Why Not The Mayor?

Some time in October two women from the Clerks office filed a complaint against the City Clerk. As Councilman Berry read from the opinion of corporation counsel it was for inappropriate offenses against two women in his office council censured the Clerk. The investigation was handled by the HR department, attorneys for the City, Union officials in the City, and the Mayor. Those are the only people I know of besides the women and the Clerk who were involved in this. I don’t know what the Clerk admitted to if anything and we shouldn’t have access to that either. I know  the Council didn’t get a copy of the complaint, they didn’t question the Clerk, they didn’t get a written statement from the Clerk. The Mayor and the Attorney for the City reported their findings to the Council who then based on that information did what they did. These are sensitive issues for the women involved and for the Clerk as residents in my opinion we shouldn’t have the details of this kind of investigation.

Some are asking why didn’t the same thing happen to the Mayor when a claim was made against him? In short the council wasn’t aware of a  claim. That claim according to his assistant was handled by herself, the HR director, and an attorney for the City. According to the Mayors assistant herself, the HR director, and attorney for the City never told the Mayor. Those three alone took care of the claim the person who made the claim was moved out of the Mayor’s office her salary raised in her new position to the same amount that she was making in the Mayors office. There was an 11,000.00 difference in salary the new job had a salary 11,000.00 less then what she was getting in the Mayors office. Problem solved all on the QT.

The council chair wasn’t called to City hall for a meeting to let him know a claim had been made. Council was never given a verbal report from anyone about what was discovered during the investigation into the claim made against the Mayor. There wasn’t an investigation it was three people according to depositions deciding how to take care of it. If you want to believe what’s been said during those depositions


33 thoughts on “Why Not The Mayor?”

  1. Kathy Slappy?? What a hoot!!! So to make it official, I am proud to declare I am a Kathy Slapee. I have been coming to this blog for over two years now and have not found anything untruthful. I spent the same amount of time listening and attending council meetings and town hall meetings; can’t say the same for that body including the mayor..

    Janet Badattitude? just to those she is seeking the truth from who want to continue hiding it. All of Dearborn Heights didn’t speak, the senior citizens did. She dared to suggest that their precious senior centers have dual purposes and being selfish and caring only about themselves they voted for Paletko because Danny Boy shouted from the roof tops “I will not close any senior centers”. They don’t care if the streets are cleaned or the garbage is picked up as long as they have their senior playgrounds and don’t have to share them with any other residents in the city even when they would not be using them.

    It snowed last Saturday and my street got snow-plowed on Tuesday. By that time the snow was hard packed from all the traffic over those four days that when it was plowed their was ice under what they plowed. I pay taxes for this; Dearborn had their streets plowed and some even salted before Dearborn Heights even started.

    Lisa H-C is in a very difficult spot because she is like a sun-fish swimming among barracuda’s (council) and a great white shark (mayor). They are ready to devour her so she has to be careful. Lisa H-C has always answered my questions and I know she does a lot of the behind the scenes work as did Janet Badalow. This council of clowns (except Lisa H-C) and the mayor are politicians. Janet Badalow was a stateswoman.

    As far as Missy Crissy, she would be gone if a competent, truthful and unafraid council were sitting. Unfortunately, we have council people “who don’t have the time’, are afraid to speak up or answer truthful questions even though it may rustle the mayor’s feathers, busy running a business, performing for the camera, touting their radio show and insulting and being disrespectful to residents.


  2. Get Real: I don’t believe Janet has every said – F – – – Y – – to any citizen; I don’t believe Janet has ever verbally acccosted citizens leaving the Council Chamber after the citizens got up and spoke their mind; I don’t believe Janet has ever sued anyone for speaking the truth. Pretty obvious to me that you have NO IDEA what is going on in this city and this administration. Kathy Slappy? Really? And as to Lisa, I agree with Kathy. Two people on the council (Janet and Lisa) tried again and again to move things forward and weren’t successful. What do you think one person against the rest of the council is going to do?


