Was Your Street Plowed The Day After The Storm?

snow-plowYesterday March 13, 2014 Surprised to see that my street was plowed yes plowed the day after the storm. First time all winter after all these storms that the street was done next day after a storm. How many of you had your street plowed yesterday?


13 thoughts on “Was Your Street Plowed The Day After The Storm?”

  1. Curious: I, too, tried to look up the ratings but wasn’t successful. I’m usually pretty good at finding the sublime and the ridiculous but at one point they wanted me to sign in using FaceBook and then they wanted my information. I’m pretty tired of everyone wanting my information so declined to go in with those parameters. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell us how to find the information.


  2. All this winter I pay someone to plow my end of the street except for this last snow storm as I knew it was going to melt.Not one thank you from neighbors and I know better than to send the bill to anyone in this city.The police getting people off the street helps a lot as some these people parked out there don’t even live on this street they are visiting over night.Why don’t they use their driveways ?That is why we need more active police in these neighborehood


  3. And why, if we have so much salt left and money in the budget for it, didn’t they EVER, in the worst winter one can remember, salt my street? The police use my neighborhood to go north instead of using Michigan Avenue and making the Michigan left. It would seem to me that my neighborhood should have been one of the first plowed AND SALTED to make it easier for the police. Instead, it seems we’re the last. And then days AFTER it’s snowed and the temperature reaches in the 50’s. What a waste of time and money.


  4. Here is the exact figures for Claim number 6-4 from last Tuesday’s council meeting. regarding the rock salt.

    Beginning of February there was $87,287.22 left in the budget for the account titled Road Supply. For the month of February $30,408.33 was paid to the Detroit Salt Company. leaving a balance of $56,878.89!..not the $45,000.00+ I originally estimated yesterday.
    That amount could help patch (properly done) some really bad pot holes in our city when the weather warms and help with the rat infestation to boot. .


  5. $45,000.00 left in the salt budget in the worst year that needed the most salt! good management of DPW operations! No need for salt for next year! why have a budget for it? It will a good idea for the residents to start searching for contractors to “snow plow” their streets, pay collectively and sand the invoices to the mayor and council for reimbursement! may be that will be cheaper and more cost effective. Every neighborhood will have a “snow Plowing” committee.


  6. You know, when the city KNOWS it’s supposed to get in the 50’s today, what is the point of plowing the street this late after the storm? By now in my opinion, it’s a waste of taxpayer money. Everything has melted with the warm weather.


  7. Colgate was done once on Wednesday but it looked all slushy when I left for work this morning. My husband says at 3:30 today p.m. that our street and Colgate has pretty much melted.

    I am glad to see the improvement in plowing. .

    Regarding the salt situation. Dearborn Heights does buy their salt from the Detroit Salt Company for about $31.00 per ton as per the contract. According to the invoice submitted this past council meeting there is still about $45,000.00+ left in the budget for salt purchase. Since the financial year will be over in a few months and hopefully we won’t have much more snow that extra money left over can be used to address the rat situation.


  8. No not plowed but the police did tell people to get out of parking in the street and that is a first for this area.


  9. I’m not sure. I can’t tell. I DO know that I heard the snow plows came one night at about 2:30 a.m. I haven’t SEEN them this time but it’s possible they came again during the night. I thought I heard something last night but can’t be certain. This was a wet, heavy snow and it’s been days since it snowed. The traffic has flattened the snow so can’t tell if it was plowed or just down due to the traffic.


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