Things Are Never What They Seem To Be.. Not In This Administration For Sure.

Below is part of a subpoena from Krystina Kramarz and Rachel Thomas from . Sent to Councilwoman Horvath,  Badalow, and former City Clerk Dudzinski. You can find the response to this and the cost to us the tax payers  here. This happened in 2010 for those of you who don’t know who the players are Krystina Kramarz is the assistant to the Mayor. Rachel Thomas was an employee of the City.

Exhibit A
Documents to be Produced
1. All emails, letters, correspondence, or other documents of any type,
however stored or recorded, sent or received by you, or in your possession, custody, or
control, during the time period January 1, 2009, to the present, regarding or mentioning
one or more of the following:
A. Rachel Thomas;
B. Krystina (Krissy) Kramarz;
C. Mayoral appointments in the City of Dearborn Heights;
D. City of Dearborn Heights Community and Economic Development
E. Receptionist inthe Mayor’s office;
F. Secretary in the Mayor’s office;
G. Assistant in the Mayor’s office;
H. Assistant to the Mayor.
2. A list of all email addresses used by you during the period from January 1,
2009, to the present.
3. A list of all screen names and/or aliases used by you when posting,
sending, writing, or corresponding with any other person, whether on the internet or
otherwise during the period from January 1, 2009, to the present


34 thoughts on “Things Are Never What They Seem To Be.. Not In This Administration For Sure.”

  1. Eddie G, Any new informations about those 5 womens issue? What happen you was hot about the issue? Please answer to my comment and inform us about what happen? Suing 3 public elected official is a serious matter!


  2. bitsy08, are you saying that the council (13- Intentionally failing to perform their feudatory duties) and in (11- Violations of codes of ordinances or charter) ?

    That is big allegations “bitsy08,” And if you have all your ducks in row, are you doing anything about that?


  3. Eddie G, you said “My point is that the acts they were accused of, were allegedly committed by them as individuals and not as public officials under the scope of their duties as such.”

    Are you sure about them not performing their duties under their obligations as public officers suspected violations of public trust? Are you sure that they were falsely accusing the 2 employees about personal issues that are not related to performing their public duties and impacting public services?

    That is maybe why the city attorney did not advise against the payments. I don’t believe the city attorney will just close his eyes and let go to make them happy. Again what was the finding? and what they end up doing?


  4. Voila: In your comment to Eddie G, were you speaking about the 3 women or our mayor? I think #10 was meant to say “lying” to a public officer. And then we get to #11 – Violation of codes of ordinance or charter. This just proves that you certainly haven’t been paying attention. Our wonderful mayor has violated the charter so many times it makes me dizzy. And what did the council do – our wonderful council? Did they cite him for it? No. They let him get away with it time and time again. More proof he needs to go and so does our current council – at least most of them.


  5. Eddie G, you said “That’s right. The three were sued for an intentional tort, not for an action committed while in service of the city. These three women are sworn public officers and must protect public trust, part of their 24/365 duties is to expose and stop any perceived or suspected violations of any public trust including city employees. They will be in violation of their public oath and subject to prosecution if conceal or withhold or close their eyes or turn the other way on any suspected offenses or violations of any kind against the city public trust including but not limited to the following:
    1- Public corruption
    2- Public fraud
    3- Public perjury
    4- Steeling public funds
    5- Mishandling public funds
    6- Falsifying public records
    7- Misrepresentation of public records
    8- Destroying public records to conceal evidence of violations
    9- Concealing public records evidence
    10- Laying to a federal officer
    11- Violations of codes of ordinances or charter
    12- Misconducts in public office
    13- Intentionally failing to perform their feudatory duties
    14- Violations of EEOC and other presidential exceptive orders
    15- Sexual harassment
    16- Intimidations
    17- Discriminations
    18- Running private enterprise from public office
    19- Receiving public funds not entitle to
    20- Rigging public contracts
    21- Disclosing public record in violation of private acts
    22- Collusion and conflict of interest
    23- All other public violations
    And since you seem familiar with the details of this matter, my question is this 2 employees sued the Three public officers women’s for any false accusations for them as city employees of any offenses or violations listed from 1-23? That amounted to a tort?
    The city attorney is a capable and respected legal perceptional, he will advise city council not to vote on illegal resolution according to your statement “The city should not have paid for their attorney, but they-themselves approved it at a Council meeting!” How come the city attorney allowed this to happen?
    This is an interesting issue, is the lawsuit still in process? I’m curious to know how it will end.


