The Election is Over.

Out of 35,000 registered voters 7,127 came out to vote. From those voters 4,505 have decided they want to keep the Mayor. I thank everyone who went out and voted. Not just those who voted for Janet Badalow. Who ever you voted for at least you came out and voted. It’s a shame that we can’t interest more people out of the thousands that are registered to do the same.

The Mayor will be starting his new term with a claim filed with the Governor against him. Asking for his removal from office for the many documented charter violations. From what I’ve been told a lawsuit against 4 police officers and the chief of police, a sexual harassment scandal brewing at City Hall. Just one more thing for him and council to cover up and sweep under the rug. Not to mention thousands of dissatisfied residents.

I hate to say, but I expect nothing from the Mayor except the same thing he’s always done. I expect he will do as he always does after he wins. Ignore the residents go back to not being at city hall. He’ll do nothing about bringing the city to the 21st century. He’ll do nothing about making sure the city is transparent. He’ll do nothing about social networking. That website that reflects a city that’s suppose to be in the 21st century. Forget about that. Hiring a grant writer won’t happen. Having a professional contract negotiator. What for? We have the assistant to the Mayor who does that. High school graduate that’s good enough for the taxpayers. The Mayor will go back to Ignoring along with some on the council the South end of Dearborn of Heights. Animal, and vector control will be put on the shelf. The shelf that he and some on the council put almost everything they don’t want to bother with.

I expect absolutely the same thing from the incumbent council members. Those who did absolutely no campaigning to get the vote. All they had to do was have their name on the ballot. I think they will carry on in the great tradition of give to the Mayor what ever he ask. Approve every contract as it’s given to them by the Mayors assistant. Never ask or investigate anything. Turn a blind eye when the Mayor violates the Charter. Put their hands over ears when he tells his lies. Get ready for that leased car that the Mayor took off the agenda for the CEDD to be put back on. Doesn’t matter that the Grant won’t cover that. Council will approve it. Right behind that approval will come the Mayor getting his brand new shiny leased car. Who’s going to vote no on the council? Maybe Bob.

When this happens I won’t be surprised or even mad. I will how ever be sad. Sad because the council and yes even the Mayor should be doing all these things and they won’t. They won’t because 4,505 voters came out and told them they don’t have to. The rest just don’t care, or as one woman told me today. Why should I vote for a new Mayor the council is going to stay the same. They do nothing and don’t want anything to change. She said the Mayors not the problem the council is. I guess that’s one way to look at it.

For those of you who come here and are the Mayors supporters I congratulate all of you. Taunt and jeer as much as you like. Just want to remind you last time I looked I believe you are adults. Might be a good idea to try and act like it. What’s next? You’re going to say “nannanabooboo” I know there are some who come here and think that there’s only a handful that come to the blog. There are hundreds of people who come here everyday. People want to know the truth and I’m sure there are many who are going to keep fighting for that truth.


23 thoughts on “The Election is Over.”

  1. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Please review the post of Oct. 30,2013 about the alleged email by a city director using religion and ethnicity in doing city business.

    Please come back to this blog and tell us what you think about that? And if you tolerate such action if its true.


  2. Councilwoman Clayton – It’s great that you are working so hard to make the city better. It’s not so great that everything that you do you have to grandize yourself by telling us voting seniors how great you are for what you do. The person that does the work quietly and gets the job done without patting themselves on the back and shouting from the roof tops what they do and what they have done is the person I have the most respect for.


  3. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton: Are you self acting as a mayor? Were you find the time to do all what you stated you are doing. That is really amazing and hart worming to read your activities as a council member making big money ( About $8 k per year). Do you get paid for the miles you drive to all the places you go to attend all those conferences and meetings? And since you do so many activities and visit so many places, how many city related miles you drive per/year? I guess a lot of miles? And since you do a lot on your job as a city official don’t you think you deserve a city to take home and go places similar to other officials?

    I wish our mayor will come to this blog and post his activities similar to what you did.
    I wish the other city council members will also tell us what they do other than attending council meeting?
    I encourage you to stay this way as a role model for other city officials.

    And since you since you are aware of the charter provisions do you think the council should act on the residents claims?