  3. What the hell is a Kathy Slappy? Would that be people who can hear, read, and find out for themselves the truth about this administration? I put the information out there…information from documents, documents from the City. If you or anyone else has documentation showing something else please send them to me or scan and put in a comment here on the blog.

    As I’ve said in the past I don’t expect you to agree with me all the time that’s not what this blog is about. What I ask is for everyone to have a “discussion.” Bring something to the table besides insults. Show me with hard evidence that what I’ve been saying here for 4 years. I think no matter what evidence I produce here on the blog those who are supporters of this administration will turn a blind eye to it.


  4. Lisa

    You are very accessible and have on more than one occasion put your offices hours, phone and email up here on the blog. I don’t doubt your effort and all that you are trying to do. Question is how much can you get the council to go a long with all or any ideas that you bring to the council table. I touched on this on your Facebook page the other day. People see a council that does little in way of technology and even less when it comes to transparency.

    I hope everyone here that has a concern would call or email councilwoman Hicks-Clayton.


  5. Bitsy….How can you bad mouth Lisa for not buying into all of the garbage you cry about, and for doing things for us. You are truly a Kathy slappy. Krissy is holding a candle against Janet Badattitude. Krissy is still here-Janet has once again been told by our residents that we dont need her.


  6. In addition, when mentioning the actions, efforts, meetings, summits and work to bring resources to our City to increase efficiency, sustainability, accountability and transparency, yes, I DO mention it at meetings for the benefit our residents to keep them informed in regard to my service and commitment to our residents as an elected official. I respect your opinion if you do not see value in communication. However, many residents have expressed their appreciation and I will continue to work for our residents. Yes. All these things may work together to benefit our community, quality of life and improve our local government.


  7. I visit and read the blog on occasion. I am disappointed to read how “inactive” I may appear, as reported via this blog. First, if you wish to know what resources, grants and programs I have been and will continue working to bringing to our community including Blight and Vacant Property Campaign addressing residential and business vacant buildings and blight, our business corridors redevelopment tool-kit and resources ( bringing resources to attract new businesses and support existing businesses), reviewing and assessing Federal and State revenue streams for our City( review and addressing State mandated revenue streams per our State constitution), additional communication tools and opportunities, programs for the disabled, veterans and aging, re-evaluation of EVIP and how it impacts our City…..just to name a few. If you are unfamiliar, the information is readily available by visiting Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman on Facebook, on LinkedIn, visit my office hours on the first and third Mondays at Berwyn Senior Center, first and third Tuesdays at the Eton Senior Center, and the first and third Saturdays at the Caroline Kennedy Library or my e-mailing me at hicksclayton4dhcitycouncil@yahoo.com or call me at 313.633.1845. I have been and always will be available to answer and meet with a resident. I believe I am quite accessible and engaged and have been very public with full disclosure of the policies and programs I work to bring to our residents.


  8. Grandma Suzanne. You’re surprised you haven’t heard from Marge? I’ve asked the same questions multiple times and never gotten an answer from her. As to Krissy – she doesn’t work for us. She works for the mayor – at least – that’s what SHE’D tell you. When Zouhair got up, he asked THE COUNCIL to investigate mileage claims she reported. The mayor then spoke up and said he told Ms. Kramarz (more respect than she deserves) to park the car and this was just another “smear campaign” by Mr. Abdel-Hak. Then he said – END OF STORY. Are we supposed to take that as the definitive answer or do you think this council will investigate ANY of the claims that were made at the council meeting? And as to a “smear campaign” against his assistant, she does that all by herself, mr. mayor.


  9. The council meeting on government Chanel is clear enough to hear the speakers. All I know is the recording of a public meeting under the Open Meetings Public Act should not edited what so ever. And most municipalities publish their meetings life on their web sites. Its easy and Dearborn Heights receive about ONE MILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR FROM THE CABLE COMPANIES TO SPEND ON CABLE RELATED SERVICES. how old the cable equipment are? and where the cable funds are spent?

