Superhuman.. Mayor Dan Paletko.


This was a paid advertisement in The Arab American News. A letter from Ron and Mona Amen who both work for the City. Paid for by Danial Paletko for Mayor. Interesting to note that the City finished this fiscal year with a surplus around 3 million. Now “it’s around 3 million.” Not that the residents will find out before the election. Mayor Dan Paletko refuses to publish any numbers on the budget until after the election. Why not? Who’s keeping track? After all that might be important information to the voter. Hide the Numbers Dan those of us who live here and have watched for years. We know the game by now…

He talks about having more Arab Americans working for the City. Again reality check folks. There are two department heads yes. One was already working for the City when Paletko took office. So he hired one Arab American not two. There isn’t one Arab American Police officer working for the City. The Mayor how ever has been promising to hire Arab Americans to the Police Department for 8  years. Many Arab Americans are very aware of the promise Mayor Dan Paletko keeps making. Including Ron and his wife.


31 thoughts on “Superhuman.. Mayor Dan Paletko.”

  1. Renee, As you said “They suck up to the mayor and that’s why they keep their jobs. No more, no less.”

    Witch school teach the art of the “suck up” according to you its a good career and paying good salary plus a car. Lot of kids go to college and can’t find a job paying that much.

    Is their are any professional association for the “Suck-Up’s” ?

    Please post the address and phone number or the web site of any college that offer a degree in “Suck-up” or online courses. Your assistance is appreciated.


  2. Also in response to the mention of who lives here, who cares? Keep up your property and keep your kids in line and every community will welcome you not matter what your ethnicity or religion. Shame on playing the race card. Decisions should be made on who is best to lead.


  3. Who cares if Ron and Mona paid for that advertisement? THEY DO NOT LIVE IN THE CITY AND CANNOT VOTE HERE! The only reason either of them have jobs here is because they are appointed and do not have to test for their jobs. My niece works for the city and from what she tells me, they are both big jokes there. There is no respect for either of them because they were handed their jobs, they did not earn them by testing. They suck up to the mayor and that’s why they keep their jobs. No more, no less.


  4. Well its about time people start to see the way I feel about this city is starting to look and people acting{ council and mayor] just like the city of. DETROIT HEIGHTS If we start saying it more maybe council and mayor will change this city around. I hate to see the next four years of nothing getting done in this city.


  5. I believe I was told there are +/- 37,000 registered voters in this city of which 7,100 +/- voted. Or look at it another way. That means that 81% sat home on their duffs and didn’t exercise their right to vote. I was also told that approximately 18.5% of registered voters in Dearborn voted. That’s just sad. Someone else said that our young men and women are fighting for us to have and keep that right to vote and these people don’t even show them the respect due them by voting. I also find it so hard to believe that anyone who knows anything about this city would vote for Paletko and those sitting council people. I would say they “ran” again but they didn’t run anywhere. They didn’t show up for any forums or anything to explain their platforms. They didn’t “earn” the right to run. They certainly haven’t done their jobs; the jobs we elected them to do FOR US. I am disgusted to say the least.


  6. To Tom Terrific and Dan’s Our Man,

    We are not losers, the city of Dearborn Heights is.

    You think that we just sit behind our computers typing away and do nothing else. Well, let me tell you a little about this keyboard typing granny and my commitment to this city over the years.

    I pounded the pavement for Janet Badalow because I believe in the same things she does and for that reason I walked many a street, went up to many a house during the past few months delivering her flyer. I just didn’t sit here and type.

    Both my husband and I joined the very first Dearborn Heights Community Emergency Response Team/CERT offered and one of our classmates was Janet Badalow. We spent many hours (volunteer, not paid) learning to serve our community so in the event of an emergency we could help our fellow residents.

    CERT members spend many hours standing guard over downed and active power lines not only freeing first responders to go to critical situations but to protect the residents of Dearborn Heights from getting electrocuted.

    CERT members brave the threats and cussing from lunatic drivers who want to speed up flooded streets causing a wake so fierce that water is forced into the living rooms of people on the street.

    Janet Badalow was active in CERT. Can you tell me what other council members were doing this? Besides getting on camera during an event when did the mayor truly get his hands dirty and not just for a photo shoot.

    On our own time we attended mock disasters to keep our skills honed and ready.

    My husband and I were also were part of the first patrol to ride up and down the streets of our city on the night before Halloween to keep residents from suffering property damage, using our own gasoline to do this.

    When Paletko said we needed to override the Headlee Amendment to keep city services, both my husband and I believed him. In fact, I wrote, printed out at our own expense a flyer supporting Paletko and the need to override the HO. These old knees walked up and down many a porch step delivering these flyers.

    I stood up at one of the town hall meetings and spoke to the crowd telling them to support Paletko’s override of the HO. Many in attendance booed me because they didn’t want to increase their taxes.

    I didn’t do all the above to win praise or thanks. I did them to help out a city I have loved for over 45 years.

