Election Without the Race-Baiting..Not Even This Time

I thought that maybe this election year in Dearborn Heights the residents could have an election without race-baiting. I was wrong. As in the past election one department head just doesn’t want the residents in Dearborn Heights to live in peace and harmony. He’s been running around the City with a 10-year-old email allegedly sent by Janet Badalow. An email that is saying some very bad things against Arab Americans. There’s no way she can prove she didn’t send it. Not that she’s been given the chance to respond anyway. No this man is going to Arab American homes and showing this email that looks like a child copied and pasted. What he doesn’t realize is with each home he goes to, each person he shows this to, each time he tells someone she wrote it, and sent it. He’s giving her all she needs to file a case against him. 
This isn’t the first time…below you can see an email sent by him. This email shows that he likes to use divides for his own gain.



14 thoughts on “Election Without the Race-Baiting..Not Even This Time”

  1. The mayor seat election is about how the city financials were managed? The mayor asked for more taxes in 2011, but at the same time negotiated a labor contract obligating the taxpayers to pay 4 hours per week for no stated reason. “Just working 32 hours and paid 36 hours”

    This is a collective binding contract! It bind the city “The taxpayers” to pay 4 extra hours per week per employee (Except fire and police) up until June 2016! Don’t you think the language should be clear and spell out for what those 4 hours for? So they can reported on for what they are on the official payrolls of city employees when reported to the state and the IRS.

    BTW, and according to “Munetrix”, the city was in red ink hole of $5,128, 621.00 deep!

    The negotiators did good job by stating clearly that the working day is 8 Hours but failed to state clearly what the 4 fours per week are paid for.

    Why paying for none working 4 hours when the city in deffest? And why the extra 4 hours not explained? At the same time asking for more taxes. Any answer from anybody?

    Note: Contract is “The letter of understanding by and between AFSCME local 25 and the city of Dearborn Heights, September 9, 2011

    Check the following link



  2. Thank you Mr. Abdel-Huk for your many hours of putting this together. Now the rest of us need to flood the governor’s office with letters of support for Mr. Abdel-Huk’s claim. Dearborn Heights cannot afford another 4 years of the Paletko administration.

    People we are on the edge now, just look around you. Street cleaning intermittently, rat infested areas, blighted houses, funds being taking from block grants to lease brand new cars for a city official, no accountability as to why city cars are being used or mileage and gas not being monitored, the hiring of a person with only a high school diploma who is negotiating million dollar contracts with unions at the city of Dearborn Heights expense………and I could go on and on.

    Time to change all this and put some NEW and EXPERIENCED people in city hall


  3. Just Asking,

    Asking as mush possible as you can and all the way to the source of this email, and read the federal regulations that apply to emails subject.

    Arguing a point of view or questioning public officials activities or accusing them of violations of regulations, codes, charter, are part of public life. The public officials should be able to defend and clear their names as part of their public duties.

    The separation between government public affairs and religions is one of the most important practice that public officials and public servants must do and practice in conducting public business and activities.

    In no way or shape conducting public business should be or appears to be of that nature, religions or religious comments or ethnicity must not be used at all whether as point of view or as humorist comment or as non offensive joke or any of the many ways to publicly communicate verbal, written, sign language, by any communication venue such as social media, emails, blogging, press releases, phones, or any other known or unknown communication methods to give orders, or directions or encouraging or motivating, or adverting or publishing, to other public officials or public servants or to any non public individuals using them to gain profit or save money or support a project or benefit the city.

    Any public official or civil servant who fail to restrain themselves from that should be disciplined administratively and publicly up-to dismissal or removal or resignation from offices or positions.

    DH election is about managing the city financial resources, and applying the city charter and codes of ordinances and following the public laws and regulations in administering the city business.

    Accusing public official of ethical misconducts related to civil right matters are very serious matter and usually very hard to prove unless the misconducts are very will documented and traceable to first hand witnesses that are willing to testify under oat to the facts. And the most important factor will be the effects of the misconducts on one or more individuals or groups.

    Civil right violations are public crime if proving, and are both civil and criminal , and should be examined by the authorities or court of law.