  4. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton: Time and time again Janet came up with some very good ideas; written request and back-up for the use of city cars – the council turned it down. New updated computer equipment which would include GPS on all the cars and tablets for the ordinance officers which could be used while they’re on the road and that information they collected on each call easily downloaded to the computer system rather than written or typed into the current system; that suggestion was turned down by the council. She requested that the city’s website be updated to include a lot more information to the citizens. One council member said – isn’t that just for techies? Guess what? Council turned it down. Over the years she had numerous other “progressive” ideas and she was outvoted again and again. As I’ve said before, I applaud your efforts. You are still faced with 5 other people who haven’t had an original, progressive idea in years and seem to turn down anything original or progressive. Why you think you’ll have more success than Janet is beyond me. Even coupled with Janet your ideas still didn’t fly. Another council member was heard to say – this is the way we’ve always done it! It also boggles the mind that people come to this blog and tell us that we are making allegations. These “allegations” have been backed up by video, court documents, etc. Watch the council meetings on TV, people. You’ll see the same thing we’ve seen. I’ll warn you though. You’ll get so fed up you’ll want to scream!


  5. Dear Just Asking, In reference to the comment posted on November 9, 2013 you indeed heard a member of the City Council make a comment which did not have any substantial backing or documented record. I, for the sake of conversation, reviewed my budget book which is and notations made during the approximately six week period of budget discussions, and had noted 15 suggestions/ questions related to the proposed budget. More importantly, I act upon working with Federal, State and local agengies to review, access and bring resources to our City not just during the six week budget discussion, but year-round, weekly, monthly, as the opportunties become available. These resources, i.e. MSHDA and Governor Snyders MiPlacemaking intiative, MVPC Vacant Property Campaign, provide our City and our residents opportunities to seek and develop means to generate additional revenues and bring resources which will offer and enrich services, leading to additional expenditure savings in the current budget and future budgets. In addition, I continously monitor pending State legislation which would impact our community financially, i.e. SB 313 and other House Bills which would pass expenses/ fees to the local municipalities and our residents. I have frequent contact with State legislators discussing and advocating for our community. I feel our residents are more appreciative of the fact a Councilmember is working on an ongoing basis to seek opportunities to develop/ increase revenues and decrease expenses while offering or maintianing services they deserve. Lastly, as a member of the Southeast Council of Governments (SEMCOG) Local Government Finance Task Force, I will be in a position to serve our taxpayers and look at revenue solutions. We can no longer run from a revenue discourse and action. In closing, I encourage our residents to feel free to contact me at 313.633.1845,, or stop by one of seven monthly office hours. If these opportunties are not convenient, please call me and I will schedule a time which best suits you. I am honored to serve the residents of Dearborn Heights.


  6. carma- I am aware of the City Charter. In fact, when Council members were presented with a letter from a resident, I followed up on this action item and referred to Charter Sections 18.8, 18.18 and 18.19. I encourage you to feel free to contact me anytime at 313.633.1845 or or stop by office hours and I would be happy to provide an update .


  7. bitsy08, You posting serious allegations if proven to be true. You have to remember and understand that the documents you are talking about are only your side of the story and must be evaluated by either the city council or other governmental agencies or the court. Couple week ago a resident served the city with a claim requesting the removal of mayor Paletko from office for various allocations. The claim also went to the state of Michigan Governor. Be aware that all public officials who are involved may have to answer to some of those allegations sooner or later. Most of the allegations you posted has no time limitations and don’t evaporate in thin air. Recently, Detroit case expended over 10 years of investigation and evolved over time to expose a lot of unknown activities by individuals who come forward with information that assisted the authorities to complete their investigation and evaluation to that case.


  8. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, the charter provisions includes to all city official.

    Section 18.8. – Council May Hold Public Hearing.
    The Council shall have the power to hold hearings on any matter within its province, and to compel by subpoena, the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers and data in any hearing pending before it. Such subpoena may be served by any person of legal age. Each witness shall be entitled to receive the same fees for attendance as is provided by law for the payment of witness fees in the Circuit Court for the County of Wayne. The Council may by ordinance prescribe the method to more effectually carry out the foregoing provisions. Any person who having been personally served with subpoena willfully destroys the same, may be punished with a fine not to exceed Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars or imprisonment not to exceed ninety (90) days, or both in the discretion of the court.