    I attended council meetings after the Headlee Override and realized that I and many like me had been duped to raise our taxes because Paletko did absolutely nothing to cut the fat from the budget. It got so bad that Standard and Poors reduced our ratings and cited the administration as the cause just this past April.

    At first I was disheartened and then furious when I found out more and more about our so-called mayor. I found this blog and joined it because there were other people in the city that were just as mad as I was.

    If you had bothered to go to the website that was featured on this blog, you too would have learned more. It followed up every statement with videos, legal forms and documents. There were no lies and innuendos just facts that had evidence to prove them.

    My husband’s pension was cut almost in half because of the mis-management by his union. I do not want to see my city suffer the same fate; however, I am afraid it will now.

    Go ahead and laugh at me and call me names but I am proud and honored to have worked for a great and caring person as Janet Badalow. Dearborn Heights is in her heart as well as it was in mine.

    In closing I would like to say that having almost 7 decades of life in this world I know one thing to be constant, “what goes around-comes around” and it is for this reason I feel sad for the city I love.

    PS. Big Dog you are right we have officially changed our name from Dearborn Heights to Detroit Heights.

    Grandma Suzanne


  7. Tom terrific,You said “The “lunatic fringe” can’t sway an election with gossip and innuendo”

    Are you referring to this good song:


  8. Looks like someone might have a little crush on our Mayor. If you would like to close your eyes and envision him that way…well to each their own I guess. I so did not need that image put in my mind.

    Why would anyone say the Mayor was an exotic dancer. Come on now can you see him up on a poll? Maybe you do not sure why you would even think something like that about the man.

    Stick with the truth please… We don’t have time for silly childish things here.

    Speaking of sticks.. That’s another post for another day.


  9. Anonymous 2,
    Do you have a new job Spell Checking? Out of all of the grammatical and spelling errors I have noticed, I knew what the writer was saying, so what’s the difference????? Here’s one for you: Plenipotentiary: meaning the personality type of our sitting mayor….find a new job and save face.


  10. Hey super “in the know”….
    you missed the point! My point was about the turnout of voters! Sorry I was just guessing on the numbers, and yes, I am IN THE KNOW! If you were IN THE KNOW you would have been interested in the issue at hand which is the needs of this community. I make sure I am IN THE KNOW, if you knew half of what I know you would have considered a better way to show your lack of brains and in another area. Go shake your pockets in someone else’s face, the people will eventually come out on top no matter how you try to drag them down. No one is right all the time, but there is no reason to be a moron. Yep. That’s what I said. Maybe you are a part of the “lunatic fringe” that Tom (not so) Terrific spoke about.
    Oh,and by the way, the moderator is not illiterate. I challenge you to run a blog like this and include the moronic bs with the intelligent updates. She has offered you and anyone else who chooses, to have a place to speak up and be heard, as well as updates and information. I do not believe she has an axe to grind, I believe she has her heart into her community and is trying to keep people aware of the events in DH. If you knew half of what she knows you would get off the blog and run with your tail between your legs.
    If someone sees a crime and does nothing about it, what kind of person is that? Is it you?


  11. In the know,

    according to you, approximately 1 out of 8 registered voters voted for this mayor,

    Great accomplishment for both candidates since the others is 1 out of 14.

    That is very, very low overall representation for about 60000 people who called Dearborn Heights home.


  12. Titanium Lips – you don’t know what you don’t know. There are approximately 56,000 residents in the City of Dearborn Heights and approximately 35,000 registered voters. You must be from Chicago if you think we could get out 60,000 voters!!!!


  13. I have to congratulate all of you, especially Z & K. At least in this election you did not accuse Mayor Paletko of being a former exotic dancer. It’s good to see some of you are making a change for the better!




  15. The “lunatic fringe” can’t sway an election with gossip and innuendo. What will you all do now? Keep sitting behind your computers while life passes you by. Yeah, you stuck it to the man! Your voice was heard by a handful of your fellow Complainers. WOW ! you are something. You changed-Nothing. You are led by an illiterate moderator with an axe to grind. It’s time to give it up. Move on!


  16. Anonymous2,

    Thank you for the correction, Its good news that you and others are paying attention to a clerical misprint, that mean you are paying attention to the contents and the real issue. Keep reading and editing so you can figure out what the complaint is about. I hope that the complaint is not not true and bogus, because it will be a shocking shake-up event if the governor acted on the request to remove this mayor based on the information presented in the document.


