I Can’t Wait To Be a Senior Voter In Dearborn Heights…

When I become a senior citizen in the City of Dearborn Heights I can join the ranks of other senior citizens that vote.. When that happens I’ll be among the select group of people who make the decision in this City “who wins the election.” Right now they are the bloc of voters that a candidate must win over in-order to get elected in the City of Dearborn Heights.. A right no doubt they’ve earned with the many years of experience and wisdom. We look to our seniors for guidance and knowledge they are a force like no other in Dearborn Heights. If you’re ever planing on running for office in this City best to find out before you spend your time and money who has that bloc of voters on lock down. You don’t get elected in Dearborn Heights without them. That is unless the rest of the residents come out and Vote… from the numbers of this last election safe to say most do not.

Election after election they make their voice heard above all others in the City. While most sit on their back sides this group of people won’t hear of it. With 2,800 absentee ballots going out and 2,000 coming back in. Shows you what one bloc of voters can do when they get behind a candidate.


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  1. Wow, Tony. Just goes to show we see what we want to see. Did you watch the LAST council meeting? Did you notice those people get up and bitch at the council and the mayor for lack of accountability to US the tax payers? This is EXACTLY what Janet wanted – what was it – one year ago, two years ago? I forget. She’s asked for many things over the years and not once has this council voted to accept her ideas. She’s had SO MANY good ideas to make this city work more effectively and the council has voted her down almost every single time – and it could be every time. You think it’s OK, Tony, for the city to loan out cars to the employees without know where they’re going or what they’re doing? I don’t. I want to KNOW how my tax money is being spent. One person in the administration was allowed to take one of these cars – and take it home – and reported that only 15 miles of all that was reported was personal. Kathy’s husband said it correctly. This is FRAUD. And for that matter, this person shouldn’t have had a car in the first place. You want to use a car between the hours of 8 and 5 for business and tell me what you’re using it for and where you’re going, OK. But allowing city employees to spend my money without any accountability – NOT ACCEPTABLE. And YOU, MR. MAYOR, with your touted CPA should know this. Of course, that would mean we’d put a GPS on your car, too, which would also mean we’d know where you’re going and what you’re doing (or not). Wouldn’t want that now, would you mr. mayor?


  2. It was nice not to hear Janet and she will not be missed, but in my opinion all she showed during the council meeting was that she is a sore loser. Her reactions during the council meeting showed that she really does not have the love for the city and the best interest of the citizens as she has preached. If she did she would go out fighting for what she believed.


  3. Tony, How about attending the city council meeting tonight? May be your wishes will become reality and Councilwoman Badalow participate?

    And you have the right to use your valued 3 minutes and publicly air your voice and enlighten the public with your point of view. That is also “fair and square”


  4. Tony,

    Janet purposely did not say anything at the last council meeting to give the people a preview of what future meetings starting in the new year would be like. Hmmmm, very interesting that you didn’t like it, but this is what you voted for. The meetings should last less than 30 minutes as rubber-stamping doesn’t take that long.

    Oh, once in a while one or the other council member (excluding Lisa Hicks-Clayton) will bloviate for face time with the camera or advertise their radio show but you will see nothing accomplished as far as helping the citizens with the rats, blight, increased crime. ADA non-compliance in city buildings, dog attacks, lack of ordinance enforcement and how poor our street clearing service is in our city. Just as long as no one speaks against the senior centers or questions why we need two of them In a city our size, all will be well with the kingdom of Dearborn Heights for the senior citizens, the mayor and the council. Who cares about the other residents and tax payers in the city until it becomes tax collecting time.


  5. Tony: Just enjoy watching the council meetings without her involvement, as you alleged in past post that she din’t accomplish any think! Why all of a sudden you want her involved? Time will tell wither the issues she brought to the council table during her time on the council are important or not? and wither those issues will be of importance to the this city in the future. Let hope that you and others are correct and the city government will be better off without Councilwomen Badalow! Better government is good for all and serve the public better!

    I hope you will not be upset next council meeting if she get involved.

    Just make up your mind about her, do you care for what she put on the council table or not? and act accordingly.

    I personally only cares about the issues without regards to the officials personalities, I may or may not like the way some of them dress-up, but careless about that as long as they respect their offices and address and serve the interest of the public.


  6. I would imagine Janet’s pretty d – – – disgusted with them all and now she’s not afraid to show it. I wouldn’t be. She’s put up with this do-nothing council and this mayor for 12 years and ALWAYS showed them respect. As to her doing her job until she’s done, you have NO IDEA what she’s doing. Just for the record, she’s once again asked for information that she’ll never get because she’s never gotten it yet. This is information that should be available to ANYONE with just a request. Somehow, she’s never gotten it. Don’t you wonder that if a council person can’t get information, what chance do you or I have? AND, Tony, if you’ve EVER watched the council meetings you will see that even our dear Marge asked for some information and was told to file a FOI request! With all this going on – and it’s been happening for years, Tony – you still back this mayor. PAY ATTENTION!


  7. I remember Liz who use to text and look at magazines in her lap during meetings. I was in the room and I heard her turning the pages. And saw her looking down, and the arm movement. That went on for well over a year.