  6. Councilwoman Horvath,

    You was asked to produce personal and private documents by individuals as an individual, you was not asked to produce documents as a councilwoman according to the post.

    Do you have evidence that you was asked as a public official?

    Did X&Y acted as city employees?


  7. Because as City Officials we are covered by through the city’s insurance whenever we are charged with something that has to do with the City. That’s a simplifaction of it but that is why.


  8. This blog still alive and kicking,

    Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Speech, and all the rights of Americans under the constitution.

    Common sense is the base for common laws.

    have a nice day and enjoy this blog.


  9. She wasn’t writing here and she never has non of you wrote here at that time. It still upsets me what they did to you guys and how the Mayor allowed it to happen makes me shake my head…So many things that have happened over the past 4 years make me shake my head.


  10. Eddie G – I am one of the XYZ people. There was NO ACT. We were sued for putting stuff on the blog about people in the administration and at the time I nor Judy Dudzinaki knew what a blog was. I am not sure about Councilwoman Badalow. She was more tech savey than I was at the time but I don’t think she was writing on it either.


  11. IF you people are really looking for an answer, I’ll say this one more time. You need to go to and read what was written. You will find that 2 of the 3 lawsuits were dismissed. The fault lies with the person who BROUGHT the suit; not those who were sued. This same person told a reporter at one time for the Press & Guide that if they wrote what they were saying, THIS SAME PERSON would sue. P&G wrote it – no lawsuit.


  12. Eddie G,

    The acts of these three women, cost the taxpayers. That’s the truth. I guess it doesn’t matter now. It’s almost over. Badalow will be out of her only job-soon!

    BTW, why are you worried that much about “Badalow” ? How about the other ones? What “Badalow” did to have you wish that for her? Why are you wishing her to lose her only job? Do like others to wish for you the same? Why do you have such personality?

    I wish happiness and peace for all, I wish wisdom and understanding for all, I wish love and success to all, I wish stable family life to all, I wish good health and wellbeing to all, I wish love and compassion replace hate and ignorance for all, I wish we all get along and do what best for all, I wish we all understand that our lives are so short to be filled with hate and wishings for others to be hurt. I wish that peace will enclave all and all the universe.

    Peace is what we should be wishing for all.


  13. Eddie G,

    That what you said in your comment

    “The acts of these three women, cost the taxpayers. That’s the truth. I guess it doesn’t matter now. It’s almost over. Badalow will be out of her only job-soon!”

    What are the acts of these 3 women that cost the taxpayers? Explain in plain english, please blog the detailed acts if you are brave enough and know what the facts are?

    And what is almost over now?

    Do you have something going with them now? Go ahead and spit the rock.


  14. Besides which, Eddie G, there wouldn’t have been a lawsuit but for someone who works in the mayor’s office. When some think they’re above the law, they seemed to be surprised when people say bad things about them.

    Good people do not need laws
    to tell them to act responsibly,
    while bad people will find
    a way around the laws.

    And so it goes with this administration and our members of Congress.


  15. Eddie G

    What acts did these three women do that cost taxpayers? The truth as you spin it. Maybe the puppet master is pulling your strings. Sorry the only truth here are the facts. When you cut those strings the puppet master is holding let us all know.


