Delay and Ignore Long Enough and It Will Just Go Away.

Councilwoman Badalow has been asking for access to the finacial part of the BS&Council already has access to bldg, dog lic, taxes, and water modules. However for 6 months she’s been asking for access to that part of BS&A. Denied or let’s say request ignored. When she asked for the final budget numbers that ended in June. She was told the Mayor isn’t releasing those numbers until after the audit. Only to find out Audit delayed until after the election. Why?
If you have a true surplus as your claiming Mr. Mayor. I would think you’d want the evidence of that made public. So that makes me believe that there is something that’s just not right. Add to this the fact that numbers given to the state are not the same as numbers given to council. These numbers are off by millions.


2 thoughts on “Delay and Ignore Long Enough and It Will Just Go Away.”

  1. Councilwoman Badalaw should have automatic and free access to all accounting figures without needing permission from the council chair or the mayor or “Tom, Dick or Harry”
    Blocking her from examining and inspecting the accounting records is a violation of “Section 18.2. – Records Open to Public.”

    What is wrong fox? Councilwoman Badalaw asking for access that she should have all time? Why even asking? she should be able to walk to the comptroller office any time and ask to inspect any book or entries and any employee refuse to make those available to her will be in violation of the charter.

    The reason the charter included this provision is for transparency and internal control. And the ability of council members to make surprising inspections without warning to make sure the records are kept up to date and the entries are recorded on time.

    And by denying her to inspect and review the accounting figures as the charter mandate,


    Has the council chair ever read this following chapter “Section 18.2. – Records Open to Public.?
    How about the city attorney? How about the treasurer? How about the mayor? how about the clerk? How about the other council members? How about the comptroller? he is an officer of the city and must obey the charter provisions and follow them and refuse to violate them, and should not ask his boss whether he should follow the charter mandates or not?

    For God sake, what’s wrong? what happened? And guess what? All this was played publicly during the council meeting on 10-22-2013. (Watch the meeting on channel 10 or 12 @ 9&3AM and PM.

    “Section 18.2. – Records Open to Public.
    All records of the City shall be public and open to inspection at all reasonable times. All books, papers, records and accounts of any officer elected or appointed, or of any office or department of the City, shall be the property of the City, and shall at all times be subject to audit, examination or inspection by any member of the Council, or by any person employed or designated by the Council for that purpose. All such books, papers, records, files and accounts shall be kept in such place as may be designated by the Council.
    State law reference— Mandatory that Charter provide that all records of the municipality shall be public, MCL 117.3(1); freedom of information act, MCL 15.231 et seq”


  2. The revenue and the expenditures for FY ending on June 30, 2013 were reported by the mayor up to April 30.2013.

    councilwoman Badalaw asked for the revenue and the expenditures for May and June of 2013. This figures should be available for the council and the public anyway.

    Those figures should be recorded daily as journal entries, so what the hoopla is about.

    She was not asking for the certified audited figures that the mayor spent minutes talking about it was none sense talking because he doesn’t have those figures yet to give anyway. Accusing her for asking to release what he doesn’t have was a joke!

    She repeated that she needs none audited May and June figures, but he responded to a question she didn’t ask and nobody else asked. Why did he do that?

    All she was asking about was the figures he has on the books for May and June 2013? Why not makes them available? Plante Moran has nothing to do with those figures? I can’t understand why he said he can’t release those figures, CPA’s should know GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) & Government Auditing Standards and Circular A-133.

    Those figures should be no difference than the figures he released from Jan. to April 2013.

    Those figures are what the council approved anyway for May and June 2013? all what the comptroller does is record those figures as official entries in the city accounting books.

    That was an accounting and financial jock?

    The mayor nor the comptroller can record any journal entry without the council approving the expenditures. and all city revenues must received by the treasurer?

    The auditors will review the year figures not only May and June and propose their recommendation based on that then issue their final audits report that will be sent by them to the state and the federal agencies that the city received grants from.

    Releasing May and June 2013 raw accounting journal entries will make them books records that will be subject to comparison later on with the final audited entries.


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