    Another council member would sit down at the table and for the first time open the packet of information that council members receive days in advance.

    Council member that until today doesn’t know where the council is on the agenda and still mumbles and talks out of order.

    She’s served this City for 12 years give her the respect of those dam 12 years and let her leave in peace.


  8. I watched the November 12 council meeting on TV and was totally disgusted with Janet Badlow. She always has preached about her love for this city and wanting to make it a better place, but from her reaction after losing the election I sure did not see it. During the meeting she was not interested in anything being said, she was not listening and looking off into space and at one point it appeared that she was texting. The citizens have spoken and you need to get over it and do your job until the end of your term.


  9. People need to either watch the council meetings on TV or go to the council meetings to see what is and more likely – what is not being done by our beloved city council. Then they need to communicate with their neighbors about the lack of foward movement by this city administration and this city’s council along with their failure to hold this mayor accountable. As to those city programs aired on TV, most of the time you can’t hear anything, even when I turn the volume control up to 60 and 70. At that level, I should be BLASTED out of my house but I can still hardly hear them. When I asked someone who knows why that is, I was told the equipment is old and outdated. How much is it costing this city to air the programs that no one can hear? Just another example of throwing good money after bad. Another thing. Instead of closing the city on Friday, why don’t they alternate days off for everyone so that the city stays open 5 days a week? Was that idea even considered or even thought of for that matter? Lord, I’m disgusted with this administration and this council. With Janet leaving, there’s not an original bone left in the council body.


  10. Allout,

    Lisa Hicks-Clayton/LHC will not get paid for anything she does outside of what she does formally as a council member. Like Janet Badalow who spent thousands upon thousands of uncompensated hours for the work and research she did, LHC will only get her base council pay.

    King Dan will not start caring about the rats until they start biting his seniors. Having rats in his city is a disgrace and as usual he just chooses to ignore it and pretends the problem doesn’t exist. The vector program was a solid and proven one that has been used by Dearborn for years. In fact, Dearborn even offered to help us with not only implementing the program but using shared grants.

    We are seeing a gut of rentals in our city; other cities have passed laws/ordinances keeping rentals at 10%. Why doesn’t our council or mayor look into this to keep our property levels from going down, down, down and put a cap on the number of rentals in our city?

    As far as becoming jealous of LHC, the other Jokers will torment her, ignore her, not support her and try to make her look as dumb as possible. LHC has an uphill battle. The other jokers just want to serve their time either bloviating about something in front of the camera, okaying bills or disrespecting residents as if we were dumb children.

    As far as modern technology, you can forget that. The fact that countless monies are spent copying their information and the time wasted by our police delivering material to their doorsteps means nothing to them. As far as serving the city…forget it…..they either serve the King or themselves.

    The council refused to curb spending because they were afraid their senior base would get mad at them so they kept voting for things the city could not afford. You should have heard the seniors of our city howling with protest when the mere mention of closing down a senior center was suggested at the town hall meetings in late 2011. Yet not a peep was heard from these old birds when council was going after HYPE (a family and youth based center) trying to force them to pay property taxes when HYPE was assured they would not have to when it was being built.

    The king and his jokers are at fault for the deficit, plain and simple. You will hear the king say it was the economy, but that is just bullspit. Had he and the council made the necessary deductions we would not have been in a deficit or at least not as bad as it became.

    Regarding what we have saved by closing city hall and city workers taking a 10% pay cut, according to the king and his comptroller, during the mayoral debate, $350,000.00 to $450,000.00. However, this was verbal and no actual report was printed out showing how those numbers were arrived at. You won’t get anything on paper until the king has been able to audit it to his liking.

    Yes, Janet Badalow was a great asset to this city and she will be missed by those of us that voted on the facts. Lisa Hicks-Clayton is our last hope but I am afraid that she will either burn out or be run out by the king’s council of jokers.


  11. Hoooooldon everybody, Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton can make a motion to charge the city for her time that she is doing city business outside her duties. Without regards to who is responsible for that work. She is elected to serve the city and the council can agree to pay her for those additional services. At the same time the council can question the city administration about that.

    I’m still puzzled by bitsy08 statement about the mayor not accepting the free victor services plan? Do you know why the mayor did that? It should be a negative catch to that plan for the mayor to reject such good plan?
    Again, I hope all public officials become Jealous of Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton and start competing with her to serve this city. (That was not the case when the majority of them agreed on budgets that caused the general fund to deplete over $5 M of surplus and overspend additional $5 M borrowed from other city restricted funds. That led to the HO and additional taxes). That over $11 M dollars in 4 years

    We have to ask ourselves what really caused the city deficit. What the city officials failed to do to curb spending? Or what they did that caused the deficit? Or, if it was a sudden none predictable financial storm similar to “Oklahoma Twisters”? Or it was a non avoidable situation no matter what.

    So far we know that in early 2011 we were OK and sometime in April 2011 we called “Hail Mary” and our public officials turn the red financial lights and shouted the code blue and declared city financial emergency and voted the HO to put on the ballot. Promises of cost savings and spending reductions are still ringing in the voters ears? But only about 18% of registered voters cared to vote, That is about 7000 voters representing 58000 residents and about 4,500 of them voted for the mayor.

