Does Any One Know If We Are ADA Compliant?

This is the question asked by someone during the public comments of the City Council Meeting Tuesday October, 22 2013. The question was brought and asked to the Council and the Mayor. No one had an answer. The question was brought because of the last council meeting. At that meeting the former director of the disabilities commission asked if the Berwyn Center bathrooms ever got done? These bathrooms DO NOT meet ADA requirements. Everyone who could have answered the question, but didn’t knows the City is not in compliance. Years and Years and still not ADA compliant.


13 thoughts on “Does Any One Know If We Are ADA Compliant?”

  1. Anonymous2,

    So what you are saying in your post and correct me if not true, that the city officially is in compliance because all those public building are build before the ADA regulation approved.



  2. We need to keep in mind this is a tricky area of “compliance”. Something can be deemed compliant today and in three months a new regulation passed that deems it not compliant. Anyone with a business open to the public can tell you this.

    If people are building things that are not compliant with the rules at the time, then they should be held accountable. But if the guidelines change after the fact, any physical changes are not mandatory until the building owner either makes significant structural changes or does it on their own initiative as they are able to do so.


  3. We’ve seen this all before lip service for awhile and then it will all go away. Been happening for years now. Who suffers the disabled it’s shameful. Blow a bunch of smoke and do the song and dance and it will all just go away.


  4. You know this is an election year because Ron Amen is paying attention to the bathroom at the Berwyn Center. They go through the motions of setting up the bid then something happens and it just disappears. If Danny Boy gets elected I promise you there will be no bathroom. This is the Law and it has been the law for years. There is a problem at the Library on Vanborn rd. No curb cut and cross walk for the new parking lot. That was promised 4 yrs ago. There is not a court room that is ADA compliant. All the improvements took place when Mr. Jamal was Director of CEDD. There is more things to do. Nobody is looking or nobody knows what to look for.


  5. I’m not familiar with the ADA but it seems to me that we “should” have someone who replaced Linda as the Chairman of the ADA Commission. It also seems to me that person should have been invited to this meeting. Lacking a new Chairman, it would have been nice to invite Linda. I applaud your efforts but you can’t possibly know everything there is to know about this subject in regards to the city. While you think it was a good meeting, it seems from someone who knows it was a waste of time. And I also want the question PS asked, answered. If the project was funded, why does it seem you’re looking for money to cover the updates? What happened to that money? As far as I’m concerned, let’s wait for Janet to be elected Mayor before you do anything. And if Mr. Podunk is elected again, well – God save us all.


  6. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, here is some council meetings historical pubic records. Enjoy watching.

    This IT person was paid $170.00 per hour, check that out for accuracy? The city was in deficit and we paid that much per hour without a contract and without a bid.


  7. I am the former Chairman of the Disability Commission. I know Lisa you are the new kid on the block and you want to do the right thing, but Ron Amen and Chris Klimchalk are lying to you. Chris Klimchalk has a ADA book of rules codes and measurements and he waves it proudly, but I don’t think he has read it. It shows every time he opens his mouth. I have called him out on a number of things and he is wrong. I know ADA. I live it every day. I help people in other cities and guide them in solving their problems. I am in contact with other ADA coordinators as well as on the federal level. There are several ADA violations the Administration is aware of. They choose to ignore. Federal block grants pay for these things. They have been in violation for years. If you are really concerned about these things and you want to know the truth you can contact me.


  8. Bitsyo8,

    You bet it has crossed my mind since I heard about the wrong doing from Janet Badalow at one of the last council meetings regarding the illegal use of block grant money to pimp Mr. Amen’s ride.. It is a travesty. That money that was stolen from that block grant could have gone a long way in making our city bathrooms ADA.

    I have only come to be aware of the many problems in our city because of the Paletko administration in the past two years. I was one of those apathetical people that didn’t care.

    I hate to admit it but I was a Paletko supporter till my eyes were opened after what the bum did and didn’t do after the Headlee Overreide. When I heard of the things that sneaky slick snake Paletko did before my revelation about him makes me crazy. This why I am working so hard to get Janet Badalow elected..

    Its a Ray Charles song, I changed the name in it



  9. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,
    CEDD Director Ron Amen and CDBG Grant Coordinator Christopher Klimchalk been on city payroll since 2008-2009, this important project should have been done long long time ago. as a senior I have never ever heard of closing the Berwyn Senior Center. If the center was to be closed than why they put new roof, windows, new sport room, the center parking lots, the floor surfacing and asbestos removal, and the failed GEOTHERMAL project?????? What so difficult about completing one the 3 options? if the CDBG fund are allocated? Why the council need to do study? I remember they did the doors and the entrances for the center way back and also the Eaton center, it really helped seniors a lot. I interacted with the CEDD staff back then including “Christopher Klimchalk” on numerous ADA issues, they were very cooperative and motivated to correct any ADA noncompliance access, I remember we were asked to report any curb needed repairs after they corrected all city curb as a way to keep-up from the whether damages, the doors and emergency exist for the young center were done, the Canfield bathrooms and emergency exit were done, the city hall bathrooms were done, the ice arena bathrooms and ADA seating were done, even they updated the governmental cable channel to be ADA for the blinds by adding sound to the programing. I remember one of the center bathroom was worked on temporary and will be part of the others that will be worked on later as part of a big renovation similar to Eaton center. Historically this department was commissioned to care and coordinate with other city departments about the city ADA issues because ADA projects are eligible for CDBG funding. City council members supported ADA projects with no problems at all for years. The bathroom project should be no difference, why not done? Economy or else has nothing to do with completing a project already funded and on the books. I remember Ms. Linda Butler use to coordinate and update us on ADA, who replaced her and doing the updates?
    Just get back to what this department use to do for ADA and stop blaming “The economy, the closing, the what so ever is convenient to blame for not completing the last important ADA update in the city”

    Thank you for getting involved, I guess in certain situation council members must act to move city services forward or correct violations of all sort wherever come from and committed by any city official or employee.

