Governor Snyder Putting Millions Towards Roads.

Biz Magazine had a link to a story about Governor Snyder putting $215 million for priority road projects.

 “I appreciate the Legislature’s working together to approve this budget supplemental that provides much-needed funding to help fix Michigan’s deteriorating roads. This has been a significantly harsh winter on many fronts, and particularly devastating in terms of potholes.”

Read full story here. Potholes are going to be a big issue for anyone running this year. As one person told me if I was running I make my whole campaign centered around potholes. Sounds funny I know he told me, but think about it how many City’s just dropped the ball this winter? From snow plowing to road repairs this has affected people in a negative way. Interesting concept for sure not sure if a whole campaign can run around just one issue.


18 thoughts on “Governor Snyder Putting Millions Towards Roads.”

  1. Most citizens don’t have the time or don’t want to attend the council meetings. But, it amazing that in dearborn Heights very few want to run for local offices. No body interested? I hope few will become exited and run. Those who wants to be mayor, council members, clerk, treasurer, and what ever else should be attending and asking questions and prove their claims against the existent officials that they want to replace.

    Unfortunately, Very few of the few who are involve in local politics are active. It seems that DH is unique and when you don’t like to live here anymore, you just sell and leave. Why bother. the other factor those jobs don’t pay enough, there are good if you are retired with pension.

    Lets have a “blog prayer” asking God for help to have candidates. Politics needs electable leaders so others will follow them. I hope this city produce few of them and agree to pay good salaries for them.


  2. I reiterate. Until the citizens of DH start showing up at the council meetings and voicing their opinions – on camera – on the microphone – nothing is going to change. As far as losing your temper, GS, I did that back in December. I told them that with Janet gone, there wouldn’t be one original or progressive idea coming out of the whole bunch and I was fed up with all of them. Do you know what Apigian does? He blocks my e-mails. I say if you want to play with the big boys – act like one. Pull up your big boy pants, Ned, and deal with it. And StreetSmart, your comment about the hours – let’s just say we’ve heard it before. It’s all well and good to come on this blog and complain but until you and others start showing up at council meetings and asking the council your questions, you won’t get an answer. Course, even if you ask the council the questions they probably wont’ – or more likely can’t – answer it. I was told the other night that when she asks the council questions, they can’t answer her and when she states facts about the city or subject on which she wants answers, they aren’t as knowledgeable about it as she. But then, when we have one councilman (I won’t mention Tom’s name) who isn’t prepared and hasn’t read up on the agenda items,what do you expect? GS – Kathy is going to send you my e-mail address. Please contact me.


  3. In 2011 the city GF was in about $5.5 millions deficit, the administration and the council did every think they can
    do to sell us the tax increase by The HO, and we did approve it, the increase was about $3 millions per year. During that time of extreme financial difficulties and dire need for every dollars, the mayor and council approved a labor contract that pays for 36 hours per week but requires 32 hours of work. The 4 hours are not defined in the contract, and there are no explanation for what they are for? That labor contract was extended to all city employees without labor contracts. How much paying for those non working 4 hours costed the city since 2011? and why not stated in the contract what those 4 hours are paid for? You can review the contract at the following website:


  4. Bitsy08, You are so right. I feel ashamed for not attending. The only excuse I have is that I am afraid of losing my cool and really letting them feel the sharp side of my tongue. I would have not been able to keep quiet if I had heard the Baron of Bull comment about “making up 3.2 million dollars last year alone” .

    The mayor can drop an F-Bomb on two citizens, the mayor can tell a tax paying citizen who asks a valid question at the council meeting to “Shut Up, and the mayor’s assistant, Missy Crissy, can verbally accost and shout at another tax paying citizen “You are a piece of s–t”; however, if we so much as say anything negative or even ask a question about the goings on in this city we would be banned from attending council meetings if Tom Berry has his way. I really think this is hammered home because of the armed police officers that are now attending the council meetings. Step out of line with a question or comment and you will get stepped on.

    They know that no one holds them accountable so they do as they want. Those of us that really know what is going on don’t have the financial resources to fight this kind of corruption and they know that too. The really hard part to swallow is that they would use the tax money we pay to defend their lying SOB carcasses. They have millions at their disposal (our money) and most in my age group are living on fixed incomes. We don’t have a slingshot much less stones to fight the parasites in city hall…..and they know this too.

    Several people have come to this blog and are all gong-ho about changing all the above but its just talking the talk. I even told one them that I would be willing to pay for part of renting the Young center conference room to hold an informational meeting and we never heard from them again. Unless citizens get involved nothing will stop them. If I wore a younger woman’s clothes I would organize a meeting; however, this is now up to a younger person as I have been battling city hall since the 1970’s. I will pledge to donate $200.00 to someone out there reading this that will take up the gauntlet. We see how citizen involvement in Dearborn is changing the “business as usual” attitude in Dearborn and we can too.