    How mush saving we achieved? by cutting the none public safety employees salaries (including public officials) by 10% and cutting the work hours to 32 hours per week and closed the city none emergency facilities except the libraries.

    Any study or report about the saving? And why not? The council should challenge the administration to produce such report! So they can see the alleged real savings on a spreadsheet or any other format (Hand written and paper copies are OK)

    All what they had to do is listen to their peers public officials who voted NO and analyse the “Fantasy budget” as one of them stated publicly but voted YES anyway.

    Historical data and performance are historically the basis of any statistical analysis for future predictions, I hope DH city officials performance don’t follow that trend and keep this city in the black without additional taxes.

    Kudos to Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton for what she is doing to serve the residents.

    Kudos to Councilwoman Janet Badalow for what she did in her past 12 years serving the residents. She predicted the financial fallout of the city and that put her at odd with most of them. She went “out the box” in her public serving activities and created challenging work environment to other council members. This city is not ready for her challenging and progressing commitment to put this city on the transparency and technology track. This city still publicly present the budget using hand written page numbering and have no note books or laptops for city officials to follow electronically the agenda items and no wide screen to show those agenda items. Most resident don’t even know what they are. Most officials talk about paperless process but walk all the way to the printers and stack-up papers agenda some time is 2 inches thick, that is a lot of papers and inks and time consuming and machine costs and delivery cost and no transparency because the people can’t see to read the back-up documents to understand what the agenda items are about. We receive about $1 M dollars every year from the cable companies to spend on up-grading the dissemination of the city government information but we still have an old media equipment that technicians need to change a tape during council meetings, and the sound system become historical. Please come back to public life and continue serving in different capacities or functions.

    You are welcome to respond or correct the record presented in this post.

    This comment is an opinion and illustration of public matters, and its not copy write protected, you can publish the content in any way of shape under your “name” with modifications, corrections, adjustments, editing, spellings and grammar corrections.


  12. MawMaw: By your comments, it seems to me that you haven’t been paying attention to either the council meetings on TV or in person. If so, you would KNOW that the mayor (and this for you, too, Lisa H-C) was presented with a program to handle the rat situation through a grant that I believe would pay us. What makes you think, LHC, that he will now care if something is done about the blight through a program that doesn’t cost the city anything? This mayor isn’t about doing ANYTHING. He plays lip-service to us and the rest of his constiuents and then never follows through. Also, LHC, I asked why you were presenting budgets to have the senior center made ADA compliant. I asked, and never received an answer, why we need a new budget for this? What happened to the money that was supposedly set aside to fix it in the first place? And Miami – you talk about the low compensation that our council members receive. It’s been my experience that most of them don’t deserve what they get now. They don’t make any progressive suggestions or vote FOR anything that’s progressive. Our mayor says welcome to DH – a progressive city committed to enhancing the lives of all who live here. What a crock!


  13. Thanks Lisa we can use all the help you can give us. I am really concerned about these house flippers coming in and using our neighborhoods as a source of monthly income for themselves. We had a very nice couple move into a home on our street; they really liked the neighborhood, neighbors and kept the rental property up. However, when they wanted to buy the house, they were told the flipper/owner was not interested in selling. Now they are moving to another city.

    A few months ago their was a company called Salem One that said they would buy houses and sell them with the clause that whoever bought them had to live in them for 3-5 years; this would keep house flippers away. I think there was question raised in the Press and Guide about Salem One so the council backed down. My question is: can we make such a policy in Dearborn Heights? If you are going to buy a house in Dearborn Heights you have to live in it for 3-5 years.


  14. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,

    You sound like you are doing a great amount of mayoral duties, you are very promising public official for future mayor of this city. Your administrative skills are presented on the ground and proven to be effective and practical. Your consistency and commitment to resolve public services issues is screaming loud and clear. My advise to you is to log the hours you devoted to the extra activities that you are providing the city outside your scope of duties as a council member for future reference if needed. I further advise you to publish all your council duties and the extra mayoral and administrative activities that you are undertaking on your website to inform the public about them for public feedback and recommendations and before other public officials tack credits for them. Furthermore your shining star and “out of the box” practices and your ability to tackle the “bull by the horn” May, and I repeat; may encourage other officials to follow your track.

    Good job.


  15. As an elected official, Councilmember, of Dearborn Heights, I would like to keep you posted and made aware of my request for a study session to bring in valuable resources and individuals from the Michigan State Housing Authority and MDOT, the Michigan Municipal League and the Southeast Council of Governments to update our legislative body and the current administration on the MiPlacemaking and the Vacant Property Campaigns. Both of these programs will prove to be most beneficial to our community addressing blight, vacant homes and vacant businesses, demolition funding and development taking into consideration the changes in housing and community needs created by the millennial and the baby boomer generations. (as mentioned at the City Council meeting on November 12, 2013). These programs offer professional services pro-bono to our City. In movement addition, I would like to see towards fleet management system. In addition, I have been recently appointed the SEMCOG’s Government Finance Task Force addressing revenue creating opportunities for our City.Lastly, I had the opportunity to join Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne County Commissioners for a Regional Summit exploring green options, cost saving measures for Southeast Michigan municipalities. I discussed some options with a Roush representative on fuel savings program which is currently being utilized by the City of Livonia. I will present this to our City Council as well. I continue offer office hours and I am more than happy to speak with you in regard to your concerns by calling 313.633.1845 at hicksclayton4dhcitycouncil@yahoo.com. Regular updates are posted via Facebook/ Dearborn Heights Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton and via LinkedIn.


