Animal control, Rat Control, No Control

From: Lisa Farrens
Attended the Nov 22 City Council meeting last night. I spoke about the need to hire a full time Animal Control Officer. Although money has been allocated to this purpose, the most recent plan is for Ordinance Officers and possibly auxillary to help out. Of course Ordiance personnel are supposed to do ordinance control, vector control and now this! And they are short 5 people for various reasons right now. Citizens made it very clear during HO vote that public safety is their highest priority. Yet it’s been 18 months since the need for an Animal Officer was addressed the first time and we still don’t have one!
Public Safety does not just mean police and fire. It means city services that protect our citizens from agressive and wild animals, and our health with vector control. When was the last time the City Council chamber was filled because of the public wanting to speak on an issue? Yet we had over 100 people wanting to speak on the animal control issue. The one uniform message was better control will solve a lot of problems. Why isn’t the administration listening?


21 thoughts on “Animal control, Rat Control, No Control”

  1. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton, you said,

    “to answer your question, yes I have.The paid 4 hours for lunches was written in into the union contract in September, 2009 as part of the four day/ 32 hour work week which was negotiated and agreed by Council.” “correction# that union contract was renegotiated in September, 2011.”

    Please read the september 2011 contract page # 3&4 under:
    “Amendment of Hours – Article 13” and find where the “The paid 4 hours for lunches was written” and post that sentence here.

    Its understood that you was not on council at that time and hartly believe that you may the corporation attorney to spell out what the 4 hours are for? The 4 hours are not working hours? So what they are for? The explanation on the official contract document is missing? and no additional exhibit or amendment exist.

    This is a collective bidding contract Councilwoman! It bind the city “The taxpayers” to pay 4 extra hours per week per employee (Except fire and police) up until June 2016! Dont you think the language should be clear and spell out for what those 4 hours for? So they can re[ported on for what they are on the official payrolls of city employees when reported to the state and the IRS,

    The hour as stated are defined as: Sory “Not defined but paid”

    And if it was defined or explained or understood or adjusted or agreed on or what ever done before or after the ratification of the document by both: The city council and the union, must be recorded in this “collective bargaining contract” in case of future dispute and for the public information. (Transparency)

    BTW, and according to “Munitex” , the city was in red ink hole of $5,128, 621.00 deep! Deficit! And the city officials asking for More taxes for bailout.

    The negotiators did good job by stating clearly that the working day is 8 Hours but failed to state clearly what the 4 fours are paid for. It could be for several acceptable reasons as long as they are legal and clear and acceptable to all parties.

    Any other hours paid to city employees outside this contract must be approved by city council. (Check if any been paid and if yes ask why and who approve them)

    The city council extended this contract to all city employees as requested by the mayor.

    Note: Contract is “The letter of understanding by and between AFSCME local 25 and the city of Dearborn Heights, September 9, 2011

    Check the following link


  2. To answer your question, yes I have.The paid 4 hours for lunches was written in into the union contract in September, 2009 as part of the four day/ 32 hour work week which was negotiated and agreed by Council. I took office in 2012. The contract negotiations would need to be reopened. Please, I may be contacted at 313.633.1845 with your questions. In addition, I have office hours on a regular basis, I may be reached via e-mail at and if interested you may visit my Facebook page Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Dearborn Heights Councilwoman. I welcome your correspondence and would love to share all the programs, resources, and iniatives I have been working on bringing to our community.


  3. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton,
    Are you working on:
    “paying city employees for 4 lunch hours per week, (No prove presented so far), Its a sweet deal getting paid 8 hours a day + 1 hour lunch and only working 8-5. The hours that employees use to work but paid only 8 hours!!!!!!!!!”


  4. I invite everyone to stop by any of my office hours which are offered each month:

    1st & 3rd Mondays at Berwyn Senior Center 10:00 a.m.
    1st & 3rd Tuesdays at Eton Senior Center 10:00 a.m.
    1st & 3rd Saturdays at Caroline Kennedy Library.

    Many of the issues mentioned on this blog I have been deligently working and addressing including animal control, vector control, the ADA compliance of the Berwyn Senior Center to mention a few. In addition, I am working with State legislators to address SB313 and other pending legislation pieces which will have negative impact on our City as well as increased fees for services to our residents. I would love to share with you these efforts and the progress being made. I understand your frustrations and wish to hear from you. I encourage all to vote on November 5th. Please feel free to contact me anytime at 313.633.1845.

