The Best Intentions…























Something the Mayor did back in 2007. Code of Ethics to bad he hasn’t followed what he expected every employee of the City to do.


10 thoughts on “The Best Intentions…”

  1. The Doctor Is In,

    The Dearborn Heights City Council did not investigate the mayor for this city employee allegations?

    Are you sure that this employee filed the claim with city human resources department?

    Are you sure the council know about this employee serious allegations?

    I guess they should, it was published in the local Press and Guide?

    I believe its part of their duties to do so upon knowledge of any claim of that nature?

    Are the council members in violations of any charter ordinance by not acting on those public allegations? (In the news)



  2. Maybe, instead of critiquing someone else’s comment, you should FOIA the subject or contact someone who has. Check in on the lawsuits that have been filed against DH, find out for yourself. Then maybe you can come back with your own comment….


  3. Voila: You should read on this site. It’s a timeline of the time Paletko has been in office. Within that timeline is the explanation for the porn. Once you read it, you will realize just “who” is hurting the city. Like you, so many other citizens have not made themselves aware of just what is going on in this administration.


  4. The Doctor Is In,

    Most cities faces numerous lawsuits for one reason or another, and almost all of them are done behind closed doors and sealed afterward.

    That why I asked “Ms Heart” to explain the comment about the “porn in their office” Either that is a dirty joke (which the blog should never allowed it) or a serious matter that city must address and investigate.

    If “Ms Heart” have evidence, than he/she should inform the mayor or the city council members or both about this matter as part of the civic duties that every citizen can perform. and should.

    Comment like that hurt the city image negatively.


  5. Voila,
    You should keep yourself abreast of the many lawsuits in our city, then you would know what the comment was concerning and why Ms Heart made it.
    As always, one should know what is happening in our city AND where our tax dollars are going.


  6. Ms Heart,

    Why is that? Why you are making this proposal? Very unusual comment? Please explain further? Or take back your comment.

    We are respectable city and our public officials are and must respect their public offices.


  7. History of good intention and records of public information are good to have to compare the talk against the walk.

    That was what this mayor intention to enforce. (A quote from Dearborn Heights code of ethics)
    “III Give a full day’s labor for a full day’s pay; giving earnest effort and best thought to the performance of duty”

    In 2011, this mayor negotiated the following terms with city employees. click on the link bellow and read 8-A, and the letter of understanding pages # 3&4 – Amendment of Hours, under Article 13.

    Please judge for yourself and note on page#3 that they working 8 hours per day for 4 days but paid 36 hours. On page #4 the record show that the employees will revert to 80 hours work week, ( mistaken for 40 hours)

    4 days x 8 working hours = 32 working hours that is not 36 paid hours, the extra 4 hours are paid for what? and why? when the city is in red ink hole? There is no explanation or spelling out the reasons for paying 4 extra non-working hours?

    For God sake!!!! THIS IS A COLLECTIVE BARGAINING CONTRACT that obligating the taxpayers until 2016 for the 4 hours and bidding them pay without explanation???????

    That why ” COLLECTIVE BARGAINING CONTRACTS” are very sensitive and its a common practice that lawyers and experts are always present for advice and definitely review and edit the final contracts for legal terminology and language clarity.

    How many lawyers and collective bargaining negotiation experts represented the interest of Dearborn Heights taxpayers?

    The city employees were working 5 days from 8-5 every day and they been paid 40 hours not 45 hours! Up until 9/28/2011

    The !0% cut of their salary reduce the hourly rate not the number of hours.

    During the H/O the message from the city government was not reduction of 10% of employees and city officials earnings, it was 10% salary cut. (multiplay hourly /weekly/ monthly/yearly rate by .10) that is not a difficult task for a CPA.

    Anyway if that is the case then the employees and city officials will be working 36 hours and take 4 hours cut per week, that is 10% of 40 hours. Basic Math for 3nd grad.

    That can be done by several ways: All employees and city officials go home at noon on Fridays and close city services, (Bad decision to close) or better for all if employees takes the 4 hours off at any time during the week in full or in increments, or work the 4 hours without pay and added to their vacation or bank them as sick days.

    Creativity in management is an art and should benefit municipal employees and taxpayers.

    No need to complicate the process of municipal operation. simplification is needed for the public to understand and transparency is needed for public trust.

    Ain’t the mayor suppose to follow his code of ethics?

    “III Give a full day’s labor for a full day’s pay; giving earnest effort and best thought to the performance of duty”

    The question is how many employees and how much $$$$$$ dollars been paid since 9/29/11?

    The council approve this letter of understanding, but the public were not made aware during the H/O of this deal!

    They told the public about the 10% cut in salaries and closing of Frydays without pay.

    Did corporation council reviewed this letter of understanding? As he usually does with contracts before council approval?


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