  16. I used to love watching the birds and squirrels eat in my backyard as I would throw out old bread to them. I even kept my backyard chemical free; however, after learning this practice of throwing out any kind of food would also draw rats I quit that right away. All of my neighbors keep clean yards, yet we still got the rats.

    We don’t take our garbage out until the morning of garbage pick-up. Sometimes we have to put it out the night before; so we sprinkle some ammonia in it and that solves the problem of having critters tearing the bag open; one whiff of that bag with their sensitive noses and they are gone.

    Rats can chew through just about anything, including metal, plastic, brick and cement; so whether you use a plastic or metal garbage can, you still need to make it very unpleasant to the little buggers.

    Yes, people have been moving into our neighborhood that don’t know how to be good neighbors and as a result we have properties that our rat havens. We pay to have ordinance officers get after these people but our ordinance division is ineffective. Explaining why would take up too much space and time.

    Since it is abundantly clear that we will not get any help from the mayor, we need to do for ourselves.
    Thus the formation of neighborhood associations is imperative. I know its maddening that we are taxed for services we are not receiving but if we don’t want to live in a rat and blight infested neighborhood we have to take on this problem ourselves.

    Anxious, I believe seniors are moving out but not only for the reason you state. A great deal of seniors either have to leave their houses because of health or death. Their children only wanting quick money for themselves or need it to pay for their parent’s care will sell their houses to flippers who then turn around and rent them out. I have seen this happen in my own neighborhood.

    This is where the city administration should come in and fight for us, homeowners. They can pass motions and policies that protect themselves from their wrong doings but as far as protecting us they just sit there and bleat that they cannot do anything and then Marge Horvath yells out “motion to adjourn the meeting” and all residents matters are dropped.


  17. anxious, you said “maw maw YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE I AM STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is your statement not mine, and I pray that you are not. I never and will never dis-respect another person, simply because I respect myself without regards to who you are at all nether to what you believe or were you live or what language you speak or what from what ethnic or heritage you come from or whether you been living in this town since or before it become a city or a new resident or house renter or apartment resident or because of your age, color gender, tall, short, fat, skinny, black or blond or brown, or mixed color hair, or sex orientation, or what car you drive, or company you work for, or weather you smoke or not, and what Tabasco brand you buy, and what beers taste you prefer, or, or,……. all what I care about is my right to live in peace without interfering with your right to live in peace. .

    Please don’t make statements about old people in general, please speak about you. Te new people moving to this city, moved from anther cities and they know how to tack care of their properties, May be you talking about the abandoned properties or about the properties that been left for long time in very bad shape and become rats infested prior to the new buyers, That I agree I agree with you.

    The rats infestations need corrective actions, rats must be reduced and then controlled, you are talking about “control” that is great and I agree with you. At this time rats need to be reduced to non infestation level.

    “Do you have any solution on hunting rats” not complaining about what caused the infestation, that infestation is here according to many residents in the south-end of the city, I hope that will be controlled soon before it spreed all over the city.

    All what i’m saying is: Cats will keep the rats population under control “ITS PROVEN METHOD” no matter what I say or you say.

    You said:
    ” his we never did before just these last 2 yrs.The city needs to educate new people who move into this city . That is why so many of us are moving so all of you that complain about us old people wont have to worry any more as most homes will be rentals and there will be no one to vote except for a few of you then you all can have your way.”

    Do you think only young residents complain ?

    I entourage you and all seniors including myself to stay, we are an important segment of any community.


  18. anxious

    I agree the number one thing that everyone should be doing is keeping their property clean, trash covered, dog poo cleaned up.. That in some areas of town isn’t the case…Not every homeowner keeps their yard clear of “junk” or dog poo, or keep covers on the garbage. The back yards of some homes are horrible, and ordinance can’t go to the back yard of someones property without the homeowners permission. The rats have gotten out of control there are people in this city who can’t go out to their back yard for fear of being bitten by a Rat.. If your area is clean doesn’t say the rest of the City is.. The Mayor given a program on a silver platter did nothing with the opportunity to help take care of this problem. He did a great talk during the election that he was going to, but he didn’t not a surprise to the people living with the Rats, and the holes they make..
    I’m happy your area is clean, mine is too, but all it would take to change that is one homeowner not taking care of their property to change all that..


