pretty clear to most of us who were listening that he didn’t have a “clear view” even with his vast years of experience of what the heck he was talking about.

    Wow. I just wonder if this technical marvel we have in Joe really meant for me to get a copy of this e-mail. Ya think? if this doesn’t convince you that we need new council members, nothing will. Just another argument for not paying our council more money.


  5. Wow. Who wrote this? One of the council or perhaps the mayor? As I said before – not one more red cent. When they start doing the jobs for which they’ve been elected, perhaps. When we have a mayor who doesn’t swear at the citizens and walk out of council meetings, when he doesn’t have an assistant that verbally attacks citizens for speaking the truth, when we have a city that’s once again open 5 days a week, when we have a General Fund that doesn’t have to take money from other funds to be solvent, when, when, when. And here’s the BIG ONE – when we have transparancy and honesty from this administration.


  6. Check this site and become informed about “CITY OF DEARBORN HEIGHTS Act 345 Police & Fire Retirement System” Dearborn Heights taxpayers are responsible to keep that system solvent, the tax rate adjust automatically up or down every year without voters approval according to certain rules and regulations. The tax rate for that fund is separate from the General Fund and fluctuate annually according to pension obligations and required level of funding. Properties value is key factor since the amount needed determine the tax rate according to city properties value.

    The general fund pay for Police & Fire operational cost but not for retirement. The general fund pay for all other city pensions systems.

    Both police or fire chiefs salaries are more then the mayor, but they report to him? I don’t know who else make more then the mayor and also reports to him? Its so interesting when your salary is more than your “BOSS”! its understandable if DH has a weak mayor! But very unusual when the mayor is the CEO of the DH municipal corporation that incorporated under Michigan laws and operate as public services corporation. The mayor is the highest ranking authority in Dearborn Heights municipal corporation.

    If this fund was part of the city GF than the deficit would’ve been higher. Investing the fund also play a role in keeping the fund solvent, generating good return reduce the fund tax rate on homeowners and other property owners and save them few dollars they can spend on personal needs or business expenses. I have no idea how much this lawsuit effected the fund?


    That present the question of paying adequate salaries to the mayor and other public officials to motivate individuals to leave their jobs and run for those seats.

    If the mayor salary is higher than both chiefs salaries, you will find probably more then 2 individuals competing for the seat. And that apply to other seats.

    The council can put an amendment to DH charter, requiring both chiefs to be elected and reports to city council not the mayor. That may be a good resolution to this situation otherwise the mayor salary should be the highest.


  7. Lisa H-C had stated there was some on the council that were against the e-newsletter. I sent her an e-mail asking for the names of those people and she said – and I quote – I’m not in a position to comment. Huh? I thought she just got through saying the council works for us. Why am I not allowed to know who those people are? It’s probably because she’s said that she’s only spoken to the others “in passing” and there is no record of those conversations. Why not? Isn’t it time we got this request on the record and found out exactly who is against this city moving forward? I think so. No excuses! Once again – Henry Ford said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Seems we’ve got a lot of OLD people on the council. Time for them to go.


  8. I recommend to this blog visitors to read the following audit report, A lot of information are listed.

    Did the city government published this public report on DH website? Read what the state requires local governments to publish and what municipalities must do to be transparent. This report will help who ever want to know about DH revenue, expenditures, taxes, city liabilities, pensions obligations, what was done, what suppose to be done, auditors observations, analyses, and corrective action recommendations.

    “THIS REPORT IS IN PLAN ENGLISH” Raw financial data and good municipal financial education.



  9. Thank you, Lisa, for remembering the most important fact about the council. YOU work for US. Something the rest of the council would do well to remember.


  10. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, wishing you good luck in achieving your goals. I hope you will see some of them implemented before you give up and leave your post or elected to another post.

    Let have a blog prayer for you to have the will to continue your IT and communication upgrading mission.

    You have a good vision and an excellent philosophical understanding of how a local government should work, why you din’t run for the mayor post? you would’ve been one of the best mayors the city seen so far.

    What a loss that you didn’t run for the mayor post!


  11. Lisa, I really appreciate all you are trying to accomplish but I feel your job is an “Impossible Mission”. The ideas you express have been expressed before by another council member and that member kept meeting stone walls after stone walls. Unless we get the old guard council members replaced with new blood your hard work will be for naught. I have seen enough of this city administration to know that if you are not with them then you are considered against them and you will be punished.

    Streetsmart, once again I will say that the sad state of affairs in this city is due to voter apathy Since I live in area #6 of the city I can only comment on what happens in my part..

    Tonight I just attended a meeting regarding the search for a new superintendent for District #7 schools. If there were 25 people at that meeting there were a million and the majority were teachers, principals and school workers.. The residents in #6 need to get off their dupas and get involved especially since we have only one council member representing us in #6 and so far he remains unimpressive to me. Though the city and school districts are two separate entities how one goes so goes the other.


