Don’t Think Pot Holes are A Big Deal?



Nope our City isn’t on the list yet maybe later.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Think Pot Holes are A Big Deal?”

  1. Did we got what we paid for? May be we deserve what we got! They were elected anyway! And they will be re-elected for as long as they want to be elected.Very simple math: No competition! Not enough candidates! Very low voting numbers! The mayor was elected by less then 5000 votes out of over 30,000 registered to vote! And with the ones that did not registered to vote that number will be even higher!

    I hope we don’t end up one day in DH with less candidates running than the open seats? That will be the joke of the century!


  2. Oh Bitsy 08, I am so with you sister. I will not vote for another tax increase and I sure as H–L don’t think we should pay our mayor or council members any more money. In fact, our council is as useful as a teat on a bull and our mayor is a useless bull – can’t produce and just drops a lot of manure on the ground.


  3. And then again, maybe more compensation will convince the “Do Nothings” that we already have, to stay. UNTIL I see some positive action from this council, you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t get any more money from me. As a matter of fact, I’m so tired of them and this mayor yelling doom and gloom to get more tax money from us (the library) and then “borrowing” from those funds to help the GF, I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR ANY MORE INCREASED TAXES – no way – no how! Instead of yelling for more money for them, let’s EDUCATE the voters we do have so they’re aware of how these people have voted and what they’ve done – or more likely – not done while they’ve been in office. One more thing! UNTIL we get rid of a majority of the Do Nothings now on council, we won’t get anyone else to run because anything a new council member wanted to vote in would be stalemated by the Do Nothings. Do you know that we have at least TWO COUNCIL MEMBERS who are against an E-Newsletter, a new website, and transparancy in the form of check registers on-line, Facebook, live streaming of council meetings on a site such as Facebook or You Tube? They have been heard to say – not necessary – and – isn’t that just for techies? And you want more money for these clowns? You need to study the facts before you start calling or suggesting more money for these people. And they need to start doing the job for which they were elected and for which they are now overpaid. You want one council member to make more money when he’s come to two meetings in a row and said – I’m not prepared because I was too busy – but then HE VOTES????!!!!! How the H – – – can he make an informed vote when he’s said he isn’t prepared? And you want a Clown like this to have more money?????!!!!


  4. Not enough motivation to run for public office in Dearborn Heights. ” The market slogan say: you get for what you pay for” May be paying more compensations will attracts more candidates? I believe in balanced philosophy to attracts public servants, but Dearborn Heights needs more candidates to compete for the public posts, and needs more educated and experienced public servants.


  5. StreetSmart: A big box Store Manager is at his job more than 4 days a week, 8 hours per day. There’s the difference. Our mayor makes plenty for what he gives us.


  6. State Representative David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights), stated during the council meeting on April 8. 2014 that the state have 1.3 billions surplus, but the roads needs 1.3 billions for repairs. So what that surplus means? He made sure to say that he doesn’t blame the city administrations for not repairing their share of that mess, he blame the state for not handing out the money to the administration to spend on the repairs.

    Will, what a 3 millions of surplus means to Dearborn Heights when the roads were not plowed and needs millions of dollars to correctly fixed? Plus a huge VICTOR CONTROL problem “no estimate calculated yet for the cost to resolve that devastated problem” for the city southwest neighborhood? In addition to the issue of 4 days city services that no study been done yet to measure the savings and other effects on the residents.

    I hope that the employees agrees to go back to 5 days work. They are used to 4 days work and 3 days off, most of them adjusted their life to that routine. Additionally some of them generate additional income by working overtime or working another job.

    I don’t know who proposed the 4 days work week? and based on what? No study or cost analysis been presented to the council for approval? How much the savings in dollars since September 27/2011 when the 4 days work week started? Why not releasing that wonderful program data? What is the hurdles? Why the council members are not asking a single question about the benefits of having 4 days work week?

    Call the officials you voted for and ask them why the city none public safety services are closed on Fridays? And hold them accountable to their answers. May be some of them don’t want to deal with this issue and planning on retiring soon and leave it to the new elected officials.

    I heard that some employees works on Fridays, but not open to the public? How that happened? When the council authorized them to work on Fridays? The only resolution by the council is to close none emergency city services on Fridays and extend the AFSME contracts provisions to all city employees none AFSME union members. The mayor stated that no overtime on Fridays!

    The city employees deserve every dollars they make, they are under paid with no salary increase for long time, the union representatives must and shall negotiates in “good faith” the best deals for themselves and the rest of their union members.