    Technology, technology and technology again. Technology promote transparency. Don’t know why the cable services are still that way?


  10. Marge doesn’t answer the hard questions except to tell us to “get a life.” And as to Lisa, has anyone else noticed that she doesn’t much “get involved” except to announce at the meetings what “she’s done” for us? And Tim – Zouhair is right. We might have lost the election but we haven’t lost the city – not yet at least. That’s why we’ve decided to stand up and say what’s been on our minds. We were hoping that with Janet’s election we could “right” this city. So now WE have to stand up and fight. I’d also bet that you, Tim, have never interacted with Janet but you call her a witch. And even if she is, do you think she can even hold a candle to Krissy? Isn’t it amazing that when “allegations” (your word, mr. mayor) were made against Walt, the MAYOR and the lawyer “investigated” and told the council to sanction him. And the council did what the mayor said. Huh. There were “allegations” made against the mayor at the council meeting on December 10th. Therefore, shouldn’t it be the council’s job to investigate? Oh. I know. “I don’t have the time.” And the mayor (huh) said it was false so what’s to investigate? Oh – and one more thing, Tim. Mr. Abdel-Hak is ALWAYS polite. He’s got more manners than he’s received in return. As far as I’m concerned, TIM, you’re just another example of the uninformed citizens that voted bozo in again.


  11. I think the diatribe by the Clerk last spring is being given too much weight. Most considered the “source”. The charges filed agains the clerk by two of the three women who work for the clerks office should not be minimized. The conspiracy theories are a huge stretch, except for anyone who is paranoid.

    I’m not defending those who he attacked. Just need to question his veracity, as we all should do with everything!

    The lack of transparency is the norm.

    Just curious why the council “chair” did not read the censure for the clerk! Seems the council chair reading the censure would have been more appropriate and carried more weight.


  12. Ok. I have heard enough of the crap. I heard a lot that was supposed to have happened at the last council meeting, but when I watched the meeting, it was really screwed up, and what’s up with the black screen? Isn’t there some law that says the recording of the meeting cannot be messed with? The people I talked to would not fabricate the events from the meeting, so I WANT TO SEE IT!!! AS IT REALLY HAPPENED!!!
    And, if it is true that our employees (elected or hired) are speaking with distain to the citizens, let alone swearing and cursing the citizen and their families, I want to know why those persons have not been fired, terminated, sued, or anything else that can happen. I certainly would not stand for it, and I think those persons who are victims of these acts should make it publicly known and should follow through with some kind of punishment. This is ridiculous to say the least.
    A lot of time and effort has been spent on our clerk over his alleged activities, but nothing, not one thing, is done to the mayor nor to his assistant for their alleged activities. Our council should be stomping their feet and being appalled at these events. Where are Council Marge or Ms Lisa when it comes to answering this???


  13. Grandma,
    Same old trash from Mr. Abdal-hak. He’s the one that needs to learn some manners. Just because someone works for the city doesn’t mean that have to accept being abused and/or harassed. I for one am sick and tired of him and the rest his followers. The election is over- the wicked witch is dead! Get a life!


  14. Was the claim that Tina Foley filed against the mayor ever followed through with any kind of investigation and decision?

    I too watched the last council meeting and was unable to follow what was being said after the tape change when the problem started. Probably just a technical glitch that happened at a bad time; however, like Bitsy 08 I am a wee bit leery. There was a gentleman who handed out information he was reading from to the mayor and council. Is there anyway of getting that information packet scanned and put on this site since we could not hear what he was reading?

    As far as Missy Crissy using profanity against a tax paying citizen, I hope Mr. Abdel-Huk files a harassment claim against this disrespectful lass. This young-un needs to learn that she works for Mr. Abdel -Huk and rest of us and that we are her boss and ones who fund her paycheck. She needs to know that harassing her boss/citizens with profanity will not be tolerated. In any corporation or business, calling your boss a piece of s–t would be grounds for termination. Period.

