Longtime Director of ADC Retired.

The longtime director of the Michigan office of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) retired today amid mounting pressure for him to leave over allegations of sexual harassment that have rocked the organization.

Imad Hamad, who spent 17 years with the biggest Arab-American civil rights group in the U.S., will no longer be with the organization that made him nationally known. A release issued from the national office of the ADC said, “Imad Hamad … is no longer with ADC as of today. We acknowledge his many years of service.”

Hamad, 52, confirmed to the Free Press that he’s stepping down and said he’s pursuing other opportunities, which he did not detail. He said he will address allegations that he sexually harassed at least 15 women over the years “at the due time.”

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9 thoughts on “Longtime Director of ADC Retired.”

  1. This person in our city was “sanctioned” the other night by the council. Question for the council: How come you sanction one and not the mayor? There was a lawsuit brought against the mayor by a woman who worked in his office for a “hostile work environment” (i.e. the mayor pulled up porn on his CITY computer). I’d be interested in knowing the status of that lawsuit. Does it seem to anyone else out there (I’m not speaking to those who aren’t AWARE of what’s been going on in our city over the last few years) that the mayor skates all the time but others are punished for the very same things of which the mayor is guilty? We have a City Charter. That Charter specifies that no city-owned car should be taken home or used for personal business. Who allows this? The mayor. The Charter states that all expenditures should be run through the council for approval BEFORE the money is spent. Who spends the money and then lets the council know what he’s done? The mayor. At the last council meeting, one of the council said to Janet – you stated that the Charter says city-owned cars cannot be used for personal business and yet we have people taking cars home. He wasn’t aware the Charter said that. Does it seem strange to anyone out there that we have a council person who hasn’t read the Charter? Seems strange to me. And I would bet there’s more than one council person who hasn’t read the Charter. Janet told us she was going to ask the council for certain things at this last meeting and I laughingly said – what makes you think you’re going to get them this time? You’ve never gotten much of anything you’ve asked for over the years. And what did the council do with her requests? They TABLED it. Janet’s last council meeting is December 12 and I’ll bet she never gets ANY of her requests. She wanted Charter violations investigated and Tom Berry suggested perhaps the administration could investigate since “he doesn’t have the time.” Isn’t that sending the wolf to watch the hen house? I’m aghast at what comes out of their mouths.


  2. ADC has no power to provide or deny “due process” Any persons who feels that their right been violated and did not get the satisfactions from their employer’s internal investigation process, should make their free decision about the other options available for them including the court of law.


  3. Innocent till proven guilty….a concept we forget when we want someone’s rights taken away without due process…or you just step down (ADC)


  4. Joseph Borrajo,

    You are absolutely correct, but protecting the people includes all, allegations of misconducts are not prove of guilt, the court of law and the due process is the only way to do so.

    ADC must protect all including the right of Mr. Hamad who retired and left the organization. I hope all parties receive justice and close this dark chapter in the books of this great organisations “ADC”


  5. The ADC leadership did great harm to the organization in the poor way they handled this issue. The irony and hypocrisy is that ADC is an organization that is suppose to protect people. P3


  6. drheights48127: If all officials who are accused of sexual misconducts that feel they are guilty of the accusations step down from their public offices, it will be an effective way to limit their terms in offices and save the cost of litigation and cost of time lost dealing with such matter.

    They should go back to their private live and leave the public domain if they cant conduct their public live according to the highest ethical standards.


  7. Most publicly disclosed sexual misconducts allegations against public figures end up one way or other either damaging the public image of the entities involved, or ending the public figures public careers or both.

    Another lesson for all public figures to learn from and act accordingly. Some time resigning after such allegations is the best act by public figures.

    Time, fame, power, prosperity, polished personality, public support, public perception, media support, name recognition, long public live, political correctness, groups affiliations, social status, education, professional standing, hornblende services, and all imaginable good characteristics will not help make “allegations of sexual misconducts by a public figures expunged from public records” , Those allegations must be dealt with and resolved.

    I hope Mr. Hamad and ADC will overcome this situation. He did the right thing by stepping down from his public/civic post.


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