    Labeling an individual or group with crime without due process may constitute a crime and may be subject to legal proceedings.

    In USA, “You are Innocent until proven guilty” and not the opposite.

    There is a big difference between questioning by saying she may be guilty. And labeling by saying she is guilty.

    You have the right to questioning public officials, the court and the authorities only can prove the accusations.

    That is why Mr. “Zouher Abdel Abdel-Hak” filed his claim with the city council first and then with Governor later after the city council failed to act according to the city charter and their public duties obligations.

    And if needed later may be field in the court of law.

    Seeking the truth is the most difficult tax but the most rewarding civic activity by the citizens of a democratic and free society.

    The truth is like water it always find its way to open rivers, the “easy-way” some time it goes to underground water reservoirs to be discovered later and extracted to the surface the “difficult way”

    Humans can’t live without water and continuously seeking the truth about whatever they are seeking.

    The truth (justice and satisfaction for the sole) = water (Oxygen for the blood)


  4. Councilwomen Marge Horvath in action,

    she know the story and she know what the mayor done back then and now with the new claim she should know who the players are and what relations they have and what the motives are.

    Council members, please do your job, follow the charter, your are under oath to perform your duties of public trust. You have a serious claim against this mayor with documentations that is familiar to most of you.

    The claim is in the Governor office, what your answers will be, Oh I don’t know any thing? Do you really know nothing?

    Just act honorably and fairly as we all know that all of you are, and capable, Please don’t delay any further this matter. Delaying and shelving this claim against this mayor “will not” make the mayor actions evaporate, (right or wrong). why not acting “its a claim it can be with no merit at all? By not acting you appear to be trying to avoid facing to say something you don’t want to say?

    Just treat this claim the way you treat other claims of similar circumstances.

    Look around you and learn from what happen in other municipalities, any big shake up to our city will have a big negative effects on our properties values.

    You should try to resolve the “ZouherAbdel Abdel-Hak” claim locally, for the benefits of our city. This matter is a public matter and you can’t ignore it anymore.

    Please click and enjoy yor city council in motion action.


  5. From: Zouher Abdel-Hak

    This is addressed to all reasonable residents in Dearborn Heights.
    This election is about character and who can lead our City in the next four years. Who can take us out of $5.7 million deficit.
    This is not about who loves who, whose Arab and whose Armenian, whose Muslim and whose not.
    Janet Badalow is of Armenian ethnicity, so what. There are 400,000 Armenian in Lebanon. Where I came from 36 years ago. They live in harmony with Muslims.
    For those going around with an alleged email that Janet Badalow allegedly sent 10 years ago.
    You are idiots and ignorant for doing such a thing.
    As to the claim sent to the Governor. I sent it along with all the documents from the City, depositions taken during the Hassan Jamal Lawsuit. The claim made against the Mayor by an employee. The charter violations, the documentation of the illegal hiring of a former employee. The reason why that person may have been hired, and the documents to back up that claim.
    I waited years for the Council to do something. They wouldn’t.

    If a CofO, or taking a picture with Paletko is the price of your vote. You deserve what is coming to our City if Paletko is re-elected.
    You know who you are. I’m speaking here to a select group of people in the City who when reading this will understand what I’m saying to them.


  6. Just Asking,

    How do you know with certainty that Janet sent this certain email message 10 years ago?

    Are you not aware of the fact that Mr. Amen serves at the pleasure of Danny Boy as do all the department directors except for the clerk and treasurer. He appoints these people. If Danny Boy loses this election, Mr. Amen’s head will probably be one of the first on the chopping block. This man stands to lose a great job and salary and is literally running from house to house for his financial life. Do you really trust a desperate man to tell the truth?


  7. She does not, and couldn’t more than say she did not. That’s the point. As to emails she reads at council they are public you want to see them ask her. She is as transparent as any public official we gave here. That’s what she has always been and has worked to have in this city for years.

    For anonymous you want your comments posted here as much as I May disagree with them. I will post them when you can follow the very simple rule on the blog. Put a dam number behind the word anonymous. How many times do I have to say it. I’m not posting your comments for that reason and that reason only.