  19. maw maw YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE I AM STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lived here many years many years .In the sixties we had a lot of rats but I don’t see any now and have not in years. I don’t know where you live but it does not hurt to try to prevent them from wanting to stay around you and is not to feed them as they go where there is food eg; dog mess garbage feeding birds and squirrels.By the way there is rules in this city about cats call the ordinance officer so he can tell you and all the other things you speak about is neither here or there.What is wrong with keeping lids on the cans? when the wind blows after the critters have torn the bags open and drag the food around that garbage is in the street rats like that and we are the ones that go and pick it up as we don’t want to live with this we never did before just these last 2 yrs.The city needs to educate new people who move into this city . That is why so many of us are moving so all of you that complain about us old people wont have to worry any more as most homes will be rentals and there will be no one to vote except for a few of you then you all can have your way.


  20. anxious, I hope that is not the mayor of this city answer, thrown our hand-up and saying that our dogs and garbage are causing the rats infestation will not resolve the problem. Closing garbage cans leads and cleaning after dogs are preventive measures and minor corrective actions.

    Please understand the difference between preventive activities and corrective actions.

    Preventive activities become very important in our modern societies, we call them code of ordinances, they been written in the books by few lawyers and professionals to control the way we live in relation to how we use our lands according to a certain standards for a certain municipal corporation under certain state law and regulations.

    Those original codes of ordinance and charters chapters were approved by the original owners who voted them as the local law and orders. The code of ordinances evolved over the years and mushroomed in size and complexity not by the voters approvals, but by acts of council members and publishing in local news papers. The original charters of most municipalities is sill almost the same, and some charters includes amassing out dated provisions that still there.

    Properties ownership changes, almost all of us “new owners” don’t read or review and understand that monster complicated document we call “Charters and codes of ordinances” we just buy a home to escape from neighboring city height taxes, or to buy a bigger house because you can sell yours for as much as you can buy the other, or because of real estate hype and the flipping of houses by inflated appraisals “buy and sell at higher price for profit” that caused the economy to collapse and send a lot of people to prisons and lots of banks to folds and others to agree to very very height settlements with the fed. Or because of relatives or friends we want to be close to them or because of reasonable/affordable rents. and the most important factors are good schools and public safety.

    Later, we start discovering that a lot of those local codes we don’t agree with, and we try to change them by new ordinance or variances, and when that don’t work and the economy is good we sell and move, but the problem is, most municipalities have almost the same books unless they are non-urban.

    So staying were we are and getting involved in our civic lives become increasingly important to deal with neighborhood civic issues such as “rats infestation” and one way to do so is forming a neighborhood association and collectively engaging local governments to live up to what they are elected to do.

    The rats population issue is common in the urban environments and tolerated by most urban citizens, and most local governments uses various methods to keep this issue under control.

    The municipalities that failed to implement effectively continuous victors methods for prevention’s and controls ends up with general or spots infestations that is a public safety matter and needs immediate, effective, proven, and out of the box corrective actions at all levels, including working with local human societies and associations to changing the ordinance if necessarily to partner with CATS to assist in resolving this local public safety issue, otherwise the infestation will spread-out fast and become a larger public safety issue. Cats codes of ordinances are man hand written not “God made” and suppose to help the living environment and if allowing “CATS” to be out without leash help “YOU KEEPING THE RATS OUT OF YOUR OWN HOUSE AND NEIGHBORHOOD” then that should be adopted with some controlling factors that can be worked out with animals control professionals similar to other municipalities that are partnering with CATS and achieving very very very positive results. Additionally, acting humanly as we suppose to, and saving all those healthy and cute CATS that were proving to help relieve people with certain medical issue.


    Prevention is the best method and can be effectively implemented by cooperative efforts between the local governments and the citizens. But when that fails for whatever reasons, the local governments responsible for public safety should take full responsibility and deal with the issue.

    As I said, modern live that we love a lot is part of our urban life style, but we also hate a lot what we a have to deal with as a result from living such life.

    Do you run toward a cute CAT to play with that been nurtured and healthy, and has all the vaccinations and computer chip and monitored by GPS , the same way you ran toward a big fat RAT?

    What is your choice?

    I have good faith and height trust in the city officials to act on this issue, they are very details oriented, in the past they paid attentions to issues of concern to the citizen including the “Ice cream music” that made the national late night show. Check the following by clicking on them:


    Dearborn heights officials regulated the “ICE CREAM” music and it become a notional joke by comedians on late nights shows


  21. The rats are not just here in this city they are in all the cities and I don’t think the mayor went out and caught them and set them loose into Dearborn hts.Cats in this city are not allowed out in the street without a leash and must have all their shots and license with the city.Go to Allen park Lincoln park and southgate Wyandotte and other cities they all have rats.Clean your dog mess put lids on your garbage cans don’t feed the birds and squirrels that may help


  22. Wait a minute! I am missing something here. My question: The mayor is riding around with Channel 7?? Is that true?? Give me one reason why Channel 7 would partner up with the mayor….
    If it is true, on the 7 side, what the heck do they have to do with him riding along with them? On the mayor’s side, why isn’t he doing some darn thing for the city, or sitting in his office where he may just do something for the residents????