    BTW, still haven’t heard from Councilwoman Horvath about her ideas on how to solve some of the city’s problems and how she intends to implement them.


  15. When public officials are accused of public violations or allegations of whatever brought against them, They have an obligation under their public trust or oath of office to respond and clear them out. Not “cussing” the accusers and defame their characters and tarnish their reputations, that may be a ground for legal actions against them personally and against the public entities they work for. Private citizens are protected under certain laws and regulations from been victimized and subjected to violations of their civil right.

    Public officials and public servant freely choose to enter the field of public services, its the best rewarding field to be working in, But its the most demanding field for height standards of ethics, transparency, integrity, selfishness, public exposure to personal life, subjection to public scrutiny, questioning of their doing, and been subject all time and everywhere to any citizen point of view.

    If public officials can’t take the heat of public office or been a public servant, they should exit public life and enjoy their private lives and the protection that come wit it.


  16. I did see who started it, Lisa, because I was beside Zouhair when Krissy came barreling at him as we were about to walk out the door of the council chamber. Yesterday, I went out to do some shopping so I taped the 4 hours which was supposed to cover the December 10th council meeting. Surprise, surprise when it turned out it was the November 26th meeting. After that, the tape – for some unexplained reason (?!) – went totally black. I got a call this morning and I was told the December 10th meeting was shown but – for some unexplained reason (?!) – you could only hear about every 5th word Harry said. Then with the showing of this morning’s meeting, everything after Janet’s speech – for some unexplained reason (?!) – was cut off and all that was seen was black screen. You can come to your own conclusions about why we’re not seeing the whole meeting. And one other thing I’d be remiss in not mentioning. At the November 26th meeting, Janet asked for an investigation. Tom Berry (and we have THIS on tape) said – I don’t have time to do an investigation. At the December 10th meeting, there was an item on the agenda and Tom Berry was – AGAIN – heard saying: I should have called you, Ken, and asked you to explain this item to me BUT I DON’T HAVE THE TIME. My question to you, Tom, is if you don’t have the time to be informed about the agenda items and don’t have the time to be part of an investigation, why did you run? We elected you to represent us. If you’re not going to be an INFORMED elected official, you’re no good to us. I saw you take the Oath of Office and it says (paraphrasing) that you will perform your duties to the best of your ability. My God we’re in so much trouble!


  17. You will never get this council to investigate anything regarding this mayor or his minions.. After their handling (rather not handling) of the clerk’s incident I wouldn’t trust them to handle the investigation of someone they fear. The only way to get to the bottom of all these allegations is to get an outside, independent legal entity to investigate these matters and either prove them right or wrong.

    It stands to reason and common sense that if serious allegations were made against the mayor that were false he would want to do anything in his power to prove his detractors wrong and even take legal action towards them. He has failed to do this and it makes one wonder why. If someone was slandering my name I would be fighting to clear my name instead of letting these allegations hang around..


  18. The Doctor Is In: Time will tell if those issues will stay suppressed! All it takes is one person to care for any public matter. The best practice for public officials is to deal with any accusation ASAP, otherwise accusations may evolves with time and questions may arise about of why and who may be involved with stopping or obstructing the process of investigations. Remember everybody are innocents until proving guilty, accusations and allegations are what they are and public officials should not be afraid or scare or terrified or avoiding or unwilling or uncooperative about them, they are part of the public life they choose. They have the right to be mad and uneasy about them, that why its important to clear them ASAP, otherwise they give the wrong impression. Unless those allegations or accusations are somehow or somewhat have a truth in them and will uncovered if an investigation is done.


  19. Kathy, Do you have the technical capacity to publish the city council meeting on your blog? The city don’t publish that on the website. Not everybody have AT&T, Comcast or WOW .