    Section 18.18. – Violation: Punishment.
    All violations of the Charter or of any ordinances shall be punishable, unless otherwise herein provided, by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars, or by imprisonment for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days, or both fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court, except that if the authority of the court is extended to levy a higher fine or impose a greater sentence, the court, in its discretion, may do so to the extent it is lawfully permitted under such statute or ordinance.
    State law reference— Limitation on penalties, MCL 117.4i(10)

    Section 18.9. – Council: Claims and Accounts.
    The Council shall pass upon all accounts and claims against the City. Every claim for tort shall, so far as possible, state in detail the time, place and cause of alleged injury. All claims whether arising out of contract or tort shall be made under oath and shall be filed with the Clerk for consideration by the Council within sixty (60) days after the cause of action in every case has arisen. It shall be a sufficient defense to any action for the collection of any demand or claim against the City that such claim has not been filed with the Clerk as hereinbefore provided.
    State law reference— City liability for injuries, MCL 691.1401 et seq


  9. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, A blogger posted that the mayor drove 79000 miles in 2 years, is that true?
    Please check that out and post the miles on this blog. At the same time can you find-out how many of those miles” If the number is accurate” are reported to the IRS as personal use so income taxes will be paid on them? its public information anyway. Please check this report by “7 action news” Do you want them to nook on the city doors?


  10. Kathy: Time and time again we’ve given these Paletko people facts that have been backed up by videos and court transcripts. Do they believe us? No. They think we have an axe to grind. Finally – they got something right. I’m fed up with a mayor who swears at residents (confirmed); walks out of meetings when he can’t get his way (confirmed); bypassed the charter numerous times (confirmed); lied about Janet (on tape, people); allows his high school graduate assistant (that alone is ridiculous) to negotiate union contracts (don’t even tell me you don’t know about that); promised more cuts if we passed the Headlee Override (not done); and my personal favorite – sued for a hostile work environment when he pulled up PORNOGRAPHY on his office computer. And then we have our wonderful council. Allowed the mayor to get away with bypassing the charter (confirmed); passed numerous budgets that were a joke and they knew them to be a joke (confirmed); never once voted in favor of Janet’s PROGRESSIVE ideas. As a matter of fact, when she suggested (for the umpteenth time) that the city website needed to be updated to include a lot more things, one of our senior council members asked – isn’t that just for “techies?” Are you kidding me? And he was re-elected. I don’t understand why he was re-elected. You say confidence in him got him re-elected. IF they had been watching the council meetings or going to the council meetings, I would bet that they wouldn’t have confidence in him – or the mayor for that matter. BOTH of them need to be put out to pasture because neither one want to do their job. The council member has been heard complaining about “all the work we have to do” and the mayor never seems to be in his office. Where is he? What is he doing? I guess we have to thank those people who voted but was it an INFORMED vote? I bet it was name recognition that got at least two of them elected. If that’s the case – why don’t you stay home? You didn’t do this city any favors.


  11. Here’s one wasn’t idea on the last budget. This idea was one that was given on the budget before that. Cut the assistant to the Mayors salary in half…

    What do you think was going on when they took away the cars from department heads? Who do you think got that ball rolling..

    Who started looking into the cell phones paid for by the City? Those cell phone allowances were taken away because Janet Badalow was looking into getting GPS. Along with cell phones for cheaper price. Once the word GPS was included the phones were gone.

    Who asked to have more part-time ordinance officers and wanted them working on weekends? Wanted to give them iPads or tablets to do the report right from their cars, at the address with photos. Submit the report while in the field? Now they have to come in from the field at least one hour early to file reports and look at email. Savings and efficient what an idea.
    There’s more, but you’re stuck on what councilman Apigian said. You don’t or didn’t take the time to find out any more facts.

    After years of rejected ideas, writing separate budgets that council never even discussed. Budgets with savings on almost every line. This past budget she didn’t say a word except to vote NO. Why would you vote yes on a “fantasy budget” to use councilman Apigian words. His words spoken at a council meeting about a budget he voted yes for.

    The council members that do have a “set”…never want to use them.