    Serving you,

    Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton


  5. bitsy08,

    I just learned that the mayor paying city employees for 4 lunch hours per week, (No prove presented so far), Its a sweet deal getting paid 8 hours a day + 1 hour lunch and only working 8-5. The hours that employees use to work but paid only 8 hours!!!!!!!!!

    Who is signing off on the payroll?

    Is the council aware of this lunch hours deal? and when and under what resolution they approved that language ” Paying for one lunch hour”

    Specially when the city is under the state deficit elimination plan!

    Paying for lunch hours, but no funding for the libraries?

    How about when employees are on vacations, holidays, sick times and personal time? are they getting paid 4 lunch hours also? It will be a good news for O’reilly on FOX to spin out in his spin factor, and a big time joke for late night shows similar to the ice cream trucks ordinance.

    If this hit the news, Applicants from all over will be lining at city hall to put their names on the civil service lists, similar to the long lines of the waiting list for section 8.

    BTW, when the last time a candidates signs “steeler” was prosecuted in Dearborn Heights. If any? The value of one sign is less than $5. So if you love your candidate a loooooooooot you may take that risk.

    4 hours P/W x 52 (if paid during vacations, holidays, sick times, personal time) = 208 hours per years x $20 per hour on the average = $4160.00 solid green dollars per year for free lunch hours on the average per employee.

    100 employees = $416,000.00, 150 employees = $624,000.00,
    200 employees = $832,000.00 Per year depending on the employee’s count? and for how long?


  6. Pass the buck,

    So 4 lunch hours on the taxpayers per week? How come, and since when?

    I researched the city council resolution since September 2011, NO resolution whatsoever on record by the council approving paying for lunch hours?????? Absolutely not published on city website.

    Anybody know where and when the council approved the payments of lunch hours? The mayor and the treasurer can’t pay for lunch hours without approved council resolution?

    Are you sure the 4 hours are for lunch pay? Where the lunch hours payments are recorded? It must be somewhere? I will call the clerk office and ask them, They should have all council resolutions on record.

    All what we were told before the HO was: The city employees and officials will be taking 10% salary cut and working only 4 days a week. There was no talk at all about paying for lunch hours when the city was in deficit hole of $5.5M. deep!!!!!

    That ts a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of taxpayers money paid for lunch hours when you add them UP!


  7. Truthtelling: Par for the course that someone who is for this mayor would condone picking up signs for someone who is running against him. Did you know, Truthtelling, that it’s against the law? Or do you care?


  8. Voila,
    The city hall is only open for Monday thru thurs I read on this blog that they get paid lunches so they get 8 hrs x four days =32+ paid lunches one hour every day= 4 add them = 36 I forget who posted it but the person said that is why they don’t complain


  9. Pass the buck,

    Do you know how the 4 hours been recorded on payroll records? Are they recorded working hours? Bonus hours? Or what if you know?

    Is the 4 hours been paid since September, 2011?

    Those hours are reported to the state and the IRS.


  10. Pass the buck,

    Are you sure they are paid for 36 hours per week? That is 4 hours pay for what? If you divide 4/32= 12.5% ? that 2.5 % more than the 10% reduction in salary they give for the HO.

    Who’s getting paid 36 hours?


  11. That gets the most hits on this blog every day. People out there need it. It use to be at the bottom of the blog. I just can’t find a way to remove it from the top without deleting it.


  12. bitsy08, You said:

    “People working for a certain department have been seen pulling them up. How sad that in order to get your person elected you have to resort to that. Let’s just hope. I’m not surprised mind you”

    They like their mayor a loooooooooooooooooooooot. And if Janet wins then Hail Mary
    Hail Mary, full of grace.


  13. Bitsy08,
    Well if I was being paid for 36 hours work and only had to work 32 hours a week with long weekends off every week I would be pulling signs up too! I work for a fiscally accountable business though darn!


  14. I agree ! No cars or raises for anyone not even the mayor til we are running city hall five days a week and have animal control!and vector rat control!!i just hope all the senior citizens don’t vote for him because he is a senior! Ratrow maybe I should not say that but I dislike the way some people are spoke to at the meetings it is on tv.