  20. I attended the meeting last night. Krissy Kramarz was quite upset with what was being said related to Mr. Zouhair Hak’s comments. In the hallway she verbally accosted him calling him a piece of S#*t. To be fair, I did not hear what was said initially or who started the conversation. However, she works for the city and he is a tax paying citizen. Her comments were out of line and disrespectful. I know some will say, it’s a two way street. However, professionals know that no matter what you have to show respect to the people who pay your salary. I wish the council would just investigate the allegations of impropriety regarding her use of the city car and the hostile work environment in the Mayor’s office (pornography) and be done with it – allowing us all to move forward.


  21. Why am I not surprised they didn’t show last night’s meeting on TV today? Because the truth would have come out. I had the sad opportunity to see KK in action. What a sleaze! And she represents our mayor, people. Course, if she’s using him as a mentor, no wonder we’re in the trouble we’re in. She totally lacks the finesse and political savvy needed to do her job. She doesn’t even have the decency to be polite to people. She got caught last night and tried to retaliate but all she did was try to bring us down to her level. And he protects her at every turn. They SO deserve each other.


  22. Justice,

    I am aware that it was the council that made this claim public by announcing they were censoring the clerk.

    My point is that the mayor was in on the entire process of looking into the claim. He should have recused himself from the process as there was a “conflict of interest”; being the clerk made some very serious and negative statements against the mayor at a council meeting earlier in the year.

    The council is NOT DOING the job they were elected to do, which is to represent us. They should have investigated this matter themselves as a group and not relied on the opinion of a biased mayor. However, this is par for the course for this council as they are in great fear of the mayor, so if the mayor says “jump”, they not only ask “how high” but want to know “how long”.

    If the council should try and say anything about the matter now it will only be to do damage control as they know they should have been in on the entire process from the beginning and not the mayor.

    The claims and accusations against this mayor are never followed through and will never be by this council because they are afraid to say or do anything that might make them look bad in the eyes of the senior citizen voting block that the mayor has firmly in his pocket – thus their fear of the mayor. The mayor and the council know that the seniors are the ones that turn out to vote and they are the ones to please. This council and mayor would discontinue garbage pick-up before they would close a senior center. If more of Dearborn Heights would get off their lazy rumps and vote, this nonsense would not be tolerated. Those apathetical citizens also share the blame for the condition this city is in.


  23. For the sake of the people reading these blog entries, could you explain the words “censure” and “sanctioned” as it affects the city gov’t?
    As for my opinion on this subject, the mayor skated around every issue aimed at him. He is one lucky s.o.b. He is the leading cause of most problems in our city, he laid the precedence on how certain activities or accusations were to be handled. I also want to know why none of the mayors negative activities (law suits, et al) are not reported in the media? Who has he got in his pocket on these subjects? Any other mayor of any other city gets their name plastered all over the news, but not this mayor.
    Instead of all the cover-ups, why not try “transparency” or “limpidity”, for the benefit of the citizens who are paying attention?


  24. The “city clerk censoring motion makers” sits next to each other! Wondering what other violations both of them may know about??? but choose to act on the clerk matter and so far not on the others!!! And why????

    Hello Ms. and Mr. transparency, Just walk your talks when possible. No public official is above “public scrutiny” Good start an you should continue acting on public pending matters.


  25. Grandma Suzanne, This matter was made public by the council not the mayor or the attorney. This council choose to take the censuring action publicly and they are responsible for their action. Their collective action was acted by a resolution that was introduced by Councilman Tom Berry and seconded by Councilwoman Marge Horvath and voted on by 7 YES votes, and no veto by the mayor with the blessing of the city lawyer.

    The city council action is within their authority to introduce and intact resolutions and ordinances concerning city business as long as they are not in conflict with other superseding laws and regulations.

    The clerk have the wright to defend himself publicly or privately, he will remain not guilty until otherwise a court of law with due process prove the guilt.