  16. Eddie G,

    “Don’t forget the taxpayers paid the attorney bills for Badalow, Horvath and Dudzinski. Let’s tell the truth, the whole truth!”

    The truth is the results and accomplishments of (x) and (Y) from that.

    Do you know what they accomplished after all those requests?

    Do know know what they discovered after all?

    Do know the cost to taxpayers?

    Do you know how this story ended?

    Find out the facts and blog them here in a comment.

    Go seek the truth about this matter from the players who played the game.

    Or check the court public record where this case was filed.

    And when you done, you can have a nice informed days full of fresh air and sunny sky.


  17. That’s what’s been said here all a long. It’s on the invoices what truth are you referring too. Blog post written long ago told of this too. Come on Eddie G you know all of that already you’ve been coming here a long time.


  18. X had their own after leaving city
    X had one with Y
    X was the reason for former department head fired because he refused to hire X to his department in violation of law.

    And round and round we go.


  19. I said I was done with this web site but one last word from me. VOTE FOR JANET BADALOW NOVEMBER 5 . Or like i keep saying WELCOME TO DETROIT HEIGHTS. GOOD LUCK JANET.


  20. drheights48127,

    You meant employee (Y), and you mentioned another case, For God sake how many lawsuit (X) and (Y) were involved with?


  21. You know, reading all that went on is like listening to 60 Minutes last night and the ways Congress gets around and changes laws on the books to benefit them. This administration is the same. Employee X was sitting in on depositions for Employee Z? What the heck is going on? What the heck is the mayor (Dan the Man) thinking? And you want to vote for this guy again? Have you read anything that’s been posted? Have you even gone to and read some of the stuff that’s happened while he’s mayor? How, in all good conscience, can you vote for this guy again? You know, you should run for council – the present one that is. Most of them have their head in the sand. That’s where you belong. If this guy wins again you can have him. When the rats show up in your yard – don’t call the mayor because he sure as heck won’t do anything about it. When you need your street paved (since so many of them are in bad condition) don’t call the mayor because there’s no money in his storybook budget to cover the cost. Oh – maybe it SAYS there’s money but actually? NOT. When he comes to you for more taxes to cover his sorry “oops”, you can pay them. I’m not giving him any more money. Too bad the library millage came up with this election. If Janet wins, I’d gladly pay. As it stands now, I’m not voting any more of my tax money to this city. Too bad, too, because I use the library a lot. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read some of the facts that have been written and THEN make an INFORMED decision. Just because you like the man is no reason to vote for him. Invite him for dinner.


  22. Concerned,

    Let me see if I understand your comment.

    The 2 city employees working for the mayor. One we call (X) and the other (Y).

    employee (X) is responsible for signing off on all legal invoices of the city.

    Both employees (X) and (Y) sued the council personally as private citizen and used a lawyer we will call (Z)

    Then employees (Y) sued the city separately and used lawyer (Z).

    So lawyer (Z) represent (X)&(Y) together at the time representing (Y) separately.

    Why both of them are suing the city that way? It doesn’t make since at all.


  23. You can also Google This is the timeline that talks about things that have happened during this Administration’s reign. I used the right word, right? Reign is defined as: supremacy, sovereignty, control, etc. That’s the right word – Right?


  24. I remember when this was going on. What I had a problem with and still do is how the Mayor allowed his assistant to do this? If I recall according to one council member at the time the Mayors assistant and an employee who was suing the City had used the same lawyer at the same time. The employee was suing the City at the same time that her and the Mayors assistant were going after council members. I always thought that the Mayor was behind his assistants hunt for information. Was anything ever put here on the blog about this?
    The council member I talked with back then told me it had something to do with this blog. They had nothing to do with any of it, but at the time let me know that they thought it was outrageous what the Mayor was doing.
    They said that the Mayor extremely nervous because things came out on the blog that he didn’t want people knowing. Something like that it was a long time ago. If you did write anything about this could you please point me in the right direction.

    Thank You


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