  12. Everyone keeps talking about Councilwoman Badalow and the fact that she voted against the budget several years in a row. I was at a council meeting a few times and at one of those meetings, I believe it was the final budget meeting, where the Council approved the budget and Council Apigian said it best. Councilwoman Badalow and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton voted against the budget but of the hundred and something lines in the budget only five or six were even discussed and neither Badalow or Clayton came forward with any significant changed in the budget as a whole that would have saved the City a whole lot of money. So what was the point of voting against it?


  13. Tony

    It’s not a dislike for the Mayor it’s his total disregard for the charter, the residents and much more. What I’ve said over the years is documented. Those documents are from the City, and court. I didn’t make this stuff up. I didn’t forge the documents.

    There’s a council that for years I said wasn’t at fault for what was happening. I was wrong in my thinking they must hold the Mayor accountable for what he does. They have an obligation to the city’s residents. The residents aren’t blameless in all of this either. As residents we have an obligation to know what’s happening in our City Government. We are suppose to come out and vote 80% don’t.
    Residents should be going to council meetings and make their presents felt all year long. 

    Tony only time will tell if what you say will happen. I hope that what I predict will take place doesn’t. Unless they the elected officials are listening and give a darn about what residents are asking for It will never change. It’s easy to lay the blame at the feet of one council member. Your comment implies that council didn’t do anything because Janet was there. Tony she’s one vote, one person out of 7. Ideas she had, good ones… ideas that would save the city money. Ideas that would bring the City inline with what other City’s are doing. All these ideas were rejected by the other council members.


  14. This is to Lisa Hicks Clayton . Why don’t city cars have the city logo on there side door? Just last week I was at a gas station is see a car running. No marking on the car. I went inside and asked the person if he was a city employee of DBN HGTS. Yes he said he was just buying some stuff. I ask him to turn off the car as my taxes dollars are going down the drain. He gave me one pissed off look and went out and turned off the car and came back in to finish his shopping. Just last year I saw picture’s of a person that lived in Dearborn with a city truck and covering it up with a magnet to do personal use . Just ask Ken Baron . I think every car in the city needs to have a sign on the doors so if they live in another city somebody might turn them in if they see the city car or truck being used for other things. Just a suggestion.. Before this gets out of hand.


  15. Dearborn Heights will get exactly what they deserve: Same old, same old. No fresh ideas, only stale old men who are far removed from reality. My neighbors own a business here and they decided that unless changes were made here, they were going to close up. Guess what? Next week they are shutting down their business and walking away from their home. No point in trying to sell it, no one wants to live in a city that thinks so little of the residents. The next time someone complains about nothing getting done in local government, ask them who they voted for: Stale old men or someone who had a vision of things getting done and moving forward?


  16. I believe these comments have some error in the message- I did not support the use of CDBG funds for a leased vehicle and also pursued by researching HUD requirements for grant use; questioning Community Development Block Grant funds being used for the lease as well. In addition, I have continued to follow up on the Berwyn Senior Center ADA bathroom meeting with individuals and representatives and bringing the bid request back to the Council to get the job done. I have advocated for two years for an Animal Control Officer and offered resources to our City and even written an Emergency Contingency Plan to assist residents when displaced from their homes-emergency pet care services and shelter. In addition, I voted no on the FY 13-14 budget becuase I want to see fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency. As a member of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Revenue Task Force, I am working with local municipalities to define, establish and expect responsible spending as well as develop opportunities for business growth, employment opportunties and education in our communtiy.I have asked for accountability for all city vehicles used, i.e. mileage logs. The statement “I expect absolutely the same thing from the incumbent council members” …… for the record ……I care.


  17. The resident’s have spoken both times that Janet has run for a position and come January she will be off the council. It is time to put your dislike for the mayor behind you and although it may be difficult start showing support for our elected officials. I really believe that our city will get more accomplished and become a better city with Janet off the council. I have spoken to 100’s of residents and Janet was her worst enemy. Janet did not even like most of the city employee’s and showed them disrespect. Even the fire department did not back her and one of her family members works for them.


  18. drheights48127 you said: “a sexual harassment scandal brewing at City Hall” What are you talking about? another rumor or what? You been accused of ” lunatic Fringe and Gossip” by a blogger before.


  19. Oh – my – God. Even Kosinski had more people vote for him than the mayor. I just have to assume these people don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Kosinski! Really????


  20. Thank you for the election results . Not that I like them. Hard to believe 4500 people like to live with rats!


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