  5. Concerning the “rumor” that a union negotiator and someone in the city administration were very close at the time the contract was negotiated is no rumor. It is in fact – FACT. Another thing is that NO ONE who will benefit from the negotiations is supposed to be involved in the negotiations. That is also not the case. The person negotiating for the city not only HAD NO NEGOTIATING EXPERIENCE along with only a high school education, but also directly benefited from what was negotiated. I spoke with a reporter from the Press & Guide the other night and she told me that other cities were like ours; apathetic. When I asked about Dearborn, she said the Dearborn’s Council was much more involved but that was also because the citizens of Dearborn were more involved. Not so with our city. I WAS THE ONLY PERSON at the Study Session the other night. I had to sit there and listen to Barron say – “we made up $3.2M last year alone.” Then the mayor was complaining about this other person during the election not really understanding the money situation and not reporting it properly; leading the citizens down the wrong path. Pardon me but I think I’m going to throw up in my mouth! When you go to City Council meetings, there are just the same handful there. Until this city starts paying attention, nothing will change.


  6. I did a little surfing and found this website of a company that fixes potholes the proper way (not just throwing some loose asphalt in the hole, where it will eventually wash into the storm sewers after a couple of rainfalls). Thought the rest of you might like to see what is being done in the road industry. No I don’t own stock in this company but sure wish I did after this past winter.


  7. Streetsamart, the responsibility for putting this mayor and council in office rests squarely and solely on the residents of Dearborn Heights who did not see it important enough to learn what is really going on in this city and then to get out and vote. Voter apathy is to blame for the sad state of affairs this city is in and this is how self-focused and political motivated people get elected to these positions. I wonder how many people actually watch the council meetings much less attend them.

    I feel having a city manager for the city would be like trading one dictator for another.

    I do agree there should be only two term limits on the mayor and council seats.

    I also agree that department heads be hired based on standard municipal qualifications not politically appointed. As this administration has shown, these department heads and their actual departments are run by the mayor and not based on the needs of the citizens.

    As far as contracting services out I have a bit of problem with that as I come from a strong union family. However, it seems that the union and the city might not really be working for what is best for the tax paying citizens of Dearborn Heights. There have been many references and a strong and long lasting rumor that a person in the city administration and the union representative were very close during contract negotiations. When the residents try and get any information or facts on the subject, they are ignored by both the council and mayor, called names or told not to come to council meetings. Although it grieves me greatly to say this I think until the DPW is up to its full capacity of workers, the work of the DPW as it concerns our roads (pothole repair, snow plowing and street cleaning) should go to a contractor as we the tax paying citizens are not getting what we have paid for in our taxes. The limited amount of employees left in the working DPW can than take care of the other DPW matters.

    As far as the mayor going after state funds for our road repair, the only thing I heard him do so far is to whine about the fact that the rules have been changed in the allocating of funds from the state. No mention of using his “budget surplus” he and his minions yakked about so much before the election, to start repairing the worst pot holes and giving some residents some much needed relief.


  8. You are joking or dreaming that our mayor will raise an issue with the Governor, I guess he doesn’t want his name in the media. from what I understand from my CPA, the state generated more revenues by eliminating the tax credits for homeowners who makes more than $50,000.00 per year or the SEV is more then $90,000.0. I don’t understand why the state should share revenues with municipalities that should be eliminated totally. The state should take care of state business not municipal business. May be our mayor as a CAP understand that, therefore kept quiet and didn’t make any political noise.


  9. Well why isn’t our state rep,Mayor,and council fighting to get the money back to fix our roads? Has the Mayor published one thing any where talking about this. If he has please put it up here.


  10. Guess where the “millions” Snyder is putting into the roads came from……….your city and countless other Michigan city budgets (revenue sharing cuts / deletions)……thats why your city is broke.


  11. Managing municipal operations requires education and experience, the majority elected politicians are not effective managers, therefore the most effective form of municipal management is to have a “city manager” so services will separated from political propaganda, or have Department heads hired based on standard municipal qualifications not politically appointed according “and most of time” to personal affiliations only. combination of both is acceptable but rarely achieved.

    Time limits to 2 terms for mayor and council members is also an effective way to force them to do a good job since they are out anyway no matter how much personal relations and promises they make, and at the time there policies will have limited effects limited to their terms on the municipalities operations. Dearborn Heights is not different from the rest of the crowd.

    Again as I said over and over, the mayor and the council of this city failed to balance the GF and sunk it in a deficit hole $5.5 millions deep by spending the $5.5 millions GF surplus plus another $5.5 millions in over spending. They failed to cut spending according to revenue and the mayor kept saying we are different then most of the other cities and every body was wondering why and how? But believed the “CPA”

    Some how they did not see the red ink hole and when the red ink is all over them, they noticed that and start the cleaning process by calling for help from the citizens for more taxes and cutting spending on services including DPW replacement personals to who are on long term medical leaves, and not re-oping city services on Fridays (No study or report on how mush saving the city achieved by closing Fridays?) Why not telling the citizens about the savings?

