A Special Pat On The Back…

The city carried over a deficit of $3.4 million from the 2011-12 budget. The 2012-13 budget has a $3.2 million surplus, leaving an overall fund balance deficit of about of $143,000.

I guess giving a link to the full story wasn’t enough so to make sure I sing the praises of the Mayor I will put this from the same story in the press and guide. I would like to give credit where it’s do so in that sprit.

Thank you all city employees who took the 10% pay decrease and thank you taxpayers for the money you gave to the Mayor.


3 thoughts on “A Special Pat On The Back…”

  1. The city administration with the approval of the city council spent $11, 051,771.00 more than what they received for the general fund between 2008-2012. Please review the website bellow:


    In 2007 the general fund balance show surplus of $ 5,474,436.00
    In 2012 the general fund balance show deficit of $ 5,577,335.00
    Total $11,051,771.00

    At the same time the city non emergency services close Fridays. Any savings? Any study done to evaluate that action?

    Why the cuts did not start when the revenue start shrinking? Why Ms. Badlow warnings and refusal to approve those budgets were ignored by other council members?


  2. On the city of Dearborn Heights 2012-2013-corporate Fund Budget, Page # 4:
    June 30, 2013 Estimated Deficit ($510,735.00)
    Fund Balance Reserve, Sanitary levy :($2,242,586.00), Total Fund Balance: ($2,753,321.00)

    In 2012, the city recorded on the the state filing records a General Fund Balance of ($5,77,335.00)

    What is the correct value of the General Fund Balance(GFB) on June 30, 2013? That number was not released to Ms. Badalow in October 2013 because of the pending audit! Now we are in January 2014, and that number should be verified and calculated and publicly published!

    What that number is? And why not published? That number will indicate what is the General Fund Deficit is? including all the General Fund debits.


  3. Good praise indeed and well put, Kathy..

    However, I can see why the Press and Guide is in the mayor’s pocket. I found the article that SOS was talking about and as usual the devil is in the details. If you just read the headline and the first three paragraphs it sounds great; however, if you dig deeper into the article it states what all of us have been saying for these many years.

    Also the 3.4 million surplus is an actuarial number and not an actual number-big difference.

    Well judge for yourself here is the link:



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