Charges Brought In Dearborn Heights Shooting.

By Scott Held
Press & Guide Newspapers

DETROIT — A Dearborn Heights man who allegedly fatally shot 19-year-old Renisha McBride earlier this month will face charges.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced this morning that her office is charging Theodore Paul Wafer, 54, with second-degree murder, manslaughter and felony use of a firearm.

If convicted, he would be sentenced to up to life in prison on the murder charge, a maximum of 15 years on the manslaughter charge and a mandatory two years for felony use of a firearm.

Wafer was arraigned this afternoon before 20th District Judge Mark Plawecki, who set a bond of $250,000/10 percent. A preliminary examination of the evidence against Wafer was set for 9 a.m. Dec. 18. Read the rest

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This is in the hands of the prosecutors now the man will be judge according to the law. In this country he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Please keep that in mind when making comments. Please refrain from Racial comments thank you for your understanding.


3 thoughts on “Charges Brought In Dearborn Heights Shooting.”

  1. JJ

    I asked very nicely to refrain from racial comments. After seeing some comments left on other websites I don’t want the same thing to happen here. That goes for both sides with your permission I would like to take that part of your comment out. Thank you in advance for you understanding.


  2. Finally charged! It took long enough….will be interesting to hear both sides of the story but the bottom line is you don’t just shoot! Call the police and stay behind your locked door….this young lady’s life did not have to be lost…I do understand the fear and adrenaline at that time of the morning but you can’t just shoot…alot of bad decisions were made on both sides this tragic morning but we do not have the death penalty here and that’s what poor renisha had to pay for asking for help?


  3. When will we get it. The killing of all our children and young people is a travesty to the whole human race. This travesty should be the common ground on which all stand on to stop it. My prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. McBride as I cannot imagine the pain they are experiencing after the loss of their child in such a tragic manner.


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