  12. I have been contacted by several residents via office hours, Facebook, e-mail or phone, public meetings and forums such as Community Conversation, and have discussed and submitted a request for improved communication opportunities. I am eager to seek and encourage our residents to be actively engaged in our community. I have written and submitted a communication proposal which included the use of Nixle, social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and electronic (e-mail) newsletter for updates, and streaming City Council meetings. I understand, these ideas have been presented in the FY 14-15 budget. Please remember, Council will review, discuss and decide if any of these are of value. Yes. Your voices need to be heard. We work for you, the resident. Effective civic engagement is an integral part of good governance, and that the amount and quality of … priorities for engagement and encouraging participation is key to a healthy community.


  13. Bitsyo8

    You are on target about going to city council, but in “Dearborn Heights” they all together and when one person present a questionable accusations against the mayor by his ex-secretary, he was shut-up and threaten to be banned from attending the council meetings and further actions may be taken against him. Normally, the council should look in to the matter and check the facts? Not suppress the issue. But this is Dearborn Heights! And that is one of the reason most citizens don’t attend council meetings and give up their addressees when talking! Not everybody is willing to fight city hall. They rather sell and move if they have no special attachments to this city and almost most of us don’t. The few like you “God bless you” who do have that commitment and cares about this city for what ever reasons, should continue your mission in local politics and run to replace those elected officials whom you believe should do better job.

    Be the leader and you may find that a lot of citizens will support you according to their abilities and situations. Cities like Detroit use to have over one million residents and almost zero blighted building. Residents starts to leave others replaced them, and shortly left selling at cheap price, or left and gave up their properties. I hope Dearborn Heights will have a lot of residents like you.

    During the last 20-30 years cities like Canton, Plymouth and others grow in size and populations to accommodate the population increase and the citizens who left urban municipalities, Dearborn Heights was lucky to be next to dearborn and become a place of choice for the ARAB AMERICANS who drove the price of homes and commercial properties to the roof in certain areas of the city and populated them with their decent size families and new business, replacing the lost population and occupied the empty buildings. Facts are the facts??????

    The future will tell if DH will become another Dearborn where 27 candidates competed for city council? at this time in DH 5 candidates competed for 4 council seats, 4 of them served on council before and the one lost was new candidate.

    Just remember that DH geographically is 2 large pieces of land (South and North) attached by very narrow strip that was purchased from the city of Inkster 52 years ago to form DH.

    Just remember also that out of all current elected officials only one ( Councilman Bob Constant) live in the south part of the city. 1 out of 12 elected officials.

    Just remember that the south part of the city is about 30-35 % of DH. May be more balanced presentation needed? How about charter amendment to have 5 council members elected (2 from the south, 3 from the north and 2 at large) and eliminate the mayor, treasure and clerk elected offices and replace them by council appointments based on qualifications for best management of city business? The facts are the facts, DH is one city and I love and believe it should stay as one.

    Lets have a blog prayer to keep the general population interested to move and live in DH, so the properties keeps or increase their values. I also hope that our city government attract young generation to DH???????


  14. Kathy, I agree with you 100%. However, the council and mayor do not want what they are doing or not doing for the city to come to light. Also they do not want to learn technology as that would require them to actually work instead of sitting up there and saying “Aye” to every motion that comes before them.

    I have a suggestion. We get a recording device where we can record each of them saying “Aye’ in their own voices. We pay them each a small stipend for their voice. The only one that needs to attend council meetings is Baron the Bull. He calls for the motion. The clerk can then press the “play” button on the recorder and wella !!!, no muss no fuss. We get the same outcome but we save on council people salaries.

    The money we save when we don’t have to pay these drones could go towards getting Dearborn Heights up and running with an on-line news letter.


  15. Until we start going to the council meetings and voicing our opinions – on camera – on microphone – nothing will change. Time to put your money where your mouth is, people.


  16. The citizen of DH are lucky that the editor of this blog din’t give-up. But I would like to remind everybody in this city that the surrounding cities that the editor talking about were puzzled few years ago by the ability of our mayor to manage DH financials books during the financial storm, they kept hiring him saying year after year from 2008-2011 that DH is in good shape and they believed the CPA and some sleeked advise from him. Poor neighbors learned the truth in mid 2011 just few month from that CPA stating that DH was OKKKKKKKKKKKK. It was a $5 millions GF deficit. They finally get the correct information.

    Now we are finding out that those puzzled neighbors are way ahead of DH in IT and in customer services in addition to financial stability.

    Its time for DH government to keep-up with their peers and deliver comparable municipal services. Most of DH elected officials are long time committed public servants and they served honorably the best they can according to their abilities. But if the job demands become a burden on them they should quit in good standing and help assimilate new elected officials and advise them accordingly.

    The compensation for elected officials should be boosted to attract candidates to run.


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