  23. I wouldn’t dismiss the cat fix too quickly. The cats brought in would be neutered which means no breading and no cat infestation. There are many cats that are our put down everyday that could live out full and happy lives eating our rats. I know it sounds far fetched but coming from a farming family, a farm always had “barn cats” to keep the rodents out of the barn and it worked very well. The cats lived in the barns and you never had to worry about feeding them because their food was plentiful. The only thing you provided to keep them there was a bale of hay for them to take shelter in when winter came and some fresh water every other day.

    We are not going to get any help from the mayor or council unless rats start infesting the senior centers because that would mean their major voting block is affected. No matter how much we grumble and complain the mayor is riding high now (and what’s with him riding with Channel 7?) and he isn’t going to do a darn thing to help us. Last summer I heard him say with my own ears that we have blighted houses because of King George III, so we already know we are in this by ourselves. Next thing out of his mouth will be that the Pied Piper’s fees could not be budgeted because Prince Amen needed the block grant money to ride around in a carriage. Face it people, we are the only ones who are going to solve the rat problem whether we like it or not and since none of us have the money we have to start thinking outside the box and help ourselves.


  24. Anonymous,

    I can’t speak for the mayor, but I hope he will answer your question here on this blog about the plan you talking about and why he did not accept and implement the activities? Its hard to believe what you said. What motivate the mayor not to adopt such plan?

    At the mean time, do you rather have cats or rats? and at the time be human and save hundreds of healthy cats lives from been killed in the shelters.

    Earth was not created by God for us only, and when we started to become control freaks, IE, controlling trees, animals, water, and each others. We start facing situations like the “Rats infestation”

    I agree with you that the “Cats control method” is not the only answer, but part of the answer, And I can assure you that no human created control will be able to resolve the “rats infestations” unless we change the way we live our modern lives “Not cana happen” We need to partner with nature to solve natural problems.

    The cats exist on earth for a purpose, and we should partner with them to solve the rats occupation of our neighborhood. And at the same time implement other measures without harming the environment. The rats are part of the environment if there numbers stay balanced. Infestation is similar to human cancer, self destruction by uncontrolled body cells. Most of the time man made measures to control those cells end up destroying good cells. Chemicals will kill all animals including us. poisoning is not the only answer.

    We as human become out of control when it comes to how we want to live and its so funny that we have a hunting season to reduce the few extra wolves that live healthy natural live without harming us or even interferes with the way we live!”very disturbing”

    How about a “rats hunting programs” in Dearborn Heights with monitory award per hunted rat. Do the math:
    $5 per rat X 10000 rats = $50,000.00, that is approximately the cost of one Victor Control Officer per year.

    Lets do something like that in addition to the cats for one year and evaluate the results.

    It will be a good choice for homeowners to have few cats that kills 10 rats a week, enough to buy them foods and medical care.

    The program should be limited to Dearborn Heights homeowners, home-ownership must be verified for payment.


  25. The new fire truck was on display at the Fire Department Open House. This senior attended the presentation.
    Apparently you did not.


  26. The Mayor was handed a plan to control the rats that has been working in Dearborn for years and the training of his officers. All it would have cost this city was the $75.00 to get his officers certified. Also because they would be working on this project with Dearborn so they would be eligible for shared grants. We were promised that this program would be started ASAP, that was in August, 2012. Well folks it’s November. 2013, we need to stop listening to the promises and call for action. We can do this together, come to The Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association meeting at Donovan’s VFW Hall on Van Born Rd. Thursday, November 21 at 7:00 pm Oh and by the way bringing in cats is not the answer, all that would cause is a cat infestation.
    We will also be discussing the Fire engine that was paid for by TIFA and a grant, has anyone seen it???? Another promise broken.
    We are also ready to start a neighborhood watch program in the area, this will also be discussed.


  27. Grandma Suzanne,

    I never said I work for the mayor, you are assuming that I said ” Lastly, so what if I work for the mayor? A good idea, is a good idea without regards to who, what or why. The mission is to serve the community and welcome all contributors to that cause, aside from our differences, disagreements and points of views about certain practices. Their are places and times in our lives for all of this.” I was simply responding to your statement “Is it possible you work for the mayor?”

    Sorry if my statement was interpreted that way, What I meant is: ” Its OK even if its coming from the mayor office, good idea should be accepted without regards to were its coming from”

    So, NO I don’t work for the mayor.

    But I hope the mayor office will consider this method and take this opportunity and respond to you.

    Anyway, thank you for the public concerns and commitment to civic duties. The well been of our neighborhoods is what we all care about.

    At the end, do you think this method may help control the rats population?


  28. I don’t care where any idea comes from just as long as it not only addresses the rat problem in our city but solves the problem. I have some members of my family with rat problems and they are at their wits end and would welcome some productive help..

    Maw Maw you say you work in the mayor’s office. Have you taken this idea to your boss? If so, what did he say? Is the city going to spearhead this program? If so, without an animal control officers and ordinance officers that are vector control certified, how will this come about?

    Please post more about the above on this site. Thank You.


  29. drheights48127 : Good answer. Thinking outside the box expose what in the box, though! Lets hire cats to control the rats.