  15. And what boggles the mind is the fact that I stopped the other day to tell someone their Paletko sign was posted illegally. BTW – signs MUST be on your property; they cannot be between the sidewalk and the street. In talking with this person, he actually stated that there wasn’t anyone running against Paletko. When I told him Janet was running, he seemed to be surprised and pleased. He hasn’t taken down his signs but let’s just hope he votes for Janet when he actually gets to the polls. Another fact; Janet has stopped posting signs because they’re being stolen. People working for a certain department have been seen pulling them up. How sad that in order to get your person elected you have to resort to that. Let’s just hope. I’m not surprised mind you. I passed a house the other day that had a Kosinski sign out front. Wow! Another person who hasn’t been paying attention.


  16. Lisa Farrens,

    To become thin and healthy, you have to trim the fat and strengthen the muscles to properly function in your daily live. You can starve and eat yourself out and look thin and become sick.

    To save money and have surplus you slash spending on what you can get away without.

    In DH case your request is an activity the city manage without and the administration is gung ho on presenting any success to get out of the red ink hole.

    There are a lot of people who get sick and extremely frightened by the presence of one rat.

    If the southend of DH get infested by the a high population, it will take a long time and a lot of work to get rid them.


  17. This mayor is so arrogant and self-assured that he thinks he is untouchable and will be elected no matter what he does or doesn’t do even though it is an election year (as he so loves to point out). He wants to make sure his CEDD director has a brand new ride that took $12,000.00 plus from a grant (illegally) but does nothing for the citizens.

    How many years have citizens complained about the toilet facilities at Berwyn. These toilets were made for small children because in another life the building was an elementary school, so they are very low to the ground. An adult with no disabilities has a hard time using them, much less someone in a wheel chair. More important his CEDD chairman has a brand new car to take home, who cares if a senior falls and breaks something. The city has insurance to cover it.

    When Jerry (senior citizen) got up at the 10-22-2013 council meeting and asked our city attorney, Gary Miotke, if he thought our restrooms were ADA approved, he was met with a disrespectful smirk and some legalize non-answer. Ken Baron, our city chair was also disrespectful to Jerry, telling him that he (Ken Baron) would be the one to judge what Jerry was allowed to say or not say. Jerry has been a resident of Dearborn Heights for 65 years and Baron and Miotke dismissed him like he was a 5 year old child. I wanted to jump from my seat and slap their faces for being disrespectful to a senior citizen.

    People cannot walk their dogs because irresponsible owners let their dogs run loose and attack people and other small dogs, one resident even had his dog killed by one of these dogs right before his eyes.. Where is our mayor, he is working to get a new ride for one of his directors.

    Rats have overtaken some neighborhoods to the point people can no longer sit our in their own backyards for fear of being bitten by a rat or are afraid to let their pets use the backyard for fear of a rat attacking or killing their pets. What is our mayor’s concern – getting a new ride for one of his directors.

    Blighted houses spoil most streets in Dearborn Heights, making us look more and more like Detroit. Where is our mayor – getting a new car for his director.

    All the above problems did not just crop up, they have been years and years in the making not as an election subject as Mayor Dan likes to tell people.

    When another resident got up at the 10-22-2013 council meeting and asked if it were true that a high school graduate was hired by the mayor and was the main negotiator for contract talks with the various unions and as a result the city lost millions because of her inexperience. He asked a second time, “will anyone here tell me”. He was met with silence until one council person said quietly “I am afraid to”. Afraid to set the record straight by answering a citizen’s question who is trying to get at the truth.

    First we have the council chair telling a senior citizen what he can and cannot say. Now we have the council afraid to speak the truth. What in the heck is going on in this city. We the taxpayers are not allowed to speak our minds, we are limited for three minutes to speak (meanwhile, the council and mayor can bloviate to their hearts content) and the people we hire to represent us as council members are afraid to answer a tax paying citizen’s question.

    Oh and by the way, we had to wait 35 minutes past the time the council meeting was to take place because they were in a “closed door” session. Which can only mean one thing, we the citizens are going to have to pay for someone’s bad behavior or mistake. We get to pay for something we haven’t the slightest idea what ii is.

    Its time to give this city a transfusion of new and young blood.


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