  8. Eddie G,

    Are you defending this director actions? He is a public official and city officer and represent the city when he act in his city capacity. HUD paying his salary and he is sending an Email to his employee to trick the dealer salesman’s with what?????? Jews and Arab, and for what? few hundred dollars? Oh my God! Using city official Email and on city time paid by the federal government!

    What happen when the dealer receive a copy of this embarrassing email?

    What happen when HUD receive a copy of this embarrassing email? That their funding is paying for the time spend on such activities?

    What happen when the person named in this email realized what was coning on behind his back?

    What will happen when the media put their hand on this email?

    Did the mayor know about this email?

    If yes, did he agreed about his assistant and his director actions in this email?

    If not, then he probably know now. Lets see what he will do?

    Is the council agree with what their city officials use of language in directing a city employee to conduct official city business?

    That what was exposed publicly.


  9. Oh – my – God, Eddie G. You must work for Paletko. You and Amen would get along fine. Nothing like insinuating she’s racist and then proving that you are – and sexist to boot. You know what happens when one ASS umes, Eddie. Watch it. Your true colors are showing. And Kathy – good riddance to bad rubbish I say.


  10. Why does Janet have to prove or not prove she sent the message. Which she did. When she doesn’t have to prove where she gets her info via e-mail on the stuff she spews to the public and council?


  11. Eddie G, .

    “Janet is Armenian. She may hate Muslims. Most Armenians do because they have not forgotten what happened to their ancestors during the Genocide. She is also a woman. Need I say more?”

    Your lake of knowledge or knowledge with ignorance made you respond to this post this way.

    First of all Janet is not Armenian, she is American with Armenian and Scandinavian heritage and Christian belief, and assuming that you are an American with Lebanese Heritage and Muslim belief, or an American with Russian heritage and Jewish belief, or an American with Asian heritage and Hindu belief, or an American with African and European heritages and both Muslim and Christian beliefs, or any of the hundreds or even thousands of this beautiful and colorful mixtures of heritages and religious beliefs that this country have.

    That is what America is Mr. Eddie G. And that what America will be Mr. Eddie G. A place for peace, justice, liberty, freedom, courage, hope, love, equality, opportunity, prosperity, common human sense, and above all a constitution that balance the governance power.

    As for the Genocide of the Armenian on the hands of the Turks? Its the history of the certain nationalist group from the Turks Mr. Eddie G, Its not the history of all the 1.6 Billion Muslims including the Muslim Turks Mr. Eddie G. Unless you hate Muslims and you want to paddle the Muslim Hate propaganda yourself?

    Your assumption “She may hate Muslims” Is very sickening and dangerous.

    And what is wrong with been a women ? “She is also a woman. Need I say more?” unless you hate your mother? And I hope not.

    Mr. Eddie G, you have to have a mother, “or may be you are one of those aliens who descended on earth with various missions” I hope not.

    What more you want to say? no more needs for your awful assumptions and ” Need I say more” keep that crap to yourself.

    Do you know her personally? Did you socialized with her and experienced those assumptions? How do you know? Did you asked her? Did you hear her?

    What you think of that department head guy who is using public email services to encourage one of his subordinate ” City employee to “Get the best deal” based on playing Jewish vs Muslim game for few hundreds dollars? For a lease car that was doped by his boss anyway?


  12. Eddie

    As a woman who is married to an Arab American you assumptions that because she’s a woman she would hate Arab Americans is SICK. My husband and I have raised two wonderful young men. Both in their twenties. I’m sorry you have crossed the line and your comments are no longer welcome here. Please take your ignorance some place else.

    Your kind of thinking is just what this City does not need. I for one have had enough of this kind of thinking. If any one has a problem with the decision I’m making banning Eddie G. Sorry, but as a woman I can not tolerate such comments. That’s final good bye Eddie G God Bless you.


  13. I find it unbelievable that this man wasn’t fired back in 2010 when he wrote the thing. To be so stupid as to put that kind of racism IN WRITING is beyond ludicrous. We don’t need people like him working for our city.


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