  30. I agree a good idea is a good idea regardless of who or where it came from. I don’t think anyone would turn their nose up at a good idea that may help because someone works for the Mayor. How many times have we said we want them to think outside the box? Isn’t this just that sort if thinking?


  31. betsy08,

    Sorry, if it come that way, no I’m serious about using cats as a method to control the rats population. I just posted some examples to show that other municipalities used that method successfully.

    Why not talking to the human societies in our area and find out what they think? Or talk to the national agencies listed in those links and see if they can provide any assistance.

    What is the loss, the city don’t have a running victor program yet according to you. You may be very surprised with the positive results that citizens all over the country achieved by using this human and naturally balanced approach to this rats issue.

    Lastly, so what if I work for the mayor? A good idea, is a good idea without regards to who, what or why. The mission is to serve the community and welcome all contributors to that cause, aside from our differences, disagreements and points of views about certain practices. Their are places and times in our lives for all of this.


  32. raven,

    “Sorry for the typo” in the previous post.
    Are you watching the mayor travel for 7 action news? Are you taking cell phone pics? Are you can “YouTube them”? Please post them here on this blog.


  33. You know, Maw Maw, I have a feeling you’re making a big joke of the rat situation. There’s not one thing funny about it. Perhaps if you have then running around your yard you won’t be laughing. Is it possible you work for the mayor?


  34. Why not Dearborn Heights?
    “Disneyland Partners With Feral Cat Colony To Control Rodents”http://consumerist.com/2010/09/16/disneyland-partners-with-feral-cat-colony-to-control-rodents/


  35. Well time for Professor accountability to come aboard I will be posting from time to time on what I see and hear ,now-since the election Mr. Ron Amen still has taxpayer provided vehicle to drive home and any where else he wants to go and your Mayor will keep enjoying the perks of his office and when he needs to relax there are so many place’s to go in other city’s, noticed in my travels on election day that the police were out stumping for dan the man paletko well who handles labor negotiations his assistant. now her dad works for the city under the water department when we need him in ordinance what is running our city not the union not the mayor who sure as snow on the roof not our city council or as the communty say’s the mayors gang .


  36. The fact is everyone, the rats were freed from the sewer when they were working on the road. It is said that they opened the sewer and the rats came out like a wave of water. There was nothing they could do but just watch as they infiltrated the city. It’s been about a year since this all started and no Ordinance Officers have been trained as Vector Control officers even though his highness said he was sending them for training. I’ve had bait boxes put out but the Vector Control Officer in Dearborn, who’s been doing this for about 20 years (?) says they don’t work. We’ll see. We had 2 dead ones found in my neighbor’s yard and I was told it looked like her dogs killed them. I sure wouldn’t want my dog killing a rat. Never can tell what the dog can get from the rat.


  37. Grandma Suzanne,
    Good overall humorist report, The wooden ships that sailed the pacific used to employ cats to control the rats population. And “Chicago deploying special trained cats units to patrol neighborhoods looking for rats”.

    Dearborn Heights can work with the human societies around us and establish an adoptions assisted program to control rat populations naturally.

    7. Chicago, Illinois – USA
    Chicago’s most common rat is the brown rat, which is a species that can be traced back to Asia. The brown rat is a highly capable climber – a fact of which some Chicago denizens may be only too aware. In August 2013 North Center locals were reported to be considering moving out, as they felt overwhelmed by the constant battle against the rodents. Some residents suspected that unlicensed catering was at fault, but in 2012 a less harsh winter was blamed for the influx. Warmer weather helps rats to live longer and boosts their breeding, and the mild 2012 winter witnessed a 28 percent increase in rats being spotted plus a significant rise in calls to authorities. In view of the controversy surrounding the use of rat poison and its threat to local pets, the city’s 47th Ward has since taken a more natural approach. In 2012, working alongside the Tree House Humane Society, officials released chipped feral cats in an attempt to curb the problem, with the felines having been neutered and given shots before they were let loose.


  38. To those of you bad mouthing Janet. She is doing fine. This just shows the gratitude and respect you give someone that has given years of public service for her community. Marge Horvath isn’t so hot , she has been there forever so naturally some of it has to be good . Ken Baron is a Yes man for the mayor, If you can’t see it you are blind. The way they talk to the citizens is rude. I don’t care if you agree with someone or not we pay this bunch of do nothings their salary. They just tell you what you want to hear so you will go away. Janet is free from all the garbage, now lets just see what happens………..come on all you chest thumpers, lets see what you got…..


  39. Tony, Why do you think nobody want to run for any public office in Dearborn Heights to at least have a primary?

    Do you think that Dearborn Heights citizen are happy with what they have? May be. They didn’t gave …. about the city politics and left the 18% of the registered voters decides for them that will even less if consider how many are eligible to vote but don’t even bother to register, my guess will be about 45000 that is 15%.

    Part of the mix are the increased numbers of rentals, and low compensations public officials receive. Very very low. In addition their are no blocs of voters advocating for certain issues except for the seniors and definitely the majority of them are happy with their long term public officials friends.

