Talking Pot Holes.

Talking pot holes over at Chat TP asking everyone to put up the streets they know about or travel on with pot holes. Click Here


2 thoughts on “Talking Pot Holes.”

  1. The city administration is responsible to make sure that all the streets within city jurisdiction are safe, the administration responsibility is to coordinate the repairs with the county and the state, city officers and officials and also residents should reports all needed repairs to a designated responsible officer. and if the county or the state fail to do their jobs then the city should repair the streets and send them the bill to pay plus an administrative fee, the same way we treat cutting the grass. No excuses please, just do your job, get out and drive the streets and make the repairs happens. “driving the streets is very valuable added miles on city cars” Please find the time to do that. How about Fridays?


  2. In order to get the city to take care of the pot holes, you can go into the city site, Comments and Concerns, and put in a ticket telling them exactly where the pot holes are. I reported Ann Arbor Trail between Warren and Telegraph and S. Gulley between Ford and Cherry Hill. They ask you for an address but I was able to bypass that and still report them. I suggest if you know of any pot holes, you do the same. Then we’ll see if they get fixed.


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