    State Representative David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights) is the new generation of public servants and they have no fear to state the facts as is, and transparently present the problems as politically as it can be. He understand his political limits and his political propaganda is full of public benefits. His personal life is not conflicted with his public duties and his integrity and ethics are not questionable.


  7. Streetsmart, all I will say is that elected officials knew what they would get paid and the responsibilities they would have when they ran for the office. No one forced this on them. The old saying of “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen” is still right in this day and age.

    If the mayor was the wonderful and gifted CPA he boasts he is, how on earth did this city get into such a financial mess. Also, how hard is it for a council member to bloviate to the camera and say “Aye” to every motion that comes before them? Are we even getting what we are paying for in the mayor and council?

    At least Tom Berry voted no on a liquor license for the Spiritfest. I cannot imagine for the life of me why liquor has to be mixed in with something that is supposed to be a family-friendly event. We tell our kids one thing and then do the opposite.

    The only thing I have heard the mayor say on the issue of the potholes is to whine that the state of Michigan changed their rules this year. As usual nothing about what was going to be done by the council. This would have taken thinking and discussion and not merely just saying “Aye”.

    Oh, dummy me, now I get it. The council is waiting for the mayor to propose something so they can all say “Aye” to it. Momma duck hasn’t given her ducklings any direction to waddle in yet.


  8. Mapping city streets is not that difficult as many may thing, and its not high tech or advanced IT, its a simple spreadsheet and repair schedule. But you can have the program on paper, it will stay on paper if you have the manpower and the fund to transfer talks to walks. The $3 millions DH citizens approved couple years ago should be used to maintain adequate levels of city services along with paying the GF deficit. This mayor and city council are going aggressively in paying the deficit, good job doing that, but no needs to forget city services because the deficit will be paid anyway without any special skills or creativity, the taxes are coming every year and all what the administration need to do is to take 2 millions and pay the other city funds, in 3 years that is 6 millions.

    The aggressiveness against spending should been adopted back in 2009, 10, 11,12 when the city revenue went down, at this time moderation in spending is best policy. We have to remember that we approved the tax increase to keep city services and local government control and paying the deficit will be the goal not the process.

    Mainlining save streets is an essential city service and must be achieved timely and more important than bragging about reducing city GF deficit that accrued under the same administration and council (except for the newly elected). Municipal governing is non-partisan politics and should be about managing municipal work, (roads, trash, trees trimming, victor control, public safety, elections services, collecting taxes, code enforcement , economic development and other municipal work).

    When you have a strong mayor, the mayor is the manager and that is a full time job with detailed tasks and duties that must must be performed. Strong mayor is a working mayor/manager, its a very hard and responsible job to manage 40 millions dollars organization and usually a CEO of that size organization makes 5 times the salary of our mayor. I guess the citizens of this city should review their options about whom they want to attract to run for a strong mayor post, I’m sure if the post pays $125,000.00 per year plus benefits and bonus, a long list of candidates will be competing for that post. A store manager at a big box retailer make more than our mayor. An experience CPA at one of the accounting firms makes easy six figures without all the responsibilities that attached to a strong mayor job and the exposure of personal life to the public.

    Hope that help everybody understand the reality of public life and the never ending demands put on public officials.


  9. I’m seeing many streets getting repaired Gully between Cherry Hill and Ford Road has been done. I agree what Taylor’s Mayor is doing is fantastic, but that would involve technology and we all know how this administration and many on the Council feel about that.


  10. Hello Kathy!

    I shared this  information with Mayor Paletko and DPW Director Zimmer along with the link. I love what Taylor’s Mayor, Rick Sollars, is doing with mapping. Many munipalities have taken up this campaign. I will say, when reporting problems to 313.791.6000, the potholes are getting filled. Had one street last week, Sherbourne, couldn’t even drive on it. The concrete slabs had actually separated by more than 4-6″. It was resolved right away.

    Thank you for sharing the information. In addition, I have posted more updates on the installation of the AMI smart meters to my FB page. Will keep everyone posted of developments.

    Lastly, I am hosting a Announcement Dinner on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 6:00 p.m. at DeLuca’s Italian Restaurant. I would love for you and Zouher to attend. It is also an evening to recognize community engagement and volunteers, as the month of April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. Please feel free to share and / or post.

    Thanks Kathy!


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton Dearborn Heights City Council Member 313.633.1845


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