    As for Ms. Badalow loss? And not accomplishing a lot. No difference from other officials. She voted no to spend funds we don’t have, and we paying more taxes to cover their general fund deficit of over 5 millions and spending another 5 millions of surplus. They didn’t support her for change and curbing spending. The citizen agreed to bail them out anyway. But she tried to unseat a long time political figures and popular mayor based on dead issue that the voters buried in 2011. The council will be functioning same OH same with or without her. There are more general fund taxes to spend and the city should be able to get out of the general fund debit by 2015. Its very easy to navigate a ship in deep water without ice bergs.

    Dearborn Heights citizens are smart and most likely understand the political game. They enjoy watching the council meetings couple times and the citizen comments.


  40. I am also a senior citizen and you all know I didn’t vote for the white-haired fox.

    In 2014 the city council table is going to look like a dining table in a nursing home; with the two under 50 being the serving assistants to their senior members.

    Quote from a council member that asked to remain anonymous.

    “Finally some peace at the council table because that young whipper-snapper with all them there new fangled ideas about accountability and that nonsense about representing the needs of the city will be gone. Finally we can go out after the council meetings to Mexican Fiesta and not have to discuss how we can make her look dumb. We we can finally get down to the real business of serving ourselves instead of that nonsense she kept spouting about serving and representing the needs of all residents. Good riddance! I say, and I know I speak for all the council. Well at least all of us except that Lisa Hicks-Clayton (don’t know about the new guy, Bob Constan but if he starts spouting about accountability and that other crap, we will shut him down too) . She better learn to tow the line and join us. You know if you are not with us, you are against us”. Senior power got rid of Janet and we can do the same again. .


    Our brother and sister rodents are celebrating the win the of Dan Paletko to another 4 years as mayor in the City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Chief Rat Gary Pale says this is a great city to set up residence in and invites other rodents in neighboring cities that are experiencing extreme persecution and death to come to Dearborn Heights. “No one is going to bother you here, you are safe to live out your lives to old age knowing that there will be many, many generations of your family enjoying this wonderful city” said Pale.


    It is with great joy that this news agency reports the re-election of Dan Paletko to another 4 years of being the mayor in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. This is even sweeter by the fact that now the council members that have been re-elected will continue to serve him instead of the interest of this city..

    With the re-election of Mayor Paletko all blighted houses will remain so for many years to come and many more are expected in the future. In fact, the rush to reside and do business in these houses has risen to such a frenzy after the election, that in order to prevent chaos, those wishing for one of these desirable houses will have to place a bid for them..


    Newly Elected Mayor Paletko stated previously that revenue fees from the court to his budget have decreased over the past few years.

    We have an unidentified council source telling the Snide and Less that police cars will be patrolling the main streets such as Telegraph, Ford Road, Warren Road, etc. in order to write traffic fines. This was very evident our source tells us when he went to DH police headquarters one day last week. ” It was wonderful, there were two lines of people with about 15 people in each line waiting to pay fines and traffic court was over flowing. Money was literally flowing into the budget – Cha Ching!!!” said our unidentified council source

    When we asked our source if police cars are patrolling the main streets there will be little to none patrolling the residential areas for crime, which has increased in Dearborn Heights; won’t this take a toll on the city? Our source stated: “Who cares, there will only be rats, drug dealers and old people living in Dearborn Heights by the time anyone really fins out what is going on..



  41. This is Dearborn Heights politics. Therefore live with it and be part of the power, or shut-up, or live with it and keep talking about it, or refuse to accept and do your civic duty, or best of all “why bother” just move out, or be one of “Who cares” There are lot of people don’t even know there is an election.
    Bloc of voters do have a lot of influence on the result of any election and that is part of politics at all levels. Most individuals who run for public office have a block of committed voters advocating for them and politicking for them. Dearborn Heights is NO difference.
    Public life is very difficult, and exposes your privacy wide open. Very, very few choose to live under that condition and the most of us stay away from public life altogether. The power of public offices are tempting and keep officials on the public edge and in certain situations “specially after been in office for long time” they lower their guards and engage in activities that are normally personal and private business, but they forget that public trust demand height standards and public exposure.
    Certain activities when exposed may get them in trouble.


  42. Even though I am not always happy with the way things turn out or decisions concerning our city are made it is time to put the election behind us because Paletko and the remaining council won fair and square.
    Regarding Janet…the citizens have spoken both times she ran (mayor and clerk) and if more people would have voted the turn out would have been the same just on a larger scale. Janet may have had some good idea’s, but she did not get anything accomplished, she had a bad attitude and I believe the city will move in a positive direction without her.


  43. I’m a senior and I didn’t vote for Paletko I voted for Janet. I cast my vote for Marge Horvath and didn’t vote for any of the other counsel people. I can’t be smoozed by the mayor and others — facts speak for themselves and this city has certainly gone way down hill since I moved here 24 years ago. My street was cleaned the day or two after Election Day as a thank you from the Mayor. Just a not enough to make me very happy with this administration.


  44. Are you telling me we sent out 2800 absentee ballots and only 2000 of those returned them? What the hell else did they have to do but fill it out and send it in? I’m even more disgusted than I was before. And Kathy? I’m a senior. Bozo didn’t have my vote and neither did the sitting council.


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