    Therefore contractors can be a solution to provide services. The extra taxes should be responsibly spent on needed services and paying the GF deficit, both functions are equally important.

    The guilt the city officials may feel because of their failure to balance the GF should not make them rushing to saving mode and neglecting needed services and spending to show the citizens that they are paying the deficit down. They asked for the additional taxes to keep adequate city services and paying the GF deficit. They should do both.


  12. It has been a brutal winter both on our roads and on our nerves.

    From the mouth of DPW Director Zimmer there are several employees in the DPW that are on long-term medical leave. I don’t know what is at play here with so many of this department’s employees out on medical leave; however, whatever the reason, the bottom line is there are less people actually working to take care of the roads.

    The second thing is money. Obviously the mayor’s budget was not balanced and there isn’t really a surplus if the city needs to borrow 5 million from the water fund and 1 million from the library fund to make ends meet for the fiscal year 2013-2014. This motion was passed at the last council meeting with nary a nay from any council member.

    The mayor keeps putting out these “fantasy” (not my word but the exact quote from a council member who voted for it-go figure) budgets and the council keeps approving them. This cycle will be repeated again this year. We the tax payers get to keep paying more and more for getting less and less. The only way to stop this cycle is to vote in responsible representatives.

    Off the subject I applaud the young mother for telling the council about the many fights she has had to break up in front of Pardee school. I fear for this young mother’s life and I hope that she does not continue to do this . I agree with her that the police response is quick. All my 50 years of living in Dearborn Heights the police have always responded quickly. This young mom exemplifies the best of Dearborn Heights, we need more like her in our city government. Our present council members need to take a page from this mom’s book.

    However, it is my humble opinion, the mayor wants more money from court revenues to pad his budget. He voiced at a past council meeting that the budget was being impacted negatively from the down turn in court revenues. It is more profitable for the police to patrol the major roads to write tickets than to patrol neighborhoods were there is no profit to be made. I want to make it clear, this is through no fault of the officers on the street as they are only doing what they have been ordered to do. The lack of more patrols in our neighborhoods is directly on the shoulders of the mayor and council. God forbid anything happen to this mom; however, if it does the blame will be squarely on the shoulders of the mayor and council.



  13. Wow, thank you for evaluating my IQ level. What scale did you use and what methods of measurement you applied for calculating your outcomes? Not need to be smart or highly educated to feel the bomby roads and call the towing truck to repair or change your wheel or tire after falling in one of them. Yes it take time, but can be done faster by hiring additional help (contractors) after a brutal winter. And also, please no personal attack. we all “streetsmart” in one-way or another.

    The city general fund is in surplus according to the mayor, may we can afford $100 k for faster repairs.

    I like to read your post without personal attacks.


  14. You ain’t so Smart, Street. I was on Gulley yesterday from Michigan Avenue to Van Born and all the holes were plugged. I just came down Gulley from Ford Road to Michigan and all the holes were plugged. I also went on the city website and put in the location of the holes I’d seen and those are those ones that have been plugged. If more of you would do that, it would help. As I said, with 154+ miles of local roads alone, it will take some time. Every hole can’t be plugged in a week.


  15. Dearborn Heights considers outsourcing assessing, how about outsourcing all city services, Then the mayor will end up managing contractors. ( Easy task)


  16. Good job give them excuses, repairing the holes at this pace will take long time and for every hole they patch 3 holes will appears. If they can’t do their jobs and tack the heat they can hire contractors or resign their post and allow other committed hard working educated, experienced, certified professional who can be hired based on qualifications not appointed based on loyalty and affiliations only to provide the adequate level of services on time as needed not as possible. I believe $40 millions will make any private entities very happy to manage this city and provide the best services you can dream off. I heard the mayor is not replacing the Assessor but contracting the services to a private company. How about contraction public work also to a private entities? May be he can start with few activities and evaluate the results?


  17. I know there are a lot of potholes but when you make a blanket statement saying “cities have dropped the ball”, I think you’re being unfair. We’ve had a horrendous winter. We’ve had so much snow it was a chore just to keep up with plowing the roads. And since the roads have been plowed so much and salt thrown down, it has impacted the roads big time and pot holes are the result. I was out today and noticed a lot of holes fixed. I think we just need to be patient and let them do their jobs. We have 154+ miles of local roads and 30 miles of major highways. When you know how many pot holes Gulley alone has, just multiply that by 154 miles and you get a lot of tar in a lot of holes and a lot of time to fix them.


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