    You are encouraged to continue your hard work and effective representation to city voters.


  10. You have got to be kidding me.
    There were several meetings with the mayor where he said, “I pledge to you…” blah blah blah, nothing happened. Several meetings with Mr Amen where he was not the least bit interested in the subject of ADA for the city.
    The Disability Commission, at that time, had discussed to death the whys of the city not following the ADA rules that have been in place since the first President Bush was in office. Wade Trim charged the city for their “expertise” and evaluation for the ADA rules.
    All of these people who remember these meetings know who the hell I am. When the commission itself universally decided a few years back that it was time to file a suit on DH, they were not asking for money, they wanted a place to pee in case they attended anything for the city. Instead, the suit was dropped after the economy cut the personnel of the Dept of Justice so, no follow through. I could hear Mayor P, as well as Mr Amen, chuckle and snark because nothing had to be done.
    When I first became involved with the Disability Commission, there was a lot of activity trying to make DH a place where its residents and visitors were able to be included in the events of the city. Eventually, the spirit of the commissioners left, as well as the more active and involved members. Now you won’t see any controversy or follow-thru concerning the commission or the people who really need the city to follow laws that have been in place for so many years. The council wasn’t even aware there weren’t any accessible bathrooms. They weren’t aware that their court rooms are not accessible.
    I could rant longer and spout all the facts, but it is tiresome.
    I might add here that while in the commission the city clerk came to a meeting, and since I had so much experience concerning the city’s involvement with the needs of the disabled I put a negative comment on here. I critiqued him saying I would wait and see. Well, he did follow through and I personally apologized to him.
    In the meantime, nothing else has been a concern to anyone in the administration. Oh, I would like to add that the assistant to the mayor, Krissy, tried very hard to get some things done and ran into so many brick walls that she finally gave it up.
    So, folks, I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting DH to do the right thing for the disabled part of the residents.
    And by the way, if anyone can prove that any part of this rant is incorrect, I would absolutely love to hear it!


  11. Did it cross your mind, Grandma Suzanne, that with the money we “could have saved” by not getting two cars for Mr. Amen we would have had the money to fix the bathrooms at the Berwyn Center? Just another major misspending by our wonderful CPA mayor. What a load of crap!


  12. This ADA non-compliance for city bathrooms is just another example of how badly this city is run. ADA compliant bathrooms should have been resolved years ago. However, it just one of the many major issues that should have been addressed and fixed among many more.

    Flooding in some parts of the city is on the rise.

    Rats are running rampant in some parts of the city..

    Blighted houses are left to get worse for years and years.

    Citizens are smirked at when they ask questions or are challenged by the council chair if he “feels” what the citizen has to say is not appropriate.

    Council meeting packets are still delivered by the police instead of putting this stuff on line.

    There are far to many “closed door” council sessions, which usually means someone in the city employ has misbehaved.

    The city still has a 3.5 million deficit.

    There is almost a 9 million discrepancy between our budget and the site that monitors this type of thing. The “mayor’s budget” shows a surplus (which we already know is a lie) while the monitoring site shows we have an almost 9 million deficit. When Councilwoman Badalow asked that this be investigated snarky remarks by the mayor and council chair were made. It was as if we the citizens didn’t matter. It was councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton who represented the citizens when she said that this needs to be investigated to find out if there was a reporting mistake or not.

    Mayor Paletko ordered his comptroller not to give a councilperson the unaudited budget numbers until he meets with the auditing company. So now council is being denied access to numbers that will directly affect city residents.

    In my opinion there are only three types of people that would vote Paletko in for a third term.

    1. Those that have absolutely no idea what has been going on in the city. One lady asked a person with a Paletko sign on their lawn why they had the sign. The answer “I didn’t know anyone else was running against the mayor”. Scary Indeed.

    2. The second type of person would be his directors, their families and friends. Their jobs are at stake here. That means all the directors of city departments. They are appointed by the mayor and serve at his pleasure. The only ones not appointed by the city but voted in by the citizens is the clerk and treasurer. And you should hear what the clerk had to say about the mayor, it wasn’t a campaign support for sure. He said ” I would talk to the mayor, but we don’t have a mayor……. and it just went downhill for the mayor from there.

    3. The third type would be city workers who Janet Badalow caught them sleeping at the switch and called them out for it.

    If we don’t want Dearborn Heights to become Detroit Heights because poor of city administration and people on the council who are afraid to speak out and have publicly said so, we need to vote for new and younger fresh minds. I am a senior citizen myself and a resident of Dearborn Heights for 45 years it is time to pass the baton to younger generation. We had our chance at this now its time to let others take our place.


  13. I meet with CEDD Director Ron Amen and our CDBG Grant Coordinator Christopher Klimchalk this morning, Thursday, October 24, 2013. Very informative meeting. Learned all of our City public access buildings have and are in ADA compliance with the exception of the Berwyn Senior Center. There is some history of interest behind what happended, or did not happen, with the ADA bathroom renovation project of 2008-2009. There is funding in the CDBG budget for this project. However, at that point in history the question was would the Berwyn Center remain open? Would is be wise to invest funds if the center was to be closed? This was at the beginning of the economic down turn and budget woes our City faced.

    After meeting with both gentlemen, I have asked for the Honorable City Council to consider a study session to review the three options available to bring the Berwyn Senior Center to ADA compliance, i.e. bathroom. There are three viable and acceptable options which would meet the ADA criteria/ requirements. Project #1 price average is $25,000. Project #2 price average is $50,000. Project # 3 is $80,00


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