Plans for the City’s Future…

By Rene Cizio
Press & Guide Newspapers

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — City Council, Mayor Daniel Paletko and several department heads met Tuesday to discuss plans for the city’s future.Paletko said the biggest goal the city has overall is to eliminate the deficit and build a fund balance.

The city carried over a deficit of $3.4 million from the 2011-12 budget. The 2012-13 budget has a $3.2 million surplus, leaving an overall fund balance deficit of about of $143,000.

Paletko’s said he also plans to reduce the city’s legacy cost. Another item on the list is to purchase large, wheeled garbage cans for the city. The current garbage contract expires in October 2016.

Other items include to resolve the city’s sewer overflow issues; work on the Ecorse Creek flood abatement; become more efficient; reevaluate how the layout of city hall can be better used; and develop a fleet management system for city vehicles.

“Those are the overall — some of the major goals,” Paletko said.

Many of the department heads said their plans for success require more staff and better equipment. Staffing and time off was a concern voiced in each department. 
Also, as part of the police department, the city has hired an animal control officer, but have not been able to find anyone to train the individual. Paletko said they have several plans and are working on getting the person trained.department consolidation was mentioned for several.
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Question Do you think any of what they are talking about will get done? Leave your response in the comment section.. Or you can come on over to Chat TP  take a look.

7 thoughts on “Plans for the City’s Future…”

  1. I STILL don’t have an answer to my question. And of course it matters, Noisy. As I asked before, I believe the surplus was quoted as an “actuarial” number which I’ve been led to believe is a number that CAN POSSIBLY be achieved IF the mayor makes the cuts, etc. that Plante and Moran advised. If he doesn’t, no surplus will be achieved. Grandma Suzanne: You seem to be knowledgeable about all this. Will you answer my question, please? And if what I have asked is true, then OF COURSE the mayor is “fudging” once again. Leave it to a politician to take a statement and roll it so he comes out on top, especially this mayor.


  2. bitsy08, it doesn’t matter, this mayor failed to delver on promises and spent over $11 millions more then the General Fund revenue, if the spending are cut and there are surplus than the millage should reduced. The council can do that by approving tax reduction on the ballot, or by collecting DH voters signatures for a ballot tax reduction.


  3. Wasn’t one of the figures posted an “actuarial” number showing a fund surplus? Correct me if I’m wrong or just plain uninformed but I “believe” what Plante & Moran was saying was that IF you do what we are asking the city to do and IF the city makes more cuts as we’re asking them to make, THEN there’s a good chance you will have a surplus. Right or wrong?


  4. Big garbage wheeled cans, that will be heavy for a lot of resident to move???? This mayor should try to maneuver one of them first (Full). And they are very costly. All the city needs is an ordinance to mandate garbage in 3 mills plastic garbage bags and enforcement. The city can buy a large amount of them at a very low price and sell them at cost to residents. And why not provide them free of charge for low income resident. There are a lot of grants available for such program. Creative thinking and out of the box public services programs is what the city needs not rusted and outdated non effective programs that cost a lot and don’t produce satisfactory results.

    This mayor and council should engage the residents in making those decisions, Public Hearings is an effective method but mailing surveys are also works.

    Note to: The Doctor Is In, lot of residents “don’t get this city” a lot of them are waiting for the housing market to rebound little more to bail out. They just don’t have the time and careless about city politics, They will move to better managed cities and sell to others who like to get involved.

    I guess this administration is having hard time finding “an animal control officer”, So they want to secure an officer in place ahead of time, as if the rate of employment in Michigan is above 97%!! In any way, this officer will be placed somewhere in the city if the mayor change his mind about having one and decided to contract Dearborn to do the services, and BTW, that will be the most effective and efficient way.


  5. Again, this mayor bragging about how good the numbers are, but in realty the general fund is in about $2 millions deficit? according to above numbers. Historical data are used to predict future performance.


  6. The news reported the following:

    “The city carried over a deficit of $3.4 million from the 2011-12 budget. The 2012-13 budget has a $3.2 million surplus, leaving an overall fund balance deficit of about of $143,000”

    Is that $3.4 million from 2011-12 includes all General Fund Debits? The city released the Budget Document without including the normal page that record the details of the deficit or surplus???? Why that page is missing from that year budget?

    The city of Dearborn Heights 2013-2014 budget document on page #4 listed the Estimated Deficit on June 30, 2014 to be: $170,000.00 surplus and the Fund Balance Reserve to ($1,989,312.00) deficit that includes the Sanitary Levy for ($2,160, 079.00)

    Is the $143,000.00 includes the ($1,989,312.00) or the ($2,160, 079.00) wish ever is?

    Ms. Badalow asked for the the total debits for the general fund as of June 30, 2013 back in Oct. 2013. Is the $143,000.00 represent that number? And if that true than the city administration missed their June 30, 2014 deficit estimate by almost 2 million dollars!!!!!!

    Check 2013-2014 budget document on page #4.

    May be the Press and Guide should verify the $143,000.00 to be the total Fund Balance Deficit?

    The council complained about the difficulty of having toooo much technology! how about making sure that the final budget numbers add-up from year to year, so the average Joe who pay taxes in this city can understand them. How about making sure to read and compares those numbers from year to year and see if it add-up before approving them for publishing.

    Check Livonia Budget document for comparison!


  7. Ok. They “hired an animal control officer, but have not found anyone to train the individual”. Can any one comment on what is wrong with that statement? What about if I said, “I hired a nanny but there is no one to train her…” or “we hired (by voting) a mayor but there is no one to train him…” or “we hired (by voting) a city council member but there is no training available”. I am a doctor, went to college to be trained. I don’t get this city. What a mess!


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