  17. To all who are laughing in their shorts over this election, let me say a few things. Did I hear there were sixy THOUSAND people who COULD HAVE VOTED but didn’t? I heard the excuses like, “gee, is this the last day?” Or “I was going to do an absentee but i lost the envelope”, or so many other stupid excuses I could barf. If one of those people complain about ANYTHING, I hope someone will do a charitable move and bail my butt out of jail.
    Last night at the polls, you could have heard crickets chirping, if there were any around. I also want to add that I met some really rude dips that DID come out to vote. I tolerated their rudeness only because they did show up!
    Doesn’t it mean anything to those who didn’t vote, that they have a hand in choosing the people who will be standing up representing them? I said I would respect any one who walked off with the badge of the office and I will. What I am going to demand from any of them is that they respect me, respect my community.
    If you are not satisfied, you have to stand up. I want to thank Ms Bad for her efforts, but she should have known from his history what he would do. We all should have known. I still say, look out for the Karma, It’s gonna be a big one.


  18. Dan’s our Man: Wer’e ALL the losers – including you. You’re just not smart enough to have figured that out yet. You have learned one thing from him, though. How to be a gracious winner.


  19. Dan’ our Man,

    Public officials can win or loose election, but also can face removal from office by recalls or court order or the governor intervention. The state of Michigan governor removed Detroit mayor from office not long ago despite his popularity.

    The city council failed to act on a claim field against mayor Paletko in past despite the charter requirement to act in 60 days.

    There is claim field recently with governor Snyder asking him to remove mayor Paletko from office.

    The claim contain some very disturbing accusations if proven to be true.

    Copy of the claim can be obtained from the city clerk office.


  20. Well Tony,

    The reason the other council members may cut her off is because they are afraid to rock the Paletko boat but Janet is not. One even admitted it when a resident asked a question about Paletko at the last meeting. “I am afraid to”, came a soft but audible answer from the left side (as the audience faces the council) of the council table.

    So I guess Tony you want a council that is weak and afraid of the mayor and that is why he has wiped his rump with our city charter so many times.
    Go ahead and vote for Paletko but one day it will come back and bite you in the butt. Like another writer here said. Karma Baby Karma.


  21. What are all you people going to due Wednesday morning when Dan Paletko kicks Janet’s butt. Four more years .VOTE FOR DAN PALETKO.


  22. Tony

    It wasn’t at the pizza place that I called it happened at another business this person owns. As I said in the comment these types of complaints have been told to the Mayor. When any group of individuals start to talk together they may find similarities in situations.

    On the other hand as I’m sure you’re aware there are many good stories about the DHPD. I don’t know what day this happened on there might have been an emergency in the city. As I said I’ve heard these kind of stories from others in other areas of town.

    As for council, “the joke table.”Maybe if council wasn’t so busy trying to please the Mayor they might just find something useful in the information she trying to give. Not only do they cut each other off. They do it to residents after all they wouldn’t want the Mayor to get upset with them.


  23. My husband was out canvassing for Janet today. He said one man was very vocal about how he felt the city was being run, had just buried a dead rat and he was very mad.

    Wow, the mayor throwing the F-Bomb at Carol (president of the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association).. That man is so arrogant. Can you imagine using the F-Bomb on your boss, which is exactly what Danny Boy did. We are his employer and he is our employee. I hope he gets fired from his job this coming Tuesday.

    Kathy, glad to hear a lot of Arab Americans are not buying his BS.


  24. Paletko will have my vote….Like I have said in the past Janet talks a lot, but gets noting accomplished. When she states to talk the other council members even cut her off.
    I think that you are totally ridiculous with your comments about the police and there slow response times to calls from Arab-Americans. I cannot believe that anyone would even take that comment seriously. Besides isn’t the Pizza Place in the City of Detroit???


  25. Ordering pizza today got the owner of the pizza place Arab American. He asked if I was related to ZouherAbdel-Hak? Said yes I’m his wife. He said he was asking everyone he knows to vote for Janet. Went on to say he doesn’t believe one word the Mayor says. Is hopeful Janet can do something about the DHPD and their slow respond times to a crime when Arab Americans call. The incident he told involved a hand gun, and his business.

    Not the first time I’ve heard this from Arab Americans and not the first time the Mayor has heard this. I’ve been in the room when he’s been told. What’s he doing about it? Nothing. I’m sure there are other areas where this is taking place. Maybe if he didn’t have two armed police officers with him when he went to certain areas of town because he so afraid. Maybe then we could have a better response time to actual crimes.


  26. Received more BS from Paletko in the door. He is taking credit for everything the citizens of this city did by voting for the Headllee Override and increasing the their own taxes!!!!!! Unbelievable..

    He knows most of the people in this city are not aware of what he is actually about because only a few of us attend the council meetings on a regular basis and know the truth. I don’t expect anyone that comes here to 100% believe what we post here, but if they only came to the council meetings on a regular basis they would know the truth.


  27. Let’s just hope “Karma Day” is Tuesday, November 5. I just came in from canvassing my neighborhood and NOT ONE person gave me a problem. As a matter of fact, more than one person was incensed with Paletko. One was even an Arab-American.


  28. OMG. He is so desparate that he is using his prized employee to do his dirty work. What a mess. The worst part about all of this is that folks beilieve his lies. One day, dear mayor, one day I hope you get all the BS back that you have put out. Karma, baby,.Karma!


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