Not To Replace, but Enhance The Way The City Communicates with Residents…

No I shouldn’t have to write about this again not when you consider I did around 4 years ago. I think it was two years ago when the council finally voted for Dearborn to take care of the IT (information technology) for the City. The council approved a contract with the City of Dearborn to handle IT for the City. Now two years later and the website still hasn’t been done. There still isn’t an E-Newsletter. For all you non-techies on the council “E” stands for electronic (sent to your email) and “newsletter” well if I have to explain that please go home.

Here’s What the City of Dearborn’s Website Looks Like


Dearborn Heights website


There hasn’t been one thing changed on the website for the City of Dearborn Heights in since signing the contract with the City of Dearborn. While the City of Dearborn utilizes all the social media outlets Dearborn Heights hasn’t tried even one. What is Social media? 

Ron Jones puts it like this Essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Most social media services encourage discussion, feedback, voting, comments, and sharing of information from all interested parties.

Here’s the City of Dearborn FaceBook page

Garden City


The City of Dearborn doesn’t just stick with Facebook as a way of communicating with its residents twitter,and YouTube. They make sure they use all means of communication with their residents. On YouTube, you can now make a channel that’s just what the City of Dearborn did. Garden City has a twitter account here while other City’s around us are putting copies of City Council meetings on City websites so residents can watch at any time. The City of Dearborn Heights still hasn’t. When I mentioned this years ago Garden City and Dearborn had already been doing it. Yet here we sit stagnant never moving forward.

On the Facebook pages I used as examples you will notice people are able to leave comments and ask questions. That is part of communicating and that is something I thought for a long time was just this administration’s problem. I thought for years that it was just the administration who didn’t want to communicate with the residents. After hearing what’s been said at the council and by council members to residents. My thinking is this… the council has let the administration keep things this way because the majority on the council have no more interest than this administration in communicating with the public.


9 thoughts on “Not To Replace, but Enhance The Way The City Communicates with Residents…”

  1. Dear Kathy: Please publish the following correction:

    On 2- 18 -2014 I blogged the following: “The mayor is a CPA and understand the tax regulations and I strongly don’t believe he reports correctly his personal miles usage of his city car. I encourage him to publish those reports on city website and clear this issue.”

    I intended to write “The mayor is a CPA and understand the tax regulations and I strongly don’t believe he will reports incorrectly his personal miles usage of his city car. I encourage him to publish those reports on city website and clear this issue.”


  2. The mayor uses the city charter as toilet paper..

    He is never going to post his personal miles for all to see when we he tells his hirelings not to pay attention to a request for accountability on the mileage they put on city cars.

    Plus the council looks the other way on anything the mayor does. Also there is his main cheerleader, Tom Berry, who will beat the heck out of anybody with his pompoms who dares to say a negative word about the mayor.


  3. Tucker2008, Do you know how many miles he drove the city car every year? Do you know how many of them he claim as personal use and added to his payroll as income? Those information are public records and may be subject to FOIA. So if you are eager to know about this subject, you should ask to review his city car millage reports (This report is mandatory) and get your facts to support your allegations. (Every personal mile count as about 1/2 dollar, you can review as many years as want and analyse them accordingly). Using city cars for personal business without reporting them to avoid paying taxes on their monitory value is an IRS violation. The mayor is a CPA and understand the tax regulations and I strongly don’t believe he reports correctly his personal miles usage of his city car. I encourage him to publish those reports on city website and clear this issue.


  4. I hope he report those personal miles and claim them to the city and on his IRS tax return as part of his income. And wither he is in his office or not that is the city council duty to look after city business. In dearborn Heights the mayor is a strong mayor and he is full time employee with specific and detailed duty according to the charter. Those duties are mandatory and the mayor must complete them on daily basis. The mayor in dearborn heights paid as full time. Check the charter for mayor duties.


  5. And far be it from us to remind the mayor and his cohorts of the City Charter which states that NO CITY CAR SHOULD BE TAKEN HOME. Not even if you’re mayor. Think he cares? And we KNOW he doesn’t care what the Charter says. He’s bypassed it so many times it’s ridiculous. And are Clown Council allows it.


  6. tucker2008

    There are times that the Mayor does travel outside of the City for meetings and so on for City business I have no problem with him using the car in that case. I do how ever have a problem with him taking it home I have a problem with anyone who works for the City taking a car home. You can pick up the car out of the pool of cars and use it during working hours for City business. If the needed at night on City business use your car write down the miles the reason for it and gas.. The City can reimburse you.


  7. That is the problem with this City’s elected and appointed officials they have forgotten that they work for US not the other way around. We pay their wages, they were elected to do a job and I’m sorry to say they are not doing it. The only thing they are looking out for is themselves and their pay check to come in every pay day. I have been to City Hall several times recently and I saw a lot of people there but did not see the Mayor in his office once. I wonder how many more miles he is putting on that city owned car that we pay to have repaired and filled with fuel so he can visit Flatrock… He has been seen there many times in the past and I’m sure he’ll be seen a lot of places he goes to out of the City when he should be in his office taking care of our City business not his own personnel business. It’s time to start fighting for what we need and what we pay for.


  8. Has anyone else noticed that the mayor hasn’t even changed his hello to the city on the DH website in all the years he’s been in office? Here’s one sentence that gets me every time I read it: “Dearborn Heights is a progressive City committed to enhancing the lives of all who live and work here.” What a crock! Just read his letter and I’d bet most of you would come away sick to your stomach. We need to show up at the council meetings and tell them how we feel. When another citizen got up and read something he wanted the council to look into (HA!), our beloved mayor was heard to mutter (angrily) – another one of Zuhare’s (sp?) people. We are not Zuhare’s people, mr. mayor. We are individual’s who have gotten so fed up with you and your Clown Car Council that we’ve all decided to speak up. “You may not win every fight, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS, let ‘em know you were here,” and “When the representatives of the People do not respond to the people, the Revolution is not far behind! ” We need to start a revolution, people, and remind them all that THEY WORK FOR US!


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