When Are We Going to Get Ours?

Could we please if you don’t mind Council and Mayor have our E Newsletter now? It’s the year 2014 yes 2014 and still the city of Dearborn Heights hasn’t managed to put together an E Newsletter. How much longer do we have to wait as residents of Dearborn Heights for this to happen. Many of us have been asking for a very long time to have this including past council members. Here is what the residents of Dearborn can sign up for. Don’t you think it’s time the residents of Dearborn Heights can sign up for the same thing? Those of you on the City Council who are not in favor of us moving to the 21st and letting your residents have access to so much. Please tell us WHY? I would just like to remind all of you It’s not about you it’s about us what we want…







3 thoughts on “When Are We Going to Get Ours?”

  1. The E news publication is a continuous streamlining news. Up dates are done when news become available. Information about issues and events are fluid. So if a municipality is not ‘info savvy” and have problems with releasing information and comments or answers than for sure E news is not for them. They are happy with the “dianassorious” of the 90’s written version. (Both written and E news together are OK). Here we are, Council members who are working and have jobs know for sure they will be fired from their jobs if they can’t keep up with the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Communication methods. So why not communicating the same way with DH citizens?

    Let Have a blog prayer to help our DH government become an EEEEEEEEEEEEE News savvy.


  2. I’ve been forwarding this to the council for the last 4 months, I believe, and have never gotten any responses from anyone except Lisa Hicks-Clayton. This is what she said: “In regard to the electronic newsletter, I have continued to pursue this opportunity and have continued discussions with Bob Ankrapp. He has written it into his budget for FY 2014-2015. However, I have been advised some do not agree. In addition, I have continued to advocate for streaming of City Council meetings via the City’s website, so residents may view anytime at their convenience, effective use of the WDHT cable channel, use of local print media and use of social media including Facebook and Twitter.” Notice – SOME DO NOT AGREE. And Kathy, as far as I’m concerned, if they’re not FOR this, they’re too far behind the times and should resign from City Council. I’m tired of all surrounding cities passing us up technically.


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