No Say It’s Not So Close the Berwyn Center.

This is from the Planning Commission Meeting Minutes February 13, 2014 submitted to City Council. As you can see from the conversation Berwyn Center and yes even Eton Center are going to be closed. According to the 5 year plan submitted by Parks and Recreation Department.. Question here for those who might remember didn’t the Mayor promise he would never close them? When Janet Badalow was running for Mayor she proposed the same thing for the Eton Center and was beat over the head for it by the majority of the senior voters. I guess her idea was so good that the Mayor is going to implement it. Difference is he lied about it during the election and Janet Badalow was straight forward with her plans.

As to the new senior center to replace the Berwyn Center… With what money? I think this is just pie in the sky thinking as to the Berwyn Center and if anything they are just going to move it to the Canfield Center, or better yet move them to the Richard A. Young Center.  



11 thoughts on “No Say It’s Not So Close the Berwyn Center.”

  1. Even better, installing higher seat on the same toilette for now, until they sort out the ADA FIASCO, this issue been swinging for almost 5 years without resolution.


  2. Sorry about the counter price error, meant over 40K didn’t see the extra zero I put in (wow! what a typo to make) thanks for catching that one..

    I agree putting money into the old city hall building is throwing good money after bad. However, this city administration is not going to move city hall no matter how much we complain so at least the $43K will be going to help our ADA citizens which is a very good thing.

    If they are going to close the Berwyn Center in the next year, it would be a waste of money to ADA those bathrooms; however, if this Berwyn closing is several years down the road than the least they can do with those bathrooms is to put in one higher toilet seat in both the men and women’ bathrooms so it can provide some more ease of use for our ADA citizens. These toilets can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s for under $300.00 each.


  3. The counter ISN’T 400K; it’s estimated at $43,800. Still TOO MUCH when the whole administration building is in bad shape. Like I said; if they ove those offices to the Justice Center, they wouldn’t be putting good money after bad. This seems to be the mantra of this administration. “Let’s spend the money foolishly instead of thinking things through.”


  4. Absolutely it would be a waste of money to ADA the bathrooms of the senior centers if they are going to close them down. I just hope the block grant money that was allocated for this project hasn’t been spent on something else-like leasing a car for Ron Amen. Block grant money was used before for this purpose so it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see it used that way again.

    Spending over 400K to put a counter in a decrepit old building and not one single person on council voted against it. Shame on them.


  5. Grandma Suzanne: As you can read above, the 5 year plan includes a grant written to fix the ADA bathrooms at Berwyn. BUT – if we’re moving out that money needs to be used for something else. No sense in fixing what we won’t be in.


  6. DEARBORN HEIGHTS: Mayoral candidates discuss issues at forum

    Published: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    Question: Do you intend to close the senior center to save money?

    Paletko: Absolutely not. Not only will I not, I’m proud of the fact that I restored them when I became mayor. They will not close on my watch. In addition, (we) got a grant to pay one-third of the fee for the senior coordinator.

    Badalow: It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to do a facilities study in the city. The senior centers did come under scrutiny. I think that they key to it is bringing in more revenue so it’s sustainable. We don’t want to have to deal with this situation every couple of years whether we can sustain a department or not. My intention is not to close them, but I do want to move city hall to the justice center, because I think that will save us some money.

    Read the rest here


  7. I found this on the paperwork when I was looking for the results of the parking situation for the distillery. I sent this to Kathy, Caroline Stewart, and Lisa Hicks-Clayton. This is the answer I got from LHC:

    “During the planning/ visioning meeting with City Council, the Administration and the Department Heads, it was discussed there was a need for some capital outlay, i.e., improvements including boiler updates and the Eton roof, which has been a problem for a few years.

    The references you make are in regard to the proposed Recreation 5 Year Plan. This plan was available from January 1-30, 2014 for the public to pick up a copy and view. Sometime during the month of March, 2014, there will be a Public Comment Hearing. Look for the announcement to be posted. The City Council will review the Recreation 5 Year Plan following the Public Comment period.

    You raise very good questions. I have noted the questions and will follow up. I feel if the City is planning to no longer use the existing building for the Berwyn Senior Center, the ADA bathroom and other projects should wait. The time-line would need to be considered including completion dates and services. The ADA bathroom will be funded by CDBG funds. The funding has been programmed. This will need to be reassessed how that funding is spent and can be reprogrammed.”

    If the city is going to move the seniors out of the Berwyn Center to another more viable building (not sure where that would be) and they’re moving the seniors out of Eton (we lease this building for $1/year) (to perhaps the Richard Young Center) then why are we fixing ANYTHING in regards to either building? I understand a grant was written to fix the bathrooms in the Berwyn Center but if they’re moving out, there IS NO REASON to fix anything. That grant money (as Lisa says) needs to be reprogrammed and used somewhere else.

    Now another thing I noticed in looking through this paperwork. They’re spending money on a new elliptical machine for the Richard Young Center and – get this – $43,800 for a new counter for the City Treasurer’s office. If they would move the city offices into the Justice Center (where there is certainly enough room), they wouldn’t have to worry about security and any “counters” they need are already there.

    I’m still waiting for this city to come up with GOOD, VIABLE ideas. Let’s stop putting good money after bad, mr. mayor.


  8. I heard and saw it for myself when he said “I will not close any senior centers”, during the mayoral debate at the Donovan Hall last November. All his little minions clapped wildly in support.

    So Mr. CPA who flaunted himself as being so educated and experienced didn’t see this coming???!!!, NOT!!!!!!!!

    By the way what is the word on HYPE and how are the ADA bathrooms in our city coming along?


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