The System is The Problem..

How protected is any employee in any municipality? City Hall as near as I can see after all these years is divided into several different ways. You have our elected officials ( Clerk, Treasurer, Council, and the Mayor.) All who take an oath to follow the law and the City Charter. The Mayor who appoints almost all the department heads who then become (officers of the City.) Then you have union employees, but even these employees are divided into the (get and the get not’s.) The DPW department are in the group of the (Get.) The rest in the AFSCME Union get little to no protection or representation. The other group of employees are non-union. Police and Fire each have their own union to represent and protect them.

I bring all of this up because over the years I find that when ever there might be a potential problem. City officials, and officers (Department Heads) go into protection mode. If an employee in the City has an issue with elected official of the City, or an (officer of the City) they can file a grievance/claim. That grievance is then investigated by the same people who have to protect the City.. The employee files the grievance lets say to the HR department. Who appointed that person to their job? The Mayor. Their job is to protect the City they aren’t on the side of the employee who filed the (grievance.)  City council members are told from the beginning of any potential threat against the City not to talk.. While all the above are employees of the City they are not equal in their employment. You might be saying as I have over the years this is un-fair. It might be, but the one thing that must be kept in mind is taxpayer dollars. Any (grievance) that could end up costing the City money that money is taxpayer money.

I think this system is the problem (protect at all cost) the City. This is creating an environment ripe for any number of horrible things that could happen. Some have already those are still being played out (going through the (grievance) process. If history shows anything it won’t end well for the employees who filed the (grievance.) Some of you might point out that they have a Union true, but that union from what I’ve been told over the years does little to nothing. The (get nothing) half of the union have little to no help/protection from the union. With that being said what happened to doing the right thing. Let’s say God forbid someone was raped over at City hall by their department head. Does everyone over there just go into protection mode for the City? Is there no heart? Is there no compassion for the victim?

Any claim is more complicated when an elected official is involved. The Council doesn’t have the power under the charter to remove someone from office. That doesn’t stop them from voting on recommending someone resign from office..  As happened in San Diego that council voted that the Mayor should resign. When the council did that and it was all over the news nation wide. That sent a clear message to the employees. We as a City won’t tolerate sexual harassment by anyone. San Diego is a Charter City like Dearborn Heights,

The embattled mayor of San Diego has lost the support of many of his own allies. Arecall election is still possible, though such an effort would face high hurdles. But the city’s own regulations appear to protect Bob Filner from state laws that would otherwise provide several avenues for his enemies to push him out of office. Read full story

I’ve heard over the years by supporters of the Mayor what a “caring guy he is.” I hope you’re right. I hope the Mayor cares enough to protect his employees all of them.. We will see in the next coming weeks just how caring the Mayor and council members are..


8 thoughts on “The System is The Problem..”

  1. This post appeared on the bottom of the blog, and I liked the content. Its funny to say that with all the protection the elected officials have very few are willing to run, can’t even make a primary. I was surprised that a lot are running for the state seat? Why not for local offices? What scares potential candidates away? I can’t ride in a car that smell stinky Tabaco, and wondering how can others ride in the car without noting the stinky odor? I was told they used to it.


  2. As far as I know (and I don’t know if the situation has changed), Jack was just supposed to be a summer fill-in. I don’t know where that now stands. I’ve heard complaints about Jack but I don’t have any. I either fill in the city form or just pick up the phone and call him and he’s always been pleasant and helpful. Grandma Suzanne: Jack didn’t start the program he announced at SWDHNA. It was a program already in place in the city and he was asked to work on it. As to Mr. Miotke and his duties (not that I feel the need to protect him) his partner is the one with the expertise in this area and that’s why he’s helping with the house-blight program and not Miotke. You also mentioned, GS, that the next meeting of the SWDHNA was Thursday, January 17, 2014, but in speaking with Carol, the meeting night will be changed but they’re not clear on the date yet.


  3. I Grandma Suzanne: “I know there was some controversy regarding Mr. McIntyre’s hiring, but this man is showing a lot of promise so I say Here is a Grandma’s Cookie to you, Mr. McIntyre – Keep up the good work”.

    How this person get hired? What is his position? What qualifications he has? What is the job specifications? Who hired him? Is he full time? Is he civil service employee? Is he appointee of the mayor? When the human resources posted his position on city web site similar to the “Deputy comptroller posted now, Check that out”? When he was hired?

    The city has process to hire employees and must be followed all the time. The city is a public entity and the officials must respect that.


  4. From the post line #23, paragraph # 3 line #6 word # 17
    “Let’s say God forbid someone was raped over at City hall” No “Rapped” in the text?
    Any way its a good sign that “Joy” and others are reading the posts and paying attention to every word!

    Again, local ordinances and charters are superseded by states and federal laws. local protection modes or what ever you talking about don’t change the state and the federal public officials obligations. The bottom line is “Transparency”, Municipalities are incorporated under state laws.


  5. The mayor and his council are the only ones that are protected in this city because they work very hard protecting themselves at the expense of other city workers and residents.

    I have my own list of people that I feel work to make this city a better place. I would like to add another name to it. Jack McIntyre. During the last Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association, Mr. McIntyre announced that he had started a new program to address the blighted houses in our city.

    With the help of legal counsel outside the city (Miotke is too busy protecting the mayor and council) this new program has started aggressively, legally and quickly to go after the owners of these blighted houses. This new program has already shown some pretty astounding results.

    I know there was some controversy regarding Mr. McIntyre’s hiring, but this man is showing a lot of promise so I say “Here is a Grandma’s Cookie to you, Mr. McIntyre – Keep up the good work.

    I would also like to advise everyone in the south end to attend the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association’s meetings to learn what a group of dedicated and hardworking group of residents have accomplished already and what they want to do in the future. They won’t be meeting in December but will start back up again in January. Their president is not afraid to speak up in defense of her area of the city and she and her vice-president were rewarded for their hard work by a “F Bomb”
    from King Dan.

    Their next meeting will be on Thursday, January 17, 2014 at the Donovan VFW Hall on Van Born between Gully and Beech Daly. The meeting will start at 7pm and they usually have a speaker with important information for city residents. Although I don’t live within the boundaries of their association and cannot become a member (state law not theirs) I have learned much from attending these meetings.


  6. What is rapped? Do you mean raped — as in sexually assaulted? Yikes you need to get key words liked this spelled correctly!


  7. The system is OK. But the officials may be failed the system by not acting. In Detroit the council acted, In San Diego the council acted, and there are so many other municipalities that faced allegations of sexual misconducts or other similar allegations and they acted accordingly.

    There are no perfect systems of governing out there, but most of them are adequate to resolve public matters or process them via a 3rd parties outside the control and influence of the municipalities for transparency.

    Blaming the system will make situations even more difficult to resolve.

    Public matters should be addressed promptly and acted on publicly.


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