    The matter become public. The council made it public not the city lawyer neither the mayor, without regards to wither they agree or not.

    Yes, the council din’t act on a claim by a citizen to investigate the mayor for alleged violations. But that should not be an excuse not to act on the clerk matter is they believed they have an obligation to do so.

    Yes members of the council are aware of other claims. So what if they don’t care for an action about them?


  26. Kathy, just so I get this right. The council based their action to censure the clerk based solely on the opinion of the mayor and Gary Miotke (who is actually the mayor’s personal lawyer, we just have the “honor” of paying the “city attorney’s” legal fees).

    The mayor should have recused himself from being one of those investigating this particular claim. He could not be an impartial participant because he was the target of the clerk’s negative remarks during a council meeting earlier this year. His involvement stinks of political payback. The council should have taken his place during this investigation and resulting judgment in this matter. Instead of doing their job representing the citizens they sat back and took the opinion of a biased mayor, who has had questionable behavior in the past himself. Why do we even have a council if “they can’t take the time” to investigate this very serious claim?

    I also agree this is a sensitive matter; however, this is a public official and the citizens have a right to know what is going on without any grizzly details; therefore, the need for complete council involvement in this particular matter.. The council should have reported to the voting citizens with the following or similar statement.

    “This council became aware of a very serious claim made against the city clerk by two city employees in October of this year (2013). WE, THE COUNCIL after thoroughly investigating this claim and speaking to all the parties concerned has come to the conclusion that the city clerk be censured for his actions”



  27. So what charter or ordinance or policies violations the clerk commit to be publicly disciplined by Dearborn Heights government????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Just cite the “violation title and section number” and have a nice day.

    This “clerk” was voted in office last month and was trusted by about 5,800 Dearborn Heights citizens and receiving individually more votes than all recently elected council members and the mayor. Respecting and homering the citizen trust in that public official is an integral part of the comprehensive self respect and honor of the government. City government self discipline is a good policy if applied fairly and justified by facts. Public disciplines need public disclosures and must stay private if public disclosure is prohibited to protect privacy or what ever.

    Documented charter violations will not evaporates in thin air with passing time or been silent about them or by just ignoring them, hopping they will be forgotten, all what it takes is one citizen to remember and demand actions. Its the same as said ” Elections can be decided by ONE vote”, and for record “it happened in Dearborn Heights” few years ago. Therefore acting ASAP on suspected or alleged violations is the best practice.

    Municipal governments self public disciplines must be applied across the board. To all public elected officials.


  28. How the hell do they make this decision without informing the mayor? And if we know about it, how does the council NOT know about it? This whole situation is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I’ve also been told that there were two people involved with the city at the time who were related to the person making the claim. One was an employee and the other had a contract with the city. The mayor fired the employee and “ripped up” the contract with the other. How do you “rip up” a contract? Why would the mayor take these steps IF HE DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE LAW SUIT? The city had to re-hire the first one and the second sued the city and (I believe) won $180,000 from that suit. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many lawsuits we’ve had against the city while this mayor has been in office – and how much money we’ve lost on those suits? So, Kathy, I understand what you were told but do I believe it? HELL, NO. You know, a good assistant handles things for her boss. But to “handle” something this serious? NOT ACCEPTABLE. And don’t tell me the mayor doesn’t know anything about this. Once again, if we know about it, how can he NOT know about it? She’s just a convenient way for him to skate out of these problems. And what lawyer allowed this problem to be “handled” without informing the mayor? Not a very good one I’d guess. And HR for the city? Why would HR allow this to be “handled” without informing the mayor? Again – not a very good one. I’ve seen this department mentioned several times over the years and I’ve come to think of them as ineffectual. Any HR Department with any cajones wouldn’t have allowed the mayor to be bypassed on anything this serious. But I’ve said it before. Everyone seems to be afraid of “Little Miss Bigpants.” She needs to go but until we get rid of the mayor, we’ll never get rid